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UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE on KB0BA, Lowell KBBA 10/25/2020

Escambia, FL (more) WYA 10/25/2020

UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE on KB0BA, Lowell KBBA 10/25/2020
Great news that he's home. Hopefully things will return to normal soon. Prayers for you both. W8OP 10/25/2020
Sorry for your trouble Sandra... Scary as hell... God be with you both... Don & Marilyn AE3Z 10/25/2020
Best Wishes for a Speedy and full Recovery. AG6V 10/25/2020

Awards Issued 10/24/2020 AB7RW 10/24/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/25/2020
Congratulations KC3X 10/24/2020

It is unlikely that we will go to any other islands this winter (more) N8KIE 10/24/2020

Team Viewer K8EMS 10/23/2020
Remote desktop by google N8OYY 10/25/2020
Good Luck. They shut me down few years ago for helping MARAC. WQ7A 10/23/2020
Try AnyDesk - still free! AD1C 10/23/2020
I use anydesk and it works great. WMU 10/24/2020

Where did k8zz go Black Hole in OK N8KIE 10/22/2020
and just like that he reappears N8KIE 10/22/2020

W4SIG N4RS 10/21/2020
Tnx Kerry, great job, many new............... K8OOK 10/22/2020
agreed...(more) AG6V 10/21/2020

Trip Posted WYA 10/19/2020
A few counties have been added per request.. WYA 10/20/2020

Covid business cancellations threw a wrench in pla... W4SIG 10/18/2020
I'm looking forward to a long article about the trip in Roadrunner! KPFV 10/20/2020
Kerry, thank you for Elbert, GA LC-2 WBOW WAC-3 (3rd Time) and LC-1 GA USA-CW-II! K2MF 10/19/2020
You rock Kerry! KC7YE 10/19/2020
Thank you for putting up with us all day. KC3X 10/19/2020

ILQP today! N9JF 10/18/2020
Didn't hear Christian only one spotted was an error LOL N8KIE 10/19/2020
i haven't checked received logs yet. N9JF 10/19/2020

A thing of beauty.... N9JF 10/18/2020

Change of plans. Work schedule has gone goofy. Sta... W4SIG 10/17/2020
Thanks Kerry for multiple new counties in NC! KAP 10/18/2020
Thanks for many new counties. Very busy for you. Get some much needed rest. KC3X 10/18/2020
Trip (more) K5KDG 10/18/2020
Thank you for all the counties so far on your trip! Enjoy the down time. :) K2MF 10/18/2020
Been fun.. worked saved you - you need a break.. K8ZZ 10/17/2020

Change of plans. Work schedule has gone goofy. Sta... W4SIG 10/17/2020

W4SIG N4RS 10/17/2020
Many congratulations, Tom! K2MF 10/18/2020
Congratulations Tom. What an accomplishment. K7TM 10/17/2020
Tom, congratulations! WGXQ 10/17/2020
Congratulations KC3X 10/17/2020
WAY TO GO Congratulations! N0XYL and KBBA 10/17/2020

K0DEQ N4RS 10/17/2020
Nice!! WGXQ 10/17/2020

Oct. 17 KDEQ 10/16/2020

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 10/16/2020

NYQP info WB2ABD 10/16/2020

Wanted K5KDG 10/14/2020
Steve... I have a Kenwood AT 250 I will sell..... KA3DRO 10/15/2020

Noted SK's in latest 10-10 News: Gene N4ANV and wife Pat KC4TBS... AE3Z 10/13/2020
I think it was posted earlier this year on this forum. KC3X 10/14/2020
CH Family WB2ABD 10/14/2020
RIP Gene & Pat. Any county hunters left with a 3 digit 10-X number?? K8OOK 10/14/2020

Awards Issued 10/12/2020 AB7RW 10/12/2020
Congratulations to both! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/13/2020
Congratulations to Jerry and Bob! K2MF 10/13/2020
Congratulation KC3X 10/13/2020

Looks like Oct. 14 through 16 will be a busy day for County Hunters (more) KA2LHO 10/11/2020

PA Qso Party Sunday plans KA3QLF 10/10/2020

OCT 14,15,16 TRIP KDEQ 10/10/2020

Awards Issued 10/8/2020 AB7RW 10/8/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 10/12/2020
Congratulations Mary, Neil, Alan and Bob K5GE 10/11/2020
Congratulations on the awards! W4SIG 10/11/2020
Congratulation to all. KC3X 10/10/2020
Many congratulations to Mary, Neil, Alan and Bob! K2MF 10/9/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/9/2020

