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Likely a later start tomorrow--going to Little Big Horn Nat'l Park. N8HAM 10/6/2022


Heading to Iowa-more KB6UF 10/6/2022

2 New USA-CA Awards Issued NXØX 10/5/2022
Congrats guys.. K8ZZ 10/6/2022
congrats to both N8HAM 10/6/2022
Congratulations to both! N9QPQ & AA9JJ AA9JJ 10/6/2022
Many congratulations to Laci and Rusty for earning their first star! K2MF 10/6/2022
Congratulations to you both. Well done!! N8MD 10/6/2022

A new FCC CORES system has gone online and a password reset is required. (more) K2MF 10/4/2022
Thanks Barry... this is not the only DB that's changing. WA4UNS 10/4/2022
Looks like another bunch of B.S. from the politicians at FCC. Why change what already WORKS AE3Z 10/4/2022
Don, Horses worked for transportation, but I bet you have a car... KA9JAC 10/5/2022
Yes Bob, I have a car... But... I spent first 10 years of my life driving horses on my Dad's farm. W AE3Z 10/5/2022
And it is not any fun when you are only tall enough to reach the Cross brace of the Plow. No can. KC3X 10/5/2022
       No CAR KC3X 10/5/2022
Thanks Barry WØGXQ 10/4/2022
:) K2MF 10/4/2022

Awards Issued 10/3/2022 AB7RW 10/3/2022
Congrats to all.. K8ZZ 10/6/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/4/2022
Congratulations to all. W7FEN 10/4/2022
Congrat's to all!! N8MD 10/4/2022
Many congratulations to Ron, Bob, Kerry, Mary, Jerry and Don! Wonderful achievements!! K2MF 10/4/2022

LCs in Montana N1API 10/2/2022
Sorry for the formatting I meant to do a break on each line.... ARRGGG! N1API 10/2/2022

Question-How does one look at logger log book in its entirety? KB6UF 10/2/2022
the inputted log itself KB6UF 10/2/2022
Ron, go to Tools/Search & Edit QSO's (more) WØGXQ 10/3/2022
Jerry if you were here I would kiss you full on the mouth and give you an hour to call a crowd. it w KB6UF 10/3/2022
LOL!! You're welcome! WØGXQ 10/3/2022
Spotting county log K5KDG 10/3/2022
TNX 4 feedback. What I am looking for-more KB6UF 10/3/2022

October 2022 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 10/2/2022

Eastern VA trip 10/01 - modifications W5VS 10/1/2022

AA8R & W8TAX KS5A 9/30/2022
Great news on safe thru storm.. K8ZZ 10/6/2022
Hope all goes well. Hurricanes are not fun. & N0DXE NØKV 10/2/2022
Thanks for the update. Glad they are safe W4SIG 10/1/2022
Had been thinking about them---thanks for the update. N8HAM 10/1/2022
So glad to hear-was worried. AG6V 10/1/2022
Guff, thanks for passing this along . . . wishing Randy and Pattie the best in the recovery process. WØGXQ 10/1/2022
Thank you for the info, Guff! K2MF 10/1/2022
Tnx for the info, Guff, we have many friends north of Tampa who are relaxing now K8OOK 9/30/2022
Thanks for the update. KC3X 10/1/2022
Hollis.... how did you KA3DRO 10/2/2022

Pretty Big Assumption, there... KE3VV 10/1/2022
You are right Dave KA3DRO 10/2/2022
Hey! I am one of those guys, strictly a SSB operator, until I realized that I could help other CH'er KB6UF 10/2/2022
Well said, Ron or is it Ray, it doesn't matter, Thanks for all the counties you gave me. More. WB4FFV 10/2/2022
OH! I forgot sometimes my hearing goes bad on occasion. KB6UF 10/2/2022
can only copy code with the computer, hard to do while driving N8KIE 9/29/2022

Awards Secretary NS2N 9/28/2022
Thanks NS2N 9/28/2022
We used to mail the check to the Awards Sec and they took care of it... What the hell happened....!! AE3Z 9/28/2022
We moved into the 21 century KC3X 9/28/2022
What has "that" got to do with it... It all worked fine "before"... AE3Z 9/29/2022
       Don, this change happened several years ago. Takes... W4SIG 9/29/2022
:) WØGXQ 9/29/2022

Well…major delay. Car trouble, thanks to shoddy ... W4SIG 9/27/2022
CW DX County Hunters WD7JS 9/28/2022
Gee, what a shame! Really sorry to hear this, Kerry...... K7REL 9/27/2022
Sorry to hear, Kerry, but glad you'll still make it to Bozeman! AG6V 9/27/2022
What a place to get stuck! W8GU 9/27/2022

Anyone have an email address for WA5SOG? W3DYA 9/27/2022

N4cd trip N4CD 9/26/2022
Hi, Bob - nothing heard here.... K7REL 9/27/2022

Going to get a pretty late start tomorrow---sightseeing. N8HAM 9/26/2022

Convention Trip Posted W8OP 9/26/2022

CW also works from the NW!!! K4XI 9/26/2022
Hope to hear you from out West on CW !D W8OP 9/26/2022

