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Subject: Different Types of Remote Operating, and Rules ( More )

Message: I do not operate remote and have no plans to. But when I lived in NC I was in an antenna-restricted community and had to use indoor-attic antennas. So I can see how someone living in a high-rise apartment and no possibility of having antennas there, might want to "have" a remote station. I think that if that station is nearby, then there is nothing wrong with that. Same state, same county, just using the internet to connect with one's own station. But someone using a far-remote station to beat propagation or gain a competitive advantage is another matter altogether.

Now when I bought this place in Lunenburg County, near the Nottoway County line, I thought about buying land on both sides of the river, and having a tower and antennas on each side. So if I connect to the other tower using the internet that would be wrong? But if I run a cable across the river that is okay? Seems like there are many sides to this issue.

Call: N4UP 3/29/2018

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