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Question- KB6UF 1/19/2019
Ron, these days I would go with 20, 30, and 40 meters. Others are kind of a waste! WGXQ 1/19/2019
Ok-will try to work on that set up. KB6UF 1/19/2019
Ron with the propagation like it is today most folks close to you have to rely on 80/40. (more) KC3X 1/19/2019

New mobile trip posted for most of MISSISSIPPI nex... W4SIG 1/18/2019

2019 ELECTION INFO COMING SOON (more) AB7NK 1/18/2019
Thanks, Mary!! W4SIG 1/18/2019
Thank You Mary. KC3X 1/18/2019
Mary, Thank you for the work you do for the organization N7JPF 1/18/2019

Trip to Florida posted.. K8ZZ 1/18/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 1/18/2019

weekend trip - N4CD N4CD 1/17/2019

There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Feb 4, 2019 and 9 pm EST. (more) KA2LHO 1/16/2019

MI Mini MichMini Link

K8ZZ 1/15/2019
Signed up today N4CD 1/17/2019
Signed up today N4CD 1/16/2019
Well that answered my question about possibly riding the motorcycle up to the mini ! W8OP 1/16/2019

MI Mini - April 25 26 27th, 2019.. Time to register.. I do not know how to make a HTML link for th K8ZZ 1/15/2019
MichMini WQ7A 1/15/2019

Who Is Logger Support Contact? W8RCW 1/14/2019
I recommend Mike unless it is a simple problem. WQ7A 1/14/2019
Thanks. Ill send Mike an email. W8RCW 1/14/2019
K8EMS Mike Delke is one of the best for help with any Logger problem. WY8I 1/14/2019
You might try WQ7A. WB4FFV 1/14/2019
Terry is who I used to work with but.. W8RCW 1/14/2019
Mike, K8EMS does a heck of good job at it... Helped me couple times... Don AE3Z 1/14/2019

Trip K7TM 1/10/2019
Will listen for you.. be safe K8ZZ 1/12/2019

MI Mini - April 25 26 27th, 2019.. Time to register.. K8ZZ 1/10/2019
Signed up and looking forward to a great time. WQ7A 1/10/2019
Ed--add the website URL to your announcement. Its not on the Marac site--only 2018. http://michiga N8HAM 1/10/2019
The link from MARAC is correct.... Its the same site with Ed's rewording being confusing. KA9JAC 1/10/2019

Hi Ho Hi Ho - its off to TX we go! For those collecting stars, (more) AB7NK 1/9/2019

NV4Z - Mary Tomlinson SK N1API 1/6/2019
Sad news ... Rest In Peace Mary WY8I 1/13/2019
RIP W7FEN 1/10/2019
Sorry to hear this news... RIP my friend.... safe trip..... KA3DRO 1/9/2019
NV4Z (more) K5KDG 1/8/2019
RIP. N8HAM 1/8/2019
FYI Mary's Call Still Active As A Memorial Club Station N1API 1/8/2019
So sorry to hear - worked her many times! K4XI 1/7/2019
RIP Mary. Our prayers are with you George. KC3X 1/7/2019
R.I.P. K7IOO 1/7/2019

rental car hf power hook-up K9MIX 1/6/2019
Alligator clips N8HAM 1/6/2019
Red wire to positive terminal of battery and black wire to negative terminal. K7VAY 1/6/2019

MI Mini - April 25 26 27th, 2019.. Time to register.. K8ZZ 1/5/2019
Looks like the MI Mini site is down. NM1G 1/7/2019
It works---- N8HAM 1/8/2019
Now working - See U All in MI NM1G 1/8/2019
Done WGXQ 1/6/2019

Headed to LA N4CD 1/5/2019
back home N4CD 1/10/2019
Thanks for Morehouse, LA KAP 1/10/2019
Have a safe fun trip. Wx looks to be more or less decent. WG6X 1/6/2019

Dennis, KK7X . . . will you be collecting the Year End CW stats again? WGXQ 1/3/2019
I hope so. 93 to go for 3rd time CW. W4SIG 1/4/2019

