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Subject: The infamous, elusive call sign KP$CKX

Message: Problem all but solved! Thanks for all the input. Through diligent searching, I found a blog that tells the story of the Dahlak Island, in the Red Sea that I participated in. My call was KP4CKX and the time and it clearly noted in the blog. I'm actually in one of the pictures, the guy standing in the background with white/black swimsuite. That was quite a trip. The other is an publication put out by the YLISSB system which I was quite active with while in PR 1963-1966. Was an assistant "system" control and also wone one of their worldwide constests. Why I can't locate the trophy/award baffles me. Too many military moves, etc, Anyhow, the Issue #172 of August 2011 had, on page 9, a note from N1DL mentioning having worked me "Gene/KP4CKX" in the 1964 time frame! HOW ABOUT THAT! Perserverence and much help from my CH family solved, for the most part, my search. T H A N K Y O U ALL!

Call: WB4KZW 4/5/2018

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