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trip updated more up dates coming KB6UF 4/10/2021
Trip up dated-more KB6UF 4/10/2021
Added Grand Isle to VT Run KB6UF 4/10/2021

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 4/10/2021

I would like to remind everyone about our SC trip starting Sunday morning. I hope to work everyone KC3X 4/9/2021

Trip Planned to Juneau KL7 First District around May 13th. Details to follow K4YT 4/9/2021

Todays little trip was much of a bust! So sorry for disappointment(s) (more) WB4KZW 4/9/2021
Hey, Gene! Good to see you here and also the many... W9OO 4/9/2021

QSO Party weekend N4CD 4/9/2021
ND QSO Party bringing them out of the woodwork! AD1C 4/10/2021
N0HJZ mobile in ND AD1C 4/9/2021
N0HJZ mobile in ND AD1C 4/9/2021

Trying to get active mobile again. WB4KZW 4/8/2021
From one "old Navy Chief" to another "old Navy Chief"... Get out there and have some fun... Don AE3Z 4/9/2021
Need Calhoun and Smith LY5A 4/9/2021

Terribly sorry to hear. Peace & rest to his soul WB4KZW 4/8/2021

Sorry to hear about Joe’s passing, only met him once-more KB6UF 4/8/2021

Joe, W8TVT SK - A special friend lost his battle with ALS this afternoon. (more) K8ZZ 4/7/2021
So sorry to hear about Joe. We will all miss him. K5GE 4/10/2021
Joe K8EMS 4/10/2021
RIP Joe, it was good to know you!! NA8W 4/9/2021
RIP Joe. K7TM 4/9/2021
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 4/8/2021
Very sorry to hear this news. Always enjoyed visiting with Joe at the MI Mini's. WØGXQ 4/8/2021
Our thoughts & prayers are with the family. RIP Joe... K7SEN & AB7NK 4/8/2021
The gentleman will sorely missed. WQ7A 4/8/2021
To us, the Ed & Joe Show was the highlight of the Mini, RIP Joe, N8IPG & K8OOK 4/8/2021
This is very sad news. Joe's humor at the banquets was truly one of the highlights of ..cont N8HAM 4/8/2021
So sorry to hear. Joe was fantastic at the banquet... W4SIG 4/8/2021
I am very sorry about Joe's passing. My condolences to Janet and his family. K2MF 4/8/2021
Sad news WØMU 4/7/2021
Joe was a very special man and friend. Everyone who knew Joe is certainly going (more) KBØBA 4/7/2021
So sorry to hear of Joe's passing. RIP KC3X 4/7/2021
Ed, I am sorry for your loss. AG6V 4/7/2021

Awards Issued 4/7/2021 AB7RW 4/7/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 4/8/2021
Congrats guys.. K8ZZ 4/8/2021
Congratulations KC3X 4/7/2021
Congratulations, Carl! K2MF 4/7/2021

Great Trip, Ed ! Much appreciated. W8OP 4/7/2021
Many tnx to all the spotters and help with relays.. BIG tnx to Don, K8MFO for his QSP help.. K8ZZ 4/8/2021
thank you for the counties DL3DXX 4/8/2021
Thanks Ed for great trip, and thanks Don K8MFO for spots and QSP K4AMC 4/8/2021
Thanks Ed for few new in NC and TN! Another great run! KØAP 4/7/2021
Another superior county run. Tnx so much. K4YT 4/7/2021
K8ZZ( more ) K5KDG 4/7/2021
Thanks for all the counties. KC3X 4/7/2021

Heads UP on TRIP-more KB6UF 4/5/2021

Thanks to Jerry, W0GXQ, for USA-CW WBOW at Harding, NM. W9OO 4/5/2021
Congratulations Carl. K7TM 4/9/2021
Congrats.. K8ZZ 4/7/2021
Congrats WA9PQY!!!!!!! N8HAM 4/6/2021
Thanks, Ol' Buddy! Yeah, my old call: PQY=Pukey. Then I got stuck with KF9FU--my luck :-) W9OO 4/7/2021
Congratulations!!!!! W4SIG 4/6/2021
And thank you, Kerry--many slots were filled by your fine mobiling. W9OO 4/7/2021
Congratulations Carl KC3X 4/6/2021
Hollis, thank you for the mobiling and help with relays! W9OO 4/7/2021
Congratulations!! That's just about the same number of years it took me! N9JF 4/6/2021
Thanks for your mobiling, Jim. I'm doing 2nd time much faster--figure just 30 years... W9OO 4/7/2021
Many congratulations, Carl! Patience is a virtue. :) (more) K2MF 4/6/2021

