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Subject: There is a Yahoo group dedicated to everything about LOTW (more)

Message: It is called ARRL-LOTW. It is a relatively active group and lots of questions get answered there. I highly recommend it

Keep in mind that the whole [callsign] vs. [callsign]/M thing is a bit tricky, because some folks log their contacts with mobile stations using the "/M" identifiers and others don't. If your QSO partner doesn't upload his contacts to LOTW using the same call sign that you use when you upload yours, there will be no match.

I utilize LOTW only for uploading my logs once per month so that others may receive my confirmations if they desire them. So in order to insure that the maximum number of folks get my confirmations for contacts I make while I am mobile, I upload my mobile contacts twice, once under K2MF and once under K2MF/M. This way, no matter how the station that I worked recorded my call sign (i.e. with or without the "/M" identifier), it will result in a match for him.

Conversely, I do NOT do the same thing when I am fixed and I work mobile stations, since I don't particularly care whether my contact gets confirmed via LOTW. It's a personal choice.

Call: K2MF 1/8/2018

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