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Sorry for cutting it short today (more) N9QS 11/21/2017
Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, Silver, does this........ K8OOK 11/22/2017
I've been there too Silver... It's called "old age".... Don AE3Z 11/22/2017

Heading South of Richmond, VA today and thru some western counties on the way home tomorrow. K4YT 11/21/2017

Sorry for your loss. N2JNE 11/21/2017
Mike, intended for you and your family. N2JNE 11/21/2017

NX4W Silent Key WMU 11/20/2017
Love and prayers for you, Mike, and family (more) KBBA 11/21/2017
Sad news indeed. R.I.P. Lloyd. K7SEN & AB7NK 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear about Lloyd. He will be missed. N9QS 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear about Lloyd NFN 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear. We had many conversations at many conventions. RIP KC3X 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/21/2017
Our thoughts and prayers go out to your entire family during this time of loss. KA2LHO 11/21/2017
RIP my digital friend... you are missed WA4UNS 11/21/2017
Lots of contacts in the books with NX4W over the years... RiP friend.... Don AE3Z 11/21/2017
Sad news.. Great guy.. K8ZZ 11/21/2017
He was not my Grandfather. I copied the passage from his Facebook page WMU 11/21/2017
Very sorry to hear of Lloyd's passing and my sympathies to Mike and family NA8W 11/21/2017
Sorry for your loss Mike N8HAM 11/21/2017
Sorry for your lose Mike, Our prayers to you and the Family and Friends. (More) WB4FFV 11/21/2017
Sorry for your loss. RIP Lloyd KU4YM 11/21/2017
My Condolences - Lloyd was a pioneer of digital moible communications. N1API 11/21/2017
Another great County Hunter passed into his heavenly home. RIP W7FEN 11/21/2017
He will always be in your heart and thoughts, so sorry for your lost. WG6X 11/21/2017

For sale: LDG AT-1000 (built-in Meter) Auto memory Ant Tuner (more) WGXQ 11/20/2017
Bencher paddle sold WGXQ 11/22/2017
OC dipole NFN 11/21/2017
Sold . . tnx Mike WGXQ 11/21/2017

GA counties & Thanksgiving run (more) AB7NK 11/20/2017
Please use 7113.... W3DYA 11/20/2017
Thanks Mary for the update WA4UNS 11/20/2017

No trip south this winter KC7YE 11/20/2017

Belated THANK YOU to WQ7A (more...) KBBA 11/20/2017
Always fun to help out. Thanks. 73/88 Terry WQ7A 11/20/2017

I will try to run these counties today...... N9QS 11/20/2017
Thats York county. N9QS 11/20/2017

CW N4RS 11/19/2017
Always!! W4SIG 11/20/2017

Sorry about Saturday 11/17/17 N9QS 11/19/2017
Your wife is by far most important. WG6X 11/19/2017
Always family first. I'm sorry your wife wasn't feeling well. I hope she is feeling better now. K2MF 11/19/2017
Family first. We hope Bonnie is feeling better today WA4UNS 11/19/2017

Just a recap of needs... (more) WA4UNS 11/17/2017
With the right station... I need 9 counties to finish three awards... help please... (more) WA4UNS 11/18/2017
Pike &Upson on our list. No idea which day well get there. This is your adv notice! Happy Hunting AB7NK 11/18/2017
Thx... I have your trip list and hope I can be available WA4UNS 11/18/2017

A BIG!!!!! THANK YOU to N9QS for getting WASHINGTON, IN for me... (more) WA4UNS 11/17/2017
CHATTOOGA, GA didn't print WA4UNS 11/17/2017

Illinois Counties Saturday NN9K 11/16/2017
Will be listening for you Pete.. K8ZZ 11/17/2017
Could use Lawrence for my 4th star if u cud run it on this trip K4YT 11/17/2017

