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Many thanks to K8ZZ/W0GXQ for all the Colorado cou... W4SIG 8/17/2019
Yes thanks. KC3X 8/17/2019
Colo counties (more) K5KDG 8/17/2019
just the opposite WB2ABD 8/17/2019

I have "The Nifty! Mini-Manual" for the ICOM IC-7100... W3DYA 8/16/2019
Thanks, it's gone! W3DYA 8/16/2019

New Whole Ball of Wax Award issued to Joao - CU3AA NXX 8/15/2019
Congratulations great job WE7G 8/17/2019
AWESOME! Congratulations from N0XYL and KBBA 8/16/2019
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/16/2019
Good job Congrats KC5P 8/16/2019
Congrats on a job well done! KG4CRJ 8/16/2019
Congratulations AB7RW 8/16/2019
Many congratulations, Joao! K2MF 8/16/2019
Congratulations...Great Job! WY8I 8/15/2019
Congratulations! That's awesome!!! W4SIG 8/15/2019
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 8/15/2019
Nice going! AD1C 8/15/2019
Wow, way to go and getting it done. Big Congradulations! WG6X 8/15/2019
Congratulations ! Great job ! W8OP 8/15/2019
Congratulations on #1268!!! 73/88 AB7NK 8/15/2019
Congratulations KC3X 8/15/2019

Check your logs-more KB6UF 8/15/2019
I don't have any contacts with you on those dates. N5MLP 8/16/2019

Well I got FT8 installed and running, got ZL2IFB's op guide so the learning begins. KB6UF 8/15/2019
Don't get too bored. KC3X 8/15/2019

Trip home posted N8KIE 8/13/2019

LC-1 question Can team be listed as receivers of LC-1? If so how??? K9MIX 8/13/2019
I Always send a LC to each. Some one has to drive... more N6PDB 8/14/2019
I always send to each member of a team. Why no? They are free. WQ7A 8/13/2019
If you want to give both.....more KA9JAC 8/13/2019
I could be wrong, but I think you have to pick whi... W4SIG 8/13/2019
Been through this and had to make my case by quoting the rules...Yes you can it is permitted. (more) KA2LHO 8/17/2019

Does anyone use mike socket on the IC-7100 for CW? W3DYA 8/13/2019
IC-7100 Advance Instruction manual 4-11 shows using mike for CW WG6X 8/13/2019
My IC-7100 cw coonector works fine, I assme you are trying 4 & 7 pin on IC-7100 WG6X 8/13/2019
Thanks, I used pins 7 and 2 on the IC706 mike socket. Will check 7 and 4. 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 8/15/2019
In the rare cases that I us the keyer I plug into the keyer socket on the head N8KIE 8/13/2019
I use the keyer socket on the base unit at home. Couldn't get it to accept my Logikey K5 W3DYA 8/13/2019
PS: I did contact ICOM but must have got an SSB Ham; he just pointed me to the W3DYA 8/13/2019

Quick trip to Memphis, TN this morning, return this afternoon. _ more WB4KZW 8/13/2019

Thanks, Butch WY0A, for all the counties on your t... W4SIG 8/12/2019
Glad to help! WYA 8/14/2019
ditto...thanks KD5YUK 8/13/2019

Well one issue taken care of, 7300 is hooked up to maclogger, now the process to learn how ft8 and m KB6UF 8/12/2019
thats making contacts. going to have to teach old dog self new tricks KB6UF 8/12/2019
Good Luck! You are already ahead of me! W4SIG 8/12/2019

Logger new problem MORE K9MIX 8/12/2019
Error reports on old versions doesn't help. WQ7A 8/12/2019

