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Subject: I've had it. I am removing the ability to submit Last County Awards in Logger. You people cannot rea

Message: Over the last week, it has become obvious that the ability submit Last Counties within Logger has become a problem. Recently, several hams have demonstrated their inability to read direction when submitting applications for giving a last county award for the Whole-Ball-Of-Wax to the individual who gave them the last county.

The application specifically says that the last county award application cannot be used submit the application for the award itself. If you want a Master Gold or 6th Time Award, you have to submit an application for online from the MARAC website for the award.

Rather than reading and following directions, they would rather complain to the Treasurer (K0DEQ) or to the Awards Secretary (AB7RW) that MARAC is screwing up and not awarding them their awards. They forget that they did not submit a request for the award.

Because of their inability to understand how to use the capability, I have decided to remove the capability to submit last county application within Logger. The problems that have developed because of people's inability follow direction has been intense.

Yes, it is possible to rewrite the software to also submit the award application at the same time. People think software is so simple to write, but they don't understand the complexity of exchanging data between an application running on your computer and th3e MARAC server are unbelievable. I estimate that it will require 100 hours to write this "simple" piece of software with many nights of head scratching. Do I have any volunteers?

Call: K3IMC 5/19/2023

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