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Subject: Indeed and I fully agree! (more)

Message: And I'm sure you know this was not a commentary about whether remote operation "should" be permitted by MARAC (of course it can!), but rather, a request that remote operation be identified to the county hunting mobile at the time of contact so that the correct county of that station the mobile operator worked can be recorded in the his/her log.

Of course it is true that there are other instances of operating from a 2nd QTH, or operating portable, or any other circumstance which would change the location logged from the primary one, but generally, we get that information a little more easily and readily than we do when we work a remote station, which is why I confined my question to remote operation only. I am hoping that if we can get folks into the habit of identifying their remote station county at the time of contact then all of these other circumstances will follow suit.

Call: K2MF 11/30/2017

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