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K8ZZ was awarded Master Platnium #30 completed on 8 July 2018 AB7RW 10/17/2018
Congrats Ed. N8HAM 10/17/2018
CONGRATS!! KU4YM 10/17/2018
Congratulations Ed Well done - "W" WE7G 10/17/2018
Congratulations, Now it's diamond time. KC3X 10/17/2018
Congratulations Ed, you got a tough one to get. WB4FFV 10/17/2018
Congratulations Ed. Well done. WQ7A 10/17/2018
Thank you Terry for the special trip to Ferry County for WBOW.. K8ZZ 10/17/2018

ILQP this Sunday N9JF 10/16/2018
I Plan on being on CW only K4AMC 10/17/2018
I am waiting if time allows me to get on the radio. Have fun. KC3X 10/16/2018
Hope you can make it! N9JF 10/16/2018

Cutting trip short.. (more) WYA 10/15/2018
Tnx for the counties.. K8ZZ 10/16/2018

Not ARRL, its the North American Flora and Fauna groups... More KA9JAC 10/15/2018

Specific convention pictures wanted for newsletter (more) AB7NK 10/13/2018
Lack of communication - please read (more) AB7NK 10/13/2018

Real-time lightning webpage . . . when to unplug! Great tool! W5GND 10/13/2018

Home KN4Y 10/12/2018
I am glad to have met you at the convention and that you're home safely, Ed. K2MF 10/13/2018

Rumor has it that the "Annual Report" was only given out at convention...!! What about AE3Z 10/12/2018
Annual Report KU4YM 10/14/2018
annual report KU4YM 10/15/2018

TUBES WB2NFB 10/12/2018

Pictures from the National in KC have been posted on - Thanks to N8HAM for taking them. KA9JAC 10/12/2018

logger WULU 10/11/2018
Only do a couple of books at a time. Restart Logger between. Works much faster. WQ7A 10/12/2018
Always requires a compact & backup before recalculating FWIW WE7G 10/11/2018
thank you WULU 10/12/2018

C'mon guys... You hear or work a station... POST IT if it hasn't been yet... courtesy?? WA4UNS 10/11/2018
Posts are indeed highly profitable ! ! ! W5GND 10/12/2018
Amen K9MIX 10/11/2018
Thanks to those who spotted me when I had no cell coverage. (more) KC3X 10/14/2018

N9AC QTH K9MIX 10/11/2018
N9AC QTH KA3QLF 10/12/2018
Sorry But now that you all moved to the new (more) N6PDB 10/11/2018
Dam Enter Key N6PDB 10/11/2018
check around for 'good frequency' N4CD 10/11/2018
30 meters AB7RW 10/11/2018
check around for 'good frequency' N4CD 10/11/2018

Adding a County AB7RW 10/11/2018
It is the back way into Logan. but once you get to Rich you are committed. WE7G 10/11/2018

For health reasons Dennis-N6PDB can no longer continue in the role of MARAC (more) KA2LHO 10/10/2018

Home now - thanks for concern. AB7NK 10/10/2018
Getting home WBCQO 10/11/2018
Flubby finger WBCQO 10/11/2018
Sorry to hear Neil was sick. I hope he gets well soon. KC3X 10/10/2018

Hamcation in Orlando, February 2019 (more) KA2LHO 10/10/2018

2018 PA Qso Party KA3QLF 10/10/2018

Thank you to all the mobiles this weekend KA3QLF 10/10/2018

Returned home last night from National. (More) KC3X 10/10/2018

Home Safe N1API 10/10/2018

Sorry I dropped out on the county line of countyline of Marshall and Benton, MS K3IMC 10/9/2018

Anyone notice that the noise on 10122.5 is now on 10124.5? W3DYA 10/9/2018
Yes I hear it up there also --- very wide signal WA3QNT 10/10/2018
If you are hearing the same signal, (more) K2MF 10/11/2018
here in NEPA KA3QLF 10/9/2018
Bad digital signal across 14.336... and 7056.5... in NY... AE3Z 10/10/2018

We might be headed to southern AR next week N8KIE 10/9/2018

Silver, N9QS hopes to be back mobile in 10 to 12 days (more) WGXQ 10/9/2018
Yep missed you Silver, you old bugger. WA3QNT 10/10/2018
Good to hear--missed hi-yo Silver... KD5YUK 10/9/2018
Glad to hear the news - we have missed him!! K4XI 10/9/2018

