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Subject: CW (more)

Message: Today on 40 meters, while KB6UF was giving me my report, someone was calling. I sent back my report 559 to Ron. Immediately after I sent my report, the station that called while I was receiving my report QSLed my report. That station thought he had in fact worked Ron but instead he worked me. I listen to the run and I am amazed that Ron is able to work many as everyone is calling on top of each other. Listen operators, pay attention and send your call only once and listen for the /m to call you back. Several operator continue to call while the /m is sending a report to someone else. My Elmer taught me to listen before you transmit. I don't think many of the people working cw on the County Hunter frequency know what QSK is. If they did they would use it and be surprised that someone else is transmitting the same time they were. Slow down, the mobile will work you in time. On my next trip if I hear someone us their call sign to call twice in rapid succession, I will not work that station. It cause so much interference, it makes it almost impossible to pull the call out. I wish some of those fellows that do that would run /m and see how much interference they cause. my 2 cents worth. KC3X

Call: KC3X 2/11/2021

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