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Subject: grid squares

Message: If you use N4UP/m and don't have a certificate for that call, you won't be able to upload to Lotw. N4UP and N4UP/M are separate calls as far as LoTW is concerned.

Well, a few grid hunters are county hunters - like KK7X - digital - working grids.......maybe AI5P and a few others.

You've got a bunch of digital county hunters including W0NAC and Kb0BA. They don't care what call you use.

Grid hunters will want a confirmation in LoTW. Either use N4UP or get a certificate for N4UP/m but your grid score for the Grid Challenge will need to have the two calls linked to get credit for grids worked with either call. Not sure how you would do that. Try W3IZ to get answer.

Call: N4CD 1/7/2018

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