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Subject: There seems to be a wide variation of opinion about remote operation. (more)

Message: Tom, can you explain in a rational manner why you believe that remote operation is "wrong" in your opinion? I am not a remote station operator myself, but I have to recognize that this has become an extremely popular method for hams to get on the air who otherwise can't, and as long as the operator identifies his location as being from that of the remote transmitting equipment, I am wondering what other issues you perceive there may be.

Operating remotely is very much like being portable and with today's technology it is very easy to operate from a completely different location without physically being there, but you are in fact, using an RF emitter on an amateur radio frequency from *that* location. And certainly, those who operate mobile (i.e. away from a "home" location and often on the move) can claim credit for working counties from contacts they have made while they have been mobile, otherwise there wouldn't be any incentive at all to do that, so how is operating remotely functionally any different from that?

I am really interested in reading your ideas about this.

Call: K2MF 1/26/2018

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