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Mistake on county AI5P 8/17/2018

MARAC will be needing a volunteer to step into the role of Treasurer soon (more). KA2LHO 8/17/2018

Trip home posted.. K8ZZ 8/16/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 8/16/2018

W0FF USACA #552 - SK N9QS 8/16/2018
Sorry to hear it Silver... Used to have a great time at Murfreesboro... AE3Z 8/17/2018
Sympathies to the family Silver... as you know KA3DRO 8/17/2018
Prayers for your family RIP Jim W7FEN 8/17/2018
Love and prayers for you and family. Sandra and Lowell KBBA 8/17/2018
Prayers and Condolences.. Silver KD5YUK 8/17/2018
Silver, sorry to hear of your Brother Jim's passing. Prayers to the Family and (more) WB4FFV 8/17/2018
Prayers to you and the Family Silver WE7G 8/16/2018
WOW another fun loving guy gone RIP. Our prayers go out to Silver and family. KC3X 8/16/2018
Sad news of another CH'er passing R.I.P. Jim. My.thoughts is out to you Silver! WG6X 8/16/2018
Oops - so sorry!!! WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing Silver, WA3QNT 8/16/2018
So sorry to hear, Silver. Our prayers are with you... W4SIG 8/16/2018
Silver God Bless you and your family. RIP Jim WY8I 8/16/2018
Silver--so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. He served ham radio and MARAC well. N8HAM 8/16/2018
I am sorry to hear about the passing of Jim, Silver. May he rest in peace. K2MF 8/16/2018
Sorry about your brother, Silver, he was always good for a laugh K8OOK 8/16/2018

40M CW N4RS 8/16/2018
2019...maybe N9JF 8/17/2018
I assume 2nd District? Sometime in 2019-2020 I wi... W4SIG 8/16/2018
carry big antenna. N4CD 8/16/2018
2nd AK N9JF 8/17/2018
While you are at it Jim I need the 2nd and 4th on 80M. :) KC3X 8/17/2018

Thursday mobileTh route NUQ 8/16/2018

ontario ny today 1500z N4CD 8/16/2018

MRC's from K8TE and WW7D KAP 8/15/2018
WW7D (Darryl) N7JPF 8/16/2018

thurs and friday N4CD N4CD 8/15/2018
Thanks for all the counties!!! W4SIG 8/15/2018
Thanks for running on 30M WA4UNS 8/15/2018

NU0Q update NUQ 8/15/2018
I bet it was a pretty 2 hour hike!! W4SIG 8/15/2018
Thanks for being there! KAP 8/15/2018
Thanks for being there! KAP 8/15/2018
I'm sure the hike was worth it WA4UNS 8/15/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 8/15/2018

work someone else in that county. WMU 8/17/2018
Pray, then work another /m in that county. KC3X 8/17/2018
Sounds like you are doing all you can do. Get mail... W4SIG 8/15/2018
county lookup KM9X 8/15/2018
we all have lived thru that....more KM9X 8/15/2018

Aug QST AI5P 8/15/2018
like a final farewell, Mary just became a SK sad the hear KM9X 8/15/2018
NV4Z AI5P 8/15/2018

The silence is deafing...... K8OOK 8/15/2018
When you are in a county 1000 miles from home on a non-ch mission ... N8KIE 8/16/2018
I usually stay out of this stuff, but.... N9JF 8/16/2018
Erudite comment Jim Ed Is too big a man to maliciously run countie WE7G 8/16/2018
Agree... KD5YUK 8/16/2018
Good Stuff Jim, spot on! N4RS 8/16/2018
Transmitted Counties AB7RW 8/15/2018
Good points. Ed has done more for county huning th... W4SIG 8/15/2018
One thing I think is missed... (more) WA4UNS 8/15/2018
BTW... I'm only chasing 4 awards... (more) WA4UNS 8/15/2018

Just 7 left for Master Gold NN9K 8/15/2018
I need 11 for Master Gold AB7RW 8/15/2018
Put you on my list for Kings Cty. Will be within a very few miles of it in Oct, date unknown. W7FEN 8/15/2018
Hope that I'm home .. need it for cw N8KIE 8/16/2018
Sooo close! You will get there! W4SIG 8/15/2018

