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12 and 10 have been awesome today and yesterday N8KIE 6/22/2018

The Watauga Amateur Radio Club - WW4L - will be operating Field Day this weekend WA4UNS 6/22/2018

Tentatively planning to run Avery, NC next Wednesday (6/27) WA4UNS 6/21/2018

W0QXQ "J" U R 1 FB CW OP Hope 1 day 2 get 1/2 as good TNX all band Ctys WE7G 6/21/2018

Thanks All for Contacts, Plan for Tomorrow ( more ) N4UP 6/21/2018
Be careful driving with all those trucks on I81 WA4UNS 6/21/2018
I will thanks, but it has to be better than I-95 which I try to avoid. N4UP 6/21/2018
YES!!!! I avoid I95 at all costs!!!!! WA4UNS 6/21/2018

Big thanks to N4UP and W0GXQ for all of the 30M contacts today!!!!! WA4UNS 6/21/2018

Roadrunner Awards AB7RW 6/21/2018
Tnx to all mobiles for making these LCs possible!!! 73/88 AB7NK 6/22/2018
Thanks Phil! W4SIG 6/22/2018
Phil, thanks for all your hard work N7JPF 6/21/2018

Congratulations to all award recipients listed below!!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/21/2018
Tnx to all who have achieved the award they were working on! 73 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/22/2018
Ooooppps! White out the tnx & add CONGRATS AB7NK 6/22/2018
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/22/2018
Absolutely! Congrats to all for all the accomplish... W4SIG 6/21/2018
For sure Congrat's to all! WG6X 6/21/2018
For sure Congrat's to all! WG6X 6/21/2018

RAS Virginia #22, K4YT Completed on 5/24/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

USA-CA 3rd Time #256, W8FNW Completed on 8/27/2017 AB7RW 6/21/2018

USA-CA 3rd time, #255, AB7NK Completed on 6/9/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Special tnx to K8ZZ for making this possible!!! AB7NK 6/22/2018

USA-CA 1st time All CW, #156 Completed on 5/20/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
I believe this is me WA4UNS 6/21/2018

Bingo III, #41, WA4UNS Completed on 3/15/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Already issued #40 on the same date WA4UNS 6/21/2018

USA-CA 2nd Time all CW, #39, NU0Q Completed on 5/4/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

USA-CA 6th Time, #54, WA9DLB Completed on 4/21/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

Callsign Combo 2X2, #6, K5GE Completed on 5/5/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

Callsign Combo 2X2, #5, K4YT Completed on 5/31/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

AB4WL's number is 22 not 91... AB7RW 6/21/2018

OOPS ABrWL AB7RW 6/21/2018

All CW 20 meters, #91, KC3X Completed on 5/17/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS Alabama, #91, AB4WL Completed on 5/11/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS South Dakota, #35, K2HVN Completed on 10/2/2017 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS Ohio, #31 K2HVN Completed on 4/25/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS Lousiana #27, KB0BA Completed on 2/28/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS LOUSIANA #26, N0XYL Compleeted on 2/28/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

THANKS TO ALL.... KBBA 6/21/2018
RAS Iowa #31, WQ7A completed on 5/20/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Thanks again Lowell & Sandra WA3QNT 6/21/2018
Especially for Sullivan, PA last CW WBOW WA3QNT 6/21/2018

Thanks Jerry W0GXQ last county in NE for Star XX N8KIE 6/21/2018

There is Safe and There is Not Safe ( more ) N4UP 6/20/2018
I know exactly where you tried to run... yes!!!! Not safe... be careful up there WA4UNS 6/20/2018

I will be in Wallowa county Oregon tomorrow. Plan on running on 20 CW and 17 CW. approximately 180 K7TM 6/20/2018
Need Wallowa,next time Wheeler, OR. Cu on 14056.5.... LY5A 6/21/2018
15m ? KC3X 6/20/2018
1800 -1900z. any special requests email K7TM 6/20/2018

Unicoi, TN today... (more) WA4UNS 6/20/2018
Thanks to all who worked me in Unicoi... (more) WA4UNS 6/20/2018

699 stars left out of 61,540 star XX N8KIE 6/19/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 6/19/2018

I wonder what N5MLP's plan is for Sat. & Sun during Field Day 20 and 40 will be almost full N8KIE 6/18/2018
See posted changes to my planned routes .. more N5MLP 6/20/2018

