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Subject: This is very true. Many zip codes span multiple counties. At the bottom... (more)

Message: ... of the Top Lists that are posted online, there are some resources you can use to get correct counties when there easily may be a question. Remember it is quite common for addresses to fall outside actual municipality centers and the physical location can very easily be in another county from that which is listed for the zip code.

There are actually 3 good internet tools you can use to find your county of interest, but normally you will only need to use the first one or the first two of them. Only in really difficult cases will you only need to use all three of these.

1. Using the NACO site you can look up a county easily. Press the [Find a County] button and then select [City/Zip]. It starts searching as soon as you start typing in the search bar. Your city spellings and zip codes have to perfectly match what is in their DB, which generally goes by USPS spellings. Also, many zip codes in New England (starting with "0") don't show the counties on the NACO site, but it is still the best site on the internet to look up counties.

2. If you can't get a county to list or multiple counties are listed on the NACO site, then you have to use a mapping site that has county boundaries on it. For that, use the Mob-Rule mapping site, type the full address (street, city and state) into the [query] bar and press the [Enter] key.

Occasionally, the Mob-Rule site gets the location wrong, particularly when you have a state that has multiple towns and townships with the same name and their are multiple street addresses in those municipalities with the same name. The Mob-Rule site is an excellent mapping site, but it its dictionary and answering queries are not as good as the Google Maps site is.

3. To resolve a search error by Mob-Rule, go to the Google Maps site and start typing the same address in the search bar. It starts searching as soon as you start typing. 9 times out of 10, you will get the correct location on the Google Map. But Google Maps doesn't have the county boundaries on them, so do a "stare and compare" between the Google map and the Mob-Rule map with the same magnification to visibly identify the actual county of the address.

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