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Subject: taping

Message: I could repeat all of what was said here. It would be real, real interesting to record one of these runs and see who does what. Granted, we sometimes can get out of sync, but there are definitely a group who have elevated sloppy selfish operating to a an art form. I still think remoting has something to do with it. /M says qrzed , ABC answers. /M answers ABC BUT XYZ just threw his call on top of it, so ABC doesn't hear it. ABC doesn't hear it. /M says qrzed. Why would someone do that, when the /M was in the clear coming back? No Q, everybody loses. /M says qrzed. Ten guys call him +/- a few hz from his zero beat. Blobgl#bflo@blat that's what I hear. With any luck one of those stations is 20 over to the mobile. If not, someone will do a "tailend" call, and the mobile gets it. But if another station tailends the first one, and another tailends the second, guess who gets a contact nobody. More wasted time. N4RS sez it's not a contest . So true. W9OO ( hi Carl ) remembers the "list" method. A good strategy maybe something to consider nowadays. Maybe I'll get my recorder rejuvenated and publish some YouTube videos. You won't bee able to hide. NS2N ( IMC hasn't changed my forum callsign yet!)

Call: WB2ABD 2/11/2021

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