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7 QP KC7YE 4/25/2018

Randolph, NC possible runs WA4UNS 4/25/2018

Spotting AB7RW 4/24/2018
You wore all the spots off of the sim card N8KIE 4/24/2018
Ha!Ha! That was a good one Bob. WG6X 4/25/2018

Saturday, April 28-Parks and FL QSO Party KA2LHO 4/24/2018

Looking for active county hunters in Kent or Barry County Michigan for tutoring. WB9SFK 4/24/2018
This would be a good weekend to head to Traverse city, lots of us will be there friday and saturday N8KIE 4/24/2018
Check your emails, Barry K8OOK 4/24/2018

Here's my county list for the AR QSO PARTY on May 12. W3DYA 4/23/2018

Remote OPS KMAF 4/22/2018
Marac Awards or Remote ops KMAF 4/25/2018
or run them all /m and count them for every award, then you can park your /m. KC3X 4/23/2018
not true N4CD 4/24/2018
Sounds like a good plan. Let us know how it works ... W4SIG 4/22/2018
Sorry folks. When you're old and decrepit and nothing works like it should, the keyboard is the onl N7IPG 4/22/2018
Whatever works is good enough for me! But keyboard CW... doesn't sound like fun! GL and 73, Norm, W3DYA 4/22/2018
Keyboard N4RS 4/22/2018
Sorry, Tom, I typed for a living for several years, no fun as a hobby! When I can no longer W3DYA 4/23/2018
What a joke!!! AE3Z 4/22/2018
Are you trying to make less contacts? WMU 4/23/2018
Smile WGXQ 4/22/2018

Signals Today AB7RW 4/21/2018
spotting KMAF 4/22/2018

MI Needs for anyone going to the Michigan Mini...(more) W8OP 4/21/2018
Cass, last MI. LY5A 4/24/2018
muskegon N4CD 4/23/2018
I will get it after Mini if you don K8ZZ 4/22/2018
don't get it.. K8ZZ 4/22/2018
Alcona WA3QNT 4/22/2018
Thanks Bob (more) W8OP 4/22/2018

Use 3/8 DACRON rope.over 16yrs, sun, & hurricanes 2 coax dipoles still ok. WG6X 4/22/2018
ROPE K9MIX 4/21/2018
ROPE K9MIX 4/21/2018
I've used paracord for many years with good success...(more) W8OP 4/21/2018
I am not sure it is uv rated but sure it shuold work. WMU 4/21/2018
DX Engineering offers a couple of brands N2JNE 4/21/2018
I use the dacron rope you can get at most of the ham radio stores WMU 4/20/2018
Put mine up with this in 2001 and I do not have any problems & use on ends also WG6X 4/21/2018
I used the 3/8 in. dacron rope to haul it up & hold and on both ends to hold. WG6X 4/21/2018
Dipole Lifting Rope (DLR). Hard to find though. Good luck. K7VAY 4/20/2018

Carbon, WY AB7RW 4/20/2018
It sounds like you're experiencing a bit of what we are going through in the northeast! (more) K2MF 4/20/2018

W6RK-Risto-Telenet issue K4PBX 4/20/2018
Risto took care of the issue, the BOT was stuck. TNX K4PBX 4/21/2018

(NL) More K8EMS 4/20/2018
I was wondering too...didn't have a clue what was going on N7JPF 4/20/2018
Thanks Mike I thought maybe that was it but didn't see anything on Marac about it! NA8W 4/20/2018
NL K9MIX 4/20/2018

GQP KN4Y 4/19/2018
Thank you for many new GA counties! KAP 4/20/2018

May County Hunter News N4CD 4/19/2018

May County Hunter News N4CD 4/18/2018

I'm seeing on the spotting page this morning "New Logger" What is that referring too? NA8W 4/18/2018
prob. a new logger user N8KIE 4/18/2018
That crossed my mind but it was in the comment part of 2 different county spots. NA8W 4/18/2018

Our MI-mini trip KBBA 4/17/2018
Cass,last MI for 5th time, need help.Thanks. LY5A 4/17/2018

headed north next thursday. will hit Iosco, MI N8KIE 4/16/2018

Remote operation (more) K5KDG 4/15/2018
To each his own W8OP 4/16/2018
k4pi pixs article K9MIX 4/16/2018
Nice if you can.... N4CD 4/16/2018
REMOTE N4RS 4/16/2018
How about an endorsement of just that WMU 4/16/2018
That's a pretty good idea that might make everyon... W4SIG 4/17/2018
       Not so Kerry with this crowd, you will never make them all happy. KC3X 4/18/2018
       All from home QTH working on third time. Having a great time too!! WY8I 4/18/2018
       Well said ! N5KGY 4/17/2018

The Washington Post notes the passing of Art Bell W6OBB on 4/13/18... just FYI WA4UNS 4/14/2018
Worked him last summer on 6M..spent many a night listening to him when I worked the off shifts. WYA 4/15/2018
I'm in morning! I worked midnights for many years and who did I listen to to keep me awake?? Yep! NA8W 4/14/2018

