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I plan to be in Bell, TX Thursday Morning and hope to run Bell around 1400z. There will K5GE 6/7/2023

starlink internet KV7N 6/7/2023
Hey, Kent, good to hear from you after so long K7REL 6/7/2023

KB6UF - What a trooper (more)... AG6V 6/7/2023
Thanks, Ron... K7REL 6/7/2023
Thank you so much Ron. You have jump started me for CW-2. 21% of TX so far. Great job ! W8OP 6/7/2023

N5MLP resigned as awards manager N8KIE 6/6/2023
A volunteer will soon be needed to fill the role o... W4SIG 6/7/2023

only 59 stars left in 14 counties for Star XX N8KIE 6/6/2023

I great big thank you to Don and all who have and will support Logger. I can remember paper.... N8HAM 6/6/2023
Dont forget where "Logger 1" came from.... not K3IMC..... AE3Z 6/6/2023
We all owe Gene (KD9ZP), who became a Silent Key in January, for creating Logger I KE3VV 6/6/2023
And we all owe Willis, KJ4EJ, for his KWIKLOG, the foundation for Logger1 K7REL 6/6/2023
Absolutamente! and don't forget N4UJK (Ed) for creaating and printing the Coloring Book! KE3VV 6/6/2023
       Have another Tequila, K8OOK 6/6/2023
And don't you forget where Logger 1 came from..... K7REL 6/6/2023
Before that we had Cherries program before that paper logs KB6UF 6/6/2023

What freq for 12 meters? KB6UF 6/5/2023
24.936 Phone 24.913.5 CW N8MD 6/5/2023
sometimes lower than 24913.5 NS2N 6/5/2023

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 6/5/2023

FYI, Darl NA8W, is in hospital. Hopefully he will ... W4SIG 6/4/2023
Our prayers are to get well soon Darl. K5GE 6/6/2023
Get better soon, Darl! K2MF 6/5/2023
Wishing you a speedy recovery. You're in our prayers. K7SEN & AB7NK 6/5/2023
Prayers for quick recovery Darl.. K8ZZ 6/5/2023

MARAC Club info on ARRL Website out of date KM6HB 6/3/2023
Thanks, Mark, for letting us know. The Board will ... W4SIG 6/4/2023

Photos at CHers meetings (1990 to 2010) W3DYA 6/3/2023
I'd be happy to put them with the other historical items I have. N8MD 6/4/2023
They should go to the MARAC Historian, N8MD NFØN 6/3/2023
MARAC Historian KM6HB 6/3/2023
Why not send them to K3IMC and have them loaded on the MARAC website? KE3VV 6/3/2023
I think Don, K3IMC, resigned from doing such things... WYØA 6/4/2023

Up dated June 5 trip KB6UF 6/2/2023

June 2023 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 6/2/2023

Yikes AB7RW 6/1/2023
good luck fixing the problem N8KIE 6/1/2023

Trips for me posted-more KB6UF 5/31/2023
Check my updated June 5 trip KB6UF 6/1/2023
I need Madison, TX for 8th directly between Houston and Burleson. also King is prob Kinney N8KIE 6/1/2023
my bad fixed in update TNX KB6UF 6/1/2023
Since you're updating, it's Maverick WYØA 6/1/2023
OK OK its fixed :) KB6UF 6/1/2023
Ron - only a few left for me in TX - this will help. THX ! (Needs current in the Database) AG6V 6/1/2023
Hope update helps KB6UF 6/1/2023
YES ! If I can hear you, you will have finished TX except for Callahan. TU AG6V 6/1/2023
You better look again KB6UF 6/1/2023
       :-) Let's hope propagation is good. Fingers crossed. Thx Ron. AG6V 6/2/2023
Thanks Ron (more) N8MD 6/1/2023

POTA (Cont) K5KDG 5/31/2023

List POTA for Arkansas K5KDG 5/31/2023
List sent N4CD 5/31/2023
List sent N4CD 5/31/2023
try this N8HAM 5/31/2023

SK Been informed that Royal Maxwell WA0QFY R-772 passed away on 5-12-2023 in Aurora, CO K8ZZ 5/30/2023

