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Thanks Mary & Neil for Calhoun GA. That leaves just Elliot KY for 4th time. KØPFV 12/2/2021

dec 5 trip KØDEQ 12/2/2021

December 2021 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 12/2/2021

Short Southern WV Trip tomorrow - Wednesday W8OP 11/30/2021

Alaska Districts WQ7A 11/28/2021
KL7DG ? AD1C 11/29/2021
Anyone operating from that town and Grid would be in the FOURTH. WQ7A 11/29/2021
Thank you Donn, But... WQ7A 11/30/2021
       Thanks, Terry. Will pass to Donn W9OO 11/30/2021

December County Hunter News N4CD 11/27/2021
Still 86 more KC3X 11/30/2021
Okay Bob, I WØGXQ 11/29/2021
210 to go here. WQ7A WQ7A 11/29/2021
I'll start it off . . . 428 to go for Natural Bingo WØGXQ 11/29/2021
I have 460 to go after 1 new one today ! NFØN 12/2/2021
Got a new one yesterday - down to 219 for NB KE3VV 11/30/2021
Interesting as usual. WB4FFV 11/29/2021

Logger issue KK7X 11/27/2021
I have found that if you... WQ7A 11/28/2021
That worked KK7X 11/28/2021
Logger 1 N4RS 11/27/2021
See message above KK7X 11/28/2021

In Honolulu long trip on an airplane thru Seattle N8KIE 11/24/2021
Glad you arrived safe. Enjoy. KC3X 11/25/2021

Williamson Tx will be run Sat 11/27. Happy Thanksgiving K7SEN & AB7NK 11/24/2021
Unfortunately due to the propagation Gods I could not hear you on 20M KC3X 11/24/2021

First new county in 8 months N8CIJ 11/24/2021
Webster, WV N8OYY 11/26/2021

Have QST February 1954 issue, free. W3DYA 11/24/2021
I recycled all the magazines (CQ AND QST) Monday Morning. W3DYA 11/29/2021

CQ Magazines - free W3DYA 11/24/2021

Some QST Magazines Free W3DYA 11/24/2021

Got the puppy home-more KB6UF 11/24/2021

is kh6xx going to run kalawao again in future? last for 7th time, KB6UF 11/23/2021
I am planning to go there after 1st of the year. Got to run some Honolulu to see abt prop. N8KIE 11/24/2021
I think that was a very cruel joke. Just my opinion. W8OP 11/23/2021
It appears the Kalawao spotting was in error.. He was spotted a few minutes later in Honolulu. WYØA 11/23/2021

Todays run-more KB6UF 11/23/2021
Ron thank you QSOs and for Walthall, MS (new county) DL3DXX 11/23/2021

Had to re program my radio, lost all memories. KB6UF 11/22/2021
No propagation on 20m from my QTH KC3X 11/22/2021
My Yaesu 857 does that, I get RF in it sometimes. NA8W 11/22/2021

Can’t post my self on RK site??? KB6UF 11/22/2021

quick run to tenn.-more KB6UF 11/20/2021

Upcoming trip - new revisions. May only run (more) AB7NK 11/20/2021

MI Mini April 21 22 23rd, 2022 - time to start thinking about registration.. K8ZZ 11/20/2021

About 1500z I hope to run Wilson and Karnes, TX. K5GE 11/18/2021

W4SIG's number should be #9 not #6. File needs to be repaired. AB7RW 11/17/2021

Award Issued 11/17/2021 AB7RW 11/17/2021
Congratulations Kerry! NA8W 11/22/2021
Congratulations. KC3X 11/20/2021
Congrats Kerry.. K8ZZ 11/20/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/18/2021
Congratulations Kerry W7FEN 11/18/2021
Congratulations, Kerry! K2MF 11/18/2021

Trip posted (start around 1400z) Thursday WØGXQ 11/17/2021

Award Issued 11/16/2021 AB7RW 11/16/2021
Congratulations Bill! NA8W 11/22/2021
Congratulations Bill! K5GE 11/18/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/17/2021
Congratulations . W7FEN 11/17/2021
Congratulations! Way to go!! W4SIG 11/17/2021
Congrats Bill. K7sen & AB7NK 11/17/2021
Congratulations. KC3X 11/17/2021
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 11/17/2021
Congrats Bill.. K8ZZ 11/17/2021

Short P W8OP 11/16/2021
Short PA day trip posted ! W8OP 11/16/2021
Need: Cameron and Juniata LY5A 11/16/2021

Trip posted starting Friday November 19 W4SIG 11/15/2021

I fixed the problem, and it should all be working K3IMC 11/13/2021
Thanks Don for all your hard work. It is really appreciated. KC3X 11/14/2021
Thanks Don for all that you do ! It's much appreciated by many. W8OP 11/14/2021
Thanks, Don! W4SIG 11/13/2021
Great job Don, tnx.. K8ZZ 11/13/2021

