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Subject: Forest Fire News

Message: The wind continues to blow very strong, gusts to 50-60, and a steady 35 MPH. Quite a bit of Oregon is on fires. Many towns have been hit with many houses lost. The city of Eugene is now starting to be evacuated. Clackamas County evacuate all areas, Kane and Linn counties have many area on fire and evaucated.

I can't give a lot of information on the fires in Washington. The TV stations are all in Oregon for the Vancouver area. But they did tell of a fire east of Seattle.

The smoke is quite thick and the wind is making sure it stays here. The wind is supposed to die down tomorrow. A lot of road are blocked by fallen trees. A lot of southern Interstate five in Oregon is closed, many miles.

The TV statins keep showing the same pictures over and over so it is really hard to see exactly what the situation really is. But the Oregon Governor is putting out al lot of information.

If you have never been in a forest fire area, I can tell you it is very scary. When we lived in Chesapeake VA one was heading to our area, I even jumped in to help the fire department, fortunately, they were able to stop it in a neighbors back yard. Phil

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