It's been a good many years with the County hunters. I started in June 1977 and have worked W7FEN 5/30/2023
Best of luck Larry. Thanks for all the counties & contacts through the years. K5GE 6/1/2023
You are in my log 45 times between 2012 and 2018, Larry. (more) K2MF 6/1/2023
Good luck Larry. I will stop and visit one of these days. K7TM 5/31/2023
Sorry to see you go. Thanks for all the great contacts over the years. 73 N8MD 5/31/2023
Best if luck Larry. Thanks for all the counties you've given Neil & I. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 5/31/2023
Take care Larry. It was a pleasure meeting you and working you many times over the years. KC3X 5/31/2023
Take Care WØFLZ 5/31/2023
Darn it. WB4FFV 5/31/2023
Good to hear your doing fine.. K8ZZ 5/30/2023
best of luck to you N8KIE 5/30/2023

It's been a good many years with the County hunters. I started in June 1977 and have worked W7FEN 5/30/2023

Just reviewed my posted trip-more KB6UF 5/30/2023
self credit N4CD 5/31/2023
Thanks, Bob... a bit of history is always enlightning and adds perspective... KE3VV 5/31/2023
Self-credit is a positive for county hunting... KE3VV 5/31/2023
Thats what I was alluding to-more KB6UF 5/30/2023
Dont change your plans to mollify a few curmudgeons who are not real mobile ops KE3VV 5/31/2023

Heading to Starkville, MS in AM art 5:00 AM start time-more KB6UF 5/30/2023

trip to Indiana---Made a pre-dawn trip to mid northern Indiana this morning so on the...more N8HAM 5/30/2023

Self Credit N4RS 5/29/2023
Self credit???-more KB6UF 5/30/2023
The vast majority (silent and otherwise) favor the age-old MARAC practice (see post from N4CD) of se KE3VV 5/31/2023
should be lower 48 KB6UF 5/30/2023
Last Oct I put 5000 miles on my trruck and spent who knows how much money to go the.... N8HAM 5/30/2023
in 2007 we went to 2nd AK to get 1 county 13,000 miles round trip N8KIE 5/30/2023
Just my poor attempt at an objective view: takin... W9OO 5/30/2023
It's what they call "cheating"... Oh well, so much for MARAC today... AE3Z 5/29/2023
the only ones I don't run are the counties N8KIE 5/29/2023
K I E as self credit for natural bingo is not allowed so if you need one of those who loses N8KIE 5/29/2023
Well... it is just one award and meant to be almost impossioble to achieve... KE3VV 5/31/2023
without self credit what incentive is there to run counties N8KIE 5/29/2023
Self credit was the reason for my last run, not many mobiles any more. KB6UF 5/30/2023
Without self Credit and remote operations it would be a level playing field. (more) KC3X 5/29/2023
Two Ops following each other around and working each other does not invoke (more) KE3VV 5/29/2023
Well stated, Dave! W4SIG 5/30/2023
Well stated, Dave! W4SIG 5/30/2023

Effective immediately, I am no longer supporting Logger 2 or any MARAC database. K3IMC 5/29/2023
Hate to see you go. but I understand-more KB6UF 5/30/2023
thanks for your service. I feel your pain and you will be missed N8KIE 5/29/2023

Just curious, what logging software is everyone using for the upcoming County Hunters Contest? N8MD 5/28/2023
N1MM - Keep in Mind the MARAC contest is listed under QSO Parties KE3VV 5/29/2023
N1mm NFØN 5/29/2023
N1MM WA4PGM 5/29/2023

the trip to west coast that N8KIE 5/28/2023
was planning for next month is cancelled N8KIE 5/28/2023

Awards Issued 5/26/2023 AB7RW 5/26/2023
Congratulations to all. KC3X 5/28/2023
Kudos to some of our real mobile heroes! KE3VV 5/27/2023
WOW!! Congrat's to all! N8MD 5/27/2023
Congratulations to all!!! W4SIG 5/27/2023
Impressive list! Many congratulations to Ed, Mary, Ron, Ron, Bob, Bill and Jack!! K2MF 5/27/2023
Nice list of awards . . . . . congratulations to all of you! WØGXQ 5/26/2023

Oh Happy Day! Tnx Jack, WD4OIN for Darlington, SC, CW WBOW No Relays! :) AB7NK 5/26/2023
Congratulations Mary. K7TM 5/29/2023
WAY. TO. GO ! Great accomplishment, Mary. N0XYL and KB0BA KBØBA 5/27/2023
Congrats Mary !!! W8OP 5/27/2023
Fantastic job, Mary! Congratulations! W4SIG 5/27/2023
A big CONGRATS Mary!! WØGXQ 5/26/2023
WBOW WB4FFV 5/26/2023
Congratulations Mary! N8MD 5/26/2023
Great Job, Mary! Congratulations. K7REL 5/26/2023
Outstanding Mary! Congratulations!! K5GE 5/26/2023
Congratulations Mary!! NA8W 5/26/2023
Woo Hoo!!!!! Congratulations!! K2MF 5/26/2023
Congrats Mary. Quite an accomplishment!!!! N8HAM 5/26/2023
Congratulations Mary !!! NFØN 5/26/2023
Congratulations Mary. KC3X 5/26/2023
Bravo Zulu Mary ! AG6V 5/26/2023
congratulations KB6UF 5/26/2023