IL200 and BiCentennial Challenge N9JF 8/15/2018

Thanks to ND6T for Trinity County, CA this morning, I finished up all 30 meters CW. KC3X 8/15/2018
Wow, Hollis!! WTG!! WA3QNT 8/16/2018
I heard you make the contact, Hollis and many congratulations! (more) K2MF 8/16/2018
Congrats on joining the WA-30m roster! WGXQ 8/15/2018
Awesome award Hollis...Congratulations!!! WY8I 8/15/2018
Congratulations Hollis! NA8W 8/15/2018
Well done, Hollis! Congrats! Rick AI5P 8/15/2018
Fantastic, Hollis!!! Amazing feat! W4SIG 8/15/2018
Wow! N9JF 8/15/2018
Congrats Hollis!!!!!! WA4UNS 8/15/2018

August 15 plan NUQ 8/14/2018

Sounds like we lost another exceptional cw operator from the County Hunters. He will be missed. KC3X 8/14/2018
Peter, is a FB CW op and has given us many county ... W4SIG 8/15/2018
No he is not a silent key. Just a good operator fed up and left the county hunter world. KC3X 8/14/2018
Ah heck Hollis, whats one more...!! AE3Z 8/15/2018
It didn't take you long to give us some encouraging words Don! WGXQ 8/15/2018
Sounds like some of you don't care if county hunters leave. Sorry so many don't remember all that St N8EMV 8/15/2018
From some members on this forum I have yet to read something positive. KAP 8/15/2018

8 15 N4CD 8/14/2018
Have fun Woodward Dream Cruise time to go play with the cars N8KIE 8/14/2018

Tuesday: Glacier in the morning, Flathead late in the afternoon NUQ 8/13/2018

N4CD thanks for all the Dbl Diamond counties 801 left to go N8KIE 8/13/2018
Man, Bob, you are doing great! Hopefully a few mor... W4SIG 8/13/2018
Logger can't add actually 812 to go N8KIE 8/13/2018

Chouteau, Liberty, Toole today. NUQ 8/13/2018

tmw N4CD 8/12/2018
my needs W8FNW 8/12/2018

Monday and Tuesday trip: All of Rhode Island and some Mass.. K8ZZ 8/12/2018
( more ) N4UP 8/13/2018
Maybe I should just cancel my trip and lose my $500+ in pre-paid hotels ( more ) N4UP 8/12/2018
Orange and Putnam, NY today for no star I am finding that a very hard award to get. Tks N8KIE 8/13/2018
Peter, we have all felt this frustration . . . (more) WGXQ 8/13/2018
Peter, don't worry, most of the time we can't hear him. KC3X 8/13/2018
Different mobiles are good for different awards. F... W4SIG 8/13/2018
You have an N-Prefix and NO Stars... You fit a few awards... GFI WA4UNS 8/13/2018
Ed's trip N4CD 8/12/2018
So ( more ) N4UP 8/12/2018
I hope 30M will be ok to good. Need three in RI. WA4UNS 8/12/2018
barnstable is lc for ct 1st time if closeby, no special drive hope can hear you K9MIX 8/12/2018
New London, CT is a L/C for 1x2 N8KIE 8/12/2018
Ok will get it.. K8ZZ 8/12/2018

Sunday route... NUQ 8/11/2018
whats WES KM9X 8/12/2018
WES is SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon. K7VAY 8/12/2018
Every damn weekend it seems. KC3X 8/13/2018
WES is SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon. K7VAY 8/12/2018
WES is SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon. K7VAY 8/12/2018
What is SKCC - contest for RIp contesters?? K4XI 8/12/2018
FUNNY!!!! K8OOK 8/13/2018
SKCC Straight Key Century club KA3QLF 8/12/2018

I77 mess N4CD 8/11/2018
Bob, was this NB or SB??, was it construction or an acccident??? K8OOK 8/13/2018
construction N4CD 8/13/2018
Oops... sri you had to find out the hard way... (more) WA4UNS 8/11/2018
I agree 20m was unusable today in the eastern half. N8KIE 8/11/2018
Thanks for the 3 Dbl Diamonds will try to work /spot when I can N8KIE 8/11/2018

