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JUNE 1 TRIP KDEQ 5/29/2020

Trip home starting Monday-more KB6UF 5/29/2020

June County Hunter News N4CD 5/28/2020

Conditions (more) K5KDG 5/28/2020
Sounds like a real challenge, Steve. Good luck! :)... W4SIG 5/28/2020

leaving Maine Ran all counties on three bands hope I helped folks out-More KB6UF 5/25/2020

Have airport run to KC, MO today.. May run some counties if weather permits.. K8ZZ 5/25/2020

Tomorrow at about 10:00 am eastern time, last four counties in Maine this trip. KB6UF 5/24/2020
I will be listening and I hope I can hear you on at least one band. KC3X KC3X 5/24/2020

trip posted on trip page-more KB6UF 5/24/2020

finally headed home (maybe) leaving june 1 N8KIE 5/23/2020
Have a good trip. Hope everything is OK in MI. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/24/2020
Have a very safe trip, Bob! K2MF 5/24/2020

cleaned up my trip page also added additional info KB6UF 5/23/2020
Tnx to those that sent html codes helps a lot. My code sheet at the house-more KB6UF 5/23/2020

KC7YE spotted W7OK last night and it........ K8OOK 5/23/2020
FT8 spots KC7YE 5/24/2020
I also remember Don on the Geratol Net from the late 1970s. He was #94. K2MF 5/23/2020
W7OK silent key in 1998 N4CD 5/23/2020
Contacted him on the Geratol Net..... more W4YDY 5/24/2020

trip posted on trip page-more KB6UF 5/22/2020
Just sent email with basic HTML codes and example file for a trip post (more) N5MLP 5/23/2020

Update on my May 1st post below . . . WGXQ 5/20/2020
Oglala Lakota county? Is there a reason why you (and us) may not be able to operate? N8HAM 5/21/2020
The SD state governer has asked the SD state court to rule on (more) WGXQ 5/21/2020
what is the dispute? AG6V 5/22/2020
Do a search . . . lots of info WGXQ 5/22/2020

weather all over.... AG6V 5/20/2020

Trip Posted for 5-28 & 29 "Happy Hunting" AB7NK 5/19/2020

Monday, 25th run-more KB6UF 5/19/2020
Thank you Ron! Will be LC. AG6V 5/19/2020

MAY 22 TRIP KDEQ 5/18/2020

My new book has been published Off Topic WB4UHI 5/18/2020
Sorry about the triple post WB4UHI 5/19/2020
your books.... AG6V 5/19/2020
Best book WB4UHI 5/19/2020
Best book WB4UHI 5/19/2020
Best book WB4UHI 5/19/2020
Congratulations! A difficult endeavor and quite an... W4SIG 5/19/2020

Any word on Hollis? KB6UF 5/17/2020
As of today he is still in a lot of pain. (more) WGXQ 5/17/2020
Ron (more) KC3X 5/17/2020
Ok-will set up my final run of Maine for next Monday. KB6UF 5/18/2020
Great Thanks KC3X 5/18/2020

KL7DG 2nd District of Alaska AB7RW 5/14/2020
KL7DG is on 17m FT8 right now AB7RW 5/16/2020
I'm waiting for you to tell us he is operating CW. :) WGXQ 5/16/2020

To WD4OIN DL3DXX 5/14/2020

Heres an interesting article on the Northern Washington Counties AB7RW 5/13/2020
Alas, that was our planned route to the Michigan Mini. Maybe next year. WQ7A 5/14/2020
In my younger days (1989) biked it from east to west. Was in a group and it was a long haul to the W7FEN 5/13/2020
top and then it was cruising down the west side. W7FEN 5/13/2020
State route 20 KC7YE 5/13/2020
I have been fortunate enough KA3DRO 5/14/2020

Digital Question NA8W 5/13/2020
Technally FT4 is a MFSK mode according to ARRL and ADIF.ORG. But... WQ7A 5/13/2020
But MARAC decided to use FT4 as a separate mode for awards. WQ7A 5/13/2020
Thanks Terry I learn something every day! NA8W 5/13/2020

Thanks to K0DEQ and WD4OIN for the county runs tod... W4SIG 5/12/2020
Yep ur - tnx guys.. K8ZZ 5/13/2020

