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Trip to Lancaster PA on Thursday KA4RRU 8/4/2020

Commercial power restored at 1:15 pm. No major damage. KC3X 8/4/2020
A local transformer blew up in my area and we have been out of power since 1645Z. K2MF 8/4/2020
My brotherr in law in Wilmington called... Got tore up with a tornado... house survived but... AE3Z 8/4/2020
Delaware or N.Carolina? 3 Million lost power total from storm. KA3DRO 8/5/2020

Congratulation to all award winners. KC3X 8/3/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/4/2020
Congrats too all - K7SEN & AB7NK 8/4/2020
Many congratulations to this latest round of award winners! K2MF 8/4/2020

Ran All State Award: KB6UF completed Mississippi on 15 November 1998. He received Nr 27. AB7RW 8/3/2020

Ran All State Award: KB6UF completed Missouri on 8 August 2020. He received NR28. AB7RW 8/3/2020

USA-CA Award: N4RS completed CW-V on 1 July 2020. He received number 7. AB7RW 8/3/2020
WTG Tom!!! Congrats K7SEN & AB7NK 8/4/2020
Congratulations Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!! W9MSE 8/4/2020

County Challange Award: N0KV arttained level 16 receiving number 3 AB7RW 8/3/2020

Who is the Logbook guru? Recalculated my N book and get an error abt duplicate data. N8HAM 8/3/2020
WQ7A N4RS 8/4/2020
Try WQ7A. Terry is very good and helpful W4SIG 8/3/2020

WBOW N4RS 8/2/2020
Wow, Congratulations Tom!!! W4SIG 8/4/2020
Wow, Congratulations Tom!!! W4SIG 8/4/2020
AWESOME accomplishment! Congratulations N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 8/4/2020
Wow, Congratulations Tom!!! W4SIG 8/4/2020
Wow, Congratulations Tom!!! W4SIG 8/3/2020
Nice going Tom N8HAM 8/3/2020
WTG Tom WA3QNT 8/3/2020
Congrats Tom !!! That's what county hunting is all about !!! Steve K5KDG K5KDG 8/3/2020
Congrats Tom.... N7JPF 8/3/2020
Congratulations, Tom! And kudos o Jack for going the extra miles! N9JF 8/3/2020
Congrats again Tom WGXQ 8/3/2020
Many congratulations, Tom and a big thank you to Jack for taking a trip to your last one. K2MF 8/3/2020
Wow, Congratulations Tom!!! W4SIG 8/3/2020
Congratulations KC3X 8/3/2020
Congrats. And thanks for Jack going there. WQ7A 8/3/2020

Posted Southern Colorado trip, 7-10 Aug (Fri-Mon) NKV 8/2/2020

Changed my Trip from AUG 4 to AUG 5 KB6UF 8/2/2020
thanks KDEQ 8/2/2020

aug 4 trip KDEQ 8/2/2020
thanks KDEQ 8/5/2020
frequencies KDEQ 8/2/2020
Changed my trip date so you don't have to use odd ball freq's KB6UF 8/2/2020

W6rk is back. KC3X 8/2/2020

Next for K8ZZ . . . Mille Lacs WGXQ 8/2/2020
I will post the time for 40 after I hear him on 80m WGXQ 8/2/2020
Crow Wing/Mille Lacs @ 1654z WGXQ 8/2/2020

K8ZZ/M Cass/Crow, MN 14056.5 16:01 z KA4RRU 8/2/2020
Oh well missed that one getting ready for storm. KC3X 8/2/2020

K8ZZ Cass/Crow Wing MN 1555z NUQ 8/2/2020

K8ZZ Todd/Morrison 40m WGXQ 8/2/2020

Tuesday-very short run MS,LA-see more KB6UF 8/2/2020

W6RK down at 1410z? WGXQ 8/2/2020
Risto has been notified. KC3X 8/2/2020

August 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 8/2/2020

Happy Birthday Ed, K8ZZ! Many tnx for so many points K4YT 8/1/2020

Hey folks looking at running some LA and MS-UPDATE your needs for these states-more KB6UF 8/1/2020
Needs N4RS 8/2/2020
K0DEQ KDEQ 8/1/2020
If you happen to be going through Adams MS, it is an LC-1 for me for USA-CW-II. :) K2MF 8/1/2020
already on my list KB6UF 8/1/2020

