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Headed to Day-Xenia Hamvention> NA8W 5/16/2022

worked AG6OW in Amhurst, VA just Arlington and Shenandoah, Va left for all SSB N8KIE 5/15/2022
Great ! Plenty to go here. WQ7A 5/15/2022

back home KB6UF 5/15/2022
tnx forf the last counties NS2N 5/15/2022
Thanks for all the counties, Ron! W4SIG 5/15/2022

down to 175 stars left for Star XX (61540 total) 105 of those in TX N8KIE 5/15/2022
19 counties finished, only 46,507 stars left to go! NUØQ 5/16/2022
2995 Completed WQ7A 5/15/2022
3033 counties finished N8KIE 5/16/2022

Home after 4 weeks on the road.. MRC's pse look up my new address in database. K8ZZ 5/14/2022
Welcome home! What a trip! W4SIG 5/15/2022
and a good run on a borrowed single band antenna N8KIE 5/15/2022
Thanks to you and Gene for a great post-mini trip ! W8OP 5/14/2022
Welcome home! What a trip! W4SIG 5/14/2022
Welcome home! What a trip! W4SIG 5/14/2022

LC award question (more) W8GU 5/14/2022
Yes, that is what I would do as well. Last one in ... W4SIG 5/14/2022
Thanks W8GU 5/14/2022

Trip so far-more KB6UF 5/13/2022
Tnx for the mobile to mobile contacts Ron.. K8ZZ 5/14/2022
Signal appears to be fine on 20-40. No copy on 17 ... W4SIG 5/14/2022
Digs on trip- KB6UF 5/14/2022
Should say sigs KB6UF 5/14/2022

Trip to Louisiana next week is now posted. W4SIG 5/13/2022
Yeah - I'll be following you. Safe travels. AG6V 5/13/2022

Awaards Issued 13 May 2022 AB7RW 5/13/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/14/2022
Contacts to all W7FEN 5/14/2022
Congratulations guys! got to watch out for auto spelling. Hi Hi W7FEN 5/14/2022
Many congratulations to Ron, Bill, Kerry and Ed! K2MF 5/14/2022
Congrat's to all! N8MD 5/13/2022
Congratulations to all!!!! W4SIG 5/13/2022

Added Guthrie Ia to my run KB6UF 5/12/2022

W^RK Cell phone Alert WQ7A 5/12/2022
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa... WQ7A 5/14/2022
FANTASTIC NEWS! So good to hear. Sandra (N0XYL) and Lowell (KB0BA) KBØBA 5/15/2022
I am very happy to hear about your medical news, Terry! K2MF 5/15/2022
Congratulation Terry. That is some fantastic news. KC3X 5/14/2022
Great news Terry W7FEN 5/14/2022
Outstanding medical news Terry!! WØGXQ 5/14/2022
Presuming that there is not a queueing error on W6RK, this is normally... (more) K2MF 5/14/2022
Barry, thanks for this information. WØGXQ 5/14/2022
I rely upon this feature of W6RK a LOT. Have used ... W4SIG 5/13/2022
This happened to me about 10 days ago. Lasted a few days... NUØQ 5/12/2022

Good to be back chasing counties again. Need to update logger and submit my totals WE7G 5/12/2022
W, I've missed sending your call :) WØGXQ 5/14/2022
Glad to have you back in the hunt! W4SIG 5/13/2022

More routing changes to May 12th route … more detail N5MLP 5/12/2022

I made qso with mobile but did not log it in de kc5p TU KC5P 5/12/2022
It was KB6UF KC3X 5/12/2022
In Nebraska KC3X 5/12/2022
Qsl KC5P 5/13/2022

kc5p= need for someone running ga last few months to look in log for Atchinson, GA (kc5p) KC5P 5/12/2022
Last that I have K8ZZ ran Atkinson GA 12/20/21, KB6UF ran it on 02/09/21 KC3X 5/12/2022
Down to 8 and getting anxious. KC5P 5/12/2022
Tks Hollis. Date sounds ok for kb6uf. will email him when he gets back verify. 73 KC5P 5/12/2022

Will be qrzing on 3556.5 rest of the evening. KB6UF 5/10/2022

Trip Delay Update - 5/10 at 17:00z N5MLP 5/10/2022
Latest Update as of 5/11/22 at 13:30z - (more) N5MLP 5/11/2022
Siskiyou (more) K5KDG 5/12/2022

PA Trip posted May 12th & 13th WB8III 5/10/2022

Heading north I-55 this afternoon will qrz as I go towards Iowa KB6UF 5/10/2022

Beware of state QSO party contacts being recorded ... W4SIG 5/8/2022
I mark mine as "unknown op" WA3QNT 5/10/2022

7QP KC7YE 5/8/2022

No Tuolumne CA for N5MLP today. Road is closed W4SIG 5/8/2022

logger II had pop up window for L/C award submission, mine quit working? KB6UF 5/7/2022
2 awards WA3QNT 5/10/2022
Mine too - reported it to K3iMC KE3VV 5/7/2022