Just reviewed trips page, mobiles will be running in Alabama, I've cancelled my trip to Alabama. KB6UF 8/11/2019
Will be going to AL and TN, very soon, depends on daughters schedule, some body has to feed animals KB6UF 8/12/2019
And you are good for Mobile Diamond credit! W4SIG 8/12/2019
yes he is KC3X 8/12/2019
Yes true they do not have USACA etc where as you have many stars! K4YT 8/11/2019

just got IC 7300-who is the FT8 guru, that I can pick a brain? KB6UF 8/10/2019
here is the info you need KK7X 8/10/2019
Here's how I do it... (more) WA4UNS 8/10/2019
Search ic7300 on u-tube--great videos on setting up digital modes KD5YUK 8/10/2019
Tnx folks for suggestions, were helpful. KB6UF 8/11/2019

Starting home tomorrow from Tampa FL ... more KA4RRU 8/10/2019
Forgot to mention I am leaving around 1 pm on Sunday KA4RRU 8/10/2019

I will post my trip home soon. Just finished logging the trip out here 97 new Dbl Dia N8KIE 8/9/2019

I've posted an Alabama run startingTuesday 13 August KB6UF 8/9/2019

I worked KL7/G4KHG on 30m FT8 but I don't have a clue where he is at. KC3X 8/8/2019
Possible location KM6HB 8/8/2019
Thanks KC3X 8/9/2019

F.S. Heil PRO-5-HC5 Dual Heaset (Nice) $60 plus shipping WG6X 8/7/2019
For Sale: Icom SM-2 deskmike with 4 to 8 pin adapter cable S45 ship lower 48 WG6X 8/9/2019
Sorry wrong it is a PROSET Dual HC-5 mike element. WG6X 8/8/2019
F.S.: Heil PRO-5ic single-sided headsets (ICOM) w/AD-1-ic adapter WG6X 8/7/2019
F.S.:I have several Traveler style single-sided ICOM headsets and ICOM cables WG6X 8/7/2019
Yes works on IC-7100 with right cable adapter, one lead goes to rig spker jack. WG6X 8/13/2019
F.S.:::I have a nice looking HEIL HM-5 Deskmike wired for Kenwood $40 plus ship WG6X 8/7/2019

Re-Scheduled Nebraska QSO Party-September 7, 2019 NFN 8/7/2019
That KN4Y 8/8/2019

prop banner at top stuck N4CD 8/6/2019
Try CTRL + F5 keys to refresh K4EXT 8/6/2019
Looks fine to me KK7X 8/6/2019
Ben that way for years! K4XI 8/6/2019

KA4RRU Ran Jasper GA, Think it should be Jasper SC K4AMC 8/6/2019

2nd district of Alaska KM6HB 8/4/2019
What team?? KBBA 8/5/2019
Team list from web link I provided KM6HB 8/9/2019

Anyone have any wiring or otherwise info on the Heil HM-5 desk mike not handi WG6X 8/4/2019
Wired Kenwood Pin 1 Mike element, Pin2 PTT, and Pin7 Gnd Interested in it?? WG6X 8/5/2019

August 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 8/4/2019

5 (FIVE) LCs and one WBOW Available in ONE County N1API 8/3/2019

Icom IC-7000 and accessories for sale NN9K 8/3/2019

need little log help-more KB6UF 8/3/2019
Worked you 597 times prior to 1/28/17 but due to condx have nor heard you since!! K4XI 8/3/2019
haven't run much since then, but planning to be more active KB6UF 8/4/2019
Worked you from Dakota, NE fixed on 30 and 40 NFN 8/3/2019
From Hubbard MN, our contact on 7056.5 at 1450z, both 559. WGXQ 8/3/2019
Sorry, not in my log. 73 WQ7A 8/3/2019

Eye-ball with W7FEN today..... N7JPF 8/2/2019
What a surprise and you had to run me down. Good to see you and met your friend. W7FEN 8/2/2019

Trip today NA8W 8/2/2019

in Honolulu for 2 weeks. Anyone needing a contact try email me N8KIE 8/2/2019

Hmmmmmm. 14.336..... Sure sounds like a "net" to me... Course, what do I know....!! AE3Z 8/2/2019
Its all about spotting oneself or getting spotted... W4SIG 8/3/2019
14.336 sure worked good on the way out here. And you know where to look LOL N8KIE 8/2/2019
I worked several there after I put out Skamania and headed back to Lewis. W7FEN 8/2/2019
We also enjoyed running on 14.336 with the others. Tnx to all who helped as NC! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 8/2/2019