QSO Party Weekend N4CD 10/8/2020

Logger N4RS 10/8/2020
Logger N4RS 10/8/2020
Try a different mirrow! AB7RW 10/8/2020
good luck with that N8KIE 10/8/2020

Trip Posted N8MD 10/7/2020

Home safe - fun trip with Jerry, W0GXQ under awful conditions.. (more) K8ZZ 10/6/2020
Thanks Jerry and Ed for the hard efforts to put ou... W4SIG 10/7/2020
You and Jerry and those who assisted were awesome, Ed! (more) K2MF 10/7/2020
Thanks to you both for all the counties. KC3X 10/6/2020
thanks guys WB2ABD 10/6/2020
Trip (more) K5KDG 10/7/2020
Agree Steve! Been a Ham for 73 years and could not hear them once from Fl!!! K4XI 10/7/2020

K8ZZ 10/4/20 county line at 1707 UTC? W5GND 10/6/2020
Saline and Lincoln, inferred, from W6RK spots AG6V 10/6/2020

2020 PA Qso Party/POTA KA3QLF 10/5/2020
I'll be in several IL parks (TBD) but as N9G N9JF 10/6/2020
POTA and 30m WB2ABD 10/5/2020
30M KA3QLF 10/6/2020
I understand WB2ABD 10/6/2020

Trip Posted TN,KY,WV,VA,NC,SC,GA,AL,MS Oct 14-25 W4SIG 10/4/2020

KB0BA, Lowell hospitalized Saturday. Ignt... KBBA 10/4/2020
praying km9x kb9mgi KM9X 10/13/2020
Get well Lowell. K7TM 10/8/2020
Your in our thoughts & prayers. Get well soon!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 10/6/2020
Praying for fast recovery. KC3X 10/6/2020
Sorry to hear this Sandra. Prayers for the both of you while you go through this stressful time. WGXQ 10/6/2020
We are praying for Lowell's full recovery and hearing you both soon ! W8OP 10/6/2020
We will keep you in our prayers. K5GE 10/5/2020
speedy recovery WB2ABD 10/5/2020
Sorry to hear and hope for a fast recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/5/2020
My prayers are with you both KB8OMG 10/5/2020
Prayers to Lowell and Sandra. Hoping for a speedy ... W4SIG 10/4/2020
Prayers ur way to both.. Please keep us posted Sandra K8ZZ 10/4/2020
Pattie & I are praying that you have a speedy recovery AA8R 10/4/2020
Really sorry to hear Sandy... Prayers for Lowell and You... Hope it's nothing serious... Don AE3Z 10/4/2020
Our best to both of you and prayers for an early recovery. Boni and Terry WQ7A 10/4/2020
Sandra... I had pneumonia 3 weeks ago. It was very painful. (more) K2MF 10/4/2020

Brent, K9MIX, in hospital with COVID. Feeling bett... W4SIG 10/4/2020
Get well Brent. K7TM 10/8/2020
Hope you get well soon. You are in our prayers. K5GE 10/6/2020
Praying for a speedy recovery Brent. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 10/6/2020
Brent, best wishes for a full recovery. WGXQ 10/6/2020
Sorry to hear and hope for a speedy recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/5/2020
Good luck and hope to hear back on the air soon AA8R 10/5/2020
Prayers ur way to you and ur family.. Keep us posted K8ZZ 10/4/2020
Prayers for you and your family Brent... Don AE3Z 10/4/2020
Our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, Brent! Sandra (N0XYL and Lowell KBBA 10/4/2020
Brent, please feel better soon and heal quickly! K2MF 10/4/2020

Solano, CA 20 Meter CW N1API 10/3/2020
I only worked N6GK on CW AD1C 10/5/2020
I spotted a couple of them. Hope it helped! N9JF 10/4/2020
Got one thanks. Found the three CW and one SSB Station I wanted. N1API 10/5/2020
Well I found the SSB Station but CW did not work N1API 10/3/2020

Awards Issued 10/2/2020 AB7RW 10/2/2020
Congratulations Jerry, Ed and Phil. K5GE 10/5/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/3/2020
Great Jerry now you get to start over with Star XX 61,540 to go lol N8KIE 10/3/2020
Woops I meant Phil N8KIE 10/3/2020
Congratulation to all. KC3X 10/3/2020
Many congratulations to Phil, Jerry and Ed! :) K2MF 10/3/2020
Congratulations Jerry, Phil, and Ed - nice job! N5MLP 10/3/2020

K8ZZ County on 10/02 at 2148z on 30m?? Just Nye, NV or C/L with White Pine? W9OO 10/2/2020
CL Nye/White Pine K8ZZ 10/2/2020