7 land Qso party WØMU 5/6/2022
The 7QP party is Saturday May 7th. I will be opera... WØMU 5/6/2022
Weekend QSO Parties N1API 5/7/2022

NEQP info for this weekend KM6HB 5/6/2022

Nantucket county Massachusetts KM6HB 5/6/2022

Final trip posted KB6UF 5/6/2022

Trip posted N8MD 5/6/2022

Had to remove Garfield and Iron UT from trip plan for today - 5/6 ... more N5MLP 5/6/2022

Pictures from Mi Mini are posted link is on the KA9JAC 5/6/2022
Thanks for posting these! W4SIG 5/6/2022
the pics posted are courtesy of N8HAM, anyone with others please submit. KA9JAC 5/6/2022

Importing logs NA8W 5/4/2022
You are correct. There was a bug in Logger 2 associated with importing mobile logs. It is fixed. K3IMC 5/8/2022
That field is your location, more KA9JAC 5/5/2022
I agree Bob and I was mobile in Florida at the timer but- NA8W 5/5/2022
that would be a bug you should report to K3IMC KA9JAC 5/6/2022
Thanks Bob, I did report it and he can reproduce it and said he have a fix this weekend. NA8W 5/7/2022

Storm Chasing N3MRA 5/3/2022
Your too late. I had an EF-0 pass about 400 yards in front of my house last evening. Glad I was in m NA8W 5/4/2022

Award Issued 5/3/2022 AB7RW 5/3/2022
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/4/2022
Congrat's. Thank you for my last NC 20M SSB yesterday! N8MD 5/4/2022
Gave me last SSB in NC. Tnx KB6UF 5/4/2022
just gave me last 7th time in NC KB6UF 5/4/2022
Many congratulations to you, Butch! K2MF 5/4/2022

Right clicking in the log of Logger II to spot WØMU 5/3/2022
Ditto ! WA3QNT 5/4/2022
Confirmed here. WQ7A 5/3/2022

Start date for my trip posted on trip page KB6UF 5/3/2022

Logger 2 question NA8W 5/3/2022
Looks like I got it fixed, downloaded a setup zip from the download section and I'm back in business NA8W 5/3/2022

Tomorrow-mid morning-Point Coopee, East Feliciana,W Feliciana, St. Helena-More KB6UF 5/3/2022
that's west Fel then East feliciana KB6UF 5/3/2022

Made slight modifications to my planned trip for Monday, 5/2 ... more N5MLP 5/2/2022

May 2022 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 5/2/2022

Update: Terry, WQ7A home recovering and doing well.. Prayers welcome as always.. NO phone calls plea K8ZZ 5/1/2022
Glad your doing better Terry, keep listening to your nurse!! NA8W 5/3/2022
Received a nice card from the MiNi and from others. THANKS, doing well. WQ7A 5/2/2022
Glad to get this update. Hang in there Terry! WØGXQ 5/2/2022
This is very encouraging. Thank you for the report! K2MF 5/2/2022
Good news! N8MD 5/1/2022

Awards Issued 1 May 2022 AB7RW 5/1/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/2/2022
Congratulations to Ed and Tom on their 20m single band awards... (more) K2MF 5/2/2022
Congratulations to everyone! W4SIG 5/1/2022
I think it should be K5GE, not N5GE. KC3X 5/1/2022
Congrat's to all!! N8MD 5/1/2022

rough draft for trip posted, still in process. departure date up in air but it will be prior to post KB6UF 4/30/2022

confused-what are the SSB and CW freq. for 12 meters? KB6UF 4/29/2022
tnx for info KB6UF 4/29/2022
I have used 24913.5 for CW W4SIG 4/29/2022
12 meter cw freqs KM6HB 4/29/2022
915 is digital signals. KC3X 4/29/2022
Ron, MARAC website lists 24.936 for SSB and 24.913... W9OO 4/29/2022
I know 24.936 is Ssb, it’s 24.913.5 cw seen different freq as the freq? KB6UF 4/29/2022
915 is the digital frequency. KC3X 4/29/2022
most guys try 912.5 or 911.5, just have to move around from all those digital signals. KC3X 4/29/2022
913 not 912 KC3X 4/29/2022

no copy on WV this morning from here near Detroit on 40m N8KIE 4/29/2022
QRP N4RS 4/30/2022
20m band DEAD today. WQ7A 4/29/2022
Join the crowd, very weak or noda in LA KB6UF 4/29/2022

Trip through 6 states: TX, NM, AZ, UT, NV, and CA (22 days) just posted - Starts Sunday, 5/1 N5MLP 4/28/2022
Socorro N3MRA 5/3/2022

May 2022 County Hunter News N4CD 4/28/2022
Nice job as usual, Bob, and good to see all the folks at the mini. W9OO 4/29/2022

I need 193 total stars in 49 counties for Star XX out of 61,540 total N8KIE 4/28/2022
315 here. Missed a few lately. WQ7A 4/29/2022
I'm down to only 1,700 counties to finish Star XX... W4SIG 4/29/2022

