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ICOM REPAIR(more) N8CIJ 9/26/2017
ICOM repair WBCQO 9/26/2017

Ed and I will attempt to run the following CO counties today: WGXQ 9/26/2017

Will be on the road Wednesday and Thursday (more) KA2LHO 9/25/2017

Paul K1TKL KJ8V 9/24/2017
K1TKL KC7YE 9/25/2017
Thank you Jack WGXQ 9/26/2017

I am having a problem with my CW key on 30 meters.....(more) N9QS 9/24/2017
grounding N1QY 9/25/2017
grounding N1QY 9/25/2017
grounding N1QY 9/25/2017
RF choke N4CD 9/25/2017
That is a great idea. WG6X 9/25/2017
Lets take a look at it WMU 9/24/2017
Roy, ground it nine ways from Sunday! N9JF 9/24/2017
Agree grounding & if possible to add say 5 ft more coax length or bad coil ? WG6X 9/24/2017

I am sorry to report that our friend Paul, K1TKL passed away on September 16th. I'll have more info WGXQ 9/24/2017
RIP Paul. You will be missed. K7TM 9/25/2017
His strong San Diego signal will be missed... RIP Paul WA4UNS 9/25/2017
RIP Paul.. Great guy K8ZZ 9/25/2017
RIP Paul, a very true gentleman and will be greatly missed. W7FEN 9/25/2017
Paul will be missed.. another great loss...w8 & w4fnw W8FNW 9/25/2017
Rest in peace will be missed! WY8I 9/24/2017
Sorry to hear of the loss of Paul. Our prayers are with his family. KC3X 9/24/2017
Sorry to hear that A real loss to the CH community RIP WE7G 9/24/2017
So sorry to hear. Paul was great ham and friend on... W4SIG 9/24/2017
RIP Paul. Shocking news WMU 9/24/2017
Very sad news. Paul helped me frequently with NC roles. A great loss. KA2LHO 9/24/2017
Paul was a good mobile operator and a great county hunter. He will be missed. K2MF 9/24/2017
Sorry to hear of your lost of a dear friend, still he lives in your heart and mind. WG6X 9/24/2017
So sorry to hear that! N9JF 9/24/2017

I WGXQ 9/24/2017

Direct route to national - need a contact for MD (more) AB7NK 9/23/2017
Well I worked you in San Miuel and Mora. N9QS 9/24/2017
I think I may be good for other stuff. N9QS 9/24/2017
Yes you are good for the MD WG6X 9/25/2017
you can always call me and I will try any or every band. WMU 9/23/2017

So far the TXQP is very limited so far- maybe tomorrow?? At least from FL- K4XI 9/23/2017
TQP N4CD 9/23/2017
Lousey Conditions AB7RW 9/24/2017
Pretty good numbers Bob! WMU 9/23/2017

Anyone who worked K7TM on September 23 (more) K2MF 9/23/2017

Anybody have a guitar at the National? KU4YM 9/22/2017
I have some I can bring. WMU 9/22/2017

Well old age I guess, not able to get settings right for my IC-7300 FT8 WG6X 9/22/2017
I got a 7300 to use in Florida and used it for field day. More NA8W 9/22/2017
I have fidigi (no FT8). Ok, next time I try will try the vox. ? Rigblaster P & P WG6X 9/23/2017
PSK & CW with the rigblaster/CWGET/Fidigi work fine on the IC-7300. WG6X 9/23/2017
If you havent tried this, use the Vox option instead of CAT KM6HB 9/22/2017