No radio tomorrow (Sunday), too much snow. Thanks to all who worked me today N7JPF 4/14/2018

New Callsign For W3DQT K8MSQ 4/14/2018

Michigan Mini Banquet - What Night? N2MH 4/14/2018
MI Mini - on Saturday group picture at 5pm and Banquet at 6pm.. K8ZZ 4/14/2018
Thanks! N2MH 4/14/2018

Back home in Mich but very tired after a long overnight flight N8KIE 4/12/2018
Welcome home! K2MF 4/13/2018
Glad you and Jackie are back safely WA4UNS 4/12/2018

Thanks to those who worked me today on OR and WA...(more) N7JPF 4/12/2018

Short trip today as test for next weeks trip KBBA 4/12/2018

Georgia QSO party KN4Y 4/12/2018

Will run a few MO and KS counties today to test equipment for coming trip.. K8ZZ 4/12/2018

If you missed it... KA9JAC 4/11/2018
If one of those kids was with you, you would not need a county list or know how to spell it! W4YDY 4/12/2018

60 YEARS OF "STUFF" TO GO K9MIX 4/10/2018
hamfest N4CD 4/10/2018

K0DEQ WYA 4/9/2018
Fun working you Bill.. K8ZZ 4/11/2018
K0DEQ KDEQ 4/9/2018
U snooze , u loose, i slept through his first county line, oh well:) KC3X 4/9/2018
And thank you Bill for 3 new ones in IL on 30m! K2MF 4/9/2018

Just want to thank everyone who kept calling me in county after county during MSQP. W3DYA 4/8/2018
Thank you for many new MS counties! KAP 4/9/2018
Norm: I was able to discover one thing: Depend on direction of travel depended on your sig strength KC3X 4/9/2018
Hmmm! Since my antenna is a vertical, I guess when my W3DYA 4/11/2018
Norm- TNX again for MSQP contacts as always APPRECIATED! W4IHI 4/9/2018

Mobile trip Fri/Sat 4/5&6. Taking daughter to coll... W4SIG 4/5/2018
What?? W7OLY 4/5/2018
Congrat;s Kerri (more) WB4KZW 4/5/2018

The infamous, elusive call sign KP$CKX WB4KZW 4/5/2018
Forgive my typo in the subj line - should read "KP4CKX" WB4KZW 4/5/2018

Looking to BUY an FP-29 AK8A 4/5/2018
WA4GEG for info on replacement P.S. & service. read below WG6X 4/8/2018
I also have been looking for one for over 2 Years More N6PDB 4/7/2018
KI6RJW replacement requires 2 power supplies & adding fuses to cabling WG6X 4/5/2018
Thanks Ray I had thought of that in 2010 when it went out the first time. AK8A 4/6/2018

K9EN Listed as Silent Key latest QST N4CD 4/5/2018
RIP Ken KU4YM 4/7/2018
RIP Ken.. God Speed KD5YUK 4/6/2018
RIP Ken, and prayers for his family. W7FEN 4/6/2018
Rest in Peace Ken and I am sure the gang up there welcomed you. WG6X 4/5/2018
K9EN Obituary KM6HB 4/5/2018
Thanks for the link for K9EN, much appreciated. WB4FFV 4/5/2018

Why no SSb on the mobile runs?? KD5YUK 4/5/2018
Ah, the gud old days -25 yrs ago - only SSB, and wait your turn with 25 others on 14.336!! K4XI 4/8/2018
Smile WGXQ 4/9/2018
The SSB question is part of the reason I'm no longer chasing awards... (more) WA4UNS 4/6/2018
I do enjoy running counties while mobile. Health situations has all but squelched my ability to. WB4KZW 4/5/2018
Roger That !! KD5YUK 4/6/2018
Can only speak for myself ( more ) N4UP 4/5/2018
tnx Peter for all of your counties KMAF 4/19/2018

Few counties Fri/Sat N4CD 4/4/2018

Many thanks, Peter N4UP (more) WA3QNT 4/4/2018
N4UP TNX so much Peter 18 new GA counties toward 2nd time Great Run! W4IHI 4/5/2018
Peter-Tks for the Ga counties - only 2 left-tks esp for 3.5 - only way from Fl to s. GA!! K4XI 4/4/2018

Thanks to N4UP (Peter) for going 3 hr round trip for Toombs 2nd to last 20m KC3X 4/4/2018
all 20 meter CW. now only 1hart KY to finish. Hart KY. Thanks Peter.(more) KC3X 4/4/2018
(really well) (this typing with your strong hand (right) in a cast really is for the birds. KC3X 4/4/2018

