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Subject: While you are in CW mode

Message: Press the M-3 Menu button (should be on the right of the buttons), then press the BK-IN button one or more times to select either Semi, Full None for the Breakin you want. Also double-check to be sure you are in CW mode. You should see if you are in Full or Semi breakin displayed on the panel about the middle far left on the screen. You might also check the setting for Mic Gain/RF Power. Press the button that says Mic Gain/RF Power and it will show the settings. Make sure the RF Power is high enouch to transmit RF Power. I usually have mine set to full or 100 watts. I don't think the VOX comes into play when doing CW, only SSB on the 7100. If you need, you can call me at my cell. Will try to help. Mike, NF0N

Call: NFØN 3/19/2021

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