Looks like another big Hurricane is coming up the East Coast. Time to shut down. KC3X 7/31/2020

QRT in New Mexico AI5P 7/31/2020
Good Luck Rick, Hope to hear you on soon. K7TM 8/2/2020
Good luck with the move to Colorado, Rick W4SIG 8/2/2020
Best of luck with your move. KC3X 8/1/2020
Good luck with the move... Make a trip back thru NY and we'll do breakfast again Rick.... Don AE3Z 8/1/2020
good luck KDEQ 8/1/2020
Have a very safe move and lots of good luck to you in your new home, Rick! K2MF 8/1/2020
Best of Luck to you in new QTH Rick... 73... KA3DRO 8/1/2020
Move K5KDG 7/31/2020
Good luck with the move WMU 7/31/2020
Good luck with the move Rick WGXQ 7/31/2020

Trip tomorrow to central VA KA4RRU 7/30/2020
Counties listed on trip page KA4RRU 7/30/2020
Thank you for the QSOs Mike. Signal became louder ... DL3DXX 7/31/2020

Nice listing of completed awards . . . congratulations guys! WGXQ 7/30/2020
Congrats to all - WTG!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 8/4/2020
Congratulations to all. Nice job! W4SIG 8/2/2020
Congratulations to all these fine mobile operators! K2MF 7/30/2020
Congratulation to all the participates. KC3X 7/30/2020

Congratulations to all on all they're new awards. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/30/2020

RAS Award: N8OYY Completed Delaware on 7/26/2020. He Received Nr 74 AB7RW 7/30/2020

RAS Award: N8OYY Completed New Jersey on 7/26/2020. He received Nr 27 AB7RW 7/30/2020

RAS Award: W7EEC Completed all Oregon on 7/18/2020. He received Nr 26 AB7RW 7/30/2020

Roadrunner Award: Kb6UF has 1625 Last Counties. He received Nr 2. AB7RW 7/30/2020

Roadrunner Award: N8OYY has 225 Last Counties. He received Nr 107 AB7RW 7/30/2020

Roadrunner Award: W4SIG has 625 Last Counties. He received Nr 29 AB7RW 7/30/2020

Many thanks to Ed K8ZZ for my NTL for 2nd Time and Big tnx to Bill K0DEQ for helping ! W8OP 7/30/2020

K3SEW LISTEN instead of calling multiple times N8KIE 7/30/2020
Yes, only give call one time when calling a mobile its CH practice K4AMC 7/31/2020
I tried to train him when I was out /m. Nothing seemed to work except not hearing him. KC3X 7/31/2020

Remember-Heading out in morning, short Mississippi run-see trip page KB6UF 7/29/2020

Whatcom WA KC7YE 7/28/2020

Many thanks, Kerry WA3QNT 7/28/2020
Thanks Kerry Hope you made it home ok...Two new Counties K4AMC 7/28/2020

looks like W4SIG not going to Whatcom N8KIE 7/27/2020
Whatcom WA3QNT 7/28/2020
of course he ran it right after I posted N8KIE 7/27/2020
Sorry Bob WA3QNT 7/28/2020

Will monitor 80 meters when I leave in AM as usual.. K8ZZ 7/27/2020
You forgot to turn the bands on before you left! N1API 7/28/2020
Conditions More) K5KDG 7/29/2020

Chelan/Snohomish C/L for W4SIG.m KC7YE 7/27/2020

August County Hunter News N4CD 7/27/2020

make up MS run this thursday-see trip page- contingent on weather KB6UF 7/27/2020

Another trip posted.. K8ZZ 7/27/2020

Just ran ??? W5GND 7/27/2020
W4SIG - Kootenaii, ID N1API 7/27/2020
Was Kerry in Bonner Co, ID @ 1547z (20m) ? W8OP 7/27/2020
W4SIG - Kootenaii, ID N1API 7/27/2020
Thanks, new one for CW! W5GND 7/27/2020

W6RK Spotting site down as of Monday 1200Z . . . NKV 7/27/2020
Sent Risto a message about 2 hours ago. Hopefully he will see it when he awakens. K2MF 7/27/2020
Risto sent me an email saying the page had been restored. KC3X 7/27/2020

