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K8ZZ will be mobile Wednesday, Jan 20 in La Paz an... W4SIG 1/18/2021
Yep PA3ARM 1/20/2021
Tks for the info Kerry!. Apprcd! PA3ARM 1/19/2021

Last cvounty award registration out of work ? DL3DXX 1/17/2021
I just tested the LC system and it appears to be working just fine... KA9JAC 1/18/2021
works well today tnx DL3DXX 1/20/2021

Some NW Oregon todau W7EEC 1/17/2021

Obit for WB9NUL. RIP Joyce....more N8HAM 1/15/2021
RIP KB6UF 1/18/2021

Have a sick sister in AZ - Leaving in AM for 3 days travel. Will have radio and try 80m every county K8ZZ 1/14/2021

Sri to hear that. God bless. KC5P 1/13/2021

Trip Posted (tomorrow) W8OP 1/13/2021
Always something exciting on a CHing trip ! W8OP 1/14/2021
I had top-row seats for the Iowa stadium flyover in 2010 ... NUQ 1/15/2021
Holy Smokes ! I'll have to check that out. W8OP 1/15/2021
Jet's ( more) K5KDG 1/15/2021
Added counties: Pocahontas after Randolph and HARDY after Grant. W8OP 1/14/2021

Awards Issued 1/12/2021 AB7RW 1/12/2021
Many congratulations to Alan & Dave! K2MF 1/13/2021
Congratulations guys! WGXQ 1/12/2021
Congrats to Alan and Dave!! W4SIG 1/12/2021

WB9 November Uniform Love--SK N8HAM 1/12/2021
Sorry about Joyce's passing. My condolences to Barry and family. K5GE 1/19/2021
RIP Joyce AI5P 1/18/2021
RIP K7IOO 1/18/2021
RIP Joyce. K7TM 1/18/2021
Rest in Peace, Joyce KE3VV 1/16/2021
She got me started in county hunting! RIP, Joyce . . . W5GND 1/16/2021
Sorry to learn of Joyce's Passing N1API 1/15/2021
Real sorry to hear about Joyce. Went to Texas several times to visit... Great folks... Don AE3Z 1/14/2021
Sad news ... 73 Joyce WB2ABD 1/14/2021
I am very sorry about Joyce's passing. My condolences to Barry and his family. K2MF 1/13/2021
Condolences to the family. K7SEN & AB7NK 1/13/2021
SAD! W9OO 1/13/2021
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/13/2021
Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers to her family. N8MD 1/13/2021
Dang KK7X 1/13/2021
So sorry to hear that Joyce passed away. Condolences to Barry and the family. N5MLP 1/12/2021
Sad news . . . condolences to Barry and family WGXQ 1/12/2021
Dang KK7X 1/12/2021
Man, so sorry to hear. Prayers to Barry and family... W4SIG 1/12/2021
Dang KK7X 1/12/2021

K9MIX is SK.. (more) K8ZZ 1/12/2021
Sad news AI5P 1/18/2021
RIP Brent. K7TM 1/18/2021
Sorry to hear of Bren't Passing. He was a valued member of the BOD N1API 1/15/2021
Sad news! Condolences to the family. K7SEN & AB7NK 1/13/2021
I am so sorry to read of Brent's passing. My sincerest condolences to his family. K2MF 1/13/2021
Very sorry to hear of Brent's passing. Condolences to the family. N5MLP 1/12/2021
Very sorry to hear this news. Prayers go out to the family. WGXQ 1/12/2021
Sri to hear that. God bless. KC5P 1/12/2021
Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers to his family. N8MD 1/12/2021
Sorry to hear of Brent's passing. RIP KC3X 1/12/2021
Sorry to hear about Brent's Passing. He will be missed. K5GE 1/12/2021
Sad news indeed! Love and prayers to his family. Sandra N0XYL and Lowell KB0BA KBBA 1/12/2021
Such sad news..Brent worked hard as MARAC Secretar... W4SIG 1/12/2021

