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Subject: There were two things I didn't realize (more)

Message: The first is that conditions at your MN location had become so difficult. I operated from the heart of Manhattan in NYC when I was first licensed between 1964-1968, and then did it again from about 1979-1984. Operating from a big city is NOT easy for several reasons, and receive conditions are definitely high on that list.

The second is that I didn't know that you operated remotely at all! Kudos! I thought you were always in WI when you identified as being in Burnett county and I can remember thinking how neat that must be to be able to go back and forth all year long. :)

Thank you for your previous service to MARAC and for all those contacts I have made with your station(s) going back to 1981. I am also looking forward to many more contacts!

Call: K2MF 1/29/2018

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