Adding counties to Monday's run. A little ahead o... W4SIG 7/27/2020
Thank you for the heads up. Just an FYI... (more) K2MF 7/27/2020
IMPORTANT!!! I am creating a group text I can send... W4SIG 7/27/2020 data base is back in operation AB7RW 7/26/2020

Looks like it would have been a good day to run S. Texas LOL N8KIE 7/25/2020
18 inches rain - 90 mph wind in Kenedy County N4CD 7/25/2020
18 inches rain - 90 mph wind in Kenedy County N4CD 7/25/2020
That sounds positively frightful... my prayers are with the folks in southern TX. K2MF 7/25/2020

what files do I need to back up logger data? KB6UF 7/25/2020
In Logger Data file save County Hunter - KB6UF and County Hunters Common N8KIE 7/25/2020
save it to a external source not on the PC N8KIE 7/25/2020

tuner lubrication K9MIX 7/25/2020

Starting today after 1900z. Sorry cant be more sp... W4SIG 7/25/2020

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 7/24/2020

Any new information about MARAC web page? N8CIJ 7/24/2020
Many thanks to the people responsible for fixing website ! W8OP 7/24/2020
Many thanks to those who worked tirelessly to make that happen! K2MF 7/25/2020
The MARAC website is still not working, the issue is known and being worked on. It may take some t NFN 7/24/2020

Radio problems on Thursdays run (more) KBBA 7/24/2020
N8XJK Voltage Booster took care of my issues. K8ZZ 7/25/2020
I run ic 7000-between runs I shut the radio off to let it cool down. KB6UF 7/24/2020
check your battery voltage N4CD 7/24/2020
Some newer cars also run at 12.2v and sometimes at 14v. ... WQ7A 7/24/2020
Also running with the headlights on seemed to help N4CD don't forget to turn them off N8KIE 7/24/2020
Lowell, if it is an IC-7000 it will be heat. When they get hot, they start to shut down. KC3X 7/24/2020
Yup, happened to me once on July 19th . . . outside temp was 104! WGXQ 7/24/2020

My apologies to cw mobiles-more KB6UF 7/22/2020
Great job in KY Ron, clean em up - When freq is busy I just move and they do follow.. oh yeah! K8ZZ 7/23/2020
Mobile ( more) K5KDG 7/23/2020
I agree with Kerry! Please run as long as you like. (more) K2MF 7/23/2020
Not a problem, Ron. Run as long as you like and wo... W4SIG 7/22/2020
Not a problem, Ron. Run as long as you like and wo... W4SIG 7/22/2020
you were the only /m running. KC3X 7/22/2020
Maybe today but not earlier in the week. KB6UF 7/22/2020

New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland trip posted N8OYY 7/22/2020

Approximately 1230-Zulu Union, Ky KB6UF 7/22/2020

I'm thinking Ron was in Harrison INDIANA unless he backtracked. WQ7A 7/22/2020
He was. KC3X 7/22/2020
Wasnt paying attention when I crossed into Indiana, Harrison and Crawford were run KB6UF 7/22/2020

I'm thinking Ron was in Harrison INDIANA unless he backtracked. WQ7A 7/22/2020 website? AG6V 7/22/2020

update. KM9X 7/22/2020
Lots of good luck to you and Judy with your move, Dan! K2MF 7/22/2020
Dan is you mail being forwarded from your old address? KC3X 7/22/2020
it will be KM9X 7/24/2020
Good to see some improvement in your situations. We will keep Praying. KC3X 7/22/2020

ON THE ROAD AGAIN, finally!! KBBA 7/22/2020
Enjoy your trip and your retirement celebration. Thank you to your nephew for his service! K2MF 7/22/2020
congrats to you both and him from km9x kb9mgi KM9X 7/22/2020
Thank him for is service. N1API 7/22/2020

Home safe - fun trip with Jerry, W0GXQ.. K8ZZ 7/22/2020
And as usual, both of you went way out of your way to help all of us. A big thank you to you and Jer K2MF 7/22/2020

Approximately 1200-Zulu Robertson ky KB6UF 7/21/2020

looks like 40 flamed out again here in Mich N8KIE 7/21/2020

Tnx for the late night runs, many of............. K8OOK 7/21/2020

no sigs from ky on 40 to s.e. mich today N8KIE 7/21/2020
40 came alive just in time to get the last star in KY Menifee tnx Ron N8KIE 7/21/2020