Thanks to KB0INZ for contact from Pope, MN KC3X 1/11/2021

Hamvention 2021 has been canceled! KA9JAC 1/11/2021
MARAC had reserved a booth again at Dayton. Will t... W4SIG 1/12/2021
Dang N4CD 1/11/2021
We were lucky and got our first Moderna inoculations last Thursday. (more) K2MF 1/12/2021
Strategy when going to the appointment site is do ... W4SIG 1/12/2021

Home safe - another oil change and tire rotation - tnx for riding along K8ZZ 1/9/2021
Great trip as usual! Thanks for the counties Ed. K5GE 1/10/2021
Back in the CH Saddle with K8ZZ KE3VV 1/10/2021
Thanks Ed for another great trip (more) K4AMC 1/10/2021
Thanks for yet another amazing county trip! W4SIG 1/10/2021

A reminder to send your 2020 CW totals to WGXQ 1/9/2021
Done! Thanks for the reminder! KA4RRU 1/17/2021
Done K8ZZ 1/10/2021
Done! W4SIG 1/10/2021


Thanks to K8ZZ for my last two in KY, I now have 6 counties need for usaca. See needs list. KC3X 1/7/2021

Additional Awards for 1/7/2021 AB7RW 1/7/2021
Congratulations Dave & Bill! K5GE 1/10/2021
Congratulations Dave and Bill!! W4SIG 1/9/2021
Congratulations to Bill and Ed! (more) K2MF 1/9/2021

Awards Issued 1/7/2021 - All W4YDY AB7RW 1/7/2021
Congratulations Dave! K5GE 1/10/2021
Congratulations Dave!!! W4SIG 1/9/2021
Many congratulations, Dave! K2MF 1/8/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/7/2021

ON4AAC asking for help on his first award (endorsements) application. PA3ARM 1/7/2021
USCA DL3DXX 1/8/2021
RE: USCA DL3DXX 1/8/2021

K8ZZ County Correction K8MFO 1/6/2021
Thanks for the correction. Ed is doing great on th... W4SIG 1/6/2021
Boy, Ed's doing a huge job on the road. Looks like he deserves a day off to catch his breath. Tks Ed W8OP 1/6/2021

Todays trip didnt quite go as planned (more) KBBA 1/5/2021

Use this link AD1C 1/6/2021
they have mine. KC3X 1/5/2021
What a user-unfriendly web site...glad I'm not due till 2030 WQ7A 1/5/2021
Hey Terry, I caught a "big rash" of nasty comments when I put the same thing on here (more)... AE3Z 1/6/2021

Thanks to all the spotters today.. Wow! Keep up the gud work on my trip home in AM.. K8ZZ 1/4/2021
LC in Ohio DL3DXX 1/5/2021

Todays run wont happen. Antenna control cable corroded. Will replace plug before next trip. Sorry WB4KZW 1/4/2021

K8ZZ is QRT until tomorrow WGXQ 1/4/2021

January edition of Roadrunner now available. Check... W4SIG 1/4/2021
Not received WMU 1/5/2021
Mike, thanks for letting us know. Not sure why you... W4SIG 1/5/2021
Mike, thanks for letting us know. Not sure why you... W4SIG 1/5/2021
That should *NOT* have happened, Mike. I manage the email distribution list (more) K2MF 1/5/2021

ON THE ROAD for a day trip KBBA 1/3/2021

Happy 2021 - Medical/health update. WB4KZW 1/3/2021
Update AI5P 1/4/2021
Thanks for the update, Gene. Praying 2021 brings y... W4SIG 1/4/2021
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. N8MD 1/4/2021
Gene: thanks for the update, we think about you often and we continue our prayers. KC3X 1/4/2021
Gene, I understand completely about medical tests not delivering causal evidence (more) K2MF 1/4/2021

Awards Issued 1/3/2021 AB7RW 1/3/2021
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/4/2021
Congratulations to all!! W4SIG 1/4/2021
Many congratulations to Dennis, Ron, Ed and Tom! K2MF 1/4/2021