K8TE MRC's KAP 8/2/2019
Bill appears to active on LOTW and he did confirm there... (more) K2MF 8/2/2019
Since 2017 I have 13 Qso's with K8TE in various N... KAP 8/2/2019
I wasn't clear Dragan (sorry). Bill apparently sends LOTW confirmations (more) K2MF 8/3/2019
ditto AG6V 8/2/2019
I respectfully disagree... I sent my MRC request in 2017 so, 2 years is more than enough time to rep KAP 8/2/2019
I respectfully disagree... I sent my MRC request in 2017 so, 2 years is more than enough time to rep KAP 8/2/2019
ditto AG6V 8/2/2019
Same thing with me.K9MIX K9MIX 8/2/2019
It is entirely possible that even though Bill may participate on (more) K2MF 8/3/2019

2nd Alaska WB2ABD 8/2/2019

N7JPF trip. Anyone hear him on July 31 trip? He has not answered emails. K9MIX 8/2/2019
I called at each county and no one ever came back.Conditions were poor out here N7JPF 8/2/2019
RATS. I need 3 of the CO and one being last for WA. Thanks for trying. K9MIX 8/2/2019

County Hunter Record Book K5KDG 8/1/2019
Last ones I bought from W5GND NFN 8/1/2019
County Hunter Record Book K5KDG 8/1/2019

Bewilderling Amazing----> Congratulations..LOL KD5YUK 8/1/2019

Quick day trip to Austin, TX and back today N5MLP 8/1/2019

2019 Annual Mobile and Net Control Award Winners Announcement N5MLP 8/1/2019
Congratulations to all the winners from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/3/2019
Congratulations to all of the winners and the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Wow WB4FFV 8/1/2019
Congratulations to the winners of the awards for their hard work and effort! WG6X 8/2/2019

Denver metro trip 12 August (more) WGXQ 7/31/2019
SHAKE DOWN??? KDEQ 7/31/2019
Yep, I see there are seven (7) Dairy Queens on our route! WGXQ 7/31/2019
I hope you have a week to test your round trip in the city. KC3X 7/31/2019

Trip from Blacksburg VA to home tomorrow afternoon. KA4RRU 7/31/2019
Will try to run Craig Co Virginia tomorrow. ...more KA4RRU 7/31/2019

adding some CA counties tomorrow N8KIE 7/28/2019

For u early birds,leaving house abt 4:30am central time, will be 40 ph/cw KB6UF 7/28/2019

F.S.: Kenwood SP-950 speaker $100 shipped lower 48 WG6X 7/28/2019
About 29 of the 100 is shipping cost by the way. WG6X 8/2/2019

Going to Harney OR & then across 84 to original route. Happy Hunting AB7NK 7/28/2019

WA trip posted starting 7/31 N7JPF 7/28/2019

Continuing trip counties today> NA8W 7/28/2019

Adjusted Idaho route: Caribou, Power, Butte, Custe... W4SIG 7/28/2019

FS NEW: Hustler RM-80/40/20/17 coils mailed lower 48 $76.00 WG6X 7/27/2019
Sold. WG6X 8/1/2019

Trip posted for Monday 29th KB6UF 7/26/2019
Added Webster,MS to my run this Monday. KB6UF 7/27/2019
Reminder, will post the county i"m in, rest of the modes will follow my 336 post KB6UF 7/28/2019

Headed to Pennsylvania in the morning (more) NA8W 7/25/2019

trip posted N4CD 7/25/2019

August County Hunter News N4CD 7/25/2019
oops....try again N4CD 7/25/2019

How do I find the county sign project? W8FNW 7/25/2019
sign needs N4CD 7/25/2019
County sign needs list N4CD 7/25/2019

