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Subject: Pileups

Message: Sadly I think all these points are valid but you're preaching to the choir. This is the same rudeness we hear with dxpeditions or dxing. I also wonder how much technology is playing a roll in this mess. I don't know the characteristics of remote but from what I hear from the ones I know using it there is definitely problems with it. For me personally I'm working on #6 CW. There is absolutely no reason for me to be first, let the newer folks get the contact first. I try to work on timing. If there is a slight pause I will send my call. I am guilty of tailending and hate it. With KB6UF if you wait long enough you won't have to tailend. That can be frustrating at times but doable. Using Ron as an example, the average time to run across a county is 30 minutes. Georgia has a bunch of small counties so Ron needs to be efficient. These pileups take away that precious time. I think rudeness is the main problem.

Call: N4RS 2/11/2021

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