Going to try to run Rappahannock VA on Monday KA4RRU 4/4/2021

working on trip-in progress will be additions as the days go by-see trip page KB6UF 4/4/2021

weekend trip to OK N4CD 4/2/2021
Bob, aren't there in parks in Stonewall county Texas? KC3X 4/4/2021

Ok folks it close to Maine trip-more KB6UF 4/2/2021

April 2021 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 4/2/2021

Thursday is another rest day - Leave for home Friday.. K8ZZ 3/31/2021

Got my second shot yesterday, no ill effects. Will be home April 20. May try to run Honolulu first N8KIE 3/31/2021
Congratulations on your 2nd vaccine, Bob! K2MF 4/2/2021

Mobile trip posted for Friday in Mississippi W4SIG 3/31/2021
I'll be listening for you. Safe driving. AG6V 3/31/2021

Tuesday AM will run for the next two days starting in Guilford, NC K8ZZ 3/29/2021
Thanks for the heads up ! Appreciate it. W8OP 3/29/2021

Monday will run Davie and Davidson, NC.. K8ZZ 3/28/2021

I am taking a few days off from running counties to rest and be a tourist.. K8ZZ 3/27/2021
Well you certainly deserve it, Ed! :) K2MF 3/28/2021
Good to hear, I was beginning to worry. Have fun! AG6V 3/27/2021
Fuzzy's N4RS 3/27/2021

April County Hunter News Issue N4CD 3/26/2021

QST N4RS 3/26/2021

geomagnetic info WB2ABD 3/25/2021
Clear your Cache/cookies KK7X 3/25/2021
Did not change anything K4XI 3/26/2021
Ahha! Doutle left click on the image, it will give you a new screen -updated info down left side of K4XI 3/26/2021
Try pressing the reload current page button in your browser. K2MF 3/25/2021
reload does not solve it for me AG6V 3/25/2021
my display is stuck on 27 Jan AG6V 3/25/2021
Do you mean at the top of the forum, Paul? I see panel today that is dated March 25. K2MF 3/25/2021
yes WB2ABD 3/25/2021

Anyone know how I could get rid of DBASE III and 5 manuals besides recycling? Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 3/24/2021
Recycling is probably the best choice NFØN 3/26/2021

Thanks W8OP and WB8III for running MD and VA Counties K4AMC 3/24/2021
Thanks for the last 2 for my cw award in MD. KC3X 3/24/2021
I will second that!!!!!!!!!!!! K8OOK 3/24/2021
It was our pleasure ! W8OP 3/24/2021

County Hunter Maps W5GND 3/23/2021
Books are a great asset KE3VV 3/29/2021
I still have my original coloring book. All colored in and filled out. (more) K2MF 3/30/2021
Please, order the coloring books as 2 minimum . . . the shipping is really gone crazy! W5GND 3/24/2021
You will want to use Media Mail to get the lowest rate. KA9JAC 3/25/2021
Coloring books not in their media mail 'list' of allowed articles. W5GND 3/25/2021

WD4OIN and are planning a trip in April to finish up my MD run. Will post trip once it is final. KC3X 3/22/2021
The trip will be to SC. KC3X 3/22/2021

Just a note to publicly thank Guff, KS5A, for a helpful hint... set key used to STRAIGHT! W3DYA 3/22/2021

Awards Issued 3/21/2021 AB7RW 3/21/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/22/2021
Congrat's Alan. Thanks for trying to work me in Carroll. N8MD 3/22/2021
Good job Alan.. K8ZZ 3/22/2021
Way to go, Alan! Congrats!! N0XYL and KB0BA KBØBA 3/21/2021
Congratulations Alan! WØGXQ 3/21/2021
Congrats Alan - and thanks to you and Steve for the counties you activated! N5MLP 3/21/2021
Alan W8OP - congratulations. You have been busy!. AG6V 3/21/2021
Many congratulations, Alan! K2MF 3/21/2021

Why Contact Number In VAQP? N1API 3/20/2021
QSO numbers in QP N9JF 3/23/2021
Number ( more) K5KDG 3/20/2021
Unfortunately we don't get to write the rules. We have to play by the rules if you want to particip KC3X 3/20/2021

