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Subject: Trip-more

Message: I have done more CW (if you want to call it that) this trip than ever before, with the counties being small I'm constantly banging away on the key. Who do I sue for carpel tunnel? I read all the comment about operating mobile, all good points. I acknowledge that I am not a good operator I struggle with new calls when they show up during a run and my inability to process the call slows things down. I know that some question my not doing relays the truth of the matter is I struggle with the every day CW with out adding to the issue. Now back to the mobile issue. There are times when I'm running there are dead times that occur, that is usually when working thru traffic issues, ie; having GPS talking you thru a turn, or the pile up is so bad you have to set back and take a breath so I can hopefully pick out some calls out of the mess. Last thought, lists hell I have trouble remembering where I parked my car. :) :). Couple more days I will be done running until end of April. Then I will head toward Maine.

Call: KB6UF 2/11/2021

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