Leaving Saturday Morning for trip to National....(more) N9QS 9/22/2017

Trip to National... NFN 9/22/2017

For TXQP, I plan to try operating 035 upthe CW band. W3DYA 9/21/2017

County Hunting on FT8 AD1C 9/21/2017
FT8 and logger KA3QLF 9/25/2017
WOW KA3QLF 9/25/2017
It's fun... but I think I've plateau's for a while... (more) WA4UNS 9/22/2017
Doug I can't believe you've run out of contacts on FT8. More NA8W 9/22/2017
I use no limit and it gives counties. NA8W 9/22/2017
Make that wc8voa NA8W 9/22/2017
       Use Hamqth with caution K8OOK 9/22/2017
Jim, I have operated FT8 from a couple locations on this trip to the National gathering. Worked Pau K7TM 9/22/2017
Great fun. Pleasure to have worked you Jim. WQ7A 9/22/2017
Grid Map N5PR 9/21/2017
Try this website... unfortunately it does NOT show county outlines... (more) WA4UNS 9/22/2017
Grids K8QWY 9/21/2017
FT8 , more NA8W 9/21/2017
I have the program downloaded. Still trying to figure out how to use it. KC3X 9/21/2017
Check out YOUTUBE many FT8 tutorials posted there by hams. KM6HB 9/22/2017
As posted above, I am still lost trying to get the IC-7300 working on FT8 WG6X 9/23/2017
Great fun. Pleasure to have worked you Jim. WQ7A 9/21/2017
FT8 counties KC7YE 9/21/2017
Let us know your needs..... N7JPF 9/21/2017
Got behind the curve, current now KC7YE 9/22/2017

GARMIN County Lines? NOT! W3DYA 9/21/2017
Zoom WA4PGM 9/22/2017
Never thought of that, Kyle! I was altering view - I'll be checking it againas I start my trip West W3DYA 9/22/2017

Trip posted for our U.P. of Michigan Trip KJ8V 9/21/2017

TX QP COunties - Sat only - N4CD N4CD 9/20/2017

List of counties I plan to run in TXQP this weekend. W3DYA 9/20/2017

link WA4PGM 9/20/2017
THANKS, KYLE. W3DYA 9/20/2017

October County Hunter News N4CD 9/20/2017
Tks Bob for reminding us of the "gud ole days" = when 15+ were on the list to run! Often think of it K4XI 9/20/2017
Thanks Bob WMU 9/20/2017

W1NRG - Meriden Amature Radio Club 70th Anniversary Speical Events Stations N1API 9/20/2017

trip to National N4CD 9/20/2017

TX QP 09/23 and 09/24/17 W3DYA 9/20/2017

Thank you K7TM - 5 LC's coming your way - K7SEN & AB7NK 9/20/2017
Glad to help out. The bands were a challenge today. K7TM 9/20/2017
for San Juan, CO AB7NK 9/20/2017

Trip to MARAC National Convention posted W4SIG 9/19/2017

Special thanks to Don K3IMC, the needs list system is working great. KC3X 9/19/2017
If you click display all needs it stops at the N prefix, does not display all my needs when I reque WEAR 9/19/2017
Just feedback for Don, really appreciate the K3IMC site and all the work Don puts in to it. WEAR 9/19/2017
Needs list working fine, problem was on my end. Works great! WEAR 9/21/2017
Yes the Needs Lists have started work well again. Thank you, Don! K2MF 9/19/2017
Ditto! Thanks, Don! W4SIG 9/19/2017

An attempt to clarify the marac database "issue" W4SIG 9/19/2017
It is almost like he and his supporters want the club to fail. WMU 9/20/2017
Not "almost"..... it is for real..... KA3DRO 9/20/2017

Hurricane Maria now Cat 5 hitting J3/Dominica WMU 9/18/2017
Hurricane Net Activated on 14.325..MARAC Net 14.328 or 14.317 usually open. NFN 9/19/2017
Also hurricane net on 7188 down in the islands. KC3X 9/19/2017

4 remain for all CW.... GA: Chattooga, IN: Noble, Washington, NY: Wayne WA4UNS 9/18/2017
There are at least two LC-1s and one LC-2 (WBOW)... anyone interested??? (more) WA4UNS 9/22/2017

3 remain for 5th time.... all in GA: Hall, Pike, Upson... any help??? WA4UNS 9/18/2017
I will be going to a herpetology conference in the next county up from Hall... (more) WA4UNS 9/22/2017
If you get a lead on Upson GA.... N9JF 9/20/2017

