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Subject: The SSB question is part of the reason I'm no longer chasing awards... (more)

Message: it's called frustration. I would post trips... call on SSB and get no responses. I felt like I was wasting my time. I find CW fun... but not when I'm tired. I will try to complete the various Prefix awards... OM/YL and YL most likely will not be completed as there are very few teams currently active. I'm up in NJ as of this writing for Connie's family. I was burping on APRS but did NOT turn on the HF radio during the entire trip up. I MAY listen on the way home on Monday... it will be on 30M... but I'm not planning on running anything. I'll post something about Dayton... but what I will run will be based on those "begging" or what I might see in Special Needs. Sorry... I'm beat after 47 or so years.

Call: WA4UNS 4/6/2018

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