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MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 1/18/2020

Awards Issued AB7RW 1/18/2020
Good job Gene! K7SEN & AB7NK 1/18/2020
Way to go Gene!!! WGXQ 1/18/2020

Friday Saturday Sunday de N4CD N4CD 1/17/2020

Application dates AB7RW 1/16/2020
Good point! W4SIG 1/17/2020

MARAC Awards Issued AB7RW 1/16/2020
Congratulations to all! K5GE 1/18/2020
Congrats to all. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 1/17/2020
Congratulations to all! W4SIG 1/17/2020
Great job to all. K9MIX 1/17/2020
K7REL, W0GXQ, W4SIG, K8ZZ, AB7RW, Congrats for your award!! WY8I 1/17/2020
Many congratulations to all of you! K2MF 1/17/2020
Congratulations to all award holders. KC3X 1/16/2020

eastern NC counties Thursday N9JF 1/15/2020
Slight change N9JF 1/16/2020
Skcc K5KDG 1/16/2020
Sorry Steve! N9JF 1/16/2020

Will be in Arlington Co VA Thursday. After 4 pm KA4RRU 1/15/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 1/14/2020

Logger is getting slower and slower WMU 1/13/2020
I've found if you update books on each import it goes pretty fast. Don't wait to recompile all books WE7G 1/13/2020
Another thing that speeds up Logger operation is... WQ7A 1/13/2020
oh yeah, and limit the Tracked Books in Logger that... WQ7A 1/13/2020
What "data base" are we talking about?? K4XI 1/13/2020
Check it out in Safe Mode WQ7A 1/13/2020
Ok. Never thought of that. WMU 1/13/2020

Time to vote!!! W4SIG 1/12/2020
Correction...the emails to you actually came out f... W4SIG 1/13/2020

Is anyone working on the Logger data base problem. Been out for a long time. KC3X 1/11/2020
I believe K3IMC is working on it. You can alwasy manually update by going to MARAC org WQ7A 1/12/2020
Thanks terry KC3X 1/12/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 1/11/2020

Pushmataha KMAF 1/11/2020
It was also my next to last remaining for all OK on 30m. Thank you, Bob! K2MF 1/12/2020

Special Event in Onslow County, NC at Camp Lejeune, January 10/12... more W4YDY 1/9/2020
Camp Lejeune WYA 1/10/2020
The special activity is for the base commemorating the birthday of John Lejeune. W4YDY 1/10/2020
This sounds like a fun activity for the newly licensed Marines. :) K2MF 1/10/2020
Way to go ! KC7YE 1/9/2020

QRT and Overnight in Colorado Springs WGXQ 1/8/2020
Thanks for Running Ctys Jerry K4AMC 1/11/2020
Have a good tme and be safe. WG6X 1/9/2020
You don't happen to have 80m? WMU 1/8/2020
Mike, sorry I don't have 80m capability (more) WGXQ 1/9/2020
No worries! WMU 1/9/2020
I will be gone from about 10am Mountain time on so don't bother WMU 1/8/2020

Trip to Northern Neck VA on Thursday KA4RRU 1/8/2020

CW County Hunter Statistics AB7RW 1/8/2020

Logger update not working WB2ABD 1/7/2020
Contact Mike, K8EMS, for help with getting Logger ... W4SIG 1/12/2020

Some interesting USA-CA statistics (more) K2MF 1/6/2020
Y'all are beating around the bush on this one..... KA3DRO 1/7/2020
So true !!! This one ham was reason for so many leaving, especially ssb.. Never did know what trigge K5KDG 1/8/2020
Much to my chagrine, Ham radio is changing..... AE3Z 1/6/2020
Number of USA-CA holders down significantly per year over past 13 years (more) WYA 1/6/2020
I got 1228 May 2012 WMU 1/6/2020
activity down N4CD 1/6/2020
POTA Activations Sunday WMU 1/12/2020
And here I am trying to get 7 to go for first time. KMAF 1/11/2020
Don't fret, Jack. It took me 31 years for 1st Time! K2MF 1/12/2020
Contest activity is growing even with some of the ... WMU 1/6/2020
Interesting...Thank You K7IOO 1/6/2020

Gary Beam K4EXT USA-CA #1222 MARAC Historian sk (more) AB7NK 1/5/2020
Rest in Peace Gary I will miss you my friend! WY8I 1/13/2020
rest in peace and sincerest condolences N0DXE & NKV 1/10/2020
RIP my friend.... see you someday on that CL up above.... KA3DRO 1/7/2020
The gang up there welcome you with open hearts, Rest in peace Gary! WG6X 1/7/2020
Very sad to hear this. Gary was a good friend for many years. RIP Gary. K7VAY 1/6/2020
My heartfelt condolances to Justin and the entire family. WGXQ 1/6/2020
Requiescat in pace! N8HAM 1/6/2020
Very sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/6/2020
Sad news. RIP Gary 73 WMU 1/6/2020
Very sorry to hear this R.I.P. N8KIE 1/6/2020
RIP K7IOO 1/6/2020
Sad news for sure.. Condolences to the family.. K8ZZ 1/6/2020
Very sorry to hear of Gary's passing. He will be missed. N5MLP 1/6/2020
I am so sorry to learn of Gary's passing. MARAC will really miss him in the years to come. (more) K2MF 1/6/2020
So sad to hear. Gary was a very FB gentleman and g... W4SIG 1/5/2020
So sorry to hear of Gary's death. He worked very hard as our Historian. RIP Gary. KC3X 1/5/2020
RIP my friend. 73 K7SEN K7SEN 1/5/2020

