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March County Hunter News Online N4CD 3/2/2024

Heading over to Mojave AZ-more KB6UF 3/2/2024
Change -more KB6UF 3/2/2024

March 2024 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 3/2/2024

new email address (more) AB7NK 2/29/2024

Awards Issued 2/28/2024 AB7RW 2/28/2024
Congrats guys! K7SEN & AB7NK 2/29/2024
Congratulations gentlemen! WØGXQ 2/29/2024
Many congratulations to Hollis, Kerry, Ron and Karl!! K2MF 2/29/2024
Congrats to everyone! Way to go! W4SIG 2/28/2024
Congratulations to all! N8MD 2/28/2024

upgrade K4YFH 2/27/2024
Go to the MARAC website.... KE3VV 2/27/2024
and the under Awards... (more) KE3VV 2/27/2024

Trip thru Utah and Nevada posted for March 6. W4SIG 2/27/2024
I need them all again. I just finished another one. KC3X 2/27/2024

List of County Hunters WB4UHI 2/27/2024
You can go to the website and click on D... W4SIG 2/27/2024
Regarding the MARAC DB public page... (more) K2MF 2/28/2024
Thank you. It is very helpful. WB4UHI 2/28/2024
Thanks – I still need about 330 counties. Since ... WB4UHI 2/27/2024

Tuesday's Counties K4YT 2/27/2024

Nasty horrible Rain K4YT 2/25/2024
Columbia River gorge KC7YE 2/26/2024
I -90 Bare and wet, with snow and slush in places ... KK7X 2/26/2024
Tnx Karl.. K8ZZ 2/26/2024
Thanks, Karl, for all your efforts in the traffic ... W4SIG 2/26/2024

back in Honolulu was very rainy in Hilo. I feel very fortunate to have helped several N8KIE 2/25/2024
Many many thank yous, Bob! I am glad you got back to Honolulu, safely!! K2MF 2/27/2024
Tnx Bob.. K8ZZ 2/26/2024
Thanks Bob for the 2 new counties. KC3X 2/26/2024
Thanks Bob! W4SIG 2/25/2024
on top of my horrible cw my paddles broke and I had to temp. make them work N8KIE 2/26/2024

Sunday's trip K4YT 2/25/2024
rethink c/l cowlitz/wah, not safe shoulder KC7YE 2/25/2024

RON near Tacoma K4YT 2/24/2024

Warren, NC, not Wayne, NC…incorrect county 2/24 W5VS 2/24/2024

Satursday Counties K4YT 2/24/2024

Heading out 0500-Z SUNDAY will QRZ 3.556.5 then 7.056.5 until bands open-MORE KB6UF 2/23/2024
Late niters early risers-MORE KB6UF 2/24/2024

Island this morning then the 1410 ferry. Plan to run San Juan tonight as well as tomorrow K4YT 2/23/2024

Last minute trip - Central VA to Raleigh, NC W5VS 2/22/2024

If weather gods cooperate-MORE KB6UF 2/22/2024

RON at SEATAC hotel. Will get rental car in the morning. Need to drive to HRO Portland............. K4YT 2/21/2024
have mast yours if you want it email sent KC7YE 2/22/2024

Made changes to trip, showing coming or going, dates are very fluid-more KB6UF 2/21/2024

W2UDT reported SK... (more) K2MF 2/19/2024

long range forcast for 2/24 and 2/25 is 70% chance of rain not good N8KIE 2/19/2024

Severe Weather Condx in WA and OR K4YT 2/18/2024

San Juan Ferry Bookings CFM K4YT 2/17/2024
I assume that the times are pst not utc N8KIE 2/17/2024

trip plan to Hawaii, HI posted also will try to run Honolulu when K4YT runs San Juan N8KIE 2/17/2024
Ferry Bookings K4YT 2/17/2024

Award Issued 2/16/2023 AB7RW 2/16/2024
Many congratulations, Kerry! K2MF 2/17/2024
Congratulations Kerry! N8MD 2/16/2024

New Mexico help.....In finishing my logging for this trip I noted that I had no contacts recorded... N8HAM 2/16/2024
Sandoval W8BZY 2/16/2024
Jim--thanks. Didn't think of checking the spots. That means I left a whole in the state!! Oops Ji N8HAM 2/16/2024

W4XT USA-CA #325 reported SK... (more) K2MF 2/16/2024

WA Trip Feb 21-28. K4YT 2/15/2024
San Juan Island es county KC7YE 2/15/2024
Yes, Karl...If you have time on San Juan Island.... K7REL 2/15/2024
Do try to visit American Camp and British Camp. You probably already know the history of the Pig Wa K7REL 2/15/2024
And if you happen to get to Orcas Island..... K7REL 2/15/2024
My needs in OR and WA are now updated W4SIG 2/15/2024
Updated my needs. Need 37 counties out of 39. K7REL 2/15/2024
I need everything KC3X 2/15/2024

