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Subject: Due to a computer glitch (probably op error) we lost the entire trip the first full day in GA. (mor

Message: Each evening I try to reconstruct our route. This has caused some differences in the sequence of when counties are run. What’s on the list will be run at some point. A semi up todate listed is on the planned trip list. Re: CW & no cell coverage - even when I’m unable to spot myself I go to the listed freqs. Rarely do I work someone unless I’ve spotted myself or someone else does. If you need the county on cw please be mindful of the possibility of no cell cov. I call for 3 + minutes before moving on. Once we hit a pocket of coverage we average 10-15 messages but not enough coverage to get a message out. Extremely frustrating for us as well as those of you needing the county. Part of this could be eliminated by reading what cw freqs I’ll be operating on as well as what counties will be run on cw. Thanks for all your patience with my cw. Some moments are better than others. New day tomorow - “Happy Hunting”

Call: AB7NK 11/26/2017

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