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Subject: Agree it chooses.Seems most other I have used you clicked on, tuned, or etc Hee!

Message: For sure there are choose to or not to, no agreement there. I am somewhat old school (lack of a title) in I tuned to the contact, I typed or at least hit buttons on the radio and/or computer to send reports, which all adds up there was some personal involvement on the contact, but still I looked at the mode and saw it is not for me and have no experience on it and limited to what I believe is going on for the contact. I never stated for or against the mode or whatever other then my personal thoughts....I can go further likewise in my feelings about remote stations as it seems to me well-to-do folks can do this compared to most folks and most likely heck more smarter then me. Hee! Got the money go for it be it a remote or big high antenna or whatever. Ha!

Call: WG6X 5/15/2018

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