If people are arouond I will go to.. K2HVN 11/16/2017

Trip Today to Garrett, MD K4YT 11/16/2017

I'm looking for an ICOM IC-7000 OPC-1443 Separation cable and MB-105 mounting plate. W3DYA 11/15/2017
I have both...(more) KD5YUK 11/16/2017

No SSB on Sat 11/18 & limited on Sun 11/19 due to SSB contest. Well stop to run cw in (more) AB7NK 11/15/2017
Hi Mary, how about 17 SSB, no contesting on 17 mtrs K8OOK 11/16/2017
Hopefully 17 will be open. Tnx for suggestion Mike! AB7NK 11/17/2017

On the road again... KBBA 11/15/2017

Congratulations to my XYL... she passed her Technician exam this past Friday... (more) WA4UNS 11/14/2017
Now the fun starts Doug...what a team! WY8I 11/17/2017
Congratulations KC3X 11/15/2017
Awesome, Connie! Next step (more...) KBBA 11/15/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/15/2017
Congrats! WMU 11/15/2017
Many congratulations to Connie, Doug! K2MF 11/15/2017
Congrats! Thats fun for you both! W4SIG 11/15/2017
Congratulations, now to study for General. You can do it. WB4FFV 11/15/2017
Congratulations, enjoy W7FEN 11/15/2017
Congrat's! WG6X 11/15/2017
Congratulations! Welcome to the group. WQ7A 11/14/2017

Just an FYI... I will be traveling to Henrico, VA on Thanksgiving day... (more) WA4UNS 11/14/2017

Clean TS-570D for sale (no CW filters) WGXQ 11/14/2017
Transceiver has been sold WGXQ 11/20/2017
What??? A CW guy with a rig with no CW filters???? (snicker snicker) WA4UNS 11/14/2017
Yeah, well . . . it came to me via an estate & he was a sideband guy. WGXQ 11/14/2017

Just a thought how many of us were in or over Vietnam? WG6X 11/14/2017
Threetrips over there from Subic Bay, Philappines. Bringing all size ammo to the fleet WB4KZW 11/20/2017
USS Valley Forge (Helicopter Carrier) - 2 deployments carrying USMC K1BV 11/17/2017
Uss Maddox-Tonkin Gulf August 2, 1964 KB6UF 11/14/2017
NAVMAG SUBIC 71-72 Sending Ordnance to the Fleet K4YT 11/14/2017
The closest I got was Adak, AK... Glad that all who respond came back safely WA4UNS 11/14/2017
66 and 67 9th Div, Bearcat and 199th Infantry, Cat Lai. Signal Corp (AK1WM) N7IPG 11/14/2017
4th Div 67/68 MACV/CMAT/SOG 70-71 FWIW WE7G 11/14/2017
Carrier ops before the start, flights in & off coast during , & flight after the war WG6X 11/14/2017

Eastern OHIO trip posted W8OP 11/13/2017

Revised trip posted - will update again on 11/16 "Happy Hunting" AB7NK 11/13/2017

Island WA KC7YE 11/12/2017
Thank you for trying so hard, Jack. I never heard you on 40m or 30m. K2MF 11/13/2017

Many Thanks to Bob, KA9JAC AI5P 11/11/2017

Parks and their county AI5P Trip AI5P 11/11/2017

KY QSO Party Hardly any activity K4YT 11/11/2017

Traveling to Virginia on 11/17....more.... N9QS 11/11/2017

Above and beyond. Thanks to every Veteran and his Family for your service and WB4FFV 11/11/2017