Thanks to Phil, AB7RW for Grant, OR! Now 4 left for WBOW. W9MSE 8/11/2018

County/Parks trip to Key Largo posted in the Trips section. Check it out to see what you need. KA2LHO 8/11/2018

Tnx for riding along under awful band conditions.. K8ZZ 8/10/2018
Ed, thanks for all the counties during difficult b... W4SIG 8/11/2018
I was astonished when we had really short skip for a few minutes on 30m (more) K2MF 8/11/2018
4 antenas and two radios and never heard you at all on any band. indiana rf hole KM9X 8/11/2018
AZ & IN must be on the same NO prop switch. NOT a peep out of him!!! AB7NK 8/11/2018

IK0MHR is a real jerk. keeps sending his call without listening N8KIE 8/10/2018
ik0mhr N4CD 8/13/2018
He can't work them if he won't shut up and listen for a response. N8KIE 8/13/2018
always sends call twice N4CD 8/16/2018
I have spent many hours trying to get him to stop doing that. (more) KC3X 8/10/2018
He is very aggressive and always has been since I first heard him on the CH frequencies. (more) K2MF 8/10/2018
The bad behaviour of one guy doesn't mean that al... DL6KVA 8/10/2018
Axel is right. Most DX hunters are great ops when ... W4SIG 8/10/2018
That was always my opinion about DX hunters... One great reason why.... AE3Z 8/10/2018
right you are N8KIE 8/10/2018

MARAC County Hunter DB is down? WY8I 8/9/2018
web site N6PDB 8/10/2018
Is there someone doing an update ??? N6PDB 8/10/2018
Yes WGXQ 8/9/2018
if someone did an update, they messed it up, still not working a day later KA9JAC 8/10/2018
And of course, my "Yes" was in response to the original post. WGXQ 8/10/2018

The Illinois Bicentennial Challenge is ON! N9JF 8/8/2018
more N9JF 8/8/2018

With IC-7300 as low as $1005, I wonder if ICOM has a new radio coming out?? WG6X 8/8/2018
Maybe because Yaesu(competition) is getting ready drop their new digital radio on the market N7JPF 8/8/2018

Was lazy today.. Will leave in AM for CT.. K8ZZ 8/8/2018
be listening for litchfield ct. thanks KM9X 8/9/2018
Not too early .. :-) N8KIE 8/8/2018

Juab, UT N4RS 8/8/2018

Rock Island/Mercer county Illinois NN9K 8/8/2018
adding you to the IL Bicentennial Challenge page if that's OK? N9JF 8/8/2018

QNF IMI KM6HB 8/7/2018
Thanks Mark. One often used I don't see on the list: ooc = out of the county. KC3X 8/8/2018

QNF IMI KM6HB 8/7/2018

Trip - a few days posted.. K8ZZ 8/7/2018

I tried to run 4 counties today on 3 bands on cw (more) KC3X 8/7/2018
I was part of the problem. N9JF 8/7/2018
I had no way to spot my self. I sent Qnf twice on each band before I started (more) KC3X 8/7/2018
maybe they worked you and logged him lol N8KIE 8/7/2018

trip de N4CD N4CD 8/7/2018
I will listen for you N8KIE 8/7/2018

Utah cty change AB7RW 8/7/2018

Thursday: K8ZZ 8/7/2018
Disregard K8ZZ 8/7/2018

Press F2 and it will populate the frequency to the 20 meter CW Frequency NFN 8/6/2018
Log frequencies in Kilohertz (14056.5) rather than Megahertz (14.0565). K7VAY 8/6/2018
stillnot working more K9MIX 8/7/2018

Sure good to hear Ron (N5MLP) on CW WA3QNT 8/6/2018

Apparently the MARAC Covention Link is down. Every link I find does not work as of this morning. KA2LHO 8/6/2018
I believe the domain name expired and needs to be renewed WMU 8/6/2018
Working again WMU 8/6/2018
Thanks!! W4SIG 8/7/2018