Marac website down, we are aware and supposedly they are working on resolving the issue. KA9JAC 7/21/2020

Trip posted WGXQ 7/21/2020

Thanks for so many sticking with me so late at nig... W4SIG 7/21/2020

SPOTS KK7X 7/21/2020
When I am running as a mobile, I try my best to spend an adequate amount of time on frequency... W8OP 7/22/2020
all things that the new system would have tried to fix WMU 7/22/2020
delay WB2ABD 7/21/2020

Thanks for so many sticking with me so late at nig... W4SIG 7/21/2020

New Call Sign Issued, Now W7EEC.... N7JPF 7/21/2020
Very cool new call! The next Top List will have the new call on it. K2MF 7/27/2020
Congrats on the new call Paul! Now if I can remember its you when you use it ! HA HA NA8W 7/26/2020
Great call for cw. Congratulations. K7TM 7/21/2020
Congrats, Paul!! Like the call and look forward to... W4SIG 7/21/2020

Will monitor 80 meters when I leave as usual.. K8ZZ 7/21/2020

Qrt in Letcher co my-1300z will start the fun in knott my. KB6UF 7/20/2020
Make that about 12:30-zulu KB6UF 7/20/2020
I still hate auto correct- the my in my post is KY KB6UF 7/20/2020
will work you when I hear you even if I don't need it and of course spot N8KIE 7/20/2020

County hunting is supposed to be a team sport as in helping out-more KB6UF 7/20/2020
I would spot if could hear you...Too close.. Only 80 meters (More) K4AMC 7/21/2020
KB6UFs trip DL3DXX 7/21/2020
That is true for me as well. When I am at the radio and I can hear a mobile, I spot it. K2MF 7/20/2020
Its not aimed at you you know as well I do- KB6UF 7/20/2020
I sopt you when I can hear you N8KIE 7/20/2020
I'd be glad to help but haven't heard you all day. I am too close to you for those bands. Sri W8OP 7/20/2020

When 20 and 30 drop out going to 40 and 80. Will run late today, so I need contacts. KB6UF 7/20/2020
Be careful, Ron...... K8OOK 7/20/2020
Hope I don't spill Taco Bell on my keyboard N8KIE 7/20/2020
Thanks foe Knox, KY 68 left for Star XX N8KIE 7/20/2020

Bengali KK7X 7/20/2020
Dennis, I use the Magnetic Travel light in my /m operations. Call me if you want details. KC3X 7/25/2020
Thanks for the posts KK7X 7/21/2020
I use the Traveler mobile and also have the Sculpture single paddle - great products K8ZZ 7/21/2020
I use the Dxpedition model WMU 7/20/2020
I use a Begali Magnetic Classic, love it very much NFN 7/20/2020
HST sideswiper is main key here. AG6V 7/20/2020

Only 45 people have visited all USA Counties -- more-- AG6V 7/20/2020
County 'visitors' N4CD 7/20/2020
2 of us were in the same car #9 & #10 N8KIE 7/20/2020

Please-if you need something when Im out running-more KB6UF 7/20/2020

Approximately 1300z Cumberland, ky start of my KY run. KB6UF 7/19/2020

Where was W0GXQ @ 2239z...more W8OP 7/19/2020
Opps ! That must have been Kerry running. Sorry to bother you all. W8OP 7/19/2020

Thanks to KB6UF for Van Buren TN. Now ONE left for 5 star award. NUQ 7/19/2020


Congratulations To All The Award Winners And Earners N1API 7/19/2020
Congratulationst to N8CIJ, KA2LHO, W0GXQ, KB6UF and W8OP for awards well deserved! K2MF 7/19/2020
Congratulations to all from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/19/2020
Congratulations to all award holders on job well done. KC3X 7/19/2020

W8OP Ran All West Virginia 3rd time Earning number 2 on 16 July 2020 AB7RW 7/18/2020

KB6UF aWARDS AB7RW 7/18/2020

W0GXQ was awarded Roadrunner 7 completed on 16 July 2010 AB7RW 7/18/2020

KA2LHO was awarded Roadrunner #363 completing 50 LCs on 9 July 2020 AB7RW 7/18/2020

