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NY and IL QP today N4CD 10/19/2019

Partial Log Lost AG6V 10/18/2019

10-10 KN4Y 10/18/2019
So far, 10M has been very quiet! Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 10/19/2019
I'm listening Ed.... AE3Z 10/19/2019

N1FJE/N1HWW KDEQ 10/17/2019
That was likely Bunny ( N1FJR) and Om Bob from Maine, now SK's. KA3DRO 10/19/2019
N1FJE/N1HWW KDEQ 10/18/2019
Possible lead KM6HB 10/17/2019
Try N1FJR N4CD 10/17/2019
both N1FJR/N1HHW now SK N4CD 10/17/2019
Had many contacts and convention visits with Bunny and Bob.... Don AE3Z 10/18/2019

Hi gang, Current health update, good news/bad news! - more WB4KZW 10/17/2019
I believe you are wrong: Tri-care will cover with a co-pay drugs not on list..$53 WG6X 10/17/2019
see below info. WG6X 10/17/2019
see below info WG6X 10/17/2019
Thanks for your input Ray - more WB4KZW 10/17/2019
       They tried to pull that crap on me with chemo treatments... Tell them to......(more) AE3Z 10/18/2019
       when thur ths at one pharmancy, but wal-mart got TCL to pay. Call Tri-Care.. WG6X 10/18/2019

MARAC Quartery Voting ends tomorrow! PLEASE make s... W4SIG 10/17/2019

ALS 500M Amp issue update WV2B 10/16/2019
Amp Control K4AMC 10/19/2019
Tempting WV2B 10/19/2019
possible problem N4CD 10/18/2019
Duane, have you tried putting an RF meter in the line from the transceiver to (more) AE3Z 10/18/2019
Mic Gain WA4PGM 10/18/2019
Everything normal WV2B 10/18/2019
Try a different coax cable! AB7RW 10/17/2019
Amp problem WB4FFV 10/17/2019
More WV2B 10/17/2019
Years ago,but antenna matching adding about 3 ft more coax length solved it. WG6X 10/17/2019
COAX Length WV2B 10/17/2019
       COAX Length WV2B 10/17/2019
              Place the radio in your normal SSB frequency. Select CW mode. if you have output then your radio is KC3X 10/18/2019
       To test an amplifier, the output should go directly to a dummy load. KC3X 10/17/2019
              Shouldn't matter WV2B 10/17/2019
                     yes it does. KC3X 10/18/2019
                            At this point WV2B 10/18/2019

I went to eye doctor and cardio dr yesterday, good to leave for Honolulu 10/29 N8KIE 10/16/2019
Great news Bob, enjoy. Take me with you! WB4KZW 10/17/2019
Good news, Bob! Have a safe trip! W4SIG 10/17/2019
Have a fun and great trip! WG6X 10/16/2019

Today test equipment - Wabaunsee Lyon Morris Chase, Kansas K8ZZ 10/16/2019

Many thanks to WY0A and KB6UF for all the counties... W4SIG 10/16/2019

I screwed up yesterday I was not in clay tn was in Jackson tn KB6UF 10/16/2019
Good screw up. Worked you in "Clay" but needed Jackson. Thanks. WQ7A 10/16/2019

MARAC Ran All State Application Form - Don't think it works (More) WYA 10/15/2019
Please submit any issues or feedback about award forms directly to K3IMC. KA9JAC 10/16/2019
Thank You, I will do so... WYA 10/16/2019

Tomorrow will get on the road about 8 or 9:00 am -more KB6UF 10/15/2019

Adding Carbon, WY first thing in the morning.. WYA 10/14/2019

THANKS KDEQ 10/14/2019
Thank you for Benton, my last WAC-3 in IN. Glad you're home safe and sound, Bill! K2MF 10/15/2019
Tnx for the contacts! (more) WYA 10/14/2019

Alerts from W6RK N9JF 10/12/2019
You can't *change* your email address on an existing account, (more) K2MF 10/13/2019