Lots of fun when 2 run at the same time on cw N8KIE 8/6/2018
Yep WA3QNT 8/6/2018
Bob L. That is why the link to the spot site was put into MoSpot. So you could check before (more) KA2LHO 8/8/2018
No one knows what QNF IMI means AB7RW 8/6/2018

Monday counties: Suffolk - Nassau - Queens - Kings - Richmond - New York K8ZZ 8/5/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 8/4/2018

any one where to get a kenwood ts480 repaired. KC3X 8/4/2018
kenwood repair KA3QLF 8/5/2018
Thanks KC3X 8/5/2018
know where KC3X 8/5/2018

Not much action today N8KIE 8/4/2018

August 2018 RoadRunner now on line at MARAC N6PDB 8/4/2018
Corrected URL KA3QLF 8/5/2018

August 2018 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 8/4/2018
Thanks, Barry for doing this! W4SIG 8/6/2018
Thanks! Barry! W5GND 8/4/2018
Nice job Barry WGXQ 8/4/2018

How did K8ZZ get all the way to NJ without running any counties .. strange N8KIE 8/3/2018
moving N4CD 8/16/2018
And today he is in KS N8KIE 8/4/2018
spotting error I think N8KIE 8/4/2018
And I understand he pulling a U-Haul WA3QNT 8/3/2018
Driving a Uhaul. AA9JJ 8/3/2018
even more strange, going thru NYC on a Friday afternoon N8KIE 8/3/2018
There is NEVER a "good time" to go thru New York City...! hi.. AE3Z 8/3/2018
He didn't want to stop and have coffee with Jackie and me. WA3QNT 8/3/2018

NAQP KN4Y 8/2/2018
Dates KN4Y 8/2/2018

Suffolk, MA Friday Aug 3 N1QY 8/2/2018
Thank you for the LC in MA for 3rd Time, Ron! K2MF 8/6/2018
Happy to help out (more) N1QY 8/5/2018
Thanks for Suffolk on 17m now only need Norfolk to finish MA on 17m. KC3X 8/3/2018
Thanks for the last MA. Need 103 ! LY5A 8/3/2018
look for you on 17m cw KC3X 8/2/2018
i'll be QRV on 17m N1QY 8/2/2018

I am home from my 4 day Mobile Trip. Thanks to all NFN 8/1/2018
Tnx for Sioux-ND was my last in ND. :-) DL5ME 8/4/2018
A superb and very prolific trip. You made a lot of us very happy, Mike. Thank you! K2MF 8/3/2018
Great Job Mike K4AMC 8/3/2018
You always do a great job.. Agree, N8XJK battery booster a must for mobile.. K8ZZ 8/3/2018
Thanks, Mike - Great Job !!! WA3QNT 8/2/2018
Thanks for all the new ones ! ! ! W5GND 8/2/2018
Thanks, Mike! KG4CRJ 8/2/2018
Super job Mike! Thanks for all the contacts. WGXQ 8/2/2018
Thank you Mike! KAP 8/2/2018
Thank you for many new counties Mike DL3DXX 8/2/2018
Six ATNOs on this trip, thanks !! N4UP 8/2/2018
Thank you for all the counties...fantastic signal out here in the PNW N7JPF 8/1/2018
Thanks for the counties. Great operation ! LY5A 8/1/2018

Thanks to the mobiles running on 30M... (more) WA4UNS 8/1/2018

Trip Posted PA NY and New England ( August 12-16 ) N4UP 8/1/2018
Correction to Trip --- Orange NY not Orange PA N4UP 8/2/2018

Top condx today-Wed-I actually heard NF0N for the first time this trip! Give it a try!! K4XI 8/1/2018

Try again. Only ONE left for 30 meters, (TRINITY), CA Thanks everyone that has helped along the way, KC3X 8/1/2018
Senior Moments N4RS 8/1/2018

