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12 meters to Pac NW KC7YE 12/3/2020

Help-ft8 back to standard operating-more KB6UF 12/3/2020
Got fixed in settings on radio. KB6UF 12/3/2020

December 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 12/2/2020

Trip posted WGXQ 12/1/2020

W0NAC 5 Mode status has new entries. WQ7A 12/1/2020
Is there a help file anywhere with instructions on how to read this list? (more) K2MF 12/2/2020
Modes for the 5 mode award WQ7A 12/2/2020
Modes for the 5 mode award WQ7A 12/2/2020

There may be an opportunity for me to go to the east side on Wednesday abt 2200z N8KIE 12/1/2020
Not able to go sorry will try in about 2 weeks N8KIE 12/1/2020

Awards Issued 11/30/2020 AB7RW 11/30/2020
OOPS Dennis' should read 2014. AB7RW 11/30/2020
Oh...didn't know Dennis used spark gap back in 1914 N4CD 11/30/2020

Sunspots! We got 'em. N4CD 11/30/2020
headed up to the park abt 1900z to run Honolulu N8KIE 11/30/2020
worked NF0N and N5MLP 20 ssb will go to the north shore next time N8KIE 11/30/2020
NOTHING HEARD will try again abt 2300z N8KIE 11/30/2020
Nothing heard here in NC. KC3X 11/30/2020
N1API was on 14336 calling you. I was also monitoring. (more) K2MF 11/30/2020
Thanks. I will be here 4 months will try going up to the N.E. shore next week N8KIE 11/30/2020

December County Hunter News N4CD 11/28/2020

Flux over 100 WMU 11/27/2020
Bands hopping N4CD 11/28/2020
Flux 100 ( more) K5KDG 11/28/2020
Mike, I hope it reaches 175 before I'm a SK. :) WGXQ 11/28/2020

Planning some mobile activity in December (more) WGXQ 11/27/2020

Will try to run Honolulu Monday abt 1900z 20, 30, 17, 15, 12 ssb then cw each band N8KIE 11/27/2020

Southwestern WV Trip planned for day after Thanksgiving...See Trips W8OP 11/25/2020

I just received the Dec. QST Magazine. Is anyone interested in the 2020 issues? W3DYA 11/23/2020
NEVER MIND! W3DYA 11/27/2020

Mobile trips in Mississippi posted W4SIG 11/23/2020
remember - Saturday CQWW-CW so classic CW bands will be full ! DL3DXX 11/24/2020

Going to try to run Honolulu Wed 11/22 abt 2000z starting 20 ssb N8KIE 11/22/2020
Not running today, minor issue with car. will try next week monday N8KIE 11/25/2020

Going up to the park to see if radio still works. will try ssb and cw N8KIE 11/22/2020
forgot about SS wall to wall noise. nobody looking for a 100w mobile N8KIE 11/22/2020

COVID K9MIX 11/22/2020
Tnx Brent.. prayers your way.. K8ZZ 11/24/2020
Thanks for update, Brent. Praying for a quick reco... W4SIG 11/23/2020
Still thinking about you, Brent! I hope your indications return to normal soon. K2MF 11/22/2020

Interfence wins, county hunters lose KA3QLF 11/20/2020
For the record KA3QLF 11/22/2020
What Scott said......... WMU 11/21/2020
The Posta station AB7RW 11/21/2020
Phil, I never said anything about "running anybody off"... All I said was.... AE3Z 11/22/2020
Every frequency on our radio's is open to anyone with the proper FCC license regardless if... AE3Z 11/21/2020

COVID N4RS 11/20/2020
Prayers for a full recovery soon! N0XYL and KBBA 11/25/2020
I am so sorry to see this. Please get better soon, Tom! K2MF 11/22/2020
So sorry to hear, Tom. Hope you get to feeling bet... W4SIG 11/21/2020

Trip to VA N3MRA 11/18/2020

Remember Saint Tammany and Washington parishs tomorrow after 10: 00 am central. KB6UF 11/17/2020

Morgan, CO AI5P 11/17/2020
AI5P/ more K5KDG 11/21/2020

Trip posted - See Planned Trips W8OP 11/17/2020
tried KC7YE 11/18/2020

Sorry-see following KB6UF 11/16/2020

Laptop/Chromebook?? K5KDG 11/16/2020
Thank you !!! ( more) K5KDG 11/23/2020
Prayers for a full, speedy recovery. N0XYL and KBBA 11/19/2020
Praying for your daughter and granddaughter. WB4FFV 11/18/2020
Your daughter and granddaughter are in my prayers, Steve. K2MF 11/18/2020

Digital Award WO8L 11/16/2020

November 20 and 21 KA3QLF 11/15/2020
Still a go KA3QLF 11/20/2020
November 20 and 21 DL3DXX 11/16/2020

NOV 20 TRIP KDEQ 11/15/2020

I will try to run Honolulu in a week or so. Anyone needing it email me and I will give you a heads N8KIE 11/15/2020

