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Apologies for my poor operation. A short in the ke... W4SIG 11/13/2019
IS KN4Y 11/13/2019

W8SP now active chasing counties W8OP 11/12/2019

First part of trip posted-more KB6UF 11/12/2019

Well its that time of the year-heading to Calif-more KB6UF 11/12/2019
will try to listen for you but unlikely will hear from KH6 N8KIE 11/13/2019
Have a fun and safe trip and hope you have good weather!! WG6X 11/13/2019
I KN4Y 11/12/2019

Weather delay on trip. Starting around noon today ... W4SIG 11/12/2019
Well...wx problems, car issue behind me. Now some ... W4SIG 11/12/2019

Trip posted W8OP 11/10/2019

It's no big deal but the database listing of my awards stop with this msg: W3DYA 11/8/2019
The basic problem has been fixed K3IMC 11/11/2019
Thanks, Don. I was CH of the Year two years in a row, if I remember correctly. W3DYA 11/12/2019

Trip to Miami posted for next week. W4SIG 11/8/2019

Something happen to my hotmail. Please use to contact me. WG6X 11/7/2019
My HOTMAIL is now okay. Better safe then sorry. is okay! WG6X 11/9/2019

Try again KN4Y 11/7/2019

Tommorrow KN4Y 11/7/2019

Am on a 3 week non -radio vacation.. I sent out all MRC's today from last trip.. K8ZZ 11/6/2019

How to change phone in MARAC database? N9JF 11/6/2019
Open logger, view edit, view by call--your call, enter and make changes N8HAM 11/6/2019 those of us without Logger? N9JF 11/6/2019
Send the Secretary an email. WMU 11/6/2019 'change' at bottom N8HAM 11/6/2019

SK, N4PN, Paul Newberry Jr, MARAC #C-100 K4EXT 11/5/2019
RIP Paul AI5P 11/9/2019
RIP Paul..... see you on that CL up above some day..... 73 KA3DRO 11/7/2019
Sad news...Had many contacts with him thru the years KB8OMG 11/7/2019
Rest in Peace Paul WY8I 11/7/2019
RI*P my friend. We have been pals since grammer school in Macon. K4DI 11/7/2019
RIP Will Miss him, he worked just about every contest there was N1API 11/7/2019
N4PN (more) K5KDG 11/6/2019
Paul WB9NUL 11/6/2019
RIP Paul Sad news WMU 11/6/2019
Great operator - heard him in all the contest and many DX pile ups.. RIP Dit dit K8ZZ 11/6/2019
WOW, Just spoke to him a month ago and everything was going well. Sure will miss that call in conte KC3X 11/6/2019
"Pappaaaaa Novembuuhhhhh" N9JF 11/6/2019
RIP PAUL, Just worked him over weekend in SS Contest K4AMC 11/6/2019
Paul was a great county hunter, contester, DX'er. Had a chance to met him at the 1970 National NFN 11/6/2019
Paul was participating in the Sweepstates on Sat/Sun AB7RW 11/6/2019
Sorry to hear! All around terrific guy. Youll be missed. RIP Paul. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 11/6/2019
I am sorry to learn of Paul's passing. Condolences to his family. K2MF 11/6/2019
Sorry to hear-he was a great DXer too!! K4XI 11/6/2019
Rest in Peace Paul. N8HAM 11/6/2019
Always so sad to hear the passing of our CH'er friends. R.I.P. Paul! WG6X 11/6/2019
RIP Paul. K4EXT 11/5/2019

November 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 11/3/2019

If anyone needs Honolulu I will try to set up a sched. remember it is UCT - 10 hours N8KIE 11/2/2019
Need Hawaii, Kauai for Master Gold WY8I 11/4/2019
Need Kalawao for Mobile Diamond, one of last 15 fo... W4SIG 11/3/2019
I need Kauai for Dbl Diamond but won't run it because of the rule about natural bingo N8KIE 11/3/2019
What is the issue with the rule? WMU 11/4/2019
Mike, it's probably due to (more) WGXQ 11/4/2019
       Thats right. Several of us mobiles have not run N.B. counties since they altered the rule N8KIE 11/5/2019
       The rules doesn't even allow me to run natural bingo for anyone. That is the way the N2NJ wanted it. KC3X 11/4/2019
              I still don't understand what Bob's issue is. WMU 11/4/2019
                     Self-credit is a complicated issue. It is one that... W4SIG 11/4/2019
                            Initially N.B. was good for self credit but later rescinded N8KIE 11/5/2019

DATELINE CW - By: Ed, KN4Y for November, 2019 K2MF 11/1/2019
Always great fun reading along with info. WG6X 11/2/2019

KB9CES is a trooper! N9JF 10/31/2019
Jim thanks for Delaware, IA LC for CW. KC3X 11/1/2019
Happy Birthday to ya :) N9JF 11/1/2019
More "trooping" today: N9JF 11/1/2019
Thats the spirit! Thanks to both of you for the c... W4SIG 11/1/2019
Jim thank you for Lake and Moody, SD DL3DXX 11/1/2019
...and I thank her for that! KAP 10/31/2019