KC Convention - Tnx to all that volunteered to help me - and thanks to all who attended.. K8ZZ 10/9/2018
Thanks to you and all of the volunteers for making this a super 50th! WGXQ 10/9/2018
Thanks for a great convention! KAP 10/10/2018

Tnx for all /Ms leaning into weak signals for WE7G & K7KGM today you will hear us again 73 WE7G 10/8/2018

home after great convention N4CD 10/8/2018
Thanks for the parks/counties! AD1C 10/8/2018

Trip home from the Convention N8OYY 10/8/2018
Wow! Was nice seeing you folks.. K8ZZ 10/8/2018
wow!!! K9MIX 10/8/2018

Stuck keyer on 10124.5 at 1835Z WGXQ 10/8/2018

Barb & Phil featured on KC7YE 10/8/2018
Nice artical AK8A 10/8/2018
Great article! WGXQ 10/8/2018
Link to story AD1C 10/8/2018
Very nice article about all things ham radio related! K2MF 10/10/2018
Thanks for the link. WB4FFV 10/8/2018

DRIVER SICK - headed home. Will deliver archives to K4EXT at another time. AB7NK 10/8/2018
So sorry about Neil being sick. Feel better and get home safely! K2MF 10/10/2018
Sorry to hear this, hope trip home goes OK. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/8/2018
Have safe trip home W7FEN 10/8/2018
Keep us posted.. be safe K8ZZ 10/8/2018
Sick on the road is awful. Get better soon. WQ7A 10/8/2018
That's terrible! Be safe on the way home! NA8W 10/8/2018

Acting up and not showing inputs which caused me to do more the one????? WG6X 10/7/2018

we had a flat tire this morning on i35 north, (More) KC3X 10/7/2018

Thanks to Ed and the team for a great MARAC Convention. It is only my second (more) KA2LHO 10/7/2018

Will be on the road next 3 to 4 days, Please work me even those you don't need the county. KC3X 10/7/2018

Winner of County Hunter of the Year Award - SSB for 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/7/2018
Many congratulations, Ron!! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/9/2018
Congratulations on the award! WG6X 10/7/2018
Well deserved Ron . . . Congratulations! WGXQ 10/7/2018
Congratulations Ron, N5MLP, CHOTY, SSB 2018. WB4FFV 10/7/2018

Winner of County Hunter of the Year Award - CW for 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018
Congratulations Ron, More than well deserved. Thanks for all you do. KC3X 10/10/2018
Many congratulations, Bob!! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congratuations, N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/9/2018
Some would say about time, congratulations on the award & well deseved 4 sure. WG6X 10/7/2018
Congratulations Bob!! WGXQ 10/7/2018
Correction: Title of the award was correct in title but incorrect in body of message (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018

Winners of Net Control of the Year CW Awards 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018
Many congratulations to all three award winners! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congrates to all. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/9/2018
Thanks to all net controls and congratulations on the hard work & award! WG6X 10/7/2018
Bill, congratulations! WGXQ 10/7/2018

Winners of Net Control of the Year SSB Awards 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018
Many congratulations to all three winners! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congratulations to all. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/9/2018
Congrat's on the award! WG6X 10/7/2018
Congrats! WGXQ 10/7/2018

Winners of Mobile Team of the Year Awards 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018
Many congratulations to all six award winners! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congratuations, N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/8/2018
Congratulations!! WGXQ 10/7/2018

Winners of Mobile of the Year CW Awards 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018
Many congratulations all three of you! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congrates to all from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/9/2018
Congrat's for all the hard work & the award! WG6X 10/7/2018
Yes!! WGXQ 10/7/2018

Winners of Mobile of the Year - SSB Awards - 2018 (more) N5MLP 10/6/2018
Many congratulations the three of you! K2MF 10/10/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/8/2018
Well done Mary, congrat's on the award. WG6X 10/7/2018
Well done Mary, congrat's on the award. WG6X 10/7/2018

CA QP IN PROGRESS!! NO CALL OUTS?? Still need 3 !!!! K4XI 10/6/2018

30 meter change AB7RW 10/6/2018
You mean I have to reprogram my radio memory! KB6UF 10/7/2018
Nothing is a requirement Ron WGXQ 10/7/2018
Which means, I have to get out the manual :) N9JF 10/7/2018
GOOD, THANKS K9MIX 10/6/2018