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 10/12/2019

Added Sunday run-see trip page KB6UF 10/11/2019

Tomorrow Sat have to run over to Folsom ,la so will run at. Tamm and wash, la 20 40 30 ph/cw KB6UF 10/11/2019
That is St. Tammany and Washington KB6UF 10/11/2019

Sunday-more KB6UF 10/11/2019

County run Monday Oct 14-16th revamped, so check it out same counties just reversed order KB6UF 10/11/2019

Trip and Cell coverage WYA 10/10/2019

Thanks LCs: K3IMC, K8ZZ, W8OP N1QY 10/10/2019

Please submit most MARAC awards using the on line application K3IMC 10/10/2019
Tnx Don and any others who helped to make this happen.. Great news.. K8ZZ 10/11/2019
Thank you for all the hard work you've been doing in the MARAC Awards program, Don! K2MF 10/11/2019

CW KN4Y 10/10/2019
Nothing in west centrl GA K3IMC 10/10/2019
Nothing in Orlando - no ground wave! Have not heard a signal on 10 meters in years!! K4XI 10/10/2019
Nil Heard in NC KC3X 10/10/2019

QUESTION CWT ??? K5KDG 10/10/2019
Get on and try it out You send - first name - SPC - as nonmember WE7G 10/14/2019
CW OPS and CWT K4AMC 10/11/2019
I use same setup with N3FJP He has a module for CWT & CW Open my #1816 WE7G 10/14/2019
CWOps # AG6V 10/17/2019
"W", I have a cool number (1555) WGXQ 10/15/2019
Mine is not so cool, 1725 KC3X 10/15/2019
CWT = CW TEST N4CD 10/10/2019
cwt (more) K5KDG 10/10/2019
Go to AB7RW 10/10/2019
There are lots CWops in MARAC 3 ought to be ez chk roster for calls youve wrkd WE7G 10/14/2019
I don't know if all of these county hunters and/or mobile ops (more) K2MF 10/16/2019
Found the answer on WQ7A 10/10/2019

Latest update on my situation! -- more WB4KZW 10/9/2019
Hang in there Gene! WGXQ 10/13/2019
Take care of yourself is far more important then running counties. WG6X 10/9/2019
Thanks friend, I know you carry a load healthwise also. Take care. Gene WB4KZW 10/9/2019

Posted trip for October-14-16th KB6UF 10/9/2019

Tentative Trip Posted WYA 10/8/2019

And then there was none! (More) WYA 10/8/2019
Congrat's on the award after a lot of hard work and effort! WoW! WG6X 10/9/2019
Congrats Butch! That's fantastic!!! W4SIG 10/8/2019
AWESOME ACCOMPLISH, Butch. Congratulations! Now its on to Master Gold! N0XYL and KBBA 10/8/2019

Special thanks to NT2A for Richmond, NY on 17M, now down to 3 for wbow 17m. KC3X 10/8/2019

And then there was one! WYA 10/8/2019
WBOW (CONT) K5KDG 10/8/2019
Good Luck, Hope it all works out for the good.. KD5YUK 10/8/2019


Nutmeg Hamfest October 13th - Connecticut N1API 10/7/2019

Great CA QP Party-good participation - only need STANISLAUS-cwonly after 3 years!! K4XI 10/6/2019
Not a single mobile was active AB7RW 10/6/2019
K6AQL was out there... N9JF 10/6/2019

The Monkeys are loose!! WYA 10/6/2019

3 to go for my 2nd Star (More) WYA 10/6/2019
too bad you didn't get us in July when we were there. reminds me of my 13k mile trip to get Ak 2nd N8KIE 10/6/2019
I would have loved to... (more) WYA 10/6/2019
Been there - it will be a fun trip and will listen for you... K8ZZ 10/6/2019

Please spot Amador, Lake, Medocino and Sutter On 20 CW N1API 10/6/2019
Started with needing all of CA NFN 10/6/2019
Well I messed a bunch of spot up in CAQP but I hope you all got the idea. N1API 10/6/2019
Tks - not many others doing it!! You got me one!! K4XI 10/6/2019
Whoops also need Solano, worked Amador... Thanks for spot. N1API 10/6/2019
No Solana or Monterey, my last two for CW KC3X 10/6/2019
Sorry, I never heard either of them on any band. N9JF 10/6/2019