Welcome to USA-CA All Counties to KA7ICF K1BV 9/18/2017
Congratulation JR hope you work you many more times in the future. K7TM 9/20/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 9/19/2017
Congratulations KC3X 9/19/2017
Fantastic, J. R.!! Way to go!!! W4SIG 9/19/2017
Congratulations !!! KD5YUK 9/19/2017
AWESOME accomplishment! Congrats! Sandra and Lowell. N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 9/19/2017
Congrats - N4CD 9/19/2017
Congratulations on this achievement! WY8I 9/19/2017
That's great,, keep going W8FNW 9/19/2017
That's great,, keep going W8FNW 9/19/2017
Many congratulations, JR!! K2MF 9/19/2017
Congrat's o getting it done. WG6X 9/19/2017
Congratulations. WB4FFV 9/18/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/18/2017
Congratulations!! N2JNE 9/18/2017
Fantastic JR!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 9/18/2017
Great Going J R.... N9QS 9/18/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 9/18/2017
Congratulations on USA-CA Good Job!! WE7G 9/18/2017
Congrats jR..... N7JPF 9/18/2017
Congratulations J R WGXQ 9/18/2017
Way to go! Congrats! WMU 9/18/2017
Congratulations JR. Well Done !! WQ7A 9/18/2017
Congratulations Jesse, super job 73 W7FEN 9/18/2017

RE: Salmon Run Pacific county KC7YE 9/18/2017
Thanks for the contacts, and hope you don't have too much trouble with the radios! N7JPF 9/18/2017
Thanks for the contacts, and hope you don't have too much trouble with the radios! N7JPF 9/18/2017

Schedule/Updated info on 2017 National Convention (SEE BELOW) N0DXe & NKV 9/18/2017
Will the board mtg be available via phone or web? KU4YM 9/19/2017
Sounds like another great National. Thanks for all your hard work Pat and Barry N7JPF 9/18/2017
What time is the antenna testing ? I hope I don't miss it !!!! N9QS 9/18/2017
Antenna testing is Monday, 25 Sep by W0QE, most of the day. NKV 9/19/2017
I believe I heard around noon on Monday through the day. WMU 9/18/2017

ARRL just got approval for two new bands...630mete... W4SIG 9/18/2017
new bands N4CD 9/19/2017
To use those new bands you have to register 1st WMU 9/18/2017
How about a pickup with a motorized wire spool... (more) WA4UNS 9/18/2017
Amateurs operating on 472-479 kHz will be permitte... WMU 9/18/2017
Kerry I'm thinking maybe a helical wound vertical the size of a small silo WE7G 9/18/2017

2017 National Colorado Springs Updated attendee list WMU 9/18/2017

My SpotMe is not working....I get page not found...any suggestions ? N9QS 9/18/2017
Sorry but MoSpot will no longer be available. KA2LHO 9/18/2017
MoSpot similar N9JF 9/18/2017
You are welcome to work with this applet-MoSpot
< KA2LHO 9/18/2017
Thanks! WMU 9/18/2017
Still working with it but should be useful. I can do further enhancements as we go along. KA2LHO 9/18/2017
You are welcome to work with this applet-MoSpot
< KA2LHO 9/18/2017
SpotMe no longer working for anyone that I know of... W4SIG 9/18/2017
I am trying to find some programmers that might be able to create WMU 9/18/2017
Not active for some time now I emailed Dave but no response yet. WE7G 9/18/2017
Who did you piss off N8KIE 9/18/2017
We can thank KZ2P for this WMU 9/18/2017
People's data came up missing on logger? Who's data. KB6UF 9/18/2017
People's data came up missing on logger? Who's data. KB6UF 9/18/2017
Hey Ron... W8JJ 9/18/2017
Hey Ron... W8JJ 9/18/2017
       No you are not influential In my decision to leave-more KB6UF 9/18/2017
You're back? W8JJ 9/18/2017
You're back? W8JJ 9/18/2017
You're back? W8JJ 9/18/2017
You're back? W8JJ 9/18/2017
Would you like me to send you a copy of the letter that was sent to KW1DX and the Board? WMU 9/18/2017
You're back? W8JJ 9/18/2017
People's data came up missing on logger? Who's data. KB6UF 9/18/2017
There was no data lost WMU 9/18/2017
       Tin hats huh/ who's data was deleted? Just wondering- and the tin hat comment say a lot about you. KB6UF 9/18/2017
              No data was deleted Ron. It was not being displayed properly. WMU 9/18/2017