Thanks for all the advice; I'm now down to one problem... W3DYA 3/20/2021
set your key setting in the rig to reverse keying. KC3X 3/20/2021
Tried it; both sides of the paddle send dashes; radio returns dits! W3DYA 3/21/2021
do you have radio set to the built in keyer of the radio? KC3X 3/21/2021
I can't find anything about an internal keyer; just Straight, Bug, or Elec-Key. W3DYA 3/21/2021

Coloring Book Gone K7DM 3/19/2021
Darn, missed it. I wish they were still available. N8MD 3/20/2021
W5GND used to have them. NFØN 3/20/2021

B & B Coloring Book Free K7DM 3/19/2021

I hesitate to ask for help with an unknown condition with my IC-701, but... W3DYA 3/19/2021
While you are in CW mode NFØN 3/19/2021
Thanks for all the advice; I'm now down to one problem... W3DYA 3/20/2021
While you are in CW mode NFØN 3/19/2021
Do you have Full Break in selected? WØGXQ 3/19/2021
Hi Jerry: No, I turned it off somewhere fooling around. Thanks, that fixed my stupidity... W3DYA 3/19/2021
Get into Keyer-Set mode. NFØN 3/20/2021
Actually my rig is actually IC-7100, not IC-701. Not paying attention! W3DYA 3/19/2021
More: Fuses check OK, and everything but power output seems to work oK... W3DYA 3/19/2021
Is the VOX turned on? W4SIG 3/19/2021
Thanks, but I assume it's not on; as far as I can tell from reading the manual(s). W3DYA 3/19/2021

QSL cards and MARC's (03/18/2021) N6PDB 3/18/2021
Glad you can breathe easier for a bit. Will be goo... W4SIG 3/19/2021

Va qso party ( more) K5KDG 3/16/2021
VA QP page N4CD 3/17/2021
try again - forgot the quote marks N4CD 3/17/2021
W4GO posted his VAQP mobile trip W4SIG 3/17/2021

Awards Issued 3/16/2021 AB7RW 3/16/2021
Congratulations Bill! K5GE 3/20/2021
Congratulations! No wonder you were running (more...) KBØBA 3/18/2021
Good job Bill.. K8ZZ 3/18/2021
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 3/18/2021
Bill, congratulations! WØGXQ 3/17/2021
Congratulations KC3X 3/17/2021
Congratulations Bill! W4SIG 3/17/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/16/2021

Thank everyone for the ID qso party contacts KV7N 3/15/2021

Conditions (More) K5KDG 3/14/2021
I did manage to work Green on 80M before it ended. KC3X 3/15/2021
Wisconsin Q!P-I was lucky, got my last for 8th time on 40CW N8CIJ 3/15/2021
I was NOT lucky - missed Shawano as a l/c cw for third year in a row-it was not on! K4XI 3/15/2021

Will be away couple weeks-heading to Las Vegas, then driving to Cabo San Lucas Mexico KB6UF 3/13/2021
Enjoy ur trip Ron - there is a life without radio! K8ZZ 3/15/2021
Have a very good trip, Ron! K2MF 3/14/2021
No Radio this trip KB6UF 3/13/2021

Got first covid shot Tuesday 3 weeks to second (3/30) been raining for a week N8KIE 3/13/2021
Old age has its perks (more) KBØBA 3/15/2021
Doesn't have many "perks" around here Lowell... (more) AE3Z 3/16/2021
Congratulations to Lowell & Sandra on getting their 1st vaccinations! K2MF 3/16/2021
Hi Bob, I got my first last Monday. Second is scheduled for 30th.. K7TM 3/14/2021
Many congratulations to you both! K2MF 3/15/2021

Spring is Here Four(4)mobiles yestday K0DEQ/W4SIG/KA2LHO/N9JF K4AMC 3/13/2021

OK QSO Party - ID and WI too N4CD 3/12/2021
Fair Weather and Safe Travels! KE3VV 3/13/2021

Home again... (more) KBØBA 3/11/2021
Thanks for the counties. Missed some but not at the radio. Thanks KC3X 3/11/2021
160m is 1850. Listed in Logger I Settings AB7RW 3/12/2021

Information Needed N1API 3/11/2021
80 cw 3556.5, 80ssb 3901. I don't know if any fre... W4SIG 3/11/2021

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