A trip planner I am not. Only4 left from my original plan so I will add some and then spend.... N8HAM 9/25/2022
Thanks Jim -8 new counties Sunday! That's 5% of counties left to finish First Time! WB8III 9/26/2022
5 new ones for me. 13% of un-confirmed counties W8GU 9/27/2022
I aim to serve!!! LOL N8HAM 9/27/2022

Ok, NOW we are in Aroostook.... N9JF 9/25/2022

Eastern VA trip 9/30-10/01 W5VS 9/25/2022

Apologies for the foul-up today in Maine N9JF 9/24/2022

Changes to my route plan for yesterday through Saturday ... more N5MLP 9/23/2022
Final route for Saturday, September 24th ... more N5MLP 9/24/2022
So far NO copy on any band from Fl!! K4XI 9/23/2022
I have been working stations in south FL consistently ... more N5MLP 9/24/2022
Good to hear that, nothing today but I am there trying!! Thanks K4XI 9/24/2022
Finally got one!! Sheridan, Mt SSB 21336 N8HAM K4XI 9/24/2022

sorry for bad spot : congrats K4AMC NS2N 9/22/2022

Sorry I aborted my trip - terrible traffic in Atlanta K3IMC 9/22/2022
I agree, I cut over to Rome and take US-27, then US-19 to & from FL, Chicago next worst K8OOK 9/22/2022

The first day of my preparation trip today was major success K3IMC 9/21/2022

October CHNews N4CD 9/21/2022

Operation plans for Wednesday, Sept 21st - more N5MLP 9/21/2022

not going to national conv. too many medical issues N8KIE 9/19/2022
You take care. & N0DXE NØKV 10/2/2022
Take care Bob.. K8ZZ 9/25/2022
I am sorry for your health issues and I hope you feel better soon, Bob! K2MF 9/21/2022
We will miss you at the convention. Take care and ... W4SIG 9/21/2022
Take care Bob WØGXQ 9/21/2022
Sorry to hear and hope for a fast recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/20/2022
Ditto here. KC7YE 9/20/2022
Sorry to hear. Take care of yourself. WQ7A 9/20/2022
You and Jackie will be missed! Rest up and get to feeling better! N0XYL and KB0BA KBØBA 9/19/2022

Trip modified on 28th & 29th. N8MD 9/18/2022

Change to trip for 9/17 - ... more N5MLP 9/17/2022

Just entered by planned trip to Bozeman. Sorry for the way it came out. I had typed.... N8HAM 9/16/2022

Useful Tool For Finding Countys By Zip Code N1API 9/16/2022
Careful. Many Zips have more than on county. Check 98531 WQ7A 9/17/2022
This is very true. Many zip codes span multiple counties. At the bottom... (more) K2MF 9/18/2022

Bladen, NC KN4XP 9/16/2022

Awards Issued 9/15/2022 AB7RW 9/15/2022
Congratulations to both! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/16/2022
Many congratulations to Kerry & K2MF 9/16/2022
Try again: Many congratulations to Kerry & Ron!! K2MF 9/16/2022
Congrats to both! N8HAM 9/16/2022
Congrat's to both of you!! N8MD 9/16/2022
Congratulations guys! WØGXQ 9/16/2022

Need posting help today due to rural route ... more N5MLP 9/15/2022

My trip to the MARAC National has been posted NFØN 9/15/2022

For those looking for band credits, N5MLP has been... W4SIG 9/12/2022
Not here on 12 meters nata. KC3X 9/12/2022
no 12 here: don't hear anybody NS2N 9/13/2022
condx update NS2N 9/14/2022
You need a remote station so you could hear everything. KC3X 9/13/2022

My test trip will begin 1430-45. Hear you hear me on 40m, please work me. Details on Trips Page K3IMC 9/8/2022
Tried to work. Prop was just not there. WQ7A 9/8/2022

Sad news - W7SSR yl of W6OUL sk (more) K7SEN & AB7NK 9/6/2022
Sorry to hear of Sherry's passing. Our thoughts are with you Jim. K7TM 9/20/2022
Condolences to you and your family Jim,, K8ZZ 9/11/2022
So sad to hear of your loss Jim. Our Prayers for you and your family. K5GE 9/10/2022
My regards to the family Jim, so sorry to hear NFØN 9/8/2022
May Sherry rest in peace. My deepest condolences to you and your family, Jim. K2MF 9/7/2022
My regards to the family Jim, so sorry to hear NFØN 9/7/2022
May Sherry rest in the hands of the Lord. N8HAM 9/7/2022
Jim, so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and the family. WØGXQ 9/7/2022
So sorry to hear, Jim. Prayers to you and your fam... W4SIG 9/7/2022
Sad news indeed. Thoughts and prayers to the family. N8MD 9/6/2022

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