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Subject: Today, the CW operator were animals.

Message: As a marginal CW operator myself, I was embarrassed today. We behaved terribly to WD0OIN. Many CW operators transmitted on top of him, and usually on top of everybody else. Obviously, he was having trouble copying any calls, but we all still bunched up on top of each other and he could not pick out a call. Are we all SO HARD UP for a contact that we can't try to limit ourselves a little. We basically scared him off and most people never made a contact. I know what its like to sit in county and try to fight the buzz saw sound from a crowd of frantic CW operators who can't wait a little. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We need to listen and take our turn. But no, every one has to be first. When that happens, the poor mobile shorts down and only the one or two big guns makes contact before the mobile leaves. I KNOW, I've been there and stopped transmitting! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FIRST.

Call: K3IMC 12/20/2020

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