See trip page KB6UF 2/14/2024
Trip page updated KB6UF 2/15/2024

Awards Issued 2/13/2024 AB7RW 2/13/2024
Congratulations to Jerry, Bill and Kerry! K2MF 2/16/2024
Congrats to all award winners! W4SIG 2/15/2024
Congrat's to all! N8MD 2/14/2024

Rookie Questions K4NE 2/10/2024
Many thanks! K4NE 2/14/2024
The October 2024 issue of CQ Magazine had an artic... WB4UHI 2/14/2024
Coloring Book AB7NK 2/13/2024
I am in Honolulu for the winter. Will be on the air abt 2/21-22 and 2/24-25 from Hawaii, HI N8KIE 2/11/2024
Hey, Phil, and welcome! The “coloring book” h... W4SIG 2/10/2024
TNX Kerry! K4NE 2/10/2024
County Hunting 2024 N4CD 2/10/2024
Helpful Info K4NE 2/10/2024
eQSLs N4CD 2/15/2024
There is no longer a MRC QSL bureau. MRCs are grea... W4SIG 2/12/2024
More KC3X 2/12/2024
       more KC3X 2/12/2024
              Somewhere I read that in addition to MRCs, you sho... K4NE 2/12/2024
                     I don't need any qsl, so save your card if you work me and need a mrc. I can't speak for others. KC3X 2/13/2024
                     Leading up to your first time USA-CA award... (more) K2MF 2/13/2024
eQSLs N4CD 2/10/2024
Hi Phil, welcome to the forum! Great questions - more N8MD 2/10/2024

ran Honolulu today to check out setup. nothing was planned but ab7nk and k7sen worked N8KIE 2/7/2024

K8ZZ is QRT for the day. Thanks Ed! K5GE 2/5/2024

I am going to finish running the lower tier of Iowa tomorrow and then head home ASAP. Thanks all N8HAM 2/4/2024
Thanks Jim ! WA3QNT 2/6/2024
Thanks, Jim, for all the help. K7REL 2/5/2024
Thanks Jim! K5GE 2/5/2024
Thanks Jim. KC3X 2/5/2024
Thanks K8OOK 2/5/2024
Thanks, Jim! W4SIG 2/4/2024

Running Idaho counties today afterall. See ya soon... W4SIG 2/4/2024
Thanks for trying and for those youdid run! K5GE 2/5/2024
Scratch that, antenna problems W4SIG 2/4/2024

Driving conditions yesterday in the mountain peaks... W4SIG 2/4/2024

I thought my driving conditions today were bad until I just read Kerry's!! Rain and fog all day, . N8HAM 2/3/2024
Hopefully this storm blows on out. Drive safely, J... W4SIG 2/3/2024

Driving conditions yesterday in the mountain peaks... W4SIG 2/3/2024
Settled in for skiing. My big plans were put on ic... W4SIG 2/3/2024
Thanks, Kerry, for all the help. K7REL 2/3/2024

Driving conditions yesterday in the mountain peaks... W4SIG 2/3/2024
Daggett N4RS 2/3/2024

Little Tarheel HP and accessories in Portland, OR N7LKL 2/2/2024

KBØBA info. KA9JAC 2/2/2024
KB0BA NØKV 2/5/2024
thanks Bob. N8HAM 2/3/2024

K8ZZ is QRT until Sunday afternoon. WØGXQ 2/2/2024

February 2024 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 2/2/2024

CW from the moon on 437.41 MHZ. Call sign JS1YMG, only running one Watt. WB4FFV 2/1/2024
What was his county, Ralph? I missed it. de Carl... W9OO 2/3/2024
Moon county. WB4FFV 2/3/2024

QSO Party Weekend N4CD 2/1/2024
Hope to get MG contacts before, during, and after the MN QSO Party NUØQ 2/1/2024
aslo 10-10 ssb weekend ~ N4CD 2/1/2024

Trip tomorrow through UT, WY, ID posted. I modifie... W4SIG 2/1/2024

Congrats Jim. Very good KC5P 2/1/2024

Award Issued 1/31/2024 AB7RW 1/31/2024
Congrats Jim! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 2/1/2024
Congrats, Jim! W4SIG 2/1/2024
Many congratulations, Jim! K2MF 2/1/2024
Congratulations Jim! N8MD 1/31/2024

Trip N8HAM 1/31/2024
Thanks for the counties, Jim! W4SIG 2/1/2024

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