Tnx Phil, AB7RW for spotting Kings, CA on 40, my last CA county on 40 meters K8OOK 10/5/2019
A couple of times when I was "serious" about CQP... N9JF 10/6/2019
It was my LC on 40m as well, Thanks KC3X 10/6/2019
And my last in CA for CW N8KIE 10/5/2019
Calif cont--- K5KDG 10/7/2019
After the CAQP I have contacted several stations i... W4SIG 10/7/2019

Current health situation - and it just keeps coming - more WB4KZW 10/4/2019
Now that they've diagnosed you correctly, hopefully there will be a successful treatment. K2MF 10/8/2019
Gene, hang in there. Still praying for your recove... W4SIG 10/7/2019
Best Wishes You Are In My Thoughts! N1API 10/6/2019
Sure hope now they can take care of the problems and you have a quick recovery WG6X 10/5/2019
Youre in our thoughts & prayers!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 10/4/2019
good luck we will be thinking of you N8KIE 10/4/2019

Current health situation - and it just keeps coming - more WB4KZW 10/4/2019


B-17 That Crashed At Bradly Airport in Windsor Locks, CT N1API 10/3/2019
Could be the same one we had here in Chemung County Air Museum but..... AE3Z 10/4/2019
Thank you for sharing this, Al. K2MF 10/3/2019

October 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 10/3/2019

ALS-500M issues WV2B 10/2/2019
ALS500 - more WB4KZW 10/4/2019
What power supply are you using.........voltage? AK8A 10/3/2019
size of wire from amp to power supply...........I ment amperage sorry AK8A 10/3/2019
75 amp supply, should be sufficient. WV2B 10/3/2019
Maybe you need Ameritron ARI-500 interface as it works with this item. WG6X 10/3/2019
I do have that inteface. Ordered the cord to see if it works better. WV2B 10/3/2019

Those needing IL counties... N9JF 10/1/2019
What is a no number call? WV2B 10/2/2019
Someone without a USACA number. KC3X 10/2/2019
:} I was thinking a callsign with no number in it. WV2B 10/2/2019

DATELINE CW - By: Ed, KN4Y (October 2019) K2MF 10/1/2019
Thanks Barry! WGXQ 10/1/2019

Thank you to everyone for sending in the LC awards. KC3X 9/30/2019

San Juan Co, WA - Oct 1st AG6V 9/30/2019
Thanks for trying. Nothing heard. WQ7A 10/1/2019
guess they are only going to run it once N8KIE 10/1/2019
I will listen for you.. K8ZZ 9/30/2019
MG, 1 Star, Bingo I and II AG6V 9/30/2019
oops - he is a 3 Star = N7PIB AG6V 9/30/2019

Latest update on my situation! -- more WB4KZW 9/29/2019
Tnx for the update Gene.. Hope to work you again soon.. K8ZZ 10/2/2019
Sorry to hear you are having more problems. Hang in there. KC3X 9/30/2019
I hope the side effects from this new program of treatment quiet down for you, Gene. K2MF 9/30/2019
There is Power in prayer! We will keep it up. All ... W4SIG 9/30/2019
Hope that the new pain setup works & the lungs clear up quickly for you. WG6X 9/30/2019
Many Prayers for you ..keep the Faith.. KD5YUK 9/29/2019

Only 4 left to complete 17 meters. Any help appreciated. KC3X 9/29/2019
You left a tough one in NC. WV2B 10/2/2019

HALF ON THE AIR KM9X 9/29/2019
Dan, good to stay put of hospitals for sure. Have ... W4SIG 9/30/2019
Glad you are out of the hospitals, Dan. Hope you have a nice time in FL! K2MF 9/30/2019
Good to hear, prayers for you and Judy.. KD5YUK 9/29/2019