N8CIJ Completed USA - CW on 9 July 2020. He received 159 AB7RW 7/18/2020

A Big Thank You to W8OP N8CIJ 7/18/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 7/21/2020
Well done N1API 7/19/2020
Outstanding...congrats N7JPF 7/18/2020
Congrads !! (More) K5KDG 7/18/2020
Congratulations KC3X 7/18/2020
You're Welcome ! Glad to help out. CONGRATS ! W8OP 7/18/2020
Now, that's the spirit!! Congratulations! W4SIG 7/18/2020

K8ZZ/W0GXQ KDEQ 7/18/2020

Spot Page N4RS 7/18/2020

w6rk back on N8KIE 7/18/2020

just tested W6RK it works, looks like KY is back in PLAY-whew KB6UF 7/18/2020

w6rk may be out of town for a couple of weeks N8KIE 7/18/2020
Received an email from Risto, he had to reboot the system to get it back up. KC3X 7/18/2020

W6RK working now? It came up for me just now. 1828z NUQ 7/18/2020

Not all of W6RK's services are down NN9K 7/18/2020

Not all of W6RK's services are down NN9K 7/18/2020

Not all of W6RK's services are down NN9K 7/18/2020

My email to: awards(at) bounced W8OP 7/18/2020
its not .com - it is KA9JAC 7/19/2020
just sent one it went thru KB6UF 7/18/2020
happened to me couple of days ago try later as mine went thru 3 hours later N8KIE 7/18/2020
Guess I'll try later...I am 0 for 3. Hi W8OP 7/18/2020
Thanks ! W8OP 7/18/2020

Bob if that becomes reality, MARAC should set up there own site.-more KB6UF 7/18/2020
A site was built for just this reason. WMU 7/18/2020
It would be possible to add a spotting site to either the MARAC site or my web site K3IMC 7/18/2020
I agree the question is who will do it I hope it is not necessairy N8KIE 7/18/2020

Based on the issues of W6RK site, and Use of Forum as a backup (not very timely) have good/bad news- KB6UF 7/18/2020
there is a possibility that W6RK is gone forever N8KIE 7/18/2020

If spotting network is still down during my trip I... W4SIG 7/18/2020

K8ZZ/W0GXQ stopped for lunch at 1709z per GXQ text N5MLP 7/18/2020

K8ZZ Seward/Stevens on 14366 at 1648z N5MLP 7/18/2020

actually k8zz N8KIE 7/18/2020

w0gxq 28056.5 N8KIE 7/18/2020

Jackson OR 14336 16:35 N7JPF 7/18/2020
parks on air on 14335 from MO N8KIE 7/18/2020

now 15m 21056.5 N8KIE 7/18/2020

seward/stevens, KS 18091.5 N8KIE 7/18/2020

w0gxq seward/stewart, ks 14056.5 N8KIE 7/18/2020
seward/stevens, ks N8KIE 7/18/2020

what counties was gxq just in?? KB6UF 7/18/2020

10124.5 Seward/Stevens, KS W0GXQ KC3X 7/18/2020

Josephine OR 14336 15:50 N7JPF 7/18/2020
Heading for Jackson OR 14336 N7JPF 7/18/2020

seem like someone could post it here, what was the lsat county ??? N6PDB 7/18/2020
was not fast enoght to get the county will try harder next time N6PDB 7/18/2020

Clark/meade ,KS 3556.5 KC3X 7/18/2020
Now on 14056.5 at 1447z N5MLP 7/18/2020
W0GXQ 10124.5 Seward/Stevens, KS KC3X 7/18/2020

looks like there maybe a problem with w6rk this morning. KC3X 7/18/2020
Suggested to W0GXQ that they post their progress here on the forum ... more N5MLP 7/18/2020
Sent a note to Risto as soon as I saw Ron's email. (more) K2MF 7/18/2020
W5UGD WB2ABD 7/18/2020
Well Hollis, back to old school, listening on a single Freq and hoping to hear somebody-more KB6UF 7/18/2020
I agree KC3X 7/18/2020
left out part of sentence (under these conditions) KB6UF 7/18/2020
yep there is a problem won't come up. :):) KB6UF 7/18/2020
watch forum for spots msg from w0gxq KC3X 7/18/2020