I will be in Berkeley county, SC over the weekend... (more) WA4UNS 10/5/2018
Heard No One on Sunday... tried running 40/ 30 and 20 around 1600Z... oh well WA4UNS 10/11/2018

Giant coronal hole N4CD 10/4/2018

Click on your comment/entry on this forum, it'll load it again! W5GND 10/4/2018
never use back N4CD 10/4/2018
I told you I was a slow learner, I did it again! ! ! W5GND 10/4/2018

Click on your comment/entry on this forum, it'll load it again! W5GND 10/4/2018

What is the tone on 10122.5? W5GND 10/4/2018
try 124 N4CD 10/5/2018

What is the tone on 10122.5? W5GND 10/4/2018

What is the tone on 10122.5? W5GND 10/4/2018
It's a Beacon station operating just below "our" freq. It usually is NOT heard at my QTH. WA4UNS 10/4/2018
10 over S-9 in southern NY AE3Z 10/4/2018

N8KIE I need Washington MO LC for MD in MO if you are still there KM9X 10/4/2018
I need to go back near there on the way home. Will go there if I can hear you 3901 ? N8KIE 10/6/2018
N8KIE was last spotted in Franklin, MO, no longer in Washington unless he went back. WYA 10/4/2018

Left this morning for the convention. More NA8W 10/3/2018

Tnx All who helped me with using K7KGM today. I'll try again as you all trek home WE7G 10/3/2018

condx horrible N4CD 10/3/2018
Yes indeed. Thanks to all the /M who strained at a gnat for me today WE7G 10/3/2018

October 2018 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 10/3/2018

Leaving for convention WBCQO 10/3/2018
Joe.... Have a super trip..... and KA3DRO 10/4/2018

Thanks to N5MLP for Marshall, KS. 8 to go for BINGO first time WYA 10/3/2018

I am here at the National Hotel N1API 10/2/2018
As long as Delta is running on schedule, I should see you late tomorrow am/early afternoon. KA2LHO 10/3/2018

Wrong County Name AB7RW 10/2/2018

Wrong AB7RW 10/2/2018

Ill be using K7KGM the club call here in Kingman interchangably with my own call (more) WE7G 10/1/2018

Message from K2MF (more) KA2LHO 10/1/2018
If you do send in your Top Band totals. More NA8W 10/1/2018
Wait I could not recalculate. It says I am missing the Microsoft Jet database engine. Now I'm really NA8W 10/1/2018
Trying to download updates to triple do things to check and it can't update. More NA8W 10/1/2018

AR counties today (10/01/18) work me even if you don't need the county. I need contacts to complete KC3X 10/1/2018

Lousy way to spend a Sunday! A note on what happened today. W3DYA 9/30/2018
Dang!! and I need Newton for first time. Oh well another day K9MIX 10/1/2018
Thanks for many new counties Norm! KAP 10/1/2018
Talk about weather! AB7RW 10/1/2018
Ouch! K8ZZ 10/1/2018
Thanks for the counties, Norm! Sorry wx didn't co... W4SIG 9/30/2018

KC3X packing it in for today (Taney was last one) WGXQ 9/30/2018
Finally heard him... got some 30M contacts... tnx WA4UNS 9/30/2018

Bands are terrible, not hearing much. Good to throw my call out there once in a while. WB4KZW 9/30/2018
There a little better for me today... N4CD is BIG SIG again... KC3X is batter than y'day WA4UNS 9/30/2018

Terry, WQ7A is home.. Heard him on the radio.. Great news.. K8ZZ 9/29/2018
Glad to hear that your home & hope for quick recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/29/2018
Yes, that is great news! WG6X 9/29/2018
Glad to hear you are home,etc NKV 9/29/2018
The best to you and Pat.. K8ZZ 9/29/2018
Pam and I will miss seeing you and Pat! Take care! NA8W 9/29/2018

KC3X will be running 40 CW on 7113 today . . . contest activity on 7056.5 WGXQ 9/29/2018
He's weak on 30M... so haven't tried to work him. WA4UNS 9/29/2018

I plan to operate on 041 during TXQP. May go lower if QRM - 020 to 040 is list freqs. W3DYA 9/29/2018

Due to time constraints and availability of frequent flier miles I am flying into KC (more) KA2LHO 9/28/2018
Depending on when u get there, you could team up while there & do some CH'ing. WG6X 9/29/2018
I might be good with that. We'll see how everything works out. Tnx. KA2LHO 9/29/2018
A chance to get more TX counties maybe in a state u normally don't run. WG6X 9/30/2018