It is early, but positive thoughts for a turn north & not to USA on MARIA & Lee. WG6X 9/17/2017
Agreed on all of the comments. As of now it looks like Lee will miss us. (more) KA2LHO 9/18/2017
Maria could be a real problem if she continues on the predicted course. WMU 9/17/2017
Just got power back at our Florida home (more) NA8W 9/17/2017

In the process of shortening my trip home more to come N8KIE 9/15/2017

There is a new update of the KFF County file in the MARAC Downloads folder (more) KA2LHO 9/15/2017

Appologies - Trip to Charlottesburg was a bust -- ((more)) WB4KZW 9/14/2017
That should be Carlottesville. WB4KZW 9/15/2017
Been there, done that... at least you got to C'ville and back (?) WA4UNS 9/14/2017

WA Salmon Run trip posted KC7YE 9/14/2017

Sept. 14th Tomorrow's Stop-and-Run Counties ( more ) N4UP 9/13/2017
tnx for Meade county KMAF 9/14/2017
Thanks Jack ! Tomorrow will be over to Bell and Harlan KY then home. N4UP 9/14/2017

102 worked for 8th time, Might be a month or 2 before the paperwork is posted for 7th N8KIE 9/13/2017

We had no damage to house or roof....... W8FNW 9/12/2017
2017 Convention Reminder (See Below) N0DXE & NKV 9/21/2017
Sorry - this is N0DXE -- was trying to do Convention stuff but put in wrong place. N0DXE& NKV 9/21/2017
Glad to hear the roof survived. Hopefully you will get Al's affairs straightened out. K7TM 9/15/2017
Glad to hear that all are safe WMU 9/14/2017
Good news indeed. Glad to hear it. KA2LHO 9/13/2017
Glad to hear that all is well when you go back to Florida! WY8I 9/13/2017
Good news N2JNE 9/12/2017
Now that is great news for sure. WG6X 9/13/2017

Sept. 13th Tomorrow's Stop-and-Run Counties ( more ) starting around 8 am EDT N4UP 9/12/2017

14336 is open but "they" won't use it even when Jim is in a tropical storm lol N8KIE 9/12/2017
I see the usual suspects showed up right on time KB6UF 9/13/2017
Isn't it sad... AE3Z 9/13/2017
40 Years ago this was an KA3DRO 9/13/2017
I no longer have a microphone connected to my radio KK7X 9/13/2017
You will never hear me there...ever! W8JJ 9/12/2017
I will not operate on 14336 earther, I will try to get a last county if I can hear it... W8FNW 9/12/2017
Considering the lack of a warm welcome when Atl Ama Assoc net in can stay open WA4UNS 9/12/2017
He wants you guys to stay away, your doing just what he wants and he doesn't even have to be there N8KIE 9/13/2017
When I'm on the road... (more) WA4UNS 9/13/2017
I must be "they". I won't ever run on 14336, stor... W4SIG 9/12/2017
Transmitting on top of a station that was there is no way to make friends either N8KIE 9/12/2017
Folks....on the just heard it here WMU 9/14/2017
You make it way too easy for him. He doesn't even have to guard the freq N8KIE 9/14/2017
       14.324 is the frequency that many run on WMU 9/15/2017
I don't listen to 14336 to know. NA8W 9/12/2017

Short CH trip Wed/Thur WB4KZW 9/11/2017

2017 National Colorado Springs Updated attendee list WMU 9/11/2017
I see that we still didn't make the list hmmmmmmmmmmm N8KIE 9/11/2017
My fault WMU 9/11/2017
If we can't have fun why plat thanks N8KIE 9/11/2017
play that is N8KIE 9/11/2017
Fixed. WMU 9/11/2017
List or no list, looking forward to seeing you and Jaci WQ7A 9/11/2017
Now if I can just hear you in Gilpin, CO N8KIE 9/11/2017
Me too....need them stars... N9QS 9/11/2017
       Hmmm. Gilpin isn't on my route... Sorry WQ7A 9/12/2017
              Yup was hoping that I could encourage you to get off the freeway a bit :-) N8KIE 9/13/2017
                     Oh, