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Subject: It will set me back but not break me

Message: I know the feeling on big cost for new roof A/C or whatever. I always say to myself this will set me back, but it will not break me. Move on to better days. Several years ago I purchased a used Kenwood TS940 rig. Best radio ever had. Loaded with filters etc. I sent it back to Kenwood for a couple issues. On its return the UPS lady threw it down on the concrete and destroyed the radio. Kenwood insured it for replacement cost. Since the 940 was no longer in production, its replacement was for a $5500 TS950. I used the extra money and purchased new A/C and new radio. All this new stuff at no cost out of pocket. IT WAS A WIN WIN for me HI.

Call: K4AMC 5/7/2018

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