Time to send in your CW totals for 2020 (more) WGXQ 1/3/2021

Hawaii requires NAAT test to fly interisland not much chance of that happening N8KIE 1/2/2021
Tnx Bob for the update. Hopefully I will be able to run Kalawao by April. K4YT 1/3/2021
That would be wonderful!! W4SIG 1/4/2021

Awards Issued 1/2/2021 - All K0DEQ AB7RW 1/2/2021
Less days at the office gets results!! nice job Bill K8ZZ 1/6/2021
Congrats! AI5P 1/4/2021
Way to go, Bill!!! W4SIG 1/4/2021
NICE! WGXQ 1/3/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/3/2021
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 1/3/2021
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! LY5A 1/2/2021
AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Congratulations!! Sandra and Lowell (N0XYL and KB0BA) KBBA 1/2/2021
HUGE Congrats, Bill ! Wow, have been very busy. W8OP 1/2/2021
Bill your really making Phil earn his pay....Congrats AA8R 1/2/2021
Congratulations Bill KC3X 1/2/2021

Monday Ohio day trip weather permitting.. (more) K8ZZ 1/2/2021
Huron Seneca Erie Sandusky Ottawa Wood Lucas Fulto... K8ZZ 1/2/2021

14.056.5 is busy with DX stations you will have to find me above or below KB6UF 1/2/2021

January 2021 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 1/2/2021

New entries on for digital WQ7A 1/1/2021

Need AK JD1 and JD4 contact ?? KB6UF 1/1/2021
Yes!! W4SIG 1/2/2021
Yes!! W4SIG 1/2/2021
Yes!! W4SIG 1/1/2021
NL7V North Pole (4th) AK N4CD 1/1/2021
AK N4RS 1/1/2021
No fellows I wanted info on possible contacts. :):) KB6UF 1/1/2021
Yes!! W4SIG 1/1/2021
I need 4JD for Master Gold - 1 of 3 left NUQ 1/1/2021

Sunday day trip weather permitting - as usual will start early on 80m. (more) K8ZZ 1/1/2021
Not to be nosey, what time:):) KB6UF 1/1/2021
About 7am EST K8ZZ 1/1/2021
Yawn Tnx will be there. KB6UF 1/1/2021

Saturday Jan 2, 2021-Trip posted to finish up what I started with some additional counties added KB6UF 12/31/2020
Will start out approximately 1400-Z in Laflour,MS KB6UF 12/31/2020

Trip home posted.. K8ZZ 12/31/2020

Trip aborted rain band going or gone-after the 1st will come up and finish the run with a few extra KB6UF 12/30/2020
Thanks for my last 3 in LA for BINGO! W5GND W5GND 12/31/2020
Many tnx Ron for all the contacts. Only 1 Bingo and 1 MD left in MS. K4YT 12/31/2020
Thanks for all the MS counties, Ron ! W8OP 12/30/2020

Tnx Ron, KB6UF for St.Helena a new one on 160 FT8 K4YT 12/30/2020
Tangipahoa parish KB6UF 12/30/2020

tomorrows trip posted KB6UF 12/29/2020

help on self credit-more KB6UF 12/29/2020
must be problem with in logging program, recall k book corrected the issue. KB6UF 12/29/2020

Going to run some Mississippi counties this week will post when later. KB6UF 12/29/2020
Rain Thursday so going out in morning Wed. KB6UF 12/29/2020
MS NEEDS KDEQ 12/29/2020
added to my run KB6UF 12/29/2020
Need Smith and Calhoun.Tnx ! LY5A 12/29/2020
will hit them thursday KB6UF 12/29/2020

Added Red River, Winn, grant, Caldwell Concordia is to those already posted KB6UF 12/27/2020

QRT for to night. Will run orange Tnx between 6 and 6:30 am KB6UF 12/27/2020

Hollis call me KB6UF 12/27/2020
Ron. for my next to last for cw in TX, Lee KC3X 12/27/2020
Thanks KC3X 12/28/2020

