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Subject: Gotta love hurricane season. (more)

Message: Irma keeps changing her mind on paths but we have chosen to remain in Florida. We reside in a larger manufactured home that we inherited here after my parents passed away a number of years ago. It has survived a Cat 3 storm about 10 years or so ago with only minor shingle loss on the roof. We are fortunate to have many friends from church in the area who have invited us along with our dog into their homes to ride out the storm. We will begin to secure everything tomorrow and load the Suburban with sleeping items, food for the dog (and for us), as well as an air mattress, gallons of water and other items and have made arrangements to stay with friends in their larger sturdy home (with a generator) as things get bad. We don't want to be away for weeks after the storm and allow any damage to go uncorrected so we believe this is the proper action for us to take. Yesterday, it looked like Ocala would take a direct hit. Today, it looks like a swipe along the western edge of the storm (which is better than the NE edge from what I understand). I will have my hand held dual band radio with me for contact with our Emergency Operation Center at the County Sheriff's office. The sheriff here has a ham radio team that is under the direction of that office for just these situations. I will lower my antenna system to the ground and remove as many items from it as possible to store inside the house. Thanks for all of the thoughts sent our way as well as the other hams in the path throughout Florida and the east coast as she goes north. We pray with you all that there is no further loss of life than has already occurred with this storm and that you all stay safe. I will have HF operations available via the mobile but I doubt that I will be focused on that! :o) Take care.

Call: KA2LHO 9/6/2017

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