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Subject: Much ado about little

Message: It seems KB6NU is very upset.

I have no problem with problem directors being removed for cause.

I have no problem with arbitration clauses rather than multi-million dollar lawsuits that costs tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to defend. Most non-profits have similar language, and updating the Code of Conduct is very relevant in today's environment of other corporations experience with insider deals, payoffs, sexual capers, and similar, not that any existing or future director is in this league but it pays to be prepared and avoid members having to pay for a single disgruntled director or lawsuit going forward. Or a single rabble rouser.

As opposed to 'less democratic' , the Board has to make tough financial decisions. Not compromise half way.

The ARRL is the premier spokesperson for ARRL, represents ham radio interest worldwide through WARC, fights off intruders to our bands, and provides massive incentives for new licensing - and always had. Nothing is going to change.

While CQ Magazine has been teetering for at least a decade - barely able to get a magazine out - and doing next to nothing to recruit new hams, next to nothing for fighting band intruders, next to nothing for public service activities or reporting, nothing for emergency preparedness - it does provide a place to discuss other viewpoints. Everyone has an opinion. But when it comes to serving ham radio interests, who knows if CQ will even be around in two years? You still can't get USCA through electronic means. I don't even think CQ Magazine was at Dayton with a booth.

Call: N4CD 1/4/2018

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