Thanks to W8OP for LC in NC on 17m. Now only two left in IN. Check needs list. KC3X 10/31/2019
Alan, thank you for all the counties in WV and NC DL3DXX 11/1/2019

Sad to report Les Green, K0LG, MARAC#2783 and USAC... W4SIG 10/31/2019
I am so sorry to learn of Les's passing. (more) K2MF 11/2/2019
Sorry to hear this. Les was one of the good guys (more) WGXQ 11/1/2019
Very sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/31/2019
Such sad news. Remember many good times with Les. RIP my friend. KC3X 10/31/2019
Always sad to hear the passing of a CH'er. R.I.P. Les ! WG6X 10/31/2019
Sorry to hear. Our condolences to the family. RIP Les WQ7A 10/31/2019
RIP worked Les on SSB from a few states. Condolences to family and friends N1API 10/31/2019

In Honolulu till spring, prob will not be on much N8KIE 10/30/2019
Enjoy the warm weather, Bob! W4SIG 10/31/2019
Enjoy the pacific! K2MF 10/31/2019
Have a great winter vacation. KC3X 10/30/2019

Tuesday's Trip Home. K4YT 10/30/2019

QRT for tonight in Rutland, VT Will post tomorrow's trip later K4YT 10/29/2019
Missed most of them. No propagaton either 40 or 20 SSB or CW. Horrible Bands N1API 10/31/2019

Monday's Planned Counties K4YT 10/29/2019

Still looking for new RoadRunner Editor volunteer.... W4SIG 10/28/2019

November County Hunter News N4CD 10/27/2019

Home safe - tnx to all for riding along.. K8ZZ 10/27/2019
Glad u arrived home safe. Thanks for all the counties. KC3X 10/27/2019
Thanks for being QRV on 80m KAP 10/27/2019
Thank you for lots of new, mostly 30m counties on this trip, Ed! K2MF 10/27/2019
Thanks for my last in OK & LA for 2nd Time around W8OP 10/27/2019

Logger KA3QLF 10/27/2019
Logger KK7X 10/27/2019
doh I missed the tab--- KA3QLF 10/27/2019

After reviewing the needs for NY and VT there should be many guys calling, I hope! K4YT 10/27/2019

Thanks for the qso's KA3QLF 10/27/2019
It was good to work you this weekend, Scott! K2MF 10/27/2019

Trip to NJ, NY, VT for MD 10/28-30 K4YT 10/27/2019

k8zz has a car repair down abt 5 hours 1400z N8KIE 10/26/2019

Finally got my broadband folded dipole back up after roofing job. (more) WA4UNS 10/24/2019

Jim N9JF reports that he is having trouble with 20m in his vehicle (more) K2MF 10/24/2019
On 20 with reduced power. N9JF 10/24/2019
Thanks Jim! W4SIG 10/25/2019
New cars don't like us. The battery is hard to get too and lots of noises N8KIE 10/24/2019
keeping my old Grand Cherokee. Great car and only 80k miles. WQ7A 10/24/2019
My Subaru Outback went over 160K on last trip! WYA 10/26/2019
"Radio car" Impala has 418,000. Maybe we should have traveled in it! N9JF 10/25/2019
Mine has 130k N8KIE 10/24/2019
Truck has 200,016 and still a truckn!!!! AB7NK 10/25/2019

Nov- 11th or 12th heading to Calif from Louisiana, will post up when I work out details, right now p KB6UF 10/23/2019
to maine, no radio friday morn airborne KB6UF 10/23/2019
should have said flying to Maine this friday, no radio back Nov 1 KB6UF 10/23/2019

amp issue solved WV2B 10/23/2019
Like i said sometimes throw something at it. Hee! Congrat's! WG6X 10/23/2019

MO/IA/NE/SD N9JF 10/23/2019
Trip modified somewhat N9JF 10/24/2019
In Madison NE tonight. N9JF 10/23/2019
I will wave as you go by !! NFN 10/23/2019

any info available on next years mich mini or the national N8KIE 10/22/2019
National in 2020 is making progress - will pass on addition info when available.. K8ZZ 10/22/2019
MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 will put up Website when I return from this trip.. K8ZZ 10/22/2019
As usual will be in route to Maine KB6UF 10/23/2019
???? Michigan is On the Way to Maine!!!! N8HAM 10/23/2019
maine-more KB6UF 10/23/2019

Upcoming County Runs...See Trips W8OP 10/22/2019
TRIP HAS BEEN REVISED ! See Trips W8OP 10/22/2019

Roanoke Star Special Event Station K3IMC 10/22/2019

1st Quarter Ballot Recognition (more) AB7NK 10/20/2019
Take a look at the list of folks getting votes. If... W4SIG 10/22/2019
Isn't it sad that some people just can't get over it.....!!! ! AE3Z 10/23/2019
Don, should one receive votes for a mode that they... W4SIG 10/25/2019
Don, I assume you are referring to the fact that (more) WGXQ 10/23/2019
Which of these people did not deserve to have been selected? AA9JJ 10/23/2019
cw N4CD 10/26/2019
cw N4CD 10/23/2019
don't count the votes that you don't like, or impeach KB6UF 10/23/2019
Thank you for this report, Mary! :) K2MF 10/21/2019

