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Subject: An early Merry Christmas to all... (more)

Message: I will be heading up to NJ for Christmas at Connie's mother's home and to fetch her back to NC. I will be leaving early either Thursday or Friday... depending on weather and traffic projections. This will be the usual route I've been taking for the past three years.

This trip will be irregular at best. This will be a CW ONLY trip. I will be checking the NEEDS list and will try to stop in needed counties. Therefore, I will not be running every county I go through. I will try to run 40/30/20 when I do stop (nothing will be ran on the fly).

Due to the current situation with MARAC awards... I am not yet good for 5 Stars or Masters Platinum. (5th Time was finished on 11/26 and MG finished on 12/2)... Sorry. Also, I'm NOT actively pursuing 6th Time so I won't be working every mobile I hear (if there are any). I WILL be listening most time on 7056.5. I will be "burping" WA4UNS-9 on APRS. If you see me in a county you might need... "wap the ditties". If you hear you I'll call you back.

Just a reminder... this is usually a 14 hour trip for me... please be kind.

Return trip will be on Tuesday or Wednesday with an overnight stopover in Henrico county, VA

Call: WA4UNS 12/18/2017

Email direct response to

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