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Subject: IMHO....

Message: No one is listening on SSB freqs. Too much reliance on OTHER CHers to spot. In the last 6 months... I had to go looking for SSB contacts while on the road in order to finish Master's Gold. I can post a route (short of listing EVERY county I'll be going through) on the Forum and still NOT get a response on SSB. Seems no one wants to have to use a map. I'm beginning to feel like a CH dinosaur. If I post a route and note that I'll be operating CW... I have a better chance of getting contacts. It's more likely that someone will be listening on CW freqs. Hmmm... for me it's a no-brainer. And I didn't start doing CW on a regular basis until 2009. This mobile is shifting operation to CW and Digital... apologies to SSB operators.

Call: WA4UNS 1/12/2018

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