Thank you Vets for your service!!! US Navy 1969-1973 WA4UNS 11/10/2017
Signal Corp 65 to 71 and Corps of Engineers 73 to 76, then 35 years Dept of Interior N7IPG 11/14/2017
U.S. Army 1966-92. Thanks to all veterans! AI5P 11/11/2017
US NAVY 73-75 Seabees thanks to all that served KBBA 11/11/2017
Thanks to all you veterans! My flag is out! US Navy 1960-1964 WA3QNT 11/11/2017
Ohio National Guard 1965-1971. We're not classified veterans but I didn't go to Canada. (More) NA8W 11/11/2017
Thank you Veterans for your service to our country! K2MF 11/11/2017
USAF 1959-1982 K7DM 11/11/2017
Thank you Veterans..US Navy 1970 - 1978 K8EMS 11/11/2017
US Navy 1965 - 1969 N1API 11/11/2017
USAF 14 Years K4AMC 11/11/2017
Thanks to all Vets - USMC - '73-'77 WYA 11/11/2017
Thank you to all our Veterans! WMU 11/10/2017
U.S. Navy....1954-1957 N9QS 11/10/2017
Active duty Air Force from 1959 to 1984 followed by Aerospace and Defense (84 to 98) WGXQ 11/10/2017
U.S. Army, 1964-1968 (served in the Far East) KC3X 11/10/2017
Thank You also US Army 58-64. Korea, Hawaii and mainland. W7FEN 11/10/2017
USAF Retired and DAFC Retired. 36 Years. I'd do it again! K7VAY 11/10/2017
Thank you too... U.S. Navy 1955-1985 RMC - Retired AE3Z 11/10/2017
U.S. Navy AWC retired 1956-75 WG6X 11/11/2017
AMEN Thanks to all who served or are serving. US AIR FORCE 1962-1969 K9MIX K9MIX 11/10/2017

No planned trips for the KY QP this weekend?? K4XI 11/9/2017

marac chdb down? K9MIX 11/9/2017
ICOM-7000 sold KC3X 11/10/2017
Database is back up WMU 11/9/2017

Down Sizing (more) KC3X 11/8/2017
I would love the 9500 WMU 11/8/2017

Wallowa county, Oregon. tomorrow around 1800+/- 1 hr K7TM 11/8/2017
PoorCondx. But I did work a VP2 station on 30 meters from the mobile. I heard several stations on K7TM 11/9/2017
called several times but no reply. K7TM 11/9/2017
Sorry I missed you-no copy on 40/30 at noon in Fl - did not hear you on 20m- next time!! K4XI 11/9/2017
Not able to hear much from my location either. KC3X 11/9/2017

ARRL Grid Challenge Award N4CD 11/8/2017
Sounds fun KA3QLF 11/12/2017
This will generate even more FT8 activity as your grid is part of the exchange! WMU 11/8/2017
oops... N4CD 11/8/2017

Ky QSO Party this weekend. WMU 11/8/2017
Just happens we will be in KY N9JF 11/8/2017
Oops. Wrong day. Sorry. We are going through KY on Friday.... N9JF 11/8/2017
KYQP Mobiles? KAP 11/8/2017

List of last counties needed for 3rd time, and Prefixes A, K, N, and W. W3DYA 11/8/2017

Trip posted - please email cw requests. (more) AB7NK 11/8/2017
Have a fun and safe trip. Likely won't hear you in Honolulu N8KIE 11/9/2017

Snohomish WA about 1900z. Plus or minus an hour. APRS WQ7A-1 WQ7A 11/7/2017

Congrats.. K8ZZ 11/7/2017
I join wid below "speakers" Jerry ...tks fer all help fer me from ur side PA3ARM 11/8/2017

