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Subject: There are several ways to handle operating from multiple locations (more)

Message: without driving yourself completely crazy. Here is what I do.

Because the number of county hunting and mobile stations who submit their logs to LOTW is relatively low (although growing), initially I upload my mobile logs with a "generic mobile" station location that consists of nothing more than my home country and zone selected (and remember that I do it twice, one for my call sign with the "/M" identifier and one without).

Then I wait for confirmations to arrive. Again, this number is relatively low although it is growing with each passing month. When I receive one, I create a new station location file for that location with the complete and correct information in it (if I don't have one already) and resubmit the contact to LOTW.

Yes, TQSL will complain that you have already uploaded the contact and will make you confirm at least twice that you really want to upload it again, but when you do, the new station location information will replace the old information in your contact with that QSO partner.

This is the only way that I have found to keep myself sane when I am ready to submit my mobile logs to LOTW. Your mileage may vary.

Call: K2MF 1/8/2018

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