Unicoi, TN... (more) WA4UNS 6/18/2018
A natural Bingo .. Logger says I have 463 left, never get there N8KIE 6/19/2018

New Jersey ( June 20-21 ) and Pennsylvania ( June 22 ) Posted N4UP 6/18/2018
Plan is Hudson 1920 hrs UTC Thursday and ( maybe ) 0945 hrs UTC Friday ( more ) N4UP 6/18/2018
Hudson my last. will try to be there KC5P 6/18/2018
Hudson my last. will try to be there KC5P 6/18/2018

K8ZZ abt 30 mins from Cook/Lake. Will start on 20 cw & go dwn the band. Pls listen for him. Tnx AB7NK 6/18/2018

Can't hear KA2LHO on any band or mode N8KIE 6/18/2018
Bands opened late morning and things got fun then. Thanks for all who called today. KA2LHO 6/18/2018

CL of Lake/Cook, MN tomorrow AM if no thunder storms... K8ZZ 6/17/2018
I need Lake. I'll look for you. W7OLY W7OLY 6/17/2018

The TRIPS page appears to be working correctly, so go ahead and use it. K3IMC 6/16/2018
Thanks Ron, It was missed !! WA3QNT 6/18/2018
Don WA3QNT 6/18/2018
Thanks so much, Don!! W4SIG 6/17/2018
Thank Don, it is a very big help W8FNW 6/17/2018
Thanks Don N8KIE 6/17/2018

I am working on the Trips Page. Please do not attempt to attempt to edit your needs even if you can K3IMC 6/16/2018

Logger LC1/LC2 AB7RW 6/16/2018

N5MLP Trip Plans for 6/16 - 6/28 ... more N5MLP 6/15/2018
June 20th (Wednesday) - MODIFIED! N5MLP 6/20/2018
Thanks Ron!!! W4SIG 6/16/2018
June 20th (Wednesday) N5MLP 6/15/2018
June 19th (Tuesday) N5MLP 6/15/2018
June 18th (Monday) N5MLP 6/15/2018
June 17th (Sunday) N5MLP 6/15/2018
June 16th (Saturday) N5MLP 6/15/2018

Free HF Radio Wave Propagation Course Video and Audio (more) K2MF 6/15/2018

2018 Ugly Award (more) WY8I 6/15/2018
A very fitting choice, Jim WA3QNT 6/16/2018
GOOD DEAL KM9X MR UGLY 2006 KM9X 6/16/2018
As aformer holder ... Good choice N8KIE 6/16/2018
A very fine example and a "hearty Well Done" to you both... hi... Don AE3Z 6/16/2018
A fine choice. N8HAM 6/16/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 6/16/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 6/16/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 6/16/2018
ugly award AK8A 6/15/2018
Thanks Jerry you have a good eye for seeing that...hihi WY8I 6/16/2018

Tentative Trip to NJ 6/20-22 Not Posted ( more ) N4UP 6/14/2018
Peter I have not been able to get to trip page last 3 days. KC3X 6/14/2018

logger problems K9MIX 6/14/2018
you can find instructions...more KA9JAC 6/14/2018

Re boot your computer. KC3X 6/14/2018
under logger data: logger-spots.wave is heard when tested. comp volume up K9MIX 6/14/2018
Make sure your computer"volume" is turned up. K4XI 6/14/2018

National in KC WMU 6/13/2018

Cheshire, NH last in state for kb0ba if...... K2HVN 6/13/2018

Is K8ZZ going to Cass/Lake, MN today? N8KIE 6/13/2018
No counties today.. Will post when Lake/Cook, MN will be on the air.. K8ZZ 6/14/2018

Seems to be some sort of problem loading the "Trips" page.... WYA 6/13/2018
Has been down since last night N8KIE 6/13/2018
I Sent K3IMC a message. Hopefully he will have a chance to look at it. KC3X 6/13/2018

I have also had good experiences selling on the eham classifieds. KA2LHO 6/13/2018
Maybe you could post here first or make a list available N2JNE 6/13/2018
Yes , : WG6X 6/12/2018
I have unloading my equipment on QTH with some success. Ebay charges a lot to sell there. KC3X 6/12/2018

I also extend my thanks to N0XYL for my last in ME (2nd Time) - Piscataquis W8OP 6/14/2018
I fell asleep waiting for them and missed them. :) KC3X 6/12/2018

