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day trip next week-MORE KB6UF 9/25/2023

Off The Air Maybe Till Next Spring N1API 9/25/2023
AA1K and N3TTT do excellent tower work. K4YT 9/25/2023
So sorry to hear, Al. Antennas can be a real pain,... W4SIG 9/25/2023
find cheap vertical-been using one along with my Tri bander for years. KB6UF 9/25/2023

Off The Air Maybe Till Next Spring N1API 9/25/2023

Awards Issued 23 September 2023 AB7RW 9/24/2023
Wow, congrats to all especially K5GE on 5 band! In... W4SIG 9/25/2023
Congrats on 5 band!! Now for 160--LOL N8HAM 9/25/2023
80? Holy Smokes ! NS2N 9/24/2023
Congrat's to all! N8MD 9/24/2023
Congrats to everyone, nice job! KE4UP 9/24/2023

Posted MO and AR on trip page KB6UF 9/24/2023
Added counties to AR and MO KB6UF 9/24/2023

logger issue-wont post as transmiited from-O'brien Iowa?????? KB6UF 9/23/2023
K3IMC is aware of the issue logging counties with ... W4SIG 9/23/2023
Let Don know the filling- KB6UF 9/23/2023
Ron, try leaving out the apostrophe WA3QNT 9/23/2023
Tried it but will try again-more other issue KB6UF 9/23/2023

Back at house-more KB6UF 9/22/2023
Many thanks for all the counties BUT.... W8OP 9/23/2023
Glad you are home safely... (more) K2MF 9/23/2023

Trip -More KB6UF 9/21/2023
Hang in there, Ron. Great job !!! WA3QNT 9/22/2023
You need to take care of yourself. Thanks for the trip so far! N8HAM 9/22/2023
Thanks, Ron for all the counties! Nap needed! W4SIG 9/22/2023
Thanks, Ron for all the help....(more) K7REL 9/21/2023
Thank you so much 4 so many new ones. Get home safe. 73 K4YT 9/21/2023

Anybody else having problems logging/spotting O'Brien, IA with Logger? K7REL 9/21/2023
Technically, this is not a Logger issue, it is the way the spotting website handled it. KA9JAC 9/23/2023
It is a Logging Issue, not am spotting issue....(more) K7REL 9/23/2023
Just worked Don, K3IMC, in Prince George's, MD (more) WYØA 9/22/2023
When is the last time you downloaded the updates? AB7RW 9/22/2023
Other counties as well (more) WYØA 9/21/2023
Other counties as well (more) WYØA 9/21/2023
Other counties as well (more) WYØA 9/21/2023
Sorry about the triplicate, not sure how I did that... WYØA 9/21/2023
Yes, something is wrong, most likely has to do with the apostraphie. NFØN 9/21/2023
Yeah, that's what I am thinking, too, Mike. Already emailed KE3VV K7REL 9/21/2023

Back on the road KE4UP 9/20/2023

Awards Issued 9/20/2023 AB7RW 9/20/2023
Congratulations to Gene, Tom, Phil, Butch, Ron and Kerry!! K2MF 9/23/2023
Congrats to all!!!! N8HAM 9/20/2023
Congratulations gentlemen . . . nice awards. WØGXQ 9/20/2023
Congratulations to all!!!!! W4SIG 9/20/2023

Congratulations KC3X 9/19/2023

Awards Issued 9/18/2023 AB7RW 9/18/2023
I finished ran all counties #9 guess I need to apply for each individually N8KIE 9/19/2023
And submit the logs AB7RW 9/20/2023
Bob, there is a way to apply for the Ran all USA C... W4SIG 9/19/2023
Ran all USA 10/13/2009 #9 N8KIE 9/20/2023
I did that and was issued the award 10 years ago N8KIE 9/20/2023
Many congratulations to Butch, Ron, Karl and Ed!! K2MF 9/19/2023
Congratulations! WØGXQ 9/19/2023
Congrats to all!!! W4SIG 9/18/2023

Just posted an unexpected trip thru the SE over then 2 weeks K3IMC 9/17/2023

Upper MT cell service sketchee. Running no takers except ka7icf 40 cw KB6UF 9/17/2023

Camping trip (more) N8MD 9/17/2023

Thanks Ed K8ZZ 99 to go for Bingo Cinco N8KIE 9/17/2023

RIP Don KE4UP 9/16/2023

heading out sunday morni ng,in Montana-More KB6UF 9/16/2023

heading out sunday morning,in Montana KB6UF 9/15/2023

Plus NH, NJ, and Salmon Run (Pacific NW) AG6V 9/15/2023

the electric car mandate will mean the death of the UAW union due to non union content N8KIE 9/15/2023

K8ZZ is QRT for 2 days N8KIE 9/15/2023

oops! I've got to do some serious backtracking---NOTHING to do with the counties. Because of this N8HAM 9/13/2023

I will be mobile tomorrow morning from Washington ... W4SIG 9/13/2023
Likely route: UT:Washington, Iron, Beaver, Millard... W4SIG 9/13/2023