It took 2-1/2 years, but I completed CW-VII today! WGXQ 11/6/2017
You're the CW master Jerry...awesome job well done! WY8I 11/8/2017
CONGRATULATIONS JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! W9MSE 11/8/2017
Amazing Jerry!! Congratulations W WE7G 11/8/2017
WOW !!!! GREAT JOB JERRY !!! NM2L 11/7/2017
Congrats Jerry!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 11/7/2017
Congratulations Jerry. K7TM 11/7/2017
WTG Jerry (more) WA3QNT 11/7/2017
Congratulations! KPFV 11/7/2017
Congrats Jerry..... N8HAM 11/7/2017
Congrats, Jerry KB8OMG 11/7/2017
Im waiting for you to post Needs List for #VIII N7JPF 11/7/2017
Congrats Jerry and thank you for all your help N7JPF 11/7/2017
Wow! AD1C 11/7/2017
Good job, Jerry KC5P 11/7/2017
Many congratulations, Jerry! 2 1/2 years is a drop in the bucket so you have to start again. :) K2MF 11/7/2017
Nice job Jerry, congratulations! N2JNE 11/6/2017
Congratulations Jerry, that didn't take you long. Are you ready to start again? WB4FFV 11/6/2017
Way to go, Jerry! I have 9 to go for CW-I. Only 51 years at it so far.... N9JF 11/6/2017
Congratulations Jerry !!! Mobile Diamond NFN 11/6/2017
AWESOME, Jerry! Now you get to start over! 😄 Sandra/Lowell. N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 11/6/2017
Congratulations Jerry, Well Done. KC3X 11/6/2017
A hard one to earn for sure, congrat's! WG6X 11/6/2017
Congratulations Jerry, super job 73 W7FEN 11/6/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/6/2017
Congrats ! That's most impressive. Great Job ! W8OP 11/6/2017
I am still working on CW I Congrats! WMU 11/6/2017
Congrats! With condx not good for the near future, the next time might take a bit longer!! K4XI 11/6/2017

RON Henrico Cty K4YT 11/6/2017
Thanks Karl... KD5YUK 11/6/2017
Thanks for the needed counties, Karl! W4SIG 11/6/2017
Thanks the new ones yesterday, Karl. Appreciate it. W8OP 11/6/2017

LY5A on 18142 SSB 11/05 at 1449z AD1C 11/5/2017

Sunday Trip VA Western Counties K4YT 11/5/2017

Island WA KC7YE 11/4/2017

73 de KAP KAP 11/4/2017
I've heard you in there working the mobiles, Dragan. K2MF 11/5/2017
Welcome to one of the most interesting and entertaining activities in amateur radio! K2MF 11/5/2017
It has been great to hear you in a bunch of counties. Welcome to the party that never ends!!!! KA2LHO 11/4/2017
I worked you in Kentucky....more N9QS 11/4/2017
Welcome aboard....more N9QS 11/4/2017

73 de KAP KAP 11/4/2017
Joining MARAC and getting the Logger program will make it a little easier welcome on board N8KIE 11/4/2017

USA-CA #1260 AB7RW 11/4/2017
WA4WKL 6/20/17 WQ7A 11/4/2017

73 de KAP KAP 11/4/2017
Welcome! WMU 11/4/2017
Welcome to CHing, Dragan ! A most enjoyable part of ham radio indeed. W8OP 11/4/2017
Welcome and enjoy. On a good day, when there... K8OOK 11/4/2017

Congrats on getting them all ! K8EMS 11/4/2017

Sat N4CD 11/4/2017

Welcome to USA-CA All Counties to KB9AIT K1BV 11/3/2017
Congratulations Gary. K7TM 11/5/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 11/5/2017
CONGRATS on finishing USA-CA. Now it's on to the second time! (more...) KBBA 11/5/2017
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 11/4/2017
Congrat's. Well done! N8MD 11/4/2017
Congratulations Gary...You earned it!! WY8I 11/4/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 11/4/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/4/2017
Congratulations NA8W 11/4/2017
Congratulations Gary! WGXQ 11/4/2017
Congrats Gary... AE3Z 11/4/2017
Congratulations! KPFV 11/4/2017
Congrats!! KU4YM 11/4/2017
Congratulations Gary! Well done. N5MLP 11/4/2017
Congratulations Gary W7FEN 11/4/2017
Congrats Gary KC5P 11/4/2017
Many congratulations, Gary! K2MF 11/4/2017
Congratulations ! LY5A 11/3/2017
Congratulations great job WE7G 11/3/2017
Congratulations Gary! N2JNE 11/3/2017
Welcome to the USA-CA club! WMU 11/3/2017
Way to go Gary!!! Congrats!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 11/3/2017
Congratulations!!!!! K4PBX 11/3/2017
Congratulations Gary on your USA-CA number. WB4FFV 11/3/2017
A hearty Congratulations Gary WQ7A 11/3/2017
Congratulations on a major achievement ! W8OP 11/3/2017
Congrat's on the award! WG6X 11/3/2017
Congrats, Gary!!!!! Huge accomplishment! W4SIG 11/3/2017
Congratulations Gary! Well Done N7JPF 11/3/2017