Only ONEEE KC3X 8/1/2018

Question on Logger NA8W 7/31/2018

Anyone know what this means - was looking for my MARAC awards list????? Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 7/31/2018
Same thing here starting last week (more) WGXQ 8/1/2018
Nice try, Jerry, but everything I try takes me to MARAC's home page with same result. 73, Norm, W3D W3DYA 8/1/2018
Nice try, Jerry, but everything I try takes me to MARAC's home page with same result. 73, Norm, W3D W3DYA 8/1/2018
That means something in the database is messed up. KA9JAC 8/1/2018

AWW your such a sweetheart N8KIE 7/30/2018

We are home again (more) KBBA 7/30/2018
Thanks for all the counties! It was fun to hear Lo... W4SIG 7/30/2018
Thank you for the counties on your last trip. You also finished IA for me for 3rd Time! :) K2MF 7/30/2018

10122.5 all I can hear is that damn beacon N8KIE 7/30/2018
I reset my memory to 10124.5 KC3X 8/1/2018
Yes, it strong here too. W4SIG 7/30/2018
I sent a text to Phil AB7RW who may not have been following the discussion about it. (more) K2MF 7/30/2018

Today's trip AB7RW 7/29/2018
Phil, I heard that several times on this trip, Two operators giving you a report at the same time, KC3X 8/1/2018
You are doing an amazing job in diffficult conditi... W4SIG 7/30/2018
You've never been above 22 to 33 the whole trip. And even 33 was a rarity. Stay Safe! N1API 7/30/2018
Doing a super job under awful conditions.. Be safe first.. K8ZZ 7/30/2018
Stay safe, Phil! This has not been an "easy" trip for you. :( (more) K2MF 7/30/2018
I don't want to tell you so, but N7IPG 7/29/2018
Drive safe and have a safe trip. WG6X 7/30/2018

Gettysburg NA8W 7/29/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/29/2018

MORE AB7RW 7/28/2018
If you have a new GM car you have to run with the lights on to get full voltage N8KIE 7/28/2018

Just reread his planned trip July 28 busy with family reunion K2HVN 7/28/2018

Any know what happened to NF0N??? K2HVN 7/28/2018
Hope to start today, Sunday, about 1700 to 1800 in Lincoln NE. NFN 7/29/2018
Guess your family reunion didn't lead to any jail time :-) N8KIE 7/29/2018

I wonder where AB7RW's trip will take him. Nasty fires out there N8KIE 7/28/2018
Route 299 AB7RW 7/28/2018
I hope N7IPG 7/28/2018

Today's trip. NA8W 7/28/2018
You did good N8KIE 7/28/2018

Another spur of the moment (more) WA3QNT 7/28/2018
Looks like you have APRS operating well. Good tracking, and thanx for the QSOs, Bob! K2MF 7/29/2018
Thanks for the contacts Bob. Run through that way many times going back and forth from (more) KA2LHO 7/28/2018
Maybe I will get lucky and hear you on 30m in Cattaraugus. :) (more) K2MF 7/28/2018

From AC0CU - Patty USACA #1266 (more) AB7NK 7/27/2018

Ho Hum AB7RW 7/27/2018
Doubled in size again last night (more) N7IPG 7/28/2018
Rough country there KC7YE 7/28/2018
Be safe, Phil. I hope for everyone affected, they get this fire under control soon. K2MF 7/28/2018
Fire N7IPG 7/27/2018
There is always Hiwy70 and go north on hiwy395 or just be safe forget north. WG6X 7/28/2018
Hiwy36 E to hiwy 89 N (if open) hiwy44/89 N to get to Modoc on hiwy 299 to 139 S WG6X 7/27/2018
Maybe a reworked route to ID and then south??? Anyway... be safe WA4UNS 7/27/2018
Stay safe Phil.. K8ZZ 7/27/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/27/2018

History of Logger (more) N7JPF 7/27/2018
Just one of the many challenges WMU 7/27/2018

August County Hunter News On-Line N4CD 7/27/2018
Once again, great edition Boib! thanks for what you do! N7JPF 7/27/2018

Thanks Barry for three new ones. Your time and effort was appreciated. KA2LHO 7/26/2018
Yes, thank you Barry for the HUGE effort. Got 2 very hard ones to snag. W8OP 7/27/2018

