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Subject: I believe it is real but they have created panic in some areas. One of the problems they (more)

Message: are having in many parts of Florida is that apparently many thousands of people evacuated to the west coast because of the emphasis on the east coast track. Now they have no way to get back out of the west coast which "appears" to be the primary target area due to gas shortages and travel restrictions. Here the shelters are beyond capacity with people being turned away. Churches are open to shelter people but don't have provisions for them. Many people here are also opening their homes to others to ride out the storm. I know one family of three that now is a "family" of six along with two dogs and three cats. Another family of four is now a family of eight with two dogs. The positive is that such situations bring out the positive in so many people. It unites a community. Pray for South Florida, West Coast and panhandle. The rest of us will also get hit but these, for now, seem to be the target area.

Call: KA2LHO 9/10/2017

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