Convention KN4Y 9/28/2018

Trip posted to MARAC National Convention W4SIG 9/28/2018

Well shoot KC7YE 9/28/2018

If you don't have a data plan I don't know of a way to spot from your phone. If you have (more) KA2LHO 9/28/2018
contact KA2LHO N9JF 9/28/2018
Spotting from your phone N8OYY 9/28/2018

county hunter master.x doesnt update k8zz KM9X 9/28/2018
Hei Dan - Got word from Phil, Ab7RW today and he is working on it... K8ZZ 9/28/2018
roger KM9X 9/29/2018

Note from Terry WQ7A in hospital.. (more) K8ZZ 9/28/2018
What counts is get well and back on your feet! WG6X 9/28/2018
So happy for your progress Terry, Keep up the good work. You & Bonni are in my prayers, WB4KZW 9/28/2018
Happy Terry is QRQ on the mend, but we will sure miss this couple at the convention!! WGXQ 9/28/2018

Tks for the counties KC3X DL3DXX 9/28/2018

Partial trip to nationals posted more to follow N8KIE 9/27/2018

W5PKE Obituary Copy and paste of website may be necessary K5GE 9/27/2018

October COunty Hunter News OnLine N4CD 9/27/2018
Great job (more) K5KDG 9/27/2018

Terry, WQ7A hospital update.. K8ZZ 9/27/2018
Terry and Boni, you are in our prayers. K5GE 9/27/2018
Tns for update: Glad to hear things when smoth and now on recovery road. WG6X 9/27/2018

Being discharged tomorrow. .. More WB4KZW 9/26/2018
Hope things get better Gene. You are in our prayers. K5GE 9/27/2018
Hang in there, Gene! AI5P 9/27/2018
At least some good news in that and hope more to come. WG6X 9/27/2018

Counties Needed N4RS 9/26/2018

can't hear either mobile on 20 0r 40 N8KIE 9/26/2018
Yep, same here WA3QNT 9/26/2018

Reminder. I will start to the convention tomorrow morning 9/27/18. Needs lots of MD's contacts. KC3X 9/26/2018

Terry WQ7A in hospital.. (more) K8ZZ 9/25/2018
Home last evening. Now ecoveing and feeling much better. Thanks. WQ7A 9/29/2018
Praise God that's what we've been waiting to hear. Take care now and don't work your nurse to hard. W7FEN 9/29/2018
Sure sorry to hear this. Prayers coming your way. Keep fighting these issues Terry! WGXQ 9/26/2018
Sorry to hear this and hope for quick recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/26/2018
Likewise --- WA3QNT 9/26/2018
Prayers for Terry and Bonnie. W7FEN 9/26/2018
Prayers for Terry and his family.... Don AE3Z 9/26/2018
A speedy recovery! Take care! AI5P 9/26/2018
praying for the best dan and judy KM9X 9/26/2018
Thinking of you Terry & Boni and hoping for a quick recovery! K2MF 9/26/2018
As with many thoughts and prayers that all goes well & speedy recovery. WG6X 9/25/2018
Sorry to hear this news WMU 9/25/2018
My prayers for Terry & Bonni for sure. For bless you, my friend... WB4KZW 9/25/2018
Prayers for Terry ! NA8W 9/25/2018
Our prayers are with Terry and Bonni. KC3X 9/25/2018
Youre in our thoughts & prayers!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 9/25/2018

For Sale: Kenwood TS-590 All Mode HF Plus 6M..... AE3Z 9/25/2018
WISH I had money KM9X 9/26/2018

Everyone have fun at Convention (more) WA4UNS 9/24/2018

Worst possible news. --- more WB4KZW 9/24/2018
It's not an unknown anymore which is more than half the battle. Stay strong, Gene! K2MF 9/26/2018
Prayers Gene.. K8ZZ 9/25/2018
Gene, As a fellow Retired Navy Chief, we wish you the best and all our prayers... Don AE3Z 9/25/2018
G L Gene and God be with u. KC5P 9/25/2018
Thoughts are with you Gene. WMU 9/24/2018
Our prayers are certainly with you at this time. Hang in there. KC3X 9/24/2018

Board Meeting at the Convention-If you can't make it to Kansas City and want to join in (more) KA2LHO 9/24/2018

