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Subject: MARAC Awards

Message: If you sent in your LCs, WBOW or other files to my home address, they will not be processed by the Marac Awards system. You will need to resend them to

Please double check what you are sending, make sure the award name is spelt correctly and the callsign is the one you intend the award for, and if you want to send a plaque. Payment is required.

And, only send in 10 awards at one time, anything other than 10 will cause problems and waisted time.

The USA-CA numbers have not been posted yet because the awardee of #1260 has not responded to my four emails. So we will crystal ball a last QSO date and that person will not get any credits from his last QSO through the date we use in the Server. While I have been learning the system, it has been going a bit slow and I thank many of you for your patience. If you finish an award you can temporarily assign the next number to your award. In Logger at the top of the screen is a selection VIEW. Click on it and then select what award you have finished. Then fill in the blanks. Then you can start on your next award. Remember the number you assign may not be the number that the awards program assigns because someone else may have sent his log in before you and his would be first in line. I have many WBOW, and others to do yet. (The learning process continues). Some of the awards have to be completed manually. They are last on my learning list. If you have questions, send to

Call: AB7RW 12/5/2017

Email direct response to

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