AE3Z USA CA # 1009 SK KM6HB 9/12/2023
RIP Don NFØN 9/17/2023
RIP, Don KC5P 9/15/2023
RIP Don.. K8ZZ 9/14/2023
RIP, Don. Condolences to Marilyn and his family. K2MF 9/14/2023
Our condolences to the family. RIP Don. K7SEN & AB7NK 9/13/2023
RIP Don. WB4FFV 9/13/2023
So mote it be Brother Don. Will always remember meeting you on one of my trip to PA and NY. W7FEN 9/13/2023
Sorry to hear this RIP. N1API 9/13/2023
So sorry to hear of Don’s passing WØGXQ 9/13/2023
73 neighbor NS2N 9/12/2023
RIP Don. You were a good friend to the county hunters. KC3X 9/12/2023
RIP Don. N8MD 9/12/2023
RIP N8KIE 9/12/2023

Added a quick trip. Heading into Ohio tonight after my grandson's CC race late this afternoon. .... N8HAM 9/12/2023
Have fun at the Cross Country Meet! Unlike CH, a non-contact sport HI HI AG6V 9/12/2023
He successfully made it to the finish line with no contact---again. LOL N8HAM 9/12/2023
Hi Hi ! WA3QNT 9/12/2023
Haha, that’s good Donna! :) W4SIG 9/12/2023

Text me if you need something, e-mails will be to late for you KB6UF 9/12/2023
Tough To Do When You Don't Have Text N1API 9/13/2023

Leaving early in AM for MI.. will monitor 80m 3556.5.. K8ZZ 9/12/2023
Wednesday K8ZZ 9/12/2023

Possible change to this run-more KB6UF 9/11/2023

Awards Issued 9/11/2023 AB7RW 9/11/2023
Lots of congratulations to Kerry, Laci, Gene and Ron! K2MF 9/12/2023
Congratulations!!! N8MD 9/11/2023

Sullivan, NY - Last County for BINGO = WBOW. Anybody Heading that way?? K7REL 9/10/2023
Just heard back from a fixed station in Sullivan, NY who has offered to help...(more) K7REL 9/11/2023

Address Information AB7RW 9/9/2023
Thanks, Phil! W4SIG 9/9/2023

Just a heads up-more KB6UF 9/9/2023

Help: 6 to go for 5th time N3RM 9/8/2023
Do you want me to add these to the Final Countdown... W4SIG 9/9/2023
I just added Miami, IN to my posted trip.. K8ZZ 9/8/2023

Heading out 3:00 AM central time, will QRZ 3.556.5 then 7.056.5 until bands open KB6UF 9/7/2023

Trip posted - have added to WI and MN.. K8ZZ 9/7/2023

Those working me in park 0376 today, it was Clark MO not Lewis. N9JF 9/6/2023

Down to 6 states with one county left KV8Q 9/6/2023
Thanks for having your needs listed on this site. ... W4SIG 9/6/2023

Route 66 On the Air Event N4CD 9/6/2023

Just 38 more stars needed for Star XX , 1 star in LA and 37 in TX N8KIE 9/5/2023
FYI Star XX requires collecting 61,540 stars 20 x 3077 N8KIE 9/6/2023

Sept 4 MARAC Board Meeting completed. Thanks to th... W4SIG 9/4/2023

Thanks to Kerry W4SIG if finished the 4th time around with Leslie KY. K7TM 9/4/2023
Congratulations BOB !!! NA8W 9/6/2023
A hearty congratulations, Bob! K2MF 9/6/2023
Congratulations Bob!. Well done W7EEC 9/5/2023
Glad to help, Bob!! Congratulations! W4SIG 9/4/2023

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 9/4/2023

Ummm... yes. W8BZY earned USA-CA #1272 on 12/7/2022... (more) K2MF 9/4/2023

Just a reminder-MORE KB6UF 9/3/2023

Does anyone know if anyone has completed USACA 1st... W4SIG 9/3/2023
Sorry, my message above was misplaced. It should be here... (more) K2MF 9/4/2023
All I kn0ow is WD5CSK summited 8/5/2023. Don't know if he got a number yet. KC3X 9/3/2023

September 2023 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 9/2/2023

can someone come up on 14,056.5 and check my freq KB6UF 9/1/2023
tnx AB7RW for come back, when working NF0N on 056.5 have to go to 056.4 ????? KB6UF 9/1/2023
Ck if you have a Clarifier w/ Rx and Tx offset. Then click Clear KC5P 9/6/2023

QSO Party Weekend N4CD 9/1/2023
more CW OPS Open NS2N 9/1/2023

WA4EEZ Leslie Johnson USCA 1236 SK N1API 8/30/2023
RIP my friend WA4UNS 9/9/2023
Sorry to here about Leslie. RIP K7TM 9/4/2023
RIP dear Leslie - you’re now at peace. God Bless you dear friend. 88 AB7NK 8/31/2023
So sorry to hear this. I enjoyed working her on CW. Condolences to Roger and her family. RIP. K2MF 8/31/2023
So sorry to hear. Leslie was a FB CW operator, hav... W4SIG 8/31/2023
So Sorry to hear. RIP KC3X 8/31/2023

Awards Issued 8/30/2023 AB7RW 8/30/2023
Congratulations KC3X 8/31/2023
Congratulations to all! Nice!! W4SIG 8/31/2023
Congrat's to all! N8MD 8/30/2023

2 day Nebaska trip posted NFØN 8/29/2023

Hurricane warning Tampa to north gulf good luck to you guys N8KIE 8/28/2023

September County Hunter News N4CD 8/26/2023
Great newsletter as always, but>> NA8W 8/27/2023
Great work as usual...the article on early mobiling is outstanding... KE3VV 8/27/2023
Great mobile article... more W4YDY 8/28/2023 W4YDY 8/28/2023

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