Trip Planned for Western and Southern Virginia Sat/Sun/Mon K4YT 11/3/2017
ARRL SS CW N4CD 11/3/2017

November 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 11/3/2017

Friday N4CD 11/2/2017

Just a reminder of my trip tomorrow to Raleigh, NC... (more) WA4UNS 11/2/2017

Short WV trip tomorrow W8OP 11/2/2017

Need four for all CW... (more) WA4UNS 11/2/2017
Give me a call NM2L 11/2/2017
Will do. WA4UNS 11/2/2017

Down to 6 to finish BINGO III... (more) WA4UNS 11/2/2017

Interesting trip today... (more) WA4UNS 11/2/2017

Signalink usb AK8A 11/2/2017
What program are you using... (more) WA4UNS 11/2/2017
Make sure radio is USB N7JPF 11/2/2017

Master Gold needs for N0XYL, Sandra KBBA 11/2/2017
I will not be in Pulaski, VA until Thanksgiving (travelling to Richmand) WA4UNS 11/2/2017
Sandra, got your needs noted, howver, not planning on any trips for a while...GL N7JPF 11/2/2017

WBOW for someone! KBBA 11/2/2017
I'm in Snohomish WA KC7YE 11/2/2017

Anyone know when 10, 18, and 24 mhz bands (30, 17, 12 meters) started being used W3DYA 11/2/2017
For me it was: 30m (2004), 17m (2005), and 12m (2008) WGXQ 11/2/2017

tnx to AI5P for going out of his way for Calhoun, AR my LC KMAF 11/2/2017

TNX KMAF 11/2/2017

Thurs N4CD 11/2/2017

Digital WAS KK7X 11/1/2017
Congratulations Dennis. I have a ways to catch up with you. K7TM 11/5/2017
Congratulations Dennis. 73 K7SEN 11/2/2017
You've been busy Dennis! Congratulations! WGXQ 11/2/2017
Congrats dennis KC5P 11/2/2017
Congratulations Dennis. W7FEN 11/2/2017
Nice Job Dennis! N2JNE 11/1/2017
Congrat's! WG6X 11/1/2017
Congratulations Dennis. WB4FFV 11/1/2017
Sounds like fun. I have a few to go on FT8 and JT65 but need a lot more on JT9. K7TM 11/1/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/1/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 11/1/2017
Many congratulations, Dennis! K2MF 11/1/2017

November Road Runner emaied. If you didn't get yours let me know. WQ7A 11/1/2017

CQ Europe Would you like to help MARAC? WMU 11/1/2017

Wed N4CD 11/1/2017
KFF-3057 or KFF-3507 AD1C 11/1/2017
Lost Maples N4CD 11/1/2017
Hill country state natural area N4CD 11/1/2017
Wish you were a "W" prefix WA4UNS 11/1/2017

No SSB (more) N9QS 10/31/2017

Home from my recent trip.... N7JPF 10/31/2017
Sorry I missed you Paul! But our harvest is almost complete. NA8W 10/31/2017

Happy Trick or Treat Day! Thanks to all the mobile... W4SIG 10/31/2017

Maybe Going Virginia Mobile Nov 1-2-3 on 80m and 17m N4UP 10/31/2017

Thanks Silver for Garrard and Mercer KY . . . just one to go (Nantucket) WGXQ 10/31/2017
Thanks for all the counties on your trip, Silver! You filled in some big holes for me. :) K2MF 11/1/2017
Tks Silver L/C Taylor, KY K4AMC 11/1/2017
Thanks Silver for WBOW 2nd time...Metcalfe, KY N7JPF 10/31/2017
Congratulations! N2JNE 11/1/2017
NICE!! WGXQ 11/1/2017
Congratulations Paul, well done. WQ7A 11/1/2017
Thanks Roy for the KY counties today/ W7FEN 10/31/2017
Nantucket is my LC for WBOW N Prefix K4YT 10/31/2017

