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Subject: Thanks for all the advice; I'm now down to one problem...

Message: When the IC-7100 is off, the Logikey, Model K-5, sends dashes and dits as expected. But when I turn the radio on and hold down the dash paddle, the rig acts like I'm sending dits (although the keyer is sending dashes--I can hear both). I am in CW mode, BKIN displays, and Elec-Key is selected. I tried BUG-KEY and same thing, I get dits instead of dashes. When I hold down the two buttons on the keyer to send a steady signal to tune the rig, all the rig gets is dits. I appreciate all the advice, because it did help me looking for the right things. If this makes sense to anyone, I'd appreciate more advice! 73 Norm, W3DYA

Call: W3DYA 3/20/2021

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