Awards Issued 12/27/2020 AB7RW 12/27/2020
Many congratulations to Ken, Dennis and Lowell! K2MF 12/29/2020
Congratulations to both. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/28/2020
Ops, all three. AA9JJ 12/28/2020
Wow! Congrats to Lowell, Dennis, and Ken! W4SIG 12/28/2020

When I get to Kendall and lavaca I need 40 meter contact p KB6UF 12/27/2020
Lavaca (more) K5KDG 12/27/2020
Ill be in both before day is done. KB6UF 12/27/2020

Change of plans-more KB6UF 12/26/2020

If I run county that I need K in do I get self credit? KB6UF 12/26/2020
Yes you do. In the case of prefixes, you can only get self-credit where you need a K. N5MLP 12/26/2020
Good Ill finish Texas in the morning. KB6UF 12/26/2020

Could someone come up on 30 my last self credit in BMI KB6UF 12/26/2020
I have not been able to copy you on 30 since TX. KC3X 12/26/2020

Heading out tomorrow morning from Arizona, will run c/l Santa Cruz and Pima KB6UF 12/25/2020

Merry Xmas to all stay warm and be safe wet day here in Honolulu N8KIE 12/25/2020
Sunny & warm here today. Merry Christmas to you & Jaci. AA9JJ 12/26/2020
Hi Bob... 2 feet of snow last weekend... 3 inches of rain yesterday... Merry Christmas.....!!! Don AE3Z 12/26/2020

January 2021 County Hunter News N4CD 12/24/2020
Thanks for the great info N8MD 12/25/2020
Especially enjoyed the Sunspot articles! Let's hope this McIntosh guy knows what he is talking abou WYA 12/25/2020
Sunspots (more) K5KDG 12/25/2020

Fun trip K8ZZ 12/24/2020
Thanks for Trip and New Counties K4AMC 12/25/2020
Thanks for all the counties Ed ! Merry Christmas W8OP 12/24/2020
Will run some Ohio day trips in January weather permitting.. Happy Holidays K8ZZ 12/24/2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year N1API 12/23/2020
Same KC3X 12/23/2020

Fun entry in the log from Lake county SD. QSO with NF0N on 12/20/2020 on 20 @ 2020z WGXQ 12/23/2020
:) KC3X 12/23/2020
Counties (more) K5KDG 12/23/2020

Heading back towards Louisiana Saturday 26th-more KB6UF 12/22/2020

Award Issued 12/21/2020 AB7RW 12/22/2020

Tnx Terry WQ7A for 160m new county. Merry Christmas K4YT 12/22/2020
Do you need tangipahoa la on 160? KB6UF 12/23/2020
Will look for you of fT8 WQ7A 12/23/2020
me too, me too. Need lots of counties on 160. Let me know when and I'll be there AA8R 12/23/2020

PA3ARM-W0GXQ es all Mobiles PA3ARM 12/22/2020

Logger N4RS 12/21/2020
Yes, MARAC membership WGXQ 12/21/2020

Awards processed on 12/19/2020 AB7RW 12/20/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/21/2020
Congrats, way to go!!! W4SIG 12/21/2020
Congratulations Ed, Jim and Bob! Well done. K5GE 12/21/2020
Many congratulations to Bob, Jim and Ringo. :) K2MF 12/21/2020
Congrats to Jim and then to Robert on their accomplishment. W7FEN 12/20/2020

Thanks to W0GXQ and NF0N in SD I have 12 left for cw and 8 left for USACA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KC3X 12/20/2020
Thanks for new SD counties on 40m AD1C 12/23/2020
Tnx Jerry and Mike--Nine New SD Counties K4AMC 12/22/2020
Thanks so much for your effort - sorry condx were poor-could never hear you during mid day! K4XI 12/21/2020
Tnx Mike, Jerry and Ed for so many band points and Bingo IV Counties. Get home safely. 73, K4yt K4YT 12/20/2020

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