QST K8OOK 6/12/2018
UNBELIEVEABLE........ K8OOK 6/15/2018
Haven't gotten mine either. ARRL said they'd send another on 6/1. NADA KU4YM 6/13/2018
No problem here. KC3X 6/12/2018
No problem here. June is long since put on the shelf. WQ7A 6/12/2018
It seems to be ok here, my issues even make it to Honolulu in the winter ok N8KIE 6/12/2018

I asked K8ZZ to go to 10m Beltrami/L.O.T.W c/l and he got abt 10 contacts N8KIE 6/11/2018
Worked him on 10-12-15 CW from Nebraska NFN 6/11/2018
Glad to help N8KIE 6/11/2018

Spotting backup system WMU 6/10/2018
Thanks for the countless hours behind the scenes t... W4SIG 6/11/2018
Thank you Mike, Jim (K4PBX) and Gene for your hard work on this! K2MF 6/11/2018

No qrm on 14.336 unlike 14324 et al N8KIE 6/10/2018
As always in ham radio any frequency can become bu... W4SIG 6/11/2018
that was intentional interference on 319 on top of rons run rabun, ga.. i was unable to work KM9X 6/11/2018
All I've heard on that freq when NF0N wasn't ncis was rag chewing by none CH's. W7FEN 6/10/2018
Wow!!!! Sanrk... snark,,, snark!!!!! My HF radio will be in the OFF position Wednesday WA4UNS 6/10/2018
When there are very few to zero volunteers to run a net does it matter what freq? WMU 6/10/2018
On Memorial Day I tried to put Asotin, WA on the air and bad band conditions, ask W7FEN 6/10/2018
Larry when you get really pissed and toss the 480 PLEASE chunk it my way - W WE7G 6/10/2018
"W" come see me in Parker in Dec, I've got one in storage plus a power supply that W7FEN 6/10/2018
       UR on Larry I'll pencil U in for December 73 "W" WE7G 6/11/2018
TS 480HX W7FEN 6/10/2018
When there is wall to wall qrm IT MATTERS N8KIE 6/10/2018
Are you volunteering to help? WMU 6/10/2018
Not fighting S9 qrm to do relays. Pushed a couple of things thru awards to help N8KIE 6/11/2018
If I'm mobil I will help. Remember I am only mobil and don't have a base. W7FEN 6/10/2018
Your VP seems to prefer 14336 to the junk freqs N8KIE 6/10/2018
Don't blame him, was a clear freq and he spotted himself and probalby got several Q's W7FEN 6/10/2018
My VP? WMU 6/10/2018
SUN AM THERE IS NOW A NET ON 14.336 N3RM 6/10/2018
That's the freq that was used for many years until kids started fighting 20 years ago. W7FEN 6/10/2018
Dont't remind me Larry. KC3X 6/12/2018

Ellen Bonham, N0CWX now SK WQ7A 6/9/2018
Condolences to you and your family Milt...Lost my wife in March..Prayers KD5YUK 6/18/2018
Milt (more) K5KDG 6/11/2018
With deepest sympathy KB8OMG 6/11/2018
Milt, so sorry to hear of Ellen's passing . . . prayers go out to you and the family. WGXQ 6/11/2018
Condolences to you and your family.. K8ZZ 6/10/2018
RIP Ellen, a nice lady and our prayers for Milt and the family in this time. W7FEN 6/10/2018
Rest in Peace Ellen KU4YM 6/10/2018
Milt, Our prayers are with you and the family at this time. Hollis & Sandy. KC3X 6/10/2018
Deepest sympathy-we will miss Ellen. N0DXE NKV 6/10/2018
We are very sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/10/2018
Sorry to hear Milt... Peace and God's love to you and your family... Don AE3Z 6/10/2018
Sorry to hear of your loss Milt. Thoughts & prayers to you & your family. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/10/2018
I am sorry to read of this. Our prayers go to Milt and his family. K2MF 6/10/2018
Always so sad to hear the passing of one of our counrty hunters family. R.I.P. WG6X 6/10/2018
Sorry Milt to hear of your loss-condolences to you and family. KB6UF 6/10/2018
Sorry to hear the news N8KIE 6/9/2018
Love and prayers to you at this sad time. Ellen will be missed by all who knew her. N0XYL and KBBA 6/9/2018
Milt, Angela and I send our condolences and prayers during this time, may God(more) WB4FFV 6/9/2018