Kittitas WA 9/26 is a go KC7YE 9/24/2018

possible Kittitas WA activation KC7YE 9/23/2018

2018 Pa Qso Party Rover KA3QLF 9/23/2018
Will listen for you.. K8ZZ 9/23/2018

I just posted my trip to and from the National convention. I need a lot of help for my MD award, Pse KC3X 9/22/2018
Dan I will certainly be looking for you. I recognize your call in ssb or cw. I am counting on you. KC3X 9/24/2018

I plan to be mobile in TXQP next weekend (29th and 30th). Here's my planned county list. W3DYA 9/22/2018

Convention payment - if your check is NOT already in the mail (more) AB7NK 9/21/2018

Latest, baffling news. -- more WB4KZW 9/21/2018
Vietnam/Asia N7IPG 9/22/2018
Hoping that they get to the bottom of this mystery so they can treat you properly, Gene. K2MF 9/22/2018
I wish you best of luck N8KIE 9/21/2018
Your in our prayers Gene!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 9/21/2018
Your on my prayer list Gene.. K8ZZ 9/21/2018

WSJT-X vs county N8OYY 9/21/2018
LoTW AD1C 9/21/2018
New software for FT8 K8QWY 9/21/2018
Grid Challenge - need to work each month N4CD 9/23/2018
Grid Challenge - need to work each month N4CD 9/22/2018
Looking at your totals on Top List wouldn't think there are many left. To boring for me. :) KC3X 9/21/2018
County FT 8 K8QWY 9/21/2018
JT-Alert or free-form message N9JF 9/21/2018
Version II coming N4CD 9/21/2018

Health update. -- more WB4KZW 9/20/2018
Gene hoping for better days for you! N1API 9/21/2018
Sorry to hear all the bad news and some future possible good news for relief. WG6X 9/21/2018
praying for relief for ypu KM9X 9/21/2018
Hang in there, Gene! Hopefully these surgeries will be what you need. K2MF 9/20/2018

W0GXQ (More) KC3X 9/20/2018
I do not plan to build a new antenna until . . . WGXQ 9/23/2018
What a strange accident :( Try and avoid any more falling tree limbs and stay safe, Jerry! K2MF 9/21/2018
If you could use a 40M coaxial dipole and maybe 20M let me know. WG6X 9/21/2018

Antenna trubles KMAF 9/20/2018
I'm sorry you are having antenna issues, Jack. Don't worry about the counties. Arrive safely! K2MF 9/21/2018

Yeah!!!! WD4OIN has power restored. KC3X 9/19/2018
Excellent news! K2MF 9/20/2018
That is good news and know the feeling when you get power back! WG6X 9/20/2018

CountyHuntersMaster.mdb (More) N6PDB 9/19/2018
When going to MARAC web page (more) WA3QNT 9/20/2018
When going to MARAC web page (more) WA3QNT 9/20/2018
Sorry KC7OD #1265 and 1266 AC0CU Still Missing From Logger N1API 9/20/2018
Thank you for your work and the note explaining the problems N8KIE 9/19/2018

W5PKE - Curtis now SK. I just received the news & was asked to let everyone know. AB7NK 9/19/2018
So sorry to learn of Curtis' passing. Our prayers to his family. K2MF 9/20/2018
RIP Curtis and prayers for the family. W7FEN 9/20/2018
Sorry to hear the sad news. RIP. KC3X 9/19/2018
R.I.P. I am sure the gang up there welcomed you with open arms & hearts. WG6X 9/19/2018
Very sorry to hear this! Got many contacts from him. RIP! NA8W 9/19/2018
RIP Curtis - our prayers are with your family & dear friends. You will be missed. K7SEN & AB7NK 9/19/2018

WHOOPY!!!! N4RS 9/19/2018
That must have been a hard one for sure. Congratulatins! WG6X 9/19/2018
Call and/or district? AD1C 9/19/2018

K0FG - Thanks for all the counties, Fred WA3QNT 9/19/2018

I'm heading up to Blacksburg today. Look for me in Floyd, VA around 1800Z WA4UNS 9/19/2018

We are going home this morning. WD4OIN was hit the worse 30+ inches of rain KC3X 9/18/2018
Good news from you, but sorry to heard the otehr bad news. WG6X 9/18/2018

Pitt County, NC and Florence W4YDY 9/16/2018
Thanks for the update.. K8ZZ 9/17/2018
Thank you for the report, Dave. Hoping for the best for you and Hollis. K2MF 9/17/2018
Hopingh all goes well. WG6X 9/17/2018

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