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Subject: The website is fully function. The needs and the trips pages are operating correctly (I hope)

Message: You may know that one of the hardest things in programming dynamic pages is making sure that all the data you need is passed back and forth between your computer and the servers. I had been using a feature of the PHP language called SESSION variables to move data around. A couple days ago, my server changed something associated with the use of SESSION variables. I never figured out how to use SESSION variables properly, so I had go back to using classic HTML procedures for moving data. This required rewriting large pieces of code. It is always a problem rewriting code you have not looked at in 5 years. I probably shared more information than you need, but I spend 2 wholes days on it.

I have tested the changes a good bit, and it seemed to hold together. However, users are well know to try something that I did not test. If something is broken or looks funny, let know right away by email or phone.

Call: K3IMC 2/20/2021

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