Trip Posted (Weather Dependent) WYØA 4/28/2022

BOURBON KS was NOT run. Please correct your records to (more) AB7NK 4/27/2022
Not Cherokee either. Correct county is CRAWFORD. Sorry folks AB7NK 4/27/2022

Sorry about not posting earlier, I'm home now, tuner took a dump, working on it. will go back to fin KB6UF 4/26/2022

Spotting help! PLEASE spot the mobiles if you hear them. (more) AB7NK 4/25/2022
Not sure why my phone as the hiccups. (more) AB7NK 4/25/2022
Too many potholes in the road! N8MD 4/25/2022

down to 3 for WBOW SSB all in VA Amhurst, Arlington and Shenandoah N8KIE 4/25/2022

Spotting help! PLEASE spot the mobiles if you hear them. (more) AB7NK 4/25/2022
Sure didn’t. I for one miss him as NC & helping him from out west. AB7NK 4/25/2022
Some are on less than I can type their data -- K4XI 4/25/2022
Didnt use to have to worry about that when K2JG ran the net on 14.336.....!!!!!! AE3Z 4/25/2022
I didn't have worry about it, coz I wasn't recognized by K2JG on 336 . . . W5GND 4/29/2022
Lets don't forget all the mobiles, including me, ... W4SIG 4/27/2022
I was also a black sheep just for asking for a relay out of turn. NA8W 5/3/2022
Agree (more) K5KDG 4/27/2022
Thank you, Kerry, for reminding people of the truth....... K7REL 4/27/2022
After 35 years of this, he had a good reason for blocking out the problems....!! AE3Z 4/27/2022
Try manning a MARAC booth at Dayton for four years... W4SIG 4/27/2022
SAME HERE! N0XYL and KB0BA KBØBA 4/27/2022

Fyi, K8ZZ had his Scorpion antenna accidentally sn... W4SIG 4/25/2022
Thx to Neil K7SEN for the help to Ed - I need some of Ed's upcoming counties :-) AG6V 4/26/2022

Spotting help! PLEASE spot the mobiles if you hear them. (more) AB7NK 4/24/2022
Amen to this!! W4SIG 4/25/2022
Some of you mobiles are much faster than I am at spotting. WØMU 4/25/2022

30 meters N4RS 4/24/2022

Big Ben on CW NUØQ 4/24/2022
I heard Big Ben clearly with the 3kHz SSB filter today. NUØQ 4/26/2022
spots/QRM NS2N 4/25/2022
I use a SignaLink USB and found... WA4UNS 4/24/2022
But non-Windows sounds will still get transmitted... NUØQ 4/24/2022
Tnx, yes I hear it thru my radio when I am running.. K8ZZ 4/24/2022
Yes I hear it quite often but even no one is running especially on 30m KC3X 4/24/2022
wideband digital NS2N 4/25/2022
I think I've heard that also, but not lately... NUØQ 4/25/2022
       one thing I havent heard lately NS2N 4/25/2022
              Yes there always two of them that do it every time on lower bands. KC3X 4/25/2022

Route home totally changed. Please see trip page f... W4SIG 4/23/2022

Heading back to Ocala starting early tomorrow morning. All on I 75 including (more) KA2LHO 4/22/2022
Change of plans. Heading straight home this morning. No radio operations. I apologize. KA2LHO 4/23/2022

Awards issued 20 April 2022. (After processing 145 last counties) AB7RW 4/20/2022
Many congratulations to Mary, Jerry and Ron! K2MF 4/22/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 4/21/2022

Awards Issued 20 April 2022. (After processing 145 Last C ounties) AB7RW 4/20/2022

Great job!! (More) K5KDG 4/20/2022

Michigan: Need help DL3DXX 4/19/2022

snow flurries and rain N4CD 4/18/2022

Heading north Tuesday morning-more KB6UF 4/17/2022
This change-more KB6UF 4/18/2022

Conditions terrible today. SFI = 122, A=8, K = 3. KC3X 4/17/2022
GM Hollis from the High Country WA4UNS 4/18/2022

Logger 1 N4RS 4/17/2022
It's not disabled, BUT, master updates are no longer available...more KA9JAC 4/18/2022
Support for Logger I ended several years ago W4SIG 4/17/2022

Happy Easter to all who celebrate this holiday! KA2LHO 4/17/2022
Happy Easter to all. Looking forward to next year. W7FEN 4/17/2022
Happy Easter to all! W4SIG 4/17/2022
and a blessed Easter to you and yours WA4UNS 4/17/2022
And the same to you, Kraig as well as all county hunters and mobilers! K2MF 4/17/2022

Gulf Coast Florida Trip Posted 4/18 down and 4/23 back. KA2LHO 4/16/2022

Tom - KD6HWD sk 4/8/22. (more) AB7NK 4/16/2022

Tom - KD6HWD sk 4/8/22. (more) AB7NK 4/16/2022
RIP Tom! N8HAM 4/16/2022
Condolences to the family. N8MD 4/16/2022
I didn't know Tom but it is always sad to hear this. (more) K2MF 4/16/2022
It is always sad to lose the group may God be with your family. W7FEN 4/17/2022

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