June County Hunter News N4CD 5/25/2023
Putting this together every month is a real act of dedication... thanks again! KE3VV 5/27/2023

only 84 stars left fo StarXX who would have thought it was possible N8KIE 5/25/2023
Fantastic! Only 1308 counties to finish XX Star up... W4SIG 5/25/2023
21 counties in 4 states all but 2 stars in Starr, TX could be done by transmit N8KIE 5/25/2023

Day trip planned for tomorrow Thursday. Start in Edwards, TX about 1400z or earlier, then...... K5GE 5/24/2023
Zavala needed in CW !! DL3DXX 5/25/2023
Will you have CW this trip. I need over half the ones you ran on you last trip on CW. KC3X 5/24/2023

Logger/WSJT-more KB6UF 5/23/2023
It works great. Have hundreds of new band contacts and digital counties ! Thanks Don NFØN 5/26/2023
Will be trying it once I get my computer talking to the radio for FT8. Can't wait but time will tell KC3X 5/23/2023

Sorry for sporadic mobile operation this weekend. ... W4SIG 5/21/2023

Reference Mary's post below (more) WØGXQ 5/21/2023

Less than 10 and begging begins (more) AB7NK 5/21/2023
1 left - Darlington NC. Prefer to give to fellow ch'r for WBOW! AB7NK 5/22/2023
Mary, that would be Darlington, SC? KC3X 5/22/2023
CORRECTION: Darlington, SC. needed WBOW for CW - no relays. Tnx Hollis AB7NK 5/22/2023
Your needs are now in the Final Countdown monthly ... W4SIG 5/21/2023
K1RX was on CW in NEQP this month - Strafford NH NUØQ 5/21/2023
Tnx Bill. Sked to be made soon as he returns from Dayton! :) AB7NK 5/21/2023

down to 99 stars needed in 4 states for Star XX 94 in TX N8KIE 5/21/2023
So where are they in TX? I and running a bunch. K4YT 5/21/2023
needs are posted all down south plus a few in the east N8KIE 5/22/2023

HUGE THANKS to Gene K5GE for going to out of his way to give me my last for USA-CW ! W8OP 5/21/2023

USA-CA 1272 W8BZY 5/20/2023
Many congratulations, Jim! What a nice thing to post here in the forum!! K2MF 5/21/2023

AR NEEDS KØDEQ 5/20/2023
ARQ conditions are awful. I have only heard 4 stn and they are working the center, all mine are on KC3X 5/20/2023

Texas/Alabama Trip Posted May 21-27 K4YT 5/20/2023

I am now down to 94 stars in TX (109 total) looks like a trip to south TX in the fall to get all but N8KIE 5/19/2023
to get all but 2 stars in TX plus get the 1 remaining in LA N8KIE 5/19/2023

I've had it. I am removing the ability to submit Last County Awards in Logger. You people cannot rea K3IMC 5/19/2023
Sometimes the applicant needs a hug… other times a KISS… KE3VV 5/19/2023
Tnx Dave, for stepping up to help the folks. Again, many tnx to Don, K3IMC, for a great job.. K8ZZ 5/19/2023
I maybe the catalyst for Don being upset.-more KB6UF 5/19/2023
The built-in Logger LC app is for awards to others KE3VV 5/19/2023
thanks for the offer Dave-especially to take work off Don!!!! N8HAM 5/19/2023
award submission belongs on the MARAC website. I'm with you don N8KIE 5/19/2023

Extra Dayton vender admission ticket for sale KA4RRU 5/17/2023

Plan to run some South Texas counties Thursday..... K5GE 5/17/2023
need Dimmit, Jim Hogg, Starr, Webb, Zapata, Zavala in CW DL3DXX 5/18/2023
30 meters? KB6UF 5/17/2023
I will be listing for you. KC3X 5/17/2023

