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Subject: Since the beginning

Message: Ever since the beginning the only thing that happened is that you worked the station in the county. Mattered not where you were. You could drive to CA to work N8KIE in Kalawao. You could even fly to Molokai and work him from 10 feet away. It would count toward your USCA. You could drive 300 feet from the last county you needed in the USA, and work a station in that county on 1296 MHz or 160M from 500 feet away, and it would count toward your USCA. Even 2M FM at 20 feet.

Now YOU don't have to do that. You don't have to take relays and you can make all your contacts from 'one location'. Keep in mind most hams move every 5 years like the rest of the country and we'd probably have 1/10th the number of USCA folks if you had to start over every time you moved!

One of the big parts of county hunting is combined trips. You don't think AB7NK and K7SEN, N8KIE/N8RLJ, even AB4YZ (SK) didn't work a partner to get credits for some awards in some counties? Gimme a break. For the record, N4CD and W0RRY probably worked each other in 800 different counties. N4CD and N2TPH worked each other in probably near 500-600 counties. At six feet.

You mean if I visit your house, and work some mobiles while there, those contacts don't count because "I'm using your equipment and antenna"? really? Heck, I had hundreds of hours of net control time - using N0KV's station for some,WA2AKB' station, N2TPH's station for lots of other time. Believe me, I counted every mobile I worked from NY, CO, FL, etc. Didn't think twice about it. Only thing that counts is WHERE THE MOBILE is. Heck, I drove to SD to work W6TMD in AK on 30M. Second District AK. Probably would not have heard him in TX. Only there for a short time too. So? Did relays from the mobile because - no one else was hearing him and others well enough to do relays. You bet I counted that.

DXCC is the same bit. You can work it all from your 'home stations'. I don't get sucked up in DXCC. Got up to 240 plus countries 45 years ago and decided it wasn't worth the chase any longer. Pieces of frozen rocks, rocks above sea level a few hours a day......countries with no ham radio....was all that was left.

Do your awards any way you like. No relays, no 22s, all CW hand sent, QRP, wire antennas, not using spotting sites...whatever.......

Call: N4CD 3/30/2018

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