K0DEQ announced on 20 CW that he does no longer have 30 or 40 meters WGXQ 5/12/2020
"he no longer has" :( WGXQ 5/12/2020

Second Alaska!!! FT-8 40m N7JPF 5/12/2020
what was his call? KC3X 5/14/2020
KL7DG...sorry, more.. N7JPF 5/12/2020
What was the callsign? AB7RW 5/12/2020
Paul!! Time!! NA8W 5/12/2020
When you live alone and can't sleep, you do stuff like this..Thankful for the hobby N7JPF 5/12/2020
Yes I understand Paul. Ham radio is a great hobby for us. Hope to see you again sometime. NA8W 5/12/2020

MAY 12 TRIP KDEQ 5/10/2020
trip report KDEQ 5/12/2020
Thanks Bill! KAP 5/12/2020
pse 20m CW for the following cties DL3DXX 5/11/2020
Would be following you but I will still be in the hospital. KC3X 5/10/2020
Hollis-Im holding my finishing run of Maine until your back home. KB6UF 5/11/2020

YL's WYA 5/10/2020
Thanks for the info!! WYA 5/10/2020
yl's more KC3X 5/10/2020
The YL onl counts for the award if she is /m. Fixed and portable does not count. KC3X 5/10/2020
YL 'Mobile" award N4CD 5/10/2020
Sure, go to... WQ7A 5/10/2020

W8OP and KB6UF - thanks for new counties in rough conditions! AG6V 5/7/2020
Ditto - tnx guys for the counties.. K8ZZ 5/8/2020
Indeed! Thanks Ron and Alan for the counties! W4SIG 5/8/2020

Conditions not great today but thats Maine-more KB6UF 5/7/2020

Just thinking, why do we keep feeding Bill Gates? He's playing us as suckers. WB4FFV 5/7/2020
Same reason we keep feeding "Adolf Cuomo" here in New York....!!! AE3Z 5/7/2020
Ralph, just like everyone feeding the owner of Amazon. KC3X 5/7/2020

Thanks for reqponse below on Logger runninbg on Windows. I do have another question K3IMC 5/7/2020
I am sad to see that the new logger is going to based around 2009 software WMU 5/8/2020
Wow, great news! Thanks Don for the update and tha... W4SIG 5/8/2020
I must disagre with one statement made in Dons messgae...more KA9JAC 5/8/2020
Tnx to you and K8EMS.. How exciting!! K8ZZ 5/7/2020
The work you and Mike have done is just astonishing and (more) K2MF 5/7/2020

Help! I am looking for someone who runs MARAC Logger on a Windows 7 computer K3IMC 5/6/2020
I still have a Win 7 computer with Logger on it .. Will help if you need K9MIX 5/6/2020
Windows 7 Support was ended by MS in January WMU 5/6/2020
glad to help if I can KDEQ 5/6/2020
Thank you Brent... as Don requested, please email him directly to let him know. K2MF 5/7/2020

Day trip to Lake CO on Saturday May 9th (more) WGXQ 5/5/2020
Thx for Lake county, cleaned up three LC MD, 6th time and Bingo 4 KB6UF 5/19/2020
Thx for Lake county, cleaned up three LC MD, 6th time and Bingo 4 KB6UF 5/10/2020

Ok folks- Thursday is a go. KB6UF 5/5/2020
Will be listening and work you whenever I can hear you. KC3X 5/5/2020

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Run: KS - Pottawatomie Riley Geary Morris Wabaunsee K8ZZ 5/4/2020

HamCom hamfest canceled N4CD 5/4/2020

Eastern Panhandle of WV posted in Trips W8OP 5/3/2020

looking at thursday-More KB6UF 5/3/2020
Will try to help on 30 meters.. K8ZZ 5/4/2020

May 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 5/2/2020

TX Park run this weekend N4CD 5/1/2020

A ways off, but thought I'd give a heads up (more) WGXQ 5/1/2020
Tnx for the update.. Need em all for something!! K8ZZ 5/3/2020

Heads up -more KB6UF 5/1/2020
NE QSO Party this weekend N4CD 5/1/2020
Would like to but busy at campground getting things set up KB6UF 5/1/2020

NY state special event K2H/county N4CD 4/30/2020

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