Text number KDEQ 7/17/2020

Thanks Jerry W0GCQ LC for W in KS MARAC site down at 1625z N8KIE 7/17/2020

National Convention rooms --- more -- AG6V 7/17/2020
Thanks for the efforts, got my cancellation notice already----Jim N8HAM 7/18/2020
Thanks for the update W4SIG 7/17/2020
Thanks WGXQ 7/17/2020

Serendipity WB2ABD 7/17/2020
New York propagation is like living on the moon... It's just about useless here in Chemung Co... Don AE3Z 7/17/2020

Sunday morning-more KB6UF 7/16/2020

I just tried o access the MARAC page without success. KC3X 7/16/2020
OK here also KB6UF 7/17/2020
All working fine here. May have been some updating... W4SIG 7/17/2020
It looks like the problem exists only the DB lookup pages. K2MF 7/17/2020
get a 500.0 error code internal server, still can'tget to awards page. KB6UF 7/17/2020
Same here KB6UF 7/16/2020

My thoughts about FT8/M.... N7JPF 7/16/2020
Paul, I didn't hear you at all. Listen each spot but nothing. Thanks for the try. KC3X 7/16/2020
I would agree that you would want to run at 50 percent duty cycle or risk blowing your finals WMU 7/16/2020

this is not a chat room DL3DXX 7/16/2020
"Ham radio" is a total "chat room"... Anybody thinks otherwise should get the hell out of it... AE3Z 7/17/2020
The proper way is to use normal spot with comment after id (need you on 20cw) KC3X 7/16/2020
I would just ignore them. WMU 7/16/2020
I do it too KM6HB 7/16/2020
(Agree) more K5KDG 7/16/2020

just a heads up-When I am mobile sending me a text for a county I'm in or going to be in-more KB6UF 7/16/2020

Added Buchanan VA to my KY trip see trip page KB6UF 7/15/2020

Curry and Coos OR today...more... N7JPF 7/15/2020

Sunday in wee hours in AM-more KB6UF 7/15/2020

Mississippi run this Friday delayed until I return from KY.-more KB6UF 7/15/2020

Virtual Hamfest anyone? Ron, N5MLP just informed m... W4SIG 7/14/2020
Make sure you read the last statement before "Register". N8HAM 7/16/2020
Online event is Aug 8 and 9 - Links to the event info page and registration are here .... more N5MLP 7/15/2020

Hotel Rooms at National Convention in Portland, OR --- more --- AG6V 7/14/2020
Reservations K7IOO 7/15/2020

Wonderful Lady RIP K7IOO 7/15/2020
Rest in peace, Pat. K2MF 7/15/2020
Thanks for the info. KC3X 7/14/2020
Requiescat in pace Pat! May the family find peace that she and Gene are together again. N8HAM 7/14/2020

Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/15/2020
Condolences to Dallas and the family/friends.... may she join Gene and RIP..... KA3DRO 7/15/2020
Another Sad Loss - My condolences to the family N1API 7/15/2020
Condolences to the family. I will include this inf... W4SIG 7/14/2020

: 2020 Annual Mobile and Mobile Assist Award Winners Announcement more N5MLP 7/14/2020

2020 County Hunter of the Year Award Winners Announcement . More N5MLP 7/14/2020

RF Chokes WYA 7/14/2020
More WYA 7/14/2020
Here is all you need to know and more! WMU 7/14/2020
Chokes.. WYA 7/15/2020

MARAC Is Looking For Somone To Fill The Rest Of The Term Of Vice-President N1API 7/14/2020

quick trip Friday MS-test run-more KB6UF 7/14/2020

DeKalb TN some time Sunday in late morning 9:00 am central time or after KB6UF 7/14/2020

added to my KY trip-see trip page KB6UF 7/14/2020

yes, band difficult today, but some success, and on FT-8 as well...more N7JPF 7/13/2020
Good to see a moible on FT8 (more) N1API 7/14/2020

Say and Sunday will be in Cumberland county Tn- KB6UF 7/13/2020
Thats Saturday and Sunday KB6UF 7/13/2020