Going to go to EYE doctor tomorrow-more KB6UF 10/20/2019
I need St. John the Baptist and St. Bernard for 8th time tnx N8KIE 10/20/2019
After dr appoint-plaqumine, St. Bernard, Orleans then same ones on way home this AM KB6UF 10/21/2019
OK-St. Johns on way to Appointment St. Bernard after appointment, Plaqumine then St.bernard. KB6UF 10/20/2019

NY and IL QP today N4CD 10/19/2019
ILQP IS SUNDAY! N9JF 10/19/2019
got 2 of the 4 needed for 8th time in NY N8KIE 10/19/2019
No Washington county activity. KC3X 10/19/2019
IL QP Sunday N4CD 10/19/2019

Partial Log Lost AG6V 10/18/2019
10/17 1525+- 20 PH WALTHALL MS/ WASHINGTON LA KB6UF 10/23/2019
10/14 1607+- MONROE TN 30 cw KB6UF 10/23/2019
TN contact - thx AG6V 10/23/2019
yep KB6UF 10/23/2019

10-10 KN4Y 10/18/2019
So far, 10M has been very quiet! Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 10/19/2019
Never heard a sound all day.... AE3Z 10/19/2019
I'm listening Ed.... AE3Z 10/19/2019

N1FJE/N1HWW KDEQ 10/17/2019
That was likely Bunny ( N1FJR) and Om Bob from Maine, now SK's. KA3DRO 10/19/2019
N1FJE/N1HWW KDEQ 10/18/2019
Possible lead KM6HB 10/17/2019
Try N1FJR N4CD 10/17/2019
both N1FJR/N1HHW now SK N4CD 10/17/2019
Had many contacts and convention visits with Bunny and Bob.... Don AE3Z 10/18/2019

Hi gang, Current health update, good news/bad news! - more WB4KZW 10/17/2019
I believe you are wrong: Tri-care will cover with a co-pay drugs not on list..$53 WG6X 10/17/2019
see below info. WG6X 10/17/2019
see below info WG6X 10/17/2019
Thanks for your input Ray - more WB4KZW 10/17/2019
       They tried to pull that crap on me with chemo treatments... Tell them to......(more) AE3Z 10/18/2019
       when thur ths at one pharmancy, but wal-mart got TCL to pay. Call Tri-Care.. WG6X 10/18/2019
              I hope and pray you guys are correct. Am looking into it with lcl VA rep and TFL/Medicar. TNX WB4KZW 10/19/2019

MARAC Quartery Voting ends tomorrow! PLEASE make s... W4SIG 10/17/2019

ALS 500M Amp issue update WV2B 10/16/2019
Amp Control K4AMC 10/19/2019
Tempting WV2B 10/19/2019
possible problem N4CD 10/18/2019
Duane, have you tried putting an RF meter in the line from the transceiver to (more) AE3Z 10/18/2019
Mic Gain WA4PGM 10/18/2019
Everything normal WV2B 10/18/2019
Try a different coax cable! AB7RW 10/17/2019
Amp problem WB4FFV 10/17/2019
More WV2B 10/17/2019
Years ago,but antenna matching adding about 3 ft more coax length solved it. WG6X 10/17/2019
COAX Length WV2B 10/17/2019
       COAX Length WV2B 10/17/2019
              Place the radio in your normal SSB frequency. Select CW mode. if you have output then your radio is KC3X 10/18/2019
       To test an amplifier, the output should go directly to a dummy load. KC3X 10/17/2019
              Shouldn't matter WV2B 10/17/2019
                     yes it does. KC3X 10/18/2019
                            At this point WV2B 10/18/2019

I went to eye doctor and cardio dr yesterday, good to leave for Honolulu 10/29 N8KIE 10/16/2019
Great news Bob, enjoy. Take me with you! WB4KZW 10/17/2019
Good news, Bob! Have a safe trip! W4SIG 10/17/2019
Have a fun and great trip! WG6X 10/16/2019

Today test equipment - Wabaunsee Lyon Morris Chase, Kansas K8ZZ 10/16/2019

Many thanks to WY0A and KB6UF for all the counties... W4SIG 10/16/2019

I screwed up yesterday I was not in clay tn was in Jackson tn KB6UF 10/16/2019
Good screw up. Worked you in "Clay" but needed Jackson. Thanks. WQ7A 10/16/2019

MARAC Ran All State Application Form - Don't think it works (More) WYA 10/15/2019
Please submit any issues or feedback about award forms directly to K3IMC. KA9JAC 10/16/2019
Thank You, I will do so... WYA 10/16/2019

Tomorrow will get on the road about 8 or 9:00 am -more KB6UF 10/15/2019

Adding Carbon, WY first thing in the morning.. WYA 10/14/2019

THANKS KDEQ 10/14/2019
Thank you for Benton, my last WAC-3 in IN. Glad you're home safe and sound, Bill! K2MF 10/15/2019
Tnx for the contacts! (more) WYA 10/14/2019

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