October 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 10/2/2020

Are zz and gxq done for today? KB6UF 9/30/2020
Should be 1 more N8KIE 9/30/2020

Awards issued 9/30/2020 AB7RW 9/30/2020
WTG Guys ! WA3QNT 10/3/2020
Congrats Karl and Ed! N5MLP 10/3/2020
Congrats guys!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 10/2/2020
Many congratulations to Karl and Ed! K2MF 10/1/2020
Wow, congrats to Ed and Karl! W4SIG 9/30/2020
Congratulations to all (as a side note wonder how many 40 meter was made using remote. KC3X 9/30/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/30/2020

Many Thanks AB7RW 9/30/2020
Lets not forget KJ5ZX on SSB K8OOK 10/1/2020
AJ5ZX too :) Good job by those assiting on SSB & CW AB7NK 10/2/2020
Ditto! W4SIG 9/30/2020
Both Barry and Bill have been extraordinary with their efforts to help county hunters. Thank you! K2MF 9/30/2020

Anyone know status of W0GXQ/K8ZZ? Maybe I just can't hear him, yet! 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 9/29/2020
just started the day .... (more) AG6V 9/29/2020

VE1OP: was reported SK in October 2020 QST KC3X 9/29/2020
Sorry to hear KK7X 9/29/2020

WOW: SFI=74,, A=33,, K=3 KC3X 9/29/2020

bands dead DL3DXX 9/28/2020
signals not much better from this side of the ocean either N8KIE 9/28/2020

Wonder if KC6AWX will ever run 20m SSB sure could use the stars N8KIE 9/28/2020
Have tuned in quickly and havent heard him once a... W4SIG 10/1/2020
Have tuned in quickly and havent heard him once a... W4SIG 10/1/2020
Have tuned in quickly and havent heard him once a... W4SIG 9/29/2020
Have tuned in quickly and havent heard him once a... W4SIG 9/29/2020
I did work him last on 14343. KC3X 9/28/2020
Last week KC3X 9/28/2020
Listened for him & nada!!! AB7NK 9/28/2020

mo spot K9MIX 9/28/2020
You enter the info at the beginning of each county... W4SIG 9/29/2020

Another tuff day: SFI-74. A=24, K=4, Good Hunting KC3X 9/28/2020
ditto WB2ABD 9/28/2020

Awards Issued 9/27/2020 AB7RW 9/27/2020
Congrats to both Kerry and Ed - good job! Thanks for the counties too! N5MLP 9/27/2020
Congratulations to Kerry and Ed! K2MF 9/27/2020

Doubles during relays on CW NKV 9/27/2020
N0KV and K0DEQ are doing a fantastic job with W0GXQ and K8ZZ. Thanks a million. KC3X 9/28/2020
N0KV and K0DEQ define Mobile Assist. Thanks so m... W4SIG 9/27/2020
Doubling N4RS 9/27/2020
I don't think remote delays are the problem. NUQ 9/27/2020
I think the last time I didn't use full QSK was w... KE3VV 9/27/2020
Dave... Havent seen or heard from you in several years... Good to see you up here again... Don AE3Z 9/28/2020
Good to be back, Don. Just re-up'd my MARAC dues... KE3VV 9/28/2020
Might have been me at some point... the QSB is so ... KE3VV 9/27/2020
I have a question for KE4VV independent of this discussion. Dave, can you call me? K3IMC 9/27/2020
Thank you for all you are doing during these less than optimal conditiions, Barry. K2MF 9/27/2020
I second the kudos for attempting (and conquering)... KE3VV 9/27/2020
I second this comment K3IMC 9/27/2020

I would like to talk to people who use the MARAC Logger to confirm contacts with MRCs K3IMC 9/27/2020

storm warning - groan - propagation N4CD 9/26/2020
Geo-magnetic storm. A up to 26 at 08:30 CDT, 27 Sep. 2020. Ugh. WB4FFV 9/27/2020

My wife and I are getting out of the house a bit and running Gulf Coast and (more) KA2LHO 9/26/2020

Long day . . . we will run Malheur Saturday morning around 8am local WGXQ 9/25/2020
Conditions awful - no copy at all from Fl. Hope today is better- thanks for doing it!!! K4XI 9/26/2020
Today, Sat, no better - no copy - condx bad!! Need my 70 ft tower and beam!! Long gone! K4XI 9/26/2020

QST Silent Key: Bill Nash, W0OWY W3DYA 9/25/2020
RIP Bill.... another OT OM bites the dust.....more KA3DRO 9/26/2020

(Posts) more K5KDG 9/25/2020

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