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From the MARAC website as of 1/25/18 10:25PM PST
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Net Control - Hours of Service
For purposes of MARAC awards, credit for service as a Net Control Station (NCS) or Assistant Net Control (ANCS) can be earned for assisting mobile stations to make contacts with other county hunters on MARAC-sponsored nets. NCS and ANCS time may not be claimed for non-MARAC sponsored nets.
A log must be maintained by the NCS or ANCS that specifies the date, start time of net operation, and hours of operation (to the nearest 1/10 of an hour actually worked as NCS or ANCS). Other information supporting the time of service claimed, such as call signs of mobiles run and the names of counties run, is optional. This log must be submitted with any application for an award where credit for NCS or ANCS is claimed. When applying for an award, the applicant must also submit a summary of the log showing the total number of hours or service as NCS and ANCS claimed.
New Awards Proposed Awards
The MARAC Awards program attempts to further the goals of effective mobile amateur radio operation. To suggest a new award or a modification to an existing award or MARAC award rule, please submit your ideas in writing to the Awards Manager, a member of the Awards Committee, your MARAC District Director, or any MARAC officer. Your written suggestion should address the following:
1. A brief description of your idea for an award or modification. Include a draft of the new award rules or suggested modifications.
2. Why should MARAC adopt an award based on your idea or adopt the modification you suggest? Some possible questions that your proposal for a new award might answer are:
(a) How will your proposed award or modification promote effective and efficient Mobile Operation?
(b) How difficult is the award to achieve? Is it reasonably attainable by more than a few county hunters? Should the award be earned in levels?
(c) Are any county hunters already making the kinds of contacts that would be required to earn this award?
3. What do you suggest as a formal name or title for the award?
If you have any ideas for a certificate for the proposed award, you may provide a sketch or other artwork. A copy of your Proposed Award should be sent to your District Director.
All suggestions for new awards and changes to current awards or rules are subject to review and modification by the Awards Committee and require final approval by the MARAC Board of Directors.

Portable and Remote Operation
(see Fixed or Portable Operation)
Operation from a non-mobile, temporary fixed location. This includes battery-powered operation that is not in a vehicle. Remote operation (remote control of a distant station, including use of the internet to communicate with the remote station, or other indirect operation) is allowed for MARAC awards.

Low-power operation. For purposes of MARAC Awards, a Valid Contact using QRP requires that one operator in the two-way communication be using a QRP power level. Only HF frequency contacts may be used for QRP contacts. For MARAC Awards, the fixed, portable, or mobile QRP station must be using five (5) watts output or less.

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