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Subject: I already mentioned that I do not personally operate remote, however (more)

Message: I cherish each contact I have ever been able to make when I have been HF-active and am very lucky to have been able to operate HF from at least 2 very different geographical locations as well as mobile and occasionally portable. I don't think of myself as having cheated on contact totals or on any awards.

I also don't feel cheated by those who take advantage of remote operation, either. Perhaps I am the exception, but I do not personally view county hunting as being a hard competition between county hunters. Rather I view it as a collaboration of activity between county hunters who keep the activity going by being able to make contacts under circumstances in which they might not have otherwise been able to had not remote station operation been available.

From my perspective, it is the activity that I consider to be the most important thing and I was not able to contribute to that activity when I was effectively off the air for over half of the total number of years I have been licensed. Living in a location where you are unable to install any HF antennas is not fun and can be downright depressing. And having been an apartment dweller for 41 of my 64 licensed years has also not made HF operation very easy either. Perhaps if I had had remote station tools back then, I might have very easily enjoyed using them too.

I think the primary objection by those who disagree with the use of remote stations applies to hams who have HF antennas at home, but during times of lower solar activity and bad conditions, possibly utilize remote connections to different geographical areas in order to make contacts they would not otherwise have been able to make. Here is a possible scenario:

You live on the east coast and for the past year, you have been trying to complete that 40m contact with the 2nd Judicial District in AK but conditions just won't let you do it from your own HF antenna. So you log into a remote station in California and miraculously you have made your contact. Now I didn't do that by the way, but while I don't particularly have a problem with somebody else doing that either, I believe that I can understand why some others do and I think that's the reason this discussion is happening.

Call: K2MF 1/27/2018

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