Updated trip for today, 7/25 is posted. W4SIG 7/24/2019

A moose in the road was a major reason it took so ... W4SIG 7/24/2019

Going up to Starkville, MS Monday (Ameratron) will run on way back, Because I want to be there at 8: KB6UF 7/24/2019

Owners of TuneMatic tuners. (more) KC3X 7/24/2019

Landed Salt Lake but antennas did not! Delayed as ... W4SIG 7/24/2019
How long to get to Bear Lake? K9MIX 7/24/2019
OH the joys of flying. Good luck, I will be listening. KC3X 7/24/2019

CW 14.056.5 WD7JS 7/23/2019
No matter to me, can't hear any signal from the far NW!!! K4XI 7/23/2019
Net controls have been elliminated by the new board... Ain't Nothin' like it used to be...! AE3Z 7/23/2019
Fake news. The Board did not eliminate Net Control... W4SIG 7/23/2019
what was the obvious reason??? KB6UF 7/24/2019
It was discussed at length at the KC National by m... W4SIG 7/24/2019
       Go to the MARAC website and LOOKUP NETS....!!! AE3Z 7/25/2019
Then there are many days with only CW, no SSB, glad I still do CW K8OOK 7/23/2019
Appreciate you offering, Russ. Some days CW is the... W4SIG 7/23/2019

Will be making a trip into Skamania County this morning around 1900 14.336 and 7.188. W7FEN 7/23/2019
Will listen for you on 10124.5.. tnx K8ZZ 7/23/2019

I plan to run 88 counties in September. I will need many contacts even if you don't need the county KC3X 7/22/2019
If I hear you Hollis you can count on me. 40m should be open to Michigan WY8I 7/23/2019
This is another MD run, contact me even if you don't need the county. KC3X 7/22/2019
Some times easier said than done HA HA but will try K9MIX 7/22/2019

Bob, KC6AWX was a solid S7 into Hubbard MN today! WGXQ 7/21/2019
Solid copy into Michigan WY8I 7/23/2019
Was S7 in Eastern NC W4YDY 7/22/2019
Was S5 in the mobile in TX. N4CD 7/22/2019
Was S5 in the mobile in TX. N4CD 7/21/2019

CA Trip N3MRA 7/20/2019

Operator Wanted WV2B 7/19/2019

AA9JJ Address AC9GK 7/19/2019
Address AA9JJ 7/19/2019
Thanks Frank and yes it is old. I will mail it out... AC9GK 7/20/2019

Heart Attack K5VYT 7/18/2019
Good luck with your recovery Dick. Hope to hear you back on shortly. K7TM 7/26/2019
Recovery N4RS 7/21/2019
Prayers for a quick recovery, Dick! W4SIG 7/21/2019
Hope you are feeling better soon, Dick! It will be good to hear you on the air again. K2MF 7/20/2019
Rest and relax Dick.. Look forward to hearing on the radio.. K8ZZ 7/20/2019
#1 job is to get well and hoping for a speedy recovery! WG6X 7/20/2019
Get well soon. KC5P 7/18/2019
Wishing you a quick recovery! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/18/2019
hope you get better. thanks for all the contact past 20 yrs KM9X 7/18/2019
Take it easy Dick and get better soon! WY8I 7/18/2019
Sorry to hear this and hope for quick recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/18/2019
Get well soon Dick. Will look for you on the air. God Bless. KC3X 7/18/2019
Thanks, Get better soon Dick. Looking forward to hearing you. 73 Terry WQ7A 7/18/2019
Get well and best of luck to you K9MIX 7/18/2019

August Colorado trip posted WGXQ 7/18/2019
would love to work you Jerry DL3DXX 7/19/2019

Modifications to trip plan for 7/19 and 7/20 have been posted .... more N5MLP 7/18/2019

Tks Jerry W0GXQ for running counties 24 New Ones for me K4AMC 7/18/2019
Thanks for the 30M contacts... WA4UNS 7/18/2019
Bunch of new ones for me also.. Tnx K8ZZ 7/18/2019

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