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Subject: FT8 Digital Mobile

Message: Most of the digital group knows that FT8 is the hot new mode. It provides reliable QSOs using weak signal mode and is faster than the JT modes.

The FT8 programmers are working to create a DXpedition mode of FT8 known as Fox and Hound. The purpose of this release is to permit DXpeditions to make many contacts at once in a short period of time with a minimal number of exchanges between each station compared to the normal FT8 QSO mode. The goal is about 600 and hour. The advantage of this is there is no "pile-up" on one frequency everyone has their own slot and would be visible on the waterfall, in the Band Activity Box or in the JTAlertX program.

The FOX, (the DX station), transmits on the waterfall under 300 Hz. The HOUNDS, (people chasing the DX), transmit someplace on the rest of the waterfall. The FOX just goes to the people looking for a contact and calls them and you see the contact come up and you get the 73 and you are in the books.

I am wondering how this might work for Digital Mobile County Hunting? The mobile could sit on a county line or even be in motion, (driver driving, partner making QSOs), and make Fox and Hound QSOs. If FT8 was run as the first mode in the run then all the people needing the digital county, or mode could be worked in a matter of minutes. Then if wanted the mobile could go to other modes, perhaps some of the pile won't need it because they are only working either just the county or the digital county and not the 5 Mode Book. What are your thoughts on this? We already have our own digital frequency where we would not be disturbing the other FT8 users and perhaps some of them may join us when they see what we are doing.

Al - N1API

Call: N1API 5/14/2018

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