Thanks to K3IMC for the trip to Blount, AL today. NUQ 1/4/2020

Colorado trip planned to finish last 2 CW and last RAS-CO (see trips) WGXQ 1/4/2020
Thanks for last CW in CO! KA4RRU 1/8/2020
If I am not tied up at work and can get to a radio I'll be there. Thanks for the heads up. KA2LHO 1/6/2020
From Needs List: K4AMC, KA2LHO, K2HVN, K2MF, K0DEQ, KA4RRU WGXQ 1/4/2020

Agree with all of the kudos to Kerry and thanks for picking up RR (more) KA2LHO 1/4/2020

cw vs ssb freqs K9MIX 1/4/2020
CW freqs N4CD 1/4/2020

K0FG has completed running all counties for the 3rd time. He receives #259. AB7RW 1/3/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 1/5/2020
Congrats Fred!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 1/5/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/4/2020
Congrats Fred on 3rd time N4CD 1/4/2020
My error. He worked all 3077 counties. AB7RW 1/4/2020
Congratulations Fred for working all counties 3rd time. Now on to 4th. KC3X 1/4/2020
Fantastic, Fred! Way to go!! W4SIG 1/4/2020
Many congratulations, Fred! K2MF 1/4/2020
All counties in what state? N4CD 1/3/2020
Should say "working" not running; anyway, congrats Fred! WGXQ 1/3/2020
Congratulations Fred !!! Way to go ! N5MLP 1/3/2020

Sorry about the crappy Tx runs, got pulled over in Hamilton,tx -more KB6UF 1/2/2020
Tnx for all the counties Ron.. K8ZZ 1/2/2020
Thanks, Ron, for all the counties! Glad you made i... W4SIG 1/2/2020
Glad you made it home safe. Thanks for all the new CW counties. KC3X 1/2/2020
Glad you made it home safe and sound, Ron. Feel better soon! K2MF 1/2/2020

Elwood Austin KA3MMM USA-CA #847 silent key (more) K2MF 1/2/2020
Rest in peace. Our condolences. N0DXE & NKV 1/10/2020
RIP Our condolences to the family. K7SEN & AB7NK 1/5/2020
RIP Chief WA4UNS 1/3/2020
Rest in Peace Elwood - You will be missed in the CH ranks WE7G 1/3/2020
Elwood and I are both "Navy Retired Chiefs". Met Elwood here in Wellsboro back (more) AE3Z 1/3/2020
One of the easy to work on CW abd a really great CH'er. R.I.P WG6X 1/3/2020
Sorry to hear that El is a silent key. Met him at an early 3M and had a nice round table visit! WGXQ 1/2/2020
Requiescat in pace Elwood. N8HAM 1/2/2020
Great guy and CW op - had dinner with Elwood on one of my trips thru PA.. K8ZZ 1/2/2020
RIP, Elwood was Anns, KB9YVT 1st contact when she passed her General. KA9JAC 1/2/2020
For those who may not have known Elwood, he is the... W4SIG 1/2/2020
Sixth CW N4CD 1/3/2020
Sixth CW N4CD 1/2/2020
Sorry to hear another Great CW operator became a Silent Key. RIP Elwood. KC3X 1/2/2020
RIP K7IOO 1/2/2020
Condolences to Elwoods family... many nice qsos w/him over years...RIP KA3DRO 1/2/2020

ON THE ROAD AGAIN for a day trip KBBA 1/2/2020

January 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 1/2/2020

January RoadRunner was sent out yesterday. If you ... W4SIG 1/1/2020
Wow K7IOO 1/1/2020
HaHa! I hope so! Thanks for reading. W4SIG 1/2/2020
Kerry, thanks for keeping the RoadRunner alive! WGXQ 1/1/2020
Great job Kerry, really enjoyed this issue. W7FEN 1/1/2020
You did a great job, Kerry! Thank you for taking this position. :) K2MF 1/1/2020
Great job Kerry - Happy New Year from Cleveland, Ohio K8ZZ 1/1/2020

8:00 AM central time-Callahan-more KB6UF 12/31/2019

Alaska JD/ Counties KC7YE 12/31/2019
alaska Link K8QWY 1/1/2020
Thanks for the info! W4SIG 12/31/2019

I wishes all a very Happy New Year full of all of your hopes & dreams! Be safe. WG6X 12/31/2019
Thoughts of driving while county hunting has really helped me doing MRI & PET-SC WG6X 12/31/2019
best of luck in your battles. We sometimes think of all the places we have seen too. N8KIE 1/2/2020

