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Subject: I appreciate all CW ops that can copy in their head. I can not... (more)

Message: I can not run a county while driving. I CAN work the occasional county I need while moving. With me... it's safety. There are way too many idiots on the road. As for rest stops... any time I stop adds a minimum of 30 minutes each time. When I'm doing the NC to NJ road run... it's a minimum of 14 hours which includes pee stops, food stops, gas stops and the two times I do stop (Nelson, VA (2 miles) and Fluvanna/Louisa County line. Heading west I'm in Fluvanna county maybe three to five miles before going into Albemarle. I appreciate what you are saying... I'm not a strong CW operator. I hope all appreciate that I'm trying to help all when I DO stop to run CW. My XYL would prefer I don't. I don't do digital on the NJ/NC road run b/c I DO have to stop. Digital would add at least an additional 45 minutes to an hour (which includes CW) to the trip for each stop. Okay??? That's how I operate

Call: WA4UNS 8/20/2017

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