Wednesday about 10:00 AM Central St. Tamenany, Washington parishes KB6UF 11/15/2020

Will hit the ones that asked on forum possibly others. Sometime after 10 or so am central time KB6UF 11/14/2020
Will run in usual order, see following KB6UF 11/15/2020

Anybody need anything around the New Orleans area, have EYE appointment monday morning. KB6UF 11/13/2020
Need Jefferson for Bingo IV K4YT 11/14/2020
Orleans and Jefferson.. CW K8ZZ 11/13/2020
Plaquemines, L/C in Louisiana towards 4th time KM6HB 11/13/2020
Orleans and St James (CW) WGXQ 11/13/2020

US NAVY DD951 1959 - 1961 N4RS N4RS 11/13/2020
U.S. Navy 1961-1962 NFN 11/13/2020
USS Maddox DD 731 1963-1966, Turner Joy/Maddox Tonkin Gulf 1964 KB6UF 11/13/2020
DD951 N4RS 11/13/2020
Plank KC7YE 11/14/2020
Plant Owner - USS Pensacola (LSD-38) - 1971,,, Boston Navy Yard.... AE3Z 11/17/2020
Turner Joy KC7YE 11/13/2020

Veteran N1API 11/11/2020
U.S.Army 1966-1992 AI5P 11/17/2020
USAF 79-89 KV7N 11/12/2020
USAF 1951-1955 - you're making me feel old! 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 11/12/2020
US Navy 1962-1968 KB6UF 11/12/2020
USAF 55-58 AA9JJ 11/12/2020
US Army(LRRP) 67-70 AJ5ZX 11/12/2020
USAF 1960 - 1966 K8ZZ 11/12/2020
Naval Security Group 55-75 AB7RW 11/12/2020
USAF & Air Guard 67 - 94 N8MD 11/11/2020
USMC 1973-1977 WYA 11/11/2020
Army National Guard 1965 - 1971 NA8W 11/11/2020
ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 1960-66 KDEQ 11/11/2020
Veteran's Day 2020 N1API 11/11/2020
Thank you to all the mobile operators and county hunters for their service. K2MF 11/11/2020
USAF 1 Oct 59 to 1 Aug 84 WGXQ 11/12/2020
Army 1969 - 1971 AA8R 11/11/2020
Service ( more) K5KDG 11/11/2020
U.S. ARMY SECURITY AGENCY 1964-1968 KC3X 11/11/2020
U. S. Navy - July 1955 - December 1985 AE3Z 11/11/2020
Thank you for your service too! N8MD 11/11/2020

I had the opportunity of meeting John a few time. Lots of good conversations. RIP. KC3X 11/10/2020

John Devoldere, ON4UN, SK AI5P 11/10/2020
RIP John USCA #417 - 2/17/1983 N1API 11/11/2020
Very sad. Here is some more info... K2MF 11/10/2020
I remember the my log a number of times.... RIP OM..... KA3DRO 11/10/2020

MoSpot help.....please. N8HAM 11/10/2020
contact KA2LHO KA9JAC 11/10/2020

off to honolulu tomorrow what a hassle with all the testing and gov't forms N8KIE 11/9/2020
Have a good trip and winter and please stay healthy! K2MF 11/10/2020
Free country............ WMU 11/10/2020
All papers and tests filed. quite a hassle got my results at 10 pm before 9 am flight N8KIE 11/11/2020
you were proven Covid free at that moment the test was taken WMU 11/11/2020
Hawaii requires the NAAT test no more than 72 hrs before flight takes 2 to 3 days to get results N8KIE 11/11/2020
And you think it's bad now... give AE3Z 11/10/2020
time... I pray for my grand kids and Great grand kids...Its not going to be pretty....!!! AE3Z 11/10/2020
Stay Safe. KC3X 11/10/2020

Awards Issued 11/5/2020 AB7RW 11/5/2020
Congratulations KC3X 11/9/2020
AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT! Congratulations from N0XYL and KBBA 11/8/2020
Congratulations on being #1 again. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/7/2020
Congrats Gene.. K8ZZ 11/7/2020
Just leave it to K5GE, if it's difficult he gets it done. Great job Gene. Congratulations. WB4FFV 11/7/2020
Congratulations Gene !! Nice accomplishment. N5MLP 11/6/2020
Many congratulations, Gene! I am looking forward to seeing this on the Top Lists as well. :) K2MF 11/6/2020
Good job Gene. 73 K7SEN 11/6/2020
Congratulations Gene!! WGXQ 11/6/2020

Logging programs ?? (More) K5KDG 11/4/2020
Programs ( more) K5KDG 11/5/2020
I use N1MM for contesting and N3FJP for Every day Logging K4AMC 11/5/2020
I use N1MM+ for contest logging and submission to LoTW. N9JF 11/4/2020
N1MM+ and Logger WB2ABD 11/5/2020
Should be K5KDG. Lol K5KDG 11/4/2020

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