K2MF back in N.J. and headed home Thanks N8KIE 7/26/2018
Many thanks, Barry WA3QNT 7/27/2018
K2MF back in N.J. and headed home Thanks DL3DXX 7/27/2018
Gosh I'm sorry you missed it. But at least we got Westechester & New York for you, Dietmar. :) K2MF 7/28/2018

On Saturday July 28th at 2pm a memmorial service AA4GT 7/26/2018
You know our thoughts will be with you and Mary! WG6X 7/27/2018
God Bless you both and wish we could be there... Don & Marilyn AE3Z 7/26/2018

WA4SZE Beacon is especially strong on 10122.5 today on east coast N2JNE 7/26/2018
It was a real problem for me the last couple of days. Ran a lot on 10.1245 because of it. KA2LHO 7/26/2018
Yeah, WA3QNT 7/26/2018
Unfortunately, that beacon is becoming rather annoying (more) K2MF 7/26/2018
from fcc url should be good?? K9MIX 7/26/2018
In CA N4CD 7/26/2018
It's WA4SZE/B ... NUQ 7/27/2018
       I don't know where his website is, but, is there a way to contact him on it? (more) K2MF 7/28/2018
Not hearing him here in Western NC WA4UNS 7/26/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/26/2018

I have mislaid my paper for NA8W 7/25/2018
the Forum etc uses HTML (and similar) scripting... (more) WA4UNS 7/26/2018
E-mail me and I'll try to explain my post WA4UNS 7/26/2018
I understand Doug. more> NA8W 7/26/2018
Notice that some of my examples are missing because they are being interpreted WA4UNS 7/26/2018

lighting KC3X 7/25/2018
You are fortunate Hollis.....we KA3DRO 7/25/2018
Hit a few yrs back lost computer and rotor controller, came down rotor cable. WG6X 7/25/2018
At least you still have a house this time. Glad your ok N8KIE 7/25/2018
Wow, Hollis (more) WA3QNT 7/25/2018
Wow, Hollis (more) WA3QNT 7/25/2018
Thank goodness it wasn't worse than that! K2MF 7/25/2018
You certainly were lucky. W7FEN 7/25/2018
Glad that was the only damage... stay safe WA4UNS 7/25/2018

Welcome to USA-CA All Counties to AC0CU K1BV 7/24/2018
Congratulations Patty !!! NFN 7/26/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 7/25/2018
Congrat's on the award! WG6X 7/25/2018
Congratulations Pattie now you can go for bingo. I remember when you first started. W7FEN 7/25/2018
Congratulations and a job well done!! WY8I 7/25/2018
Congratulations KC3X 7/25/2018
Congratulations! NA8W 7/25/2018
Congrats Patti!!! N8HAM 7/25/2018
Many congratulations, Patty!! K2MF 7/25/2018
CONGRATULATIONS! You finished the hard one. Now... KBBA 7/24/2018
Congratulations! Great job! N2JNE 7/24/2018
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 7/24/2018
Congratulations!!! W WE7G 7/24/2018
WTG Patty!!! Were thrilled the stars all aligned during these lowsy prop times! de K7SEN & AB7NK 7/24/2018
Congratulations Patty on your USA-CA award. WB4FFV 7/24/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 7/24/2018

MARAC SITE DOWN????? K9MIX 7/24/2018
Try the link on the Home Page at this site. WGXQ 7/25/2018
thanks my link got corrupted i guess K9MIX 7/25/2018

WA9LJK I AMLOOKING FOR GOOD MAIL/EMAI ADDRESS FOR HIM K9MIX 7/24/2018 has Madison, WI - a place to start! K4XI 7/24/2018

Thanks Peter N4UP for OH/WV Week Long Trip Counties K4AMC 7/24/2018
Yes, me too. Got several new band/counties from short skip N8KIE 7/24/2018

My trip West the last of June and first of July W8OP 7/23/2018
The best laid plans... hopefully you will be operational soon. Thank you for your efforts! K2MF 7/24/2018

Whooppee!! I found my emails from my LC applications > more NA8W 7/23/2018
Apparently I have pulled the sink stopper, My email junk file is filling more. hmm. Anyone want a sl NA8W 7/23/2018
My junk box is now filling everyday as normal. more NA8W 7/25/2018

