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Isle Royals NP AI5P 7/10/2024
Will be listening, Rick. And thanks for the "prize"! K7REL 7/10/2024
You'll love that area of the country N8HAM 7/10/2024

On July 18 in the AM I will be running some counti... W4SIG 7/9/2024

Alaska Trip KE4UP 7/8/2024
Gud news John and will help when I can.. K8ZZ 7/9/2024
Will keep an ear out for ya. Enjoy the drive! W4SIG 7/9/2024
Thanks for the update, John. WØGXQ 7/9/2024

CountyHunter Dot Com KK7X 7/5/2024
Dennis, sorry to hear of the trouble. Here’s hop... W4SIG 7/6/2024
Thank you Kerry KK7X 7/6/2024

Tooling around PA this weekend W5VS 7/4/2024
Changes in route W5VS 7/5/2024

July 2024 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 7/2/2024

Arkansas Project Prizes! AI5P 7/1/2024

Final Run - Arkansas CW Project AI5P 6/28/2024

July County Hunter News N4CD 6/27/2024

Final AR county and Park AI5P 6/25/2024

Update on Hollis (more) WØGXQ 6/23/2024
Thank you, Jerry... that's very good to hear! K2MF 6/26/2024
Hollis WØEAR 6/24/2024
that's good news. will keep praying. N8HAM 6/24/2024

Results - 21 June AI5P AI5P 6/22/2024

MARAC Annual Meeting will be held on July 15. All ... W4SIG 6/21/2024

Schedule - 21 June - AI5P AI5P 6/20/2024

Results - 20 June AI5P AI5P 6/20/2024

Morse Code WYØA 6/20/2024
Telegraph system N4CD 6/20/2024
I did not know this. Thanks, Butch!! W4SIG 6/20/2024
Interesting . . . thanks Butch! WØGXQ 6/20/2024

Morse Code WYØA 6/20/2024

June 20 Schedule - AI5P AI5P 6/19/2024

In our thoughts , Hollis NS2N 6/17/2024

Update on Hollis KC3X from Sandy (more) AB7NK 6/16/2024
Prayers for quick recovery Hollis.. K8ZZ 6/19/2024
Love and prayer for Hollis and Sandy. Sandra N0XYL NØXYL 6/17/2024
Godspeed, Hollis. W9OO 6/17/2024
Wishing Hollis the best in recovery. NFØN 6/17/2024
Praying for Hollis. W4YDY 6/17/2024
More W4YDY 6/17/2024
Sandy, so sorry that Hollis is back in the hospital . . . just talked with him last week. (more) WØGXQ 6/17/2024
So sorry to hear. Our prayers are with Hollis & Sandy. K5GE 6/17/2024
Hang in there Hollis! I'm pulling for you KB6UF 6/16/2024
Prayers are out there for Hollis! WA3QNT 6/16/2024
Hoping for better news soon AI5P 6/16/2024
Sorry to hear this. Prayers for a speedy recovery. N8MD 6/16/2024
I am so sorry to read this. My prayers are with Hollis and Sandy. K2MF 6/16/2024
hoping for the best during hard times N8KIE 6/16/2024
Sorry to hear that. I thought he was doing better. KC5P 6/16/2024
Praying for Hollis for a full recovery W4SIG 6/16/2024

Back home now-more KB6UF 6/15/2024
AK-MORE KB6UF 6/20/2024
Flying now FRA-CLT-IAD K4YT 6/15/2024

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