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Subject: Remote operation (more)

Message: The use of remote stations that are accessible over the Internet is increasing every day. And technically, when you work somebody who is using a remote station, or any other time you work somebody who is NOT at their licensed address, you may be missing recording a new county on a new band because you simply just didn't know that the operator was using another station, sometimes a great distance from where the operator is actually located.

I was astonished on my recent trip when two such operators actually volunteered the counties of the remote stations they were using to me during the contact, much like a mobile would do if he was working a mobile contact. I found this to be extremely helpful because the operator let me know, in no uncertain terms, that he was operating remotely.

This has made me wonder whether or not those who use remote stations might get into the habit of letting mobiles know when they are operating remotely and in what county and state their transmitter is located. For me, if I have an inkling that a station who worked me while I was mobile was operating remotely and I don't already know where he is located, then I usually have to send an email to confirm their operating location for my log. I have picked up several new counties on new bands over the past few years by attempting to insure that my logging of the location for the stations I have worked is accurate.

I am curious to know what others think about trying to get our remote station operators into the habit of letting us know when they are remote and from what counties they are operating during their contacts with mobiles.

Call: K2MF 11/28/2017

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