Makre your own like some of us have done for 35 years..... AE3Z 5/17/2023

trip posted KB6UF 5/17/2023

Koochiching and Beltrami, MN line tomorrow late morning.. K8ZZ 5/16/2023

Does anyone still print Mobile Reply Cards (MRC’s)? WB4UHI 5/16/2023
MRC's and MARAC website KM6HB 5/16/2023
Thanks WB4UHI 5/19/2023
Thanks a bunch ! I am just about out of MRCs for our club call W8SP and this should work out great ! W8OP 5/16/2023

Trip to Texas and Alabama to finish Bingo IV May 21-27 will be posted K4YT 5/16/2023

Research Help..... W8BZY 5/15/2023

Not Deccan but DXCC auto correct made mistakes K2HVN 5/15/2023

Does the ARRL allow FT8 contacts good for Deccan award K2HVN 5/15/2023
FT8 and DXCC KM6HB 5/16/2023
Ft8 K2HVN 5/18/2023

N4JP EX N4LSP USA-CA # 13 SK KM6HB 5/15/2023
In my log many times-He was "little Sweet Pea" NFØN 5/15/2023
Sorry corrections on Calls typos KM6HB 5/15/2023

thank you, LC Tn. Nice trip. KC5P 5/15/2023

Thanks LC in TN. Nice trip KC5P 5/15/2023

Awards Issued 5/15/2023 AB7RW 5/15/2023
Many congratulations to Ron, Ed and Neil! K2MF 5/17/2023
Congrat's!! N8MD 5/15/2023

AR TRIP KØDEQ 5/15/2023

Anyone have an old blank County Coloring Book I co... W4SIG 5/14/2023 KA9JAC 5/15/2023
Thanks so much for the offers! The website worked ... W4SIG 5/14/2023
I have one - what pages do you need? Can I email you copies?? K4XI 5/14/2023 N8HAM 5/14/2023
Try this site instead of needing a coloring book. Has the same thing. N8HAM 5/14/2023

Back at the house-more KB6UF 5/14/2023
Thank you Ron for the amazing trip! KA2LHO 5/14/2023
Looking forward to your next trip! W4SIG 5/14/2023
Maybe the "plotting WØGXQ 5/14/2023
will take you to (thru) Alpine. :) WØGXQ 5/14/2023

Forgot one AB7RW 5/13/2023
That's quite a list! Congratulations to all..well... W4SIG 5/14/2023
Congratulations to all, and especially K8ZZ, K4YT, and KB6UF for their recent long trips! WØGXQ 5/14/2023
WOW!! Congrat's to all! N8MD 5/14/2023
Congrats to all!!! N8HAM 5/14/2023
Many congratulations to all, including... K2MF 5/14/2023

Awards earned this past week AB7RW 5/13/2023

Well I am happy I ran everyone I posted. Today’s conditions weren’t good. KB6UF 5/13/2023
Conditions were indeed less than ideal... KE3VV 5/13/2023

KB6UF - Thank you, Ron, for Hunterdon, NJ, LC WBOW 10th time. K7REL 5/11/2023
Wow! AD1C 5/13/2023

Slight change to run-more KB6UF 5/11/2023

Sorry abt the CW-more KB6UF 5/10/2023
Thank you for all the CW QSOs DL3DXX 5/10/2023
Fist reflects life … (more) AG6V 5/10/2023
No need to worry... W5VS 5/11/2023

KB6UF - Thanks for LC WBOW 9th Time in Perry OH KE3VV 5/10/2023
Congratulations!! W4SIG 5/10/2023
Whew! 9th time took 9 years! KE3VV 5/10/2023

Had request for thompkins, ny-more KB6UF 5/8/2023
got LC for Star XX in NY and NJ N8KIE 5/10/2023
Tompkins is 17 miles from my house... My son lives in Sayre, Pa.... AE3Z 5/9/2023
I need Tompkins also LC-1 in New York for CW K7REL 5/8/2023
LC 5-Star NY ... finally got to hear you NS2N 5/8/2023

Great 6k trip.. Tnx to the spotters, relay help and all for riding along... K8ZZ 5/8/2023
Thank you Ed for my last in New Hampshire and all of New England. You da' man!!! KA2LHO 5/14/2023
Thank you Ed for my last in New Hampshire and all of New England. You da' man!!! KA2LHO 5/14/2023
Thanks, Ed, for 8 LC-1 QSO's, plus all the others. Great Trip. K7REL 5/11/2023
Thanks so much Ed for all the counties! W4SIG 5/8/2023
Thank you for Essex county, my last in NY on 30m. Glad you are home safe and sound! K2MF 5/8/2023
Ed, thank you for the QSOs DL3DXX 5/8/2023

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