Trip tomorrow ID: Benewah Latah, WA: Whitman, Garfield Columbia, Walla Walla K7TM 7/23/2018

Tomorrow in the late morning and early afternoon I intend to take CH trip (more) K2MF 7/23/2018
As of right now (1315Z) I am planning to take this trip today, Thursday July 26. (more) K2MF 7/26/2018
We just aren't getting a break here. Today (Wednesday) is out due to (more) K2MF 7/25/2018
We have been going through a very strange weather system (more) K2MF 7/24/2018
RAIN - What is that AB7RW 7/23/2018

Parks/Counties tomorrow N4CD 7/23/2018
Howard ??? Tnx ! LY5A 7/25/2018
radio died N4CD 7/24/2018
Tnx, notification (more) DL5ME 7/25/2018

nv4z Mary Rest in peace with the Lord. Love, Ed & Katie. nt9v and n9hrx NT9V 7/23/2018
Sadened to hear about Mary KJ8V 7/24/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/22/2018


Trips Posted to and from Alabama WYA 7/22/2018

NV4Z, Mary, has become a Silent Key. WQ7A 7/22/2018
RIP Mary. Our sincerest condolences to George. Glad we were able to meet way back when. N0DXE & NKV 7/29/2018
Rest in Peace Mary WY8I 7/26/2018
Sorry to hear of the loss of another county hunter, she will be missed! K1SO 7/25/2018
Sorry to hear about Mary NFN 7/24/2018
Sorry to hear the sad needs K2HVN 7/24/2018
So sorry for your loss George, RIP Mary. W7FEN 7/23/2018
Requiescat in pace Mary N8HAM 7/23/2018
So sorry for your loss George. My prayers go out in your behald. WGXQ 7/23/2018
behalf WGXQ 7/23/2018
RIP Dear Mary, Sorry for you loss George and family. WEAR 7/23/2018
Sorry to hear about Mary George. Mary was a wonderful person. K5GE 7/23/2018
Mary (more) K5KDG 7/23/2018
sad news. My thoughts go out to George and the family. WMU 7/23/2018
Sorry for you loss. You are in our thoughts. N2JNE 7/23/2018
RIP Mary KU4YM 7/23/2018
Mary KK7X 7/22/2018
So sorry to hear this George.... RIP Mary...... prayers to you both George/ 73 KA3DRO 7/22/2018
George - Prayers to you and your family RIP Mary WE7G 7/22/2018
We are very sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/22/2018
Sad news indeed.. K8ZZ 7/22/2018
Sorry to hear the sad news about Mary, a great lady and ham operator! WG6X 7/22/2018
God bless you and your family during this difficult time. k7SEN/ AB7NK 7/22/2018
Sorry for your loss George, you are in our prayers. KC3X 7/22/2018
Rest in peace, Mary and our sincerest condolences to your family, George. K2MF 7/22/2018
Sorry for your loss K7IOO 7/22/2018
So very sorry George... God be with you and your family... AE3Z 7/22/2018
So sorry to hear. Prayers are with your family, Ge... W4SIG 7/22/2018
Rip Mary. Our prayers are with you and your family WA4UNS 7/22/2018
George, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Family and Friends. WB4FFV 7/22/2018

Congratulations folks for your awards...fine job!! WY8I 7/25/2018
Congratulations to all the award winners. Job well Done! NA8W 7/23/2018
WTG Guys !!!! WA3QNT 7/22/2018
Congrat's to all the award winners! WG6X 7/22/2018
I too would like to congratulate all of the award winners. Jobs well done. KC3X 7/21/2018

K4YT completed the following Ran All State Awards AB7RW 7/21/2018
Congratulations Karl! K5GE 7/23/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 7/22/2018
You have been busy Karl. Congratulations on your new wall paper. WB4FFV 7/22/2018
Many congratulations, Karl! K2MF 7/22/2018
Super Karl congratulations WE7G 7/21/2018
Very nice, Karl!!! W4SIG 7/21/2018