Nov 1 Trip Canceled K4YT 10/31/2017
Antennas Repaired and will go as scheduled tomorrow Nov 1 K4YT 10/31/2017

Trip to MD and WV Nov 1 K4YT 10/31/2017

Off the grid, back now & THANK YOU NM2L 10/31/2017
Congrats, Greg! You deserve it with all the spots,... W4SIG 10/31/2017
Congrats! WMU 10/31/2017
Congrats Greg. Certainly deserved, and glad to have you back. Go Falcons! N9JF 10/31/2017
Many congratulations, Greg and well deserved! K2MF 10/31/2017

Ham Radio featured in the next NCIS TV show WMU 10/30/2017
More like a CB thing with handles, personally not very well done on ham part. WG6X 11/2/2017
Watched this on the DVR, and noticed ... NUQ 11/1/2017
Eye-rolling... N9JF 10/31/2017
Extremely poor representation of "ham radio"... Might better leave it alone...! AE3Z 11/1/2017
At least our disaster communications abilities got a mention WA4UNS 11/1/2017
Yes, though not real accurate. Oh well... N9JF 11/1/2017
NCIS nice radios!! NA8W 10/31/2017
A45 ??? And voice on 30 meters? But it's close! NA8W 10/31/2017
Not exactly our best depiction, but what did we expect for a TV show. NA8W 10/31/2017
Let me try it again. What is NCIS? K7VAY 10/31/2017
Naval criminal investigative Unit. It's a TV show about it. NA8W 10/31/2017
This is like pulling teeth. Now it's NCIU. Getting info from old people is a terrible thing. K7VAY 11/1/2017
Naval Criminal Investigative Service N9JF 11/1/2017
       Finally! Thanks, Jim. K7VAY 11/1/2017
What is NCIS? K7VAY 10/30/2017
Pat, I guess you Air Force folks don't speak "navy". WGXQ 10/31/2017
I'm a old USAF guy and even I know what NCIS is ! KC7YE 10/31/2017
What is TV? WQ7A 10/31/2017
14.230 :) N9JF 10/31/2017
TV? I thought that was the porn channel! LOL!!!! WMU 10/31/2017

Planning a tentative trip to Henderson, Polk, and Transylvania, NC... (more) WA4UNS 10/30/2017
Trip is on... may try FT8... (more) WA4UNS 10/31/2017
Note: the change will cause my "CQ" NOT to highlight in green. Ya'll will have to watch WA4UNS 11/1/2017
A change... (more) WA4UNS 11/1/2017
FT* exchanges NFN 11/2/2017

Anyone with MRC's left get them to me of wait 5 months .. Hawaii is calling N8KIE 10/30/2017
Should be there any day. Thanks. KA2LHO 10/31/2017

Trip logging done, 8th time stands at 1140 worked in 7 weeks amazing to me N8KIE 10/30/2017
Thanks for all the contacts! Enjoy KH6! WMU 10/30/2017
Thanks for a number of new ones Bob. I am now down to less than 1,000 for first time around. TU KA2LHO 10/30/2017
Thats great Glad to help you out N8KIE 10/30/2017

Be advised that starting at 1900Z today, the W6RK spotting site (more) K2MF 10/30/2017
It looks like this got cleared up at about 2030Z. All is well now. :) K2MF 10/30/2017

