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Subject: Happy 2021 - Medical/health update.

Message: Obviously you have noticed my absence from CH'g. I will hopefully, try to get on the air mobile tomorrow afternoon. Alice will be driving me to Memphis to get my pain pump refilled. The pump does provide minimal relief but I still need the narco pills, (Percoset). F.Y.I., the pump medicine is Bupivacaine Concentrate. Currently my overall health is TERRIBLE! Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hands/wrists. Quite painful and "RA" attacks many joints, etal. Bilateral Neuropathy in both feet. Wakes me every night. My lungs are beyond repair. Diagnosis is "Pulmonary Fibrosis" which is terminal. No fix for Fibrosis and my Pulmanologist says: at my age, lung replacement is not an option. Lastly, we have added a Neurologist to my medical team because for the last year or so, I experience hallucinations. I hear voices that no one else experiences. The singing seems to be afar and reminds me of the sound track from Oklahoma! Additionally I experience a loud, rushing sound which resembles a large truck nearby or a large generator. At times, the sound is very loud and I imagine everything is rapidly vibrating, including myself! Anyone present does not hear/feel this. The Neurologist has performed a Brain MRI, Brain PET, Electric Brain study, Complete Nerve Conductivity study. No medical specialist in his/her field has been able to provide me lasting relief. The Neurologist has stated that "in his 40+ years of practice, he has never faced an individual with this set of maladies. He further state "he doesn't know what to do". I fear the thought that I will be required to suffer from all this "for the rest of my life". Having said that, I am ever grateful for my loving with of almost 59years. She has been and IS my angel. Tomorrow's trip: Leaving home at approx 1900Z and will hope to put out the following MS/TN counties: MS - Lowndes, Monroe, Chickasaw, Lee, Union, Benton. Desoto TN - Shelby. Thank you to all my CH friends. Me and Alice really want to Meander around the states and put out counties. Because of my health, COVID frightens us both and we must be SAFE. Take care all, 73 es please be SAFE. Gene/wb4kzw

Call: WB4KZW 1/3/2021

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