WB0PYF Completed the Presidents Award on 20April2015 Received #56 AB7RW 7/21/2018
Congratulations Ray!! K5GE 7/23/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 7/22/2018
Congratulations Ray. WB4FFV 7/22/2018
Congratulations, Ray! K2MF 7/22/2018
Congratulations Ray WE7G 7/21/2018
Congrats, Ray!! W4SIG 7/21/2018
Good ones to get, congratulations. WQ7A 7/21/2018

WB0PYF Completed the Native American Award on 6October2015 Received #58 AB7RW 7/21/2018
Congratulations Ray! K5GE 7/23/2018
Another award, Congratulations. WB4FFV 7/22/2018
Many congratulations, Ray! K2MF 7/22/2018
Way to go, Ray!! W4SIG 7/21/2018

K8ZZ Completed the 5 Star Award on 8July2018 reeived #79 AB7RW 7/21/2018
Congratulations Ed! K5GE 7/23/2018
A tough one but you got it. Congratulations Ed. WB4FFV 7/22/2018
Congratulations, Ed! K2MF 7/22/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/21/2018
Get 'em done, Ed!! W4SIG 7/21/2018
Now go for the Star XX. Congrats. WQ7A 7/21/2018
yea .. only 61,540 to go .. LOL N8KIE 7/21/2018

K8ZZ Completed the 5 Band Award on 8July2018 Received #2 AB7RW 7/21/2018
Congratulations Ed! K5GE 7/22/2018
Your getting all the tough ones, Congratulations Ed. WB4FFV 7/22/2018
Lots of congratulations, Ed! K2MF 7/22/2018
Congrates from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/21/2018
Congrats!! W4SIG 7/21/2018
Good one Ed, congrats! WQ7A 7/21/2018

K8ZZ Compleeted Master Platinum on 8July2018 Received #30 AB7RW 7/21/2018
You soon won't have any more room to put the wallpaper, Congratulations Ed. WB4FFV 7/22/2018
Congratulations Ed! K5GE 7/22/2018
Many congratulations, Ed! K2MF 7/22/2018
Great going there and congrat's on this award and all the work to get it! WG6X 7/22/2018
Great going there and congrat's on this award and all the work to get it! WG6X 7/22/2018
Congratulations Ed great job! WE7G 7/21/2018
Way to go Ed!!!!! W4SIG 7/21/2018
Great news! WQ7A 7/21/2018
Tnx for your extra effort for WBOW.. K8ZZ 7/24/2018

Going to run some counties today (more) WA3QNT 7/21/2018

Another firmware update for Icom IC7300,IC770 IC7851 Keeps getting better.Hee WG6X 7/21/2018
Also 7610 is now at version 1.10 AD1C 7/22/2018 has lots of 7300, 7100, and other info WG6X 7/21/2018

LC Tried Again but-- NA8W 7/19/2018
If Gene changed the code on the page WMU 7/23/2018
You may want to email AB7RW and ask if he got them. Might create dupes otherwise. KA9JAC 7/21/2018
If you have an ad blocker try turning it off. That worked for me N8KIE 7/19/2018
I tried an LC-2 and I did receive a confirmation e-mail... don't know what's up WA4UNS 7/19/2018
I submitted 2 (more) KC3X 7/19/2018

Note from George AA4GT. Mary NV4Z has been in hospice or the last eight (More) WB4FFV 7/18/2018
Sorry to hear this news..... KA3DRO 7/21/2018
Have visitied with Mary many times at the conventions also... Best wishes to... AE3Z 7/20/2018
Our thoughts & prayers are with you both! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/19/2018
George--my prayers for Mary and you. Jim N8HAM 7/19/2018
Hang in there George. We are thinking of you both and hoping for Mary's recovery. K2MF 7/19/2018
It should read " for the last eight days". WB4FFV 7/18/2018

REMEMBER-Aug 1st is the deadline to be eligible for the FT 857 drawing. Forum info (more) AB7NK 7/18/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/18/2018

Thanks N9JF for last in IL for CW 24 left N8KIE 7/18/2018

15m seems to be open today N8KIE 7/18/2018

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