Monday morning about 1400z starting on the C/L of Hall and Howard NE (more) WØGXQ 11/13/2021

Awards Issued 11/13/2021 AB7RW 11/13/2021
Congratulations Kerry! K5GE 11/18/2021
Congrats Kerry! K7SEN & AB7NK 11/17/2021
Many congratulations, Kerry! K2MF 11/15/2021
Congrats Kerry.. K8ZZ 11/15/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/14/2021

The MARAC database appears to be down . . . (more) WØGXQ 11/13/2021
LII back in sedrvice AB7RW 11/13/2021
Repairs are in progress AB7RW 11/13/2021
Logger N4RS 11/13/2021
Same Error Message here on both Laptop and Desktop computers K7REL 11/13/2021

Staying in Washington Cty Utah (Zion National Park... W4SIG 11/12/2021
Take the shuttle and look for California Condors! N9JF 11/12/2021

Staying in Washington Cty Utah (Zion National Park... W4SIG 11/12/2021

195 stars left for Star XX who would have thought it was possible N8KIE 11/10/2021
Only 42,637 to go.. WYØA 11/10/2021
363 to go. 9 in AK. WQ7A 11/10/2021

Trip posted has be CANCELLED.. K8ZZ 11/10/2021
Ed, hope all is OK. AG6V 11/10/2021

Why does K1YAG continue to post impropperly N8KIE 11/9/2021
He probably doesn't use logger so -- WA3QNT 11/10/2021
I guess he doesn't know any better... WYØA 11/9/2021
I have e-mailed Bill a couple of times..... K7REL 11/10/2021

IA/MO trip November 10-14 NFØN 11/8/2021

Southern California mobile trip starting Monday mo... W4SIG 11/7/2021
Bring your vax card! N4CD 11/8/2021
It is required to even get into Hawaii N8KIE 11/10/2021
Trip now posted W4SIG 11/8/2021

Logger II question? Logger is not recognizing my WIFI, even though i send email on said computer-mor KB6UF 11/7/2021
got it running How ??????????? KB6UF 11/7/2021
The Great Spirits are with you Ron..... Hi AE3Z 11/8/2021

Logger ll Alert - Import ADIF file portion is disabled.. Pse do NOT send Don, K3IMC any files.. K8ZZ 11/6/2021
If you still have a copy of Logger 1... WQ7A 11/7/2021

headed to winter home in Honolulu 11/23 will try to run what I can while Im there N8KIE 11/5/2021
Kalawao will probably finish two WBOW for me. Than... W4SIG 11/8/2021
Kalawao K5ZE 11/7/2021
Kalawao/Maui will be after the New Year and after Kauai will post N8KIE 11/7/2021
Enjoy your time in FL, Bob! K2MF 11/6/2021
Thanks Bob for thinking of us. Kalawao is the one I need for 4th. K7TM 11/5/2021
Kalawao (more) K5KDG 11/5/2021
the problem with 40 is that I'm only there during dayight hours and there are few rental cars at 200 N8KIE 11/5/2021
Kalawao will prob be after the new year and I try to run all bands on both modes N8KIE 11/5/2021
Kalawao (more) K5KDG 11/5/2021

I never seriously considered stopping work on Logger 2. But, I am removing importing until a spec is K3IMC 11/5/2021
RE: Suspension of ADIF Imports KE3VV 11/5/2021
Thanks Don. I do use adif transfers for digital and contest contacts. I hope we can continue doing K7TM 11/5/2021
We hear you loud and clear Don.. Keep up the gud work on the other stuff.. Great job! K8ZZ 11/5/2021

I am no longer supporting Logger 2. Its development is ended. K3IMC 11/2/2021
Thanks KC3X 11/5/2021
Thanks for all your effort Don. K7TM 11/4/2021
A statement of my problem K3IMC 11/4/2021
When I first installed Logger I many years ago I g... W4SIG 11/5/2021
As far as I am concerned, this is "only" a hobby and in general... (more) K2MF 11/5/2021
When I first installed Logger I many years ago I g... W4SIG 11/4/2021
SAME HERE-inputed from Cherries program and each subsequent logging program with exception -more KB6UF 11/5/2021
Agree 100%. If I have o/s contacts that I want added I type them in. N8HAM 11/5/2021
When I first installed Logger I many years ago I g... W4SIG 11/4/2021
Don, you buit a good program, if a few have an issue that's their problem, you can't please everyone KB6UF 11/4/2021
Thanks for all the work and help N8KIE 11/4/2021
Good on ya Don, sometimes you have to take a stand to get people off their duffs. KB6UF 11/4/2021
I can't fathom your dedication and all of the 1000s of hours (more) K2MF 11/4/2021
Thanks WO8L 11/3/2021

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