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Subject: Lists while in motion

Message: I like lists when putting out a county line or otherwise stopped, but nuking and the reading a written list is unwise while tooling down the road. So unless you can keep the list in your head, and some can and some can;t, it isn't a viable safe alternative. I usually could do it when most of the calls were "known" CHrs, but remembering and picking calls out of a rude and unnecessary pileup is tough. I totally agree that any CHr who uses the autocall (robocall) should reconsider that rather rude approach to avoiding QSK... save it for contests and DXpeditions. I would just add one thing that I noticed today a few times (when I couldn't hear Ron well enough to work him so I just hung out and posted when needed) was stations calling that Ron could not hear ... there was some one-way propagation and really bad QSB (which has been quite common all week, especially on 40m), so not ideal conditions for working a mobile in a pileup.

Call: KE3VV 2/11/2021

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