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Message: I listen a lot on the bands even if I don't need a mobile that is operating. I tend to jump around listening for different mobiles running on different frequencies. I do this in support of the mobiles. It amaze me that the first 10 to 15 qso's that work the mobile an no one has taken the time to spot the mobile.Some time I will work the mobile just to find out where they are at and then spot them. Why didn't one of those first contact spot the mobile. I hear old guys and some new operators always trying to get the first contact and never spot the mobile. Then there is HA8IB requesting the mobile go back to a band they didn't hear the mobile in they first run by the mobile. And while I am on this subject they think every mobile spots himself and if they use the spotting channel as a bulletin board and they think the mobile has nothing to do except read the posts. Then you Have some stations that think you should call the mobile twice whether they heard the mobile on the band he or she is requesting. I (for a joke with another counter hunter I want mention we have spotted some call on a frequency and here they all come calling the mobile that didn't exist in the first place. One thing is for sure 80% or higher have never run mobile. They have no idea you are in a rain storm or in a small town and have a high noise level but they think the mobile should hear their 2x2 or 3x3 signal report( they are using a 1500w amp and 12 element beam. Unfortunately many new comers think that county hunting is like a Qso Party or some sort of contest. I know a few call the mobile they don't even hear to get a 2x2 relay because they guess the signal report they worked that county or did they. What does a reward or plaque mean if you guessed one single report. Did you work that station? They think if they miss a county it will never be run again. Ok I will get off the stump and give itto some one else. Good Hunting KC3X

Call: KC3X 9/2/2020

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