(Sorry about that....) AE3Z 9/29/2019
Prayers for you Sir. KD5YUK 9/29/2019
Like you finished 6 1/2 weeks of raditation & 6 mo. chemo in July for lung cancer WG6X 9/29/2019
Hoping your recovery strength improves and all continue to go well for you! WG6X 9/29/2019

NO counties today, sry! Headed straight hm. Tnx for all the contacts! Until next trip Happy Hunti AB7NK 9/29/2019
Thanks again for all the counties!! W4SIG 9/30/2019
You both gave me my last in ND for 3rd Time (Griggs) and (more) K2MF 9/30/2019
Thanks for many new in ND & SD KAP 9/29/2019
Thanks guys for all the new counties. KC3X 9/29/2019
I did in fact miss K5GE in some SD I needed. I was /M and had no idea when and what band he was run KC3X 10/4/2019

Home safe - Had to quit running today due to heavy rain - not safe to operate. K8ZZ 9/28/2019
Safety first! Glad your home Ed. AB7NK 9/29/2019
Thanks for all the counties, Ed! W4SIG 9/30/2019
I had no idea it was raining so hard where you were traveling. I am glad you are safely home! K2MF 9/28/2019
Storms in IL N4CD 9/29/2019

qsl cards more N6PDB 9/28/2019 WV2B 10/2/2019
QSL cards are like............... K8OOK 9/30/2019
Well I don't have that problem. The 1999 flood destroyed over 6000 DX cards 3 times around of MRC's KC3X 10/1/2019
Agree..... Am trying to "clean out" stuff I do not need or KA3DRO 9/30/2019
Agree..... Am trying to "clean out" stuff I do not need or KA3DRO 9/30/2019
I hope everyone considers, or leaves instructions to consider (more) K2MF 10/1/2019
Me too. There is approx. 150 foreign cards with hundres of others.... .(more) AE3Z 9/29/2019
60 years a ham and still having fun. WQ7A 9/29/2019
Me too Terry, you are only as old as you feel, therefore I much be 105 :) KC3X 9/29/2019
Don I'm not there yet, still mobile at this point, but eventually will reach it. KB6UF 9/29/2019
Well, I was doing until.... 2016 when the lung cancer and treatments... AE3Z 9/29/2019
Preserving old amateur radio QSL cards (more) K2MF 9/29/2019
I am also sorry to hear this. (more) K2MF 9/28/2019
This makes me sad. WMU 9/28/2019
Thanks you Mike W0MU for calling and talking........ It Helps N6PDB 9/29/2019
Thanks you Mike W0MU for calling and talking........ It Helps N6PDB 9/28/2019

qsl cards more N6PDB 9/28/2019

qsl cards more N6PDB 9/28/2019

qsl cards more N6PDB 9/28/2019

Notes from the Utah Trip Sep 23-26 AI5P 9/27/2019

Route revised due to flooding, road closures etc. Heading hm somehow. Will run what we go thru. AB7NK 9/27/2019

Thanks ED K8ZZ N8CIJ 9/27/2019
Glad to help.. K8ZZ 9/27/2019

5/10 WYA 9/27/2019
Gary, AA8EN, came on and gave me Lawrence, Ohio... 6 to go for my 2nd star!!! WYA 9/29/2019
It sounds like you are making good headway with your goals, Butch. (more) K2MF 9/28/2019
You're absolutely right, Barry.. (more) WYA 9/29/2019
Down to 2 for BINGO WYA 9/28/2019
Now it's 4 to go for BINGO!! WYA 9/27/2019
3 to go for Bingo WYA 9/28/2019
Messed his call up, too.. It was KG6LHW WYA 9/29/2019
Correction, the call was WA6ZDO WYA 9/27/2019
And then there are 9 WYA 9/27/2019
What? Now it's 7 to go WYA 9/29/2019
Now there are 8 WYA 9/28/2019
Congratulations, Butch! When Mary & Neil did this for you I was unexpectedly (more) K2MF 9/28/2019
Happy to get you to single digits Butch. Best of luck on the last 9. K7SEN & AB7NK 9/27/2019