TWO remaining for 5th time... PIKE and UPSON, GA. Shared C?L. Any help??? WA4UNS 10/30/2017
I replied via my phone but it hasn't showed so sorry if this is a dupe. NA8W 10/30/2017
Hey Darl... Ihope to be around listening. If something comes up... I'll let you know WA4UNS 10/30/2017
Self-credit works for that have fun N8KIE 10/30/2017
Self-Credit (more) WA3QNT 10/30/2017
I may be wrong, but I don't think that Logger can handle self credits, and there- more - N2JNE 10/30/2017
Yes I know... would like to give an LC-2 to a CHer. (more) WA4UNS 10/30/2017

MEAGHER, MT K9MIX 10/30/2017
Ask N5PR who spotted him. WMU 10/30/2017
Only one decent road (89). Ed and I ran it September 24th last year. WGXQ 10/31/2017
Sep 23rd! WGXQ 10/31/2017
Correct date? W6RK 10/30/2017
Date (more) K5KDG 10/30/2017

Back to Sand Dunes 1340z N4CD 10/30/2017

Awards Issued on 29 October 2017 AB7RW 10/29/2017
Congratulations Phil WGXQ 10/30/2017
Job well done...great county hunters!!! WY8I 10/30/2017
ongrats to both from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/30/2017
Congratulations !! NA8W 10/30/2017
Great job. And thanks for all the cntys. KC5P 10/30/2017
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! W9MSE 10/30/2017
Congrats!!!! W4SIG 10/29/2017
Many congratulations, Bob & Phil! K2MF 10/29/2017
Congratulations to N8KIE and AB7RW. Job well done. WB4FFV 10/29/2017
Congrats to you both! WMU 10/29/2017
Congrat's on awards to both of you & the CW one is hard to ear for sure. WG6X 10/29/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 10/29/2017
Good job Phil. Glad you are up and running. WQ7A 10/29/2017
anyone who worked me after Sept 10 update your logger and recalc star XX N8KIE 10/29/2017
Nice job Phil and congrats to the awardees N2JNE 10/29/2017
Congratulaions to all WA4UNS 10/29/2017

THANK YOU KDEQ 10/28/2017
Sri Bill KC5P 10/30/2017
good job Phil. congrats KC5P 10/30/2017
Congrats, Bill! Thanks for all the help on the ban... W4SIG 10/29/2017
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 10/29/2017
Thank you! WMU 10/29/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/29/2017
Award (more) K5KDG 10/29/2017

WSJT-X 1.8 went live Not an RC version now. WMU 10/28/2017
Uploaded it today. There are some changes that I don't care for. K7TM 10/29/2017
CTRL click moves both. Read the Release Notes. (I don't like it either) WQ7A 10/30/2017

Awards Processing- I you have a 1,2 or 3 in your call WMU 10/28/2017
LC2's or just LC1's ? N8KIE 10/28/2017
I think either is fine. WMU 10/29/2017

VA3EF is a real ASS keeps sending his call over and over N8KIE 10/28/2017
Dx pileup N4CD 10/28/2017
I don't hear him ?? KD5YUK 10/28/2017

20M interrupting my internet connection question W3DYA 10/28/2017
RF Problem? K4AMC 10/29/2017
When I had DSL WMU 10/28/2017
unless it is defective I doubt it is the router. Sudden link might be the best place to start N8KIE 10/28/2017

Thanks to mobiles alerting me to my M-2-M needs they will run, but - more - N2JNE 10/28/2017

Update KFF County File (more) KA2LHO 10/27/2017

Staying an extra day in Hilton Head Island (more)... N9QS 10/27/2017
OOOppps (more) N9QS 10/27/2017

We'll be heading to Raleigh, NC Nov 3rd for a herpetology conference. (more) WA4UNS 10/26/2017

slowly but surely getting trip logged. out of ND for SD oh what fun N8KIE 10/26/2017
Another Logger user has a crashed computer and lost his data. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. WQ7A 10/26/2017
save mine every night N8KIE 10/26/2017
Or tag the logger data for upload to the cloud. It if free from google and others WMU 10/26/2017