January 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 1/3/2019

Where I'm hanging out... (more) WA4UNS 1/2/2019
Thanks for the FT8 contact last week! N9JF 1/7/2019
30 meters FT8 N8OYY 1/2/2019
Simple question... if you are NOT using WSJT-X Ver 2... why not? WA4UNS 1/2/2019
Updating to 2.0 N9JF 1/8/2019
No FT8 QSOs with you yet AD1C 1/2/2019
I ocassionally "see" and try to connect... we'll connect eventually WA4UNS 1/2/2019
p.s. if anyone needs Adams, CO on Digital (RTTY/FT8/PSK), drop me an E-mail AD1C 1/2/2019
Im mostly on FT8 30M too. W8RCW 1/2/2019
I need Watauga digi on all bands except 40. Will look for you! N9JF 1/2/2019
One mode or multiple modes? WA4UNS 1/2/2019

South Dakota and Nebraska one day trip NFN 1/1/2019
Thanks for Turner need one more to finish NE K9MIX 1/3/2019
correction one more for SD K9MIX 1/3/2019
Antenna working now, will try to do part of the trip in an hour or so around 1800utc NFN 1/2/2019
Sorry, Trip Cancelled, antenna frozen NFN 1/2/2019
Will leave around 1600 utc NFN 1/2/2019
Thanks for a couple of new ones Mike. WGXQ 1/3/2019

Happy New Year Everyone & may it bring U happiness, Love, & Good Health! WG6X 12/31/2018
Ditto! W4SIG 1/1/2019
Happy New Year Ray and to all County Hunters NFN 1/1/2019
Happy New Year and much good health to K5KDG 1/1/2019

Anyone know where I can get some of this? K9MIX 12/31/2018
We are doing a propagation dance out west in the rain. Doesn't help. WQ7A 12/31/2018
Proogation...? What's that..? Haven't seen or heard any for months... haha... Happy New Year...! AE3Z 12/31/2018

Heading home-more KB6UF 12/30/2018
Thanks for your efforts on the way home, Ron! (more) K2MF 12/31/2018

N7JPF still no luck contacting you via email KC7YE 12/30/2018

MRC Bureau Operating? W8RCW 12/30/2018
What is it that you need??? >>>> N6PDB 12/31/2018
Nothing right now Dennis but Tnx for the offer. St... W8RCW 1/1/2019
Unfortunately the MRC bureau is not operating at t... W4SIG 12/30/2018
Thanks for getting back to me with the answer W8RCW 12/30/2018

January 2019 County Hunter News N4CD 12/28/2018

N8OYY congratulations on all your awards. KC3X 12/26/2018
Congratulations Ed! K5GE 12/30/2018
Way to go ED! Congratulations WY8I 12/29/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 12/29/2018
Congrat's !!! KD5YUK 12/28/2018
Congratulations on all the awards Ed! WGXQ 12/27/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/27/2018
Congrat's on the awards. WG6X 12/27/2018
Many congratulations on your awards, Ed! K2MF 12/27/2018

N8OYY Earned # 59 in the Native American Counties Award on 3/4/2002 AB7RW 12/26/2018

N8OYY Earned #57 for the US Presidents Award on 10/25/2018 AB7RW 12/26/2018

N8OYY Earned #177 completing 251 Contacts in the Jack Scroggins Award. AB7RW 12/26/2018

N8OYY Completed ALL SSB #2 on 10/3/2018 AB7RW 12/26/2018

Heading east bound Sunday-az to La. 336 /14.056.5 KB6UF 12/25/2018
Will be listening. KC3X 12/26/2018

MI Mini - April 25 26 27th, 2019.. Time to register.. K8ZZ 12/25/2018
Already registered. More... KBBA 12/26/2018
More... KBBA 12/26/2018
Thank you Sandra.. K8ZZ 12/27/2018


Heading to Atlanta for some Tourist R & R 12/26. See the trip info. Not many needs listed. KA2LHO 12/25/2018
You will need some R&R after driving that stretch on highway, Merry Christmas K8OOK 12/26/2018
It is always and adventure and this trip was no different!!!! KA2LHO 12/30/2018

Logger question NA8W 12/24/2018
Make sure you are using the latest version. And check your recalc Mode for "ALL". WQ7A 12/24/2018
I am using current version and the calculations on 20 meters don't look right on digital. KC3X 12/24/2018
Gene is rewrighting the Digital recalc. WQ7A 12/24/2018
Thanks Terry. KC3X 12/24/2018

Heading back to CO a day early (Wed Dec 26th) due to wx (more) WGXQ 12/24/2018
Trip back is now scheduled for Saturday the 29th. WGXQ 12/24/2018
Posted WGXQ 12/25/2018

Mobile today N8OYY 12/21/2018

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