October 2019 County Hunter News N4CD 9/26/2019
try again N4CD 9/26/2019

SK- Guy Hardy USA-CA #916 2nd 279 AK8A 9/25/2019
Requiescat in pace! N8HAM 9/26/2019
Condolences to the family.. RIP K8ZZ 9/26/2019
WB8RJW was his call. R.I.P. Always a shame to hear the passing of a CH'er! WG6X 9/25/2019
Condolences to Guy's family. RIP! K2MF 9/25/2019
Whoops ...Call WB8RJW AK8A 9/25/2019
Met Guy several times at the Mich Mini and worked him lots of times... RIP friend... AE3Z 9/25/2019

Kitsap County, WA - 25th Sept AG6V 9/24/2019

Ohio counties today maybe - Ashland Medina Summit Portage K8ZZ 9/23/2019

Ohio counties today maybe - Wayne Holmes Coshocton Tuscarawas Harrison Carroll Stark K8ZZ 9/22/2019

IA QSO Party, Salmon Run, NJ QP , NH QP today N4CD 9/21/2019

Trip recap KC3X 9/21/2019
Chased you when I cud - it was fun.. K8ZZ 9/22/2019
Hollis/Jack, thank YOU for all the counties and a ... W4SIG 9/21/2019
Thank you for being there. I have you in my log 56 times on your trip. WQ7A 9/21/2019

IA QSO Party, Salmon Run, NJ QP , NH QP today N4CD 9/21/2019

Bill Henry, K9GWT SK N1API 9/21/2019
R.I.P Bill! Loved his company' s fine RTTY equipment. WG6X 9/21/2019

ROADRUNNER EDITOR NEEDED!!!! Dave, KU4YM, did an a... W4SIG 9/20/2019

Al Lapinski K9FZ #R-3075 reported Silent Key (more) K2MF 9/20/2019
Always sad to hear of the passing of a CH'er. R.I. P. Al! WG6X 9/20/2019

MARAC LOGO needed AG6V 9/19/2019
hunting B4 Internet/cell more K9MIX 9/19/2019
I believe I have one ... more N5MLP 9/19/2019

trip (read) KC3X 9/19/2019
The other option is to make it a "team" effort like K5GE and I do running parallel routes N8KIE 9/20/2019
That is great if you have your 500 transmits out of the way. KC3X 9/20/2019
And many thanks to you and Jack for taking this trip (more) K2MF 9/20/2019
hit the nail on the head. KB6UF 9/19/2019

THANK YOU KDEQ 9/19/2019
You saved my bacon a few times when all the Europeans come at 339.. Tnx Bill K8ZZ 9/21/2019
TNX Bill for so many QSP's. You are a super net control! K4YT 9/21/2019
Well deserved, Bill! Congrats!! W4SIG 9/19/2019
Very well deserved! K2MF 9/19/2019
Well deserved Bill WGXQ 9/19/2019
Yes and thanks for all the help during my /m trip. KC3X 9/19/2019

Update on KB0BA and N0XYL KBBA 9/19/2019

WA State County Needs - This Weekend! AG6V 9/18/2019
RE: Cowlitz KC7YE 9/19/2019

Tomorrow Ohio maybe: Lake Geauga Ashtabula Trumbull Portage Cayahoga K8ZZ 9/18/2019

Sudden QRT - Skagit County, WA on the 18th AG6V 9/18/2019

Griggs, Steele & Kidder added AB7NK 9/18/2019

WA SR update KC7YE 9/18/2019

Sorry we had to skip several counties (more) KBBA 9/18/2019
Oh yeah - life on the road.. I had Keyer issues on way to Ohio.. K8ZZ 9/18/2019

anybody having noise on 7.188??? KB6UF 9/18/2019
If your in the west coast it's unusable.... All noise and AH's with QRM intended. N6PDB 9/19/2019
If your in the west coast it's unusable.... All noise and AH's with QRM intended. N6PDB 9/19/2019
If your in the west coast it's unusable.... All noise and AH's with QRM intended. N6PDB 9/18/2019

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