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Subject: 1st quarter voting update (more)

Message: When the ballots originally were sent out by Simply Voting several were not received. The majority of the issues were with family memberships and it didnít seem to matter if each member had their own email address or used the same one. Iíve been working with Simply Voting to find out why this is happening & they donít have an answer at this time. I hope to have more info for the Board Meeting this coming Monday night. If you did NOT receive your ballot from Simply Voting, please let me know ASAP. I can not fix what Iím not made aware of.

Reminder ballots will be going out early Sunday morning. If you have NOT voted & do NOT receive a ballot, please let me know ASAP.

If you voted and receive a ballot, it means the first one did NOT go thru the system. Please follow the instructions and vote again. The system will NOT allow you to vote twice.

Please vote for the individuals you feel are most deserving of the mobile and mobile assist awards according to the award rules. A list of individuals was published in the September RoadRunner to help you recall who has been mobile and assisting due the first quarter, which is the months of June, July & August.


Mary Ė AB7NK

MARAC Election Coordinator

Call: AB7NK 9/11/2020

Email direct response to call at arrl
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