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Subject: Interfence wins, county hunters lose

Message: Thank to everyone who rode along with me today along I-10 in LA. I worked several I owe a great deal of gratitude to over the years, and had bright hopes as I worked many unfamiliar calls in multiple counties (parishes) It is unfortunate though, that one or a couple ruin it for many others. With my activity level in POTA increasing, I thought perhaps I could rekindle a love for county hunting and for "Puttin them out" While I will not say todays trip was not fun, for it was for sure, it was the continuous aggravation of dealing with a known ch callsign cqing on the ch frequencies, that has put me to the decision to cancel Saturdays trip. I do not believe it is the actual owner of said callsign, for on CW, that fist is unique, and todays cqing seemed computer generated. It will never cease to amaze me, the amount of effort and energy some spend in attempt to ruin others. When you read this, you can thank yourself, and hold your chin high, for you win. 73 everyone good hunting

Call: KA3QLF 11/20/2020

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