I wonder what happened to N5MLP last heard at 2000z N8KIE 6/9/2018

Tnx K8ZZ for Divide, ND 3rd time WBOW!!! Ed got my last 5 - 1 in KY, 3 in MT & Divide! That AB7NK 6/9/2018
Congratulations Mary! N2JNE 6/11/2018
congrats from KB9MGI and me KM9X 6/11/2018
Congratulations Mary N7JPF 6/10/2018
Congrats Mary thats a heap of counties - W WE7G 6/9/2018
Congrats! WMU 6/9/2018
Congrats Mary, well done. WQ7A 6/9/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 6/9/2018
YAHOO YAHOO!!!!! K9MIX 6/9/2018
Many congratulations, Mary!! K2MF 6/9/2018
Great Mary .. another star lol N8KIE 6/9/2018
Congratulations Mary !!! NFN 6/9/2018
Congratulations Mary! Onward and upward to the next one! NA8W 6/9/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/9/2018
Congratulations!! Well done!! KPFV 6/9/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/9/2018

😁 🤗 AB7NK 6/9/2018

Been helped on the road with ham parts: WB4FFV left a 40M ant. for me at a WG6X 6/9/2018

Tnx K8ZZ for the last 3 in MT. 1 to go for WBOW!!! Tonight will be a sleepless night!!! AB7NK 6/8/2018
Ah, the suspense!!! Good luck on the last one!!!! W4SIG 6/8/2018

Lincoln OR KC7YE 6/8/2018

External speaker stopped working.. using radio speaker so work with me,, K8ZZ 6/6/2018
There are remote speakers at many of the truck stops> Miss Radio Shack? WG6X 6/9/2018
My remote was backup to my Heil headsets: Traveler & PRO5-5ic...Some are diff. WG6X 6/6/2018
The one thing you don't carry a spare for .. lol N8KIE 6/6/2018
I carry a spare that K8ZZ gave me! WGXQ 6/6/2018
maybe you can remote it to him N8KIE 6/7/2018
Done! WGXQ 6/7/2018

15 and 17 seem to be open from MI to KS today .. several new band / counties N8KIE 6/6/2018

Trip in AM.. Will be leaving early and running 80 meter CW.. K8ZZ 6/5/2018

TWO planned trips for eastern OH, northwestern WV and western PA have been posted. (more) KA2LHO 6/5/2018

Thanks Bill K0DEQ for Running Counties K4AMC 6/5/2018
JUNE 2 AND 3 KDEQ 6/5/2018

Trip to NJ sometime after 6/6... (more) WA4UNS 6/4/2018
Trip has been postponed to Wednesday 6/13 WA4UNS 6/7/2018
Please e-mail me if I'm going through something you need... (more) WA4UNS 6/8/2018
Don't bother... radio will be OFF going up to and returning from NJ. WA4UNS 6/10/2018

Trip advisory! KBBA 6/4/2018

Looks like W6RK is going to be a problem today. good luck finding n5mlp N8KIE 6/4/2018
Thought it might be on my end but see you're having same problem Bob. Makes it tough when this happ WY8I 6/4/2018
Especially with the bouncing "official marac net" what a mess they created N8KIE 6/4/2018
We had a "mess" of an embarrassing net on 14336 fi... W4SIG 6/5/2018
Try sitting in our ham club meetings and listen to the crap... It's the laughing stock ham radio tod AE3Z 6/5/2018
What? WMU 6/4/2018
Instead of a few of us disliking one person a lot on non-ch'ers dislike us for intruding in their sp N8KIE 6/4/2018

Headed to Central Idaho for June VHF contest. Will run a few counties Not sure of route yet. Snow K7TM 6/3/2018
Valley last in state for 30 meters.. K8ZZ 6/4/2018

Any stamp collectors? I have some stamps from MRC's envelopes? WG6X 6/3/2018
I still collect em WGXQ 6/3/2018
ok you get what i have and future GXQ WG6X 6/4/2018

KC National - Check attendee list, 40 of your friends already signed up. Sign up now to help me plan K8ZZ 6/3/2018
KC National Convention

K8ZZ 6/3/2018

June 2018 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 6/3/2018

Got a clean sweep in the KY QP- I worked all 6 fixed stations on cw!! K4XI 6/2/2018
CW rocks......... WY8I 6/2/2018

All the logging services are having issues N1API 6/2/2018
It is in W6RK a common problem N8KIE 6/2/2018
Thanks K9MIX 6/2/2018

