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Subject: All good comments. The use of Lists is the #1 way ...

Message: All good comments. The use of Lists is the #1 way to clear out the mess from a mobile's standpoint. I say "QRZ List" and wait til I get about 5 stations on my list. Would do more but usually on the move and I can't keep but about 5 calls in my head at once. I think one problem with QSK is that a lot of CW chasers aren't using a key but rather a programmed transmission of their call. They hit a button on keyer or rig and the call flies out. So they can't stop it once it starts. The main thing to remember is it is not a contest; the mobile went to the county to help EVERYONE out. Everyone will get their turn so please please please spread out.

Call: W4SIG 2/11/2021

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