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Subject: USA-CA award end of 2017 stats

Message: Here are some USA-CA award statistics for the end of 2017.

There were 1262 USA-CA awards issued between 8/15/65 and 11/3/17 resulting in an average of 24.27 USA-CA awards issued per year over a period of 52.25 years, or 2.01 USA-CA awards issued per month over a period of 627 months.

5 USA-CA awards were issued to SWLs, so this leaves 1257 USA-CA awards that were issued to amateur radio operators.

These 1257 USA-CA awards issued to amateur radio operators are divided geographically as follows: 1174 (USA), 49 (DX) and 34 (Canada).

503 USA-CA award holders are confirmed silent keys and an additional 123 USA-CA award holders have expired licenses with no other explanation given and are no longer listed on QRZ.

This results in 626 "retired" USA-CA awards, leaving 631 currently licensed USA-CA awards remaining.

The currently licensed 631 USA-CA awards are divided geographically as follows: 575 (USA), 36 (DX) and 20 (Canada).

What pops out of all of this is that there is nearly an exact 50-50% ratio of currently licensed (631) to "retired" (626) USA-CA award holders.

To active county hunters I think that these are really amazing statistics.

Call: K2MF 1/4/2018

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