Drug my self over to Clovis nm- KB6UF 12/30/2019
Travel (more) K5KDG 12/31/2019
Take is easy Ron . . . no fun being sick on the road. I will get Lake CO for you later. WGXQ 12/31/2019
Sure hope that you are not rushng it and pushing the old bd to hrd to soon! WG6X 12/30/2019

I had no problem bringing up their website & maybe smthing on ur end????Wow! WG6X 12/30/2019
They are back up KK7X 12/30/2019
Check That - All Their Web Pages Down Phone Support Avaialble N1API 12/30/2019
AL their web page comes up when I search for MFJ KC3X 12/30/2019

Trip posted W8OP 12/28/2019
GREAT, I need it too. WQ7A 12/28/2019

Mobile Diamond Trip to Eastern PA and Maryland Dec 28/29. See Planned Trips K4YT 12/27/2019

Trip home KB6UF 12/25/2019
One day delay heading out tomorrow morning. KB6UF 12/29/2019
Take care of your health is far more improtant then countes ! WG6X 12/27/2019
I hope you feel better soon, Ron! There has definitely been something going around! K2MF 12/26/2019
best of luck to you and good health N8KIE 12/26/2019

Merry Christmas !! KD5YUK 12/25/2019

County Hunter news K5KDG 12/25/2019
Yes, that was a great thought to remember our late friends & county hunters! Thanks! WG6X 12/25/2019

And a very merry christmas and happy new year to you too, Brent! K2MF 12/25/2019

HO HO HO Merry Christmas hope everyone has a happy new year N8KIE 12/24/2019
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/25/2019
May the job & happiness of Christmas wishes & hopes full everyone hearts! WG6X 12/25/2019
Can't read & type...JOY not job. Ho Ho Merry Christmas! WG6X 12/25/2019
Merry christmas and happy new year to you too, Bob! K2MF 12/25/2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! WMU 12/24/2019
A very merry christmas and happy new year to you as well, Mike! K2MF 12/25/2019

January 2020 County Hunter News N4CD 12/24/2019

Sunday Monday N4CD 12/23/2019

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 12/23/2019
Already in there. Looking forward to another fun time. WQ7A 12/23/2019
ditto N8HAM 12/24/2019

One day trip for NE and SD counties NFN 12/23/2019
Thx for NE and SD AG6V 12/27/2019
Thank you for running those counties yesterday, Mike! K2MF 12/27/2019
Thanks New NE Counties Mike K4AMC 12/27/2019

May Christmas & New Year bring you happiness, good health & full dreams! WG6X 12/23/2019
A big smile, a big hug, health and happiness! Merr... LY5A 12/24/2019
Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to you all.... 73/KA3DRO KA3DRO 12/23/2019
Ditto!! Merry Christmas, everyone! W4SIG 12/23/2019
Merry christmas and happy new year, Ray! K2MF 12/23/2019

Day trip to Dane Co., Wisconsin today, December 22. N0XYL and KBBA 12/22/2019

Sunday Monday N4CD 12/21/2019
Have a fun and safe drive and ots of contacts! Merry Xmas! WG6X 12/22/2019

Anyone want 2019 QST Magazines? Just pay shipping by USPS. 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 12/20/2019
I would like those Norm ... would $25 be enuff for postage? K4EXT 12/21/2019
Thanks, Gary. I'll get them packed and shipped, W3DYA 12/21/2019
PO has special rate for 'media' N4CD 12/21/2019
Magazines with paid advertising are not acceptable as media mail. I've tried it... W3DYA 12/24/2019

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 12/20/2019

Possibile Run Between Christmas and New Years K4YT 12/19/2019
Need a Bunch (More) K4AMC 12/19/2019
I need everything!! I'll be listening when I can!! WYA 12/19/2019
list AJ5ZX 12/19/2019
Karl, hope to hear you and about! (more) WGXQ 12/19/2019

On the road tomorrow to NJ... sorry no radios... Merry Christmas to all WA4UNS 12/18/2019
And the same to you and yours. K9MIX 12/20/2019
Merry Christmas Doug..(more) AK8A 12/19/2019
Merry christmas to you too, Doug and drive safely! K2MF 12/19/2019
Announcing trip but with out a radio and antenna?????? Seems a waste of time for the Forum K4YT 12/19/2019
So why did you bother to tell us? KC3X 12/18/2019

May run Avoyelles LA about 1500z tomorrow. Possibl... W4SIG 12/18/2019

Thanks for all that rode along with me yesterday o... W4SIG 12/18/2019
Thanks for a last county K9MIX K9MIX 12/19/2019
Thanks Kerry 6 New Ctys plus 80m QSOs K4AMC 12/19/2019
Kerry thank you for the QSOs. Contacts on 80m wer... DL3DXX 12/18/2019
She'll understand........ eventually...... hi hi WA4UNS 12/18/2019

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