Clarsop on 40 meters AB7RW 6/1/2018
Could hear all of them well, but could not pull you out. Hopefully it will work before you head hom N2JNE 6/1/2018

Clatsop AB7RW 6/1/2018

Pse register for KC National early as possible to give me a feel of attendance for planning.. Thanks K8ZZ 6/1/2018
KC National Convention

K8ZZ 6/1/2018

Thanks to AB7RW for Benton, OR 30M - now only 2 left for wbow 30 meters. KC3X 5/31/2018
I couldn't copy him on 30m in Benton, OR either. : Better luck next time! K2MF 5/31/2018
Also needed Benton on cw but no copy from Fl-maybe next sunspot cycle?? K4XI 5/31/2018

Change itinerary KMAF 5/31/2018

Sri 40m Nicholas Wv at 1254 UTC 5/31 was Braxton WV. My bad. KA2LHO 5/31/2018
No Problem I Had that figured out K4AMC 6/1/2018

Sorry I had to cut it short today. We were up at 4 am packing the bus and on the road (more) KA2LHO 5/30/2018

Comanche will be run in the morning. Ive run out of stamina for today! AB7NK 5/30/2018
Last leg of my trip home today. KB6UF 5/31/2018

Pse register for KC National early as possible to give me a feel of attendance.. Thanks K8ZZ 5/28/2018
Looking foreward to seeing old friends. WQ7A 5/29/2018
And making new ones WGXQ 5/29/2018
KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/28/2018

June 2/3 trip KDEQ 5/28/2018

A couple of weeks away, but I've just posted a trip WGXQ 5/28/2018
I am sure you need some time on a CW trainer before the trip - its been awhile.. K8ZZ 5/29/2018

Completed posting 28 day CH trip to MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, FL, and LA ... more N5MLP 5/26/2018

My MS run - more WB4KZW 5/26/2018
Thanks for the 30M contacts WA4UNS 5/26/2018

WB4KZW said he has a "radio just died" smell in the car N8KIE 5/26/2018
and to all a goodnight N8KIE 5/26/2018

National - 33 signed up from 16 different states.. Lets keep it going.. Check out attendee list.. K8ZZ 5/25/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/25/2018

June County Hunter News N4CD 5/25/2018
As usual a good read Bob. I like the accounts of your trips, they remind me of the WB4FFV 5/25/2018
Excellent issue!!!! (more) WA4UNS 5/25/2018

First leg of trip aborted more WB4KZW 5/24/2018
Good call to rest and start fresh. Will listen for you N8KIE 5/24/2018

Go to this (more) K5KDG 5/24/2018

Unicoi, TN... (more) WA4UNS 5/24/2018

Cataract surgery successful left eye next wednesday N8KIE 5/24/2018
After wearing glasses or contacts for 60 years (more...) KBBA 5/25/2018
WTG!!! WA3QNT 5/25/2018
Bob... Did mine 4-5 years ago.,.. No pain, nothing... Wife just did hers... Same... Good luck Don AE3Z 5/25/2018
Great news Bob. WQ7A 5/24/2018
It makes a big change, I can see better today then I ever have. I don't need glasses anymore except WB4FFV 5/24/2018
Great. Hopefully the other one will equal success. KC3X 5/24/2018
Yes had mine done and nice change. WG6X 5/24/2018
Excellent news!!!! WA4UNS 5/24/2018

First leg of trip to MS. . more WB4KZW 5/24/2018

Pacific NW ARRL Convention WMU 5/24/2018
Will be there on Saturday WQ7A 5/24/2018

Pse register for KC National early as possible to give me a feel of attendance.. Thanks K8ZZ 5/24/2018
Done. Thanks for hosting this big event Ed. WQ7A 5/24/2018
KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/24/2018

Johnson, TN... (more) WA4UNS 5/23/2018
Tnx folks... 8 contacts on 3 bands... (more) WA4UNS 5/23/2018

Trip posted - it's graduation time in TX!!! AB7NK 5/22/2018
Have a safe and enjoyable trip N8KIE 5/22/2018

County Hunter Database on MARAC.ORG WMU 5/22/2018
Thank you for all you do to keep the MARAC site running, Mike! It requires a lot of thought and care K2MF 5/23/2018

Congrat's to all the R.A.S. award winners for all their effords to run counties! WG6X 5/22/2018
I second that, thanks for putting all those counties on the air folks. N2JNE 5/22/2018

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