N4UP is going to run the breakfast counties...... K8OOK 4/4/2018

Old Amateur Radio Call Book WB4KZW 4/3/2018
Well foreign CallBook N4CD 4/8/2018
Link of former ASA ops who are Hams KM6HB 4/5/2018
Gene, fall '64, fall '65 & fall '67 do not show KP4CKX K8OOK 4/4/2018
That call not in any of those years in my personal callbooks and online callbooks NFN 4/4/2018
You could also put a "wanted" ad in QRZ swapmeet N5KGY 4/4/2018
Keep an eye on eBay and amazon books... there's a 1962 on eBay right now N5KGY 4/4/2018
Just did an archive search on (more) KA2LHO 4/3/2018
Contact W3HF via QRZ.Com KM6HB 4/3/2018
ERROR- K's are at the end and no KP4CKX in fall Callbook- just for info K4XI 4/3/2018
My 1970 DX Callbook for foreign calls does not have any calls starting with a "K" need a Stateside c K4XI 4/3/2018
will be in US book N4CD 4/4/2018
Old callbooks online N1QY 4/3/2018
Thanks for the referral. Been there and still unable to locate my old call WB4KZW 4/3/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 4/3/2018

April 2018 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 4/2/2018
Thanks for the work on this Barry. KA2LHO 4/3/2018

NM QSO Party Next Weekend N3MRA 4/1/2018
Sorry, I meant the 14th, not next weekend! N3MRA 4/2/2018

All books? or just specific books? All versions of Logger or just the latest (5105)? WQ7A 3/31/2018
Thanks. I can duplicate it here and will report it to KD9ZP. WQ7A 3/31/2018


AB4WL/KF4INA TU Ken/Jennifer for great run WASH,CLARK, CHOC esp- only WINS LCAL W4IHI 3/31/2018

I plan to be mobile in MSQP April 7, 9AM to 9PM CDST. Here the list: W3DYA 3/30/2018
I will look for you. AD1C 4/1/2018
Will try to work you late in the day as I am not allowed to operate on Saturday. KC3X 3/30/2018

Its begging time!!! Needs posted, appreciate any help. Tnx 73/88 AB7NK 3/30/2018
Many years ago..... N4CD 3/30/2018
Just a few wrong turns and you will be in MT and N... W4SIG 3/31/2018
By my map, MT & ND are on the way to MI :) AB7NK 3/30/2018

Headed back to Michigan from Honolulu .. be home April 12 N8KIE 3/30/2018
Safe travels back to MI Bob. KA2LHO 3/30/2018
Looking forward to a visit at the MI Mini.. K8ZZ 3/30/2018
Have a very safe trip, Bob! K2MF 3/30/2018
Just a long ride in an airplane but thanks N8KIE 3/31/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/29/2018

For Sale.... AE3Z 3/29/2018
Mobile antennas (more) K5KDG 3/29/2018
Antenna off truck/car/SUV, off bumber, roof, trunk: coils screwdriver/bugcatcher?? WG6X 3/30/2018

New updated MARAC Awards Rules posted on the website WMU 3/28/2018
Award rules changes WB4KZW 4/3/2018

Parks are in Counties--Florida and Texas will both be having State Parks On the Air (more) KA2LHO 3/28/2018
KFF County File updates are found in the MARAC Downloads folder. KA2LHO 3/29/2018

For Sale - 2 mobile rigs W4YDY 3/28/2018
EMAIL -- Bernie, WA4MOK, W4YDY 3/28/2018

Jerry N9AC let me know this morning that he has had a mobile antenna failure (more) K2MF 3/28/2018

KC3C Arthur J Kyle silent key spotter on W6RK View/Edit Spots? WY8I 3/27/2018
Hollis is alive and kicking. (more) KC3X 3/27/2018
I guess I 'll keep you on our club roster. W4YDY 3/28/2018
Now that is good news Hollis! WG6X 3/28/2018
Confused did Hollis pass away? WG6X 3/27/2018
For clarification ! WA3QNT 3/27/2018
Who is the SK?? Not Hollis I hope?? K4XI 3/27/2018
That's Hollis, KC3X WA3QNT 3/27/2018
Thanks Bob...I was going to call Hollis just before you posted that. WY8I 3/27/2018

Situation N4RS 3/27/2018
Different Types of Remote Operating, and Rules ( More ) N4UP 3/29/2018
No problems for most WMU 3/30/2018
You Award do as you wish WMU 3/28/2018
Rules N4RS 3/29/2018
Remote was added a number of years ago. WMU 3/29/2018
situation N4CD 3/27/2018
Remote operating is cheating....!!! AE3Z 3/27/2018
No it is not W4SIG 3/29/2018
In other words.... You agree with this: AE3Z 3/29/2018
       More on remote K5KDG 3/29/2018
              Sorry Steve. Remotes are allowed for DXCC. WMU 3/29/2018
              correction K5KDG 3/29/2018
                     Since the beginning N4CD 3/30/2018
                            Thank you, Bob. I had thought about asking a few questions regarding (more) K2MF 3/31/2018
Everyone is entitled to their opinion WGXQ 3/27/2018
Thank you... it's still CHEATING.... AE3Z 3/28/2018
       How can it be cheating when the rules allow it. WMU 3/29/2018
Bob, Tom knows the rules . . . he is just once again repeating his heartburn! WGXQ 3/27/2018

APRIL 8 TRIP KDEQ 3/27/2018

Trip Posted GA April 2-6. This will finish my running of GA counties. N4UP 3/27/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/26/2018

Self-claiming WYA 3/26/2018

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