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Many thanks to K8ZZ, NF0N, and W0GXQ for the count... W4SIG 3/23/2023
G3 storm NS2N 3/24/2023
ditto here. Missed 3 for 3rd time and a bunch of others. Sitting at 110 for 3rd time, after 22 year N8HAM 3/24/2023

Thursday is a go - one day trip.. K8ZZ 3/22/2023

Loup/Garfield will be run Thursday morning WØGXQ 3/22/2023

NF0N/W0GXQ KØDEQ 3/21/2023

Awards Issued 3/20/2023 (Following Covid Break) AB7RW 3/20/2023
Congrats to all.. K8ZZ 3/22/2023
Congratulations!! W4SIG 3/21/2023
congrats to all who received their awards NS2N 3/21/2023
Congrat's to all!! N8MD 3/21/2023
Many congratulations to Jerry, Jim and George!! K2MF 3/21/2023

Trip posted.. Day trip to clean up some needs for the folks.. K8ZZ 3/20/2023

Michigan Mini Special Hotel rate if booked by 20 Marc KA9JAC 3/19/2023

Saw spots for AL4P in Nome, AK (Second district), anyone know of him? W8GU 3/18/2023

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 3/17/2023

Trip cancelled - 3/18 W5VS 3/17/2023
a lot of things are more important than radio N8KIE 3/18/2023

New Mobile N4RS 3/14/2023
Hope to hear you in the morning WØGXQ 3/14/2023

MI Mini - Time to plan - Special Hotel rate if booked by 20 March KA9JAC 3/13/2023

OKLA QSO Party N4CD 3/10/2023

OKLA QSO Party N4CD 3/10/2023

Weather looks good for Friday 1900z start Honolulu N8KIE 3/9/2023
Found problem K5GE 3/10/2023
Bob, N8KIE is having problems and will try another day. K5GE 3/10/2023
problem was in antenna mount and menu lockup in icom 7000 N8KIE 3/10/2023

Pros and Cons N4RS 3/8/2023
Definitely spot the whole name on W6RK. When runni... W4SIG 3/10/2023
Totally agree with N4CD and W4SIG.. K8ZZ 3/15/2023
abbreviations N4CD 3/10/2023
NO!! K4XI 3/8/2023

the most reasonable dates for a possible run of Honolulu is Tues 4/7 or Fri 4/10 after 1900z N8KIE 3/5/2023
cancelled rain will try Friday N8KIE 3/7/2023
Confirm March 7th and 10th? WØGXQ 3/6/2023
yes I meant March N8KIE 3/7/2023
will try Tues. abt 1900z N8KIE 3/6/2023
I now have 5 bingos so am good for bingo cinco N8KIE 3/6/2023

Award Issued 3/4/2023 AB7RW 3/4/2023
Congratulations to you, Dave! K2MF 3/12/2023
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/10/2023
17 Meters W4YDY 3/5/2023
Congrats.. K8ZZ 3/16/2023

Trip posted WØGXQ 3/4/2023

SDA-100 Antenna Controller Problems N1API 3/3/2023
Off The Air N1API 3/4/2023

SDA-100 Antenna Controller Problems N1API 3/3/2023

March 2023 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 3/2/2023

SEAPAC '23 WØFLZ 2/28/2023

for those of you who still need Honolulu it is still raining off and on N8KIE 2/26/2023
not today! N4CD 2/27/2023
and still raining N8KIE 2/27/2023

Antenna issues W5VS 2/26/2023
Thanks for Northampton KC3X 2/27/2023
Problem resolved! W5VS 2/26/2023
Problem resolved! W5VS 2/26/2023

March County Hunter News OnLine N4CD 2/25/2023

QSO Party this weekend N4CD 2/24/2023

Thanks, Butch, for LC-Nebraska. 3 to go for WBOW! W8GU 2/24/2023
Butch: Thanks for 2 last counties and all the bound counties. KC3X 2/24/2023

Found out that out that power has been out for 12 hrs plus at home--cutting and running!!!! N8HAM 2/24/2023
UPDATE---when I woke up Fri at 215 am I noticed a message from my neighbor telling me the .... N8HAM 2/25/2023
Whew! Lucky NS2N 2/25/2023
Yikes!!! Stay safe, Jim! K2MF 2/24/2023

QSO Party this weekend N4CD 2/23/2023
N.C. qso party K5KDG 2/23/2023

Trip posted Saturday from Baton Rouge to Memphis. W4SIG 2/23/2023

Seeking feedback on vehicle purchase for mobile antenna install and operation KØAP 2/22/2023
Bob, Kerry and Ed, thanks for your feedback. KØAP 3/3/2023
Hei Dragen.. I have had Honda CRV and two Toyota K8ZZ 2/26/2023
two Toyota's.. Hylander and now a Rav4.. Noise issues are none.. K8ZZ 2/26/2023
No first hand experience with hybrids, but from wh... W4SIG 2/23/2023
hybrids N4CD 2/23/2023
hybrids N4CD 2/23/2023

Seeking feedback on vehicle purchase for mobile antenna install and operation KØAP 2/22/2023

Awards issued 2/22/2023 AB7RW 2/22/2023
Congrats.. K8ZZ 2/26/2023
Congrat's to both! N8MD 2/24/2023
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 2/23/2023
Congratulations! WØGXQ 2/23/2023
congratulations fellas NS2N 2/23/2023
Many congratulations to Kerry, Ron and John!! K2MF 2/23/2023

KE3VV in Curacao with PJ2T Contest Team KE3VV 2/22/2023

driving from Joliet, IL to Las Vegas KA3QLF 2/22/2023

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