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Subject: Nice if you can....

Message: Climb towers and do your own antenna work on the 2.5 acres of land, plus the other acres of land 43 miles away for your lowband station. These days you are lucky to get up a small beam 40 feet up in suburbia where most hams live these days. Yeah, the guy has worked every country in the world, probably on 10 bands. That at a buck gets you a senior coffee at McDonalds and you still stand in line.

The DXCC rules say contacts count from anywhere in the country. So what if someone moves, actually moves, every two years and over 40 years has lived in ME, FL, CA, WA and enjoyed the 'better propagation' from there? Duh!

I gave up on DXCC when I had all the countries in the world that actually had people living in them, and now it was down to working rocks and reefs that were uninhabited and only rose above sea level at low tide. Had 240-250 countries. Oh, I guess for die-hard DX'ers that's the challenge.

County Hunting is more fun, and the rules FROM THE START, have allowed you to work a county from ANYWHERE in the country, including 10 feet away. I'd bet most of county hunters count the contacts they work when on mobile trips. And many 'work each other' on 2M or other bands for credit. Only a few have 'worked all the counties from their home QTH' these days.

Call: N4CD 4/16/2018

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