Band was not good for me today-sorry KB6UF 7/13/2020
Me either. KC3X 7/13/2020

Needs Page N4RS 7/13/2020
Where do I find it?? K4XI 7/13/2020
Got it - my error K4XI 7/13/2020

One day test run July 14 KBBA 7/12/2020
Oooops -- test run is Monday July 13! KBBA 7/13/2020

Needs Posted . . After long absence . . . NKV 7/12/2020
Welcome back! N8OYY 7/13/2020
Great to see, Barry! Will see what we can do W4SIG 7/12/2020
Glad to help Barry - you gave me a bunch over the years. Check my trips. more trips not posted K8ZZ 7/12/2020
Nice to see your listings Barry (more) WGXQ 7/12/2020

There is currently a cookie issue on the W6RK spotting site if you use email alerts (more) K2MF 7/12/2020
It would appear that this problem has been corrected. Thank you, Risto! K2MF 7/15/2020

w8 N8KIE 7/11/2020
Truck fixed ! W8OP 7/13/2020
Alan, I owned a Toyota truck and found parts were 2 to 3 time my dodge parts. KC3X 7/13/2020
Aborted trip... W8OP 7/11/2020
Yep ur, can relate Alan. Spent two nights in Pine Bluff, AR due to vehicle repair. K8ZZ 7/12/2020
at least your safe and didn't have to backtrack too far N8KIE 7/11/2020
W8OP had problems with vehicle and had to about trip N8KIE 7/11/2020
abort trip 3rd time is the charm I hope N8KIE 7/11/2020

Trip posted NV/CA/UT/ID/MT/WA July 19-28. A lot of... W4SIG 7/11/2020

KA4RRU short trip on Sunday VA and WV see posted trips KA4RRU 7/11/2020

Congrats to all award receivers K9MIX 7/11/2020
Great job on all the RAS awards by KB6UF, KC7YE and N8OYY. Congratulations! K2MF 7/11/2020
Congrats to all!! W4SIG 7/11/2020

KC3X Award Issued" AB7RW 7/10/2020
Way to go Hollis!! WGXQ 7/12/2020
Many congratulations to you, Hollis! K2MF 7/11/2020
Congrats, Hollis, Fantastic!!! W4SIG 7/11/2020
The 17m awards is actually NR2 - Correction AB7RW 7/10/2020

KB6UF Awards Issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020
Congratulations KC3X 7/11/2020

KB6UF Awards Issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020
Congratulations KC3X 7/12/2020

KC7YE Award issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020

N8OYY Awards Issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020

National Convention refunds ... (more) AG6V 7/10/2020
Thanks Donna for all your work on this! W4SIG 7/11/2020

Monday trip to New Orleans the county hunter way-more KB6UF 7/10/2020

will start out on 14.056.5 then 14.336, then 7.188=/-, 7.056.5 and then 30 today at 1900Z -more KB6UF 7/10/2020

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 7/9/2020

Tangipahoa and Washington Parish's tomorrow 1900Z, trying to help out Dietmar DL3DXX, but all are we KB6UF 7/9/2020
that's Welcome :) KB6UF 7/9/2020

2 Trips Posted ! KY & NC W8OP 7/8/2020
Note ! I have listed the frequencies that I hope to run.... W8OP 7/11/2020
Will be listening thx N8KIE 7/9/2020

i see that the convention has been cancelled N8KIE 7/7/2020
yes, cancelled ... (more) AG6V 7/8/2020
Thanks for your hard work trying to make this possible N8KIE 7/9/2020

Wake up call! WB4KZW 7/7/2020
Gene... re: the Neuropathy... KA3DRO 7/10/2020
We do miss you, Gene and we are praying that you will feel better soon! K2MF 7/9/2020
Stay in and be safe counties will be there K9MIX 7/8/2020
Radio AI5P 7/8/2020
Praying you get some relief soon, Gene W4SIG 7/8/2020
sorry to hear of your problem. bet of luck N8KIE 7/7/2020

Added Cumberland and Adair KY to my trip KB6UF 7/7/2020

K5HKG. Al (more) K5KDG 7/6/2020
RIP old friend. K7TM 7/7/2020
RIP Hong Kong Gorilla K8OOK 7/6/2020
Steve, checked MARAC DB, he has been gone since 2010 K8OOK 7/6/2020

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