Week trip out west tx way N4CD 10/26/2017
Need stars and N8KIE 10/27/2017
and DD from Crane to Concho N8KIE 10/27/2017
I'll be watching for you. W8OP 10/26/2017

Jonas LY5A WMU 10/26/2017
Yes, on CW.. K8ZZ 10/27/2017
yes ... on 14336 N8KIE 10/26/2017
Thanks! WMU 10/26/2017
Yes. He worked a few stations in ILQP on Sunday (not me, unfortunately...) N9JF 10/26/2017
Yes.... KM6HB 10/26/2017

looks like a good day to do something else N8KIE 10/26/2017
Working 160 FT8 right now. Logging one right after anther. Got a LC for W prefix too! WMU 10/26/2017
You are right...15 and 17 are lot's of FT8 contacts today NFN 10/26/2017
All the band's are hopping with FT8. (More) NA8W 10/26/2017
Yesterday 10 meters was open also! NA8W 10/26/2017

November County Hunter News N4CD 10/26/2017

Pierce, WI tomorrow (Thursday).....more N7JPF 10/25/2017


MI Mini K8ZZ 10/24/2017

Thanks to everyone for your calls on the way up to PA and back to FL. (more) KA2LHO 10/24/2017
thank you for all the counties on your trip!! WY8I 10/25/2017
The 30m activity is most definitely appreciated by me and thank you for that, Kraig! K2MF 10/25/2017
Tks for doing 30 m - needed some of those FL ones but too close to Orange during the day. K4XI 10/24/2017
Triip (more) K5KDG 10/24/2017

Thought that the awards were open again as it let me fill out the forms but guess not N8KIE 10/24/2017
Hang in there, will be an official notice when the... W4SIG 10/25/2017
Why don't we all just wait for the official word that the Awards Program is up and running again. WGXQ 10/24/2017

Tom K5IID, USACA 661 is now a Silent Key. Not sure if this was previously reported. WGXQ 10/23/2017
K5IID Tom (More) K5KDG 10/26/2017
RIP Tom. N8HAM 10/24/2017
Always sad to hear of a county hunters passing. Rest in Peace! WG6X 10/24/2017
K5IID Obituary KM6HB 10/23/2017
Thanks Mark WGXQ 10/24/2017

Note: My address has been updated (Apt 218) on WGXQ 10/23/2017

Arkansas Bean Fest and Outhouse Races this weekend... W4SIG 10/23/2017
Race to the outhouse after eating the beans N8KIE 10/23/2017
What's an outhouse? N7JPF 10/23/2017
Paul that's when your not inhouse! Ha Ha NA8W 10/23/2017
Dont get stuck!!! AB7NK 10/23/2017
Last outhouse races I went to were in 1981 held in the Black Mtns of CO. KC3X 10/23/2017
Are you going to be driving an outhouse? Ha. Would that be mobile or portable? NA8W 10/23/2017
So many options..I like the "Portable Potty"!! W4SIG 10/23/2017
Portable Potty N8KIE 10/23/2017
Of course I should have known that Hi Hi NA8W 10/23/2017
Like to know how you mount the antenna. Probably just more p... poor propogation from the Portable N8MD 10/23/2017

ILQP Thanks! N9JF 10/23/2017
Wonderful contest! Thanks to all the mobiles who p... W4SIG 10/23/2017

OCT 27 TRIP KDEQ 10/23/2017

Thanks to Ray WA2CNJ for Kings NY! Four left to complete CW-VII. WGXQ 10/22/2017
Jerry...W0GXQ.....I will try to be in Garrard and Mercer KY (more) N9QS 10/24/2017
Silver, thanks for the heads-up. I will stay in touch. WGXQ 10/24/2017
Was praying for Bronx on 30 last county. KC3X 10/22/2017
Scratch Hudson NJ (N2CX) . . . three to go! WGXQ 10/22/2017

Thanks for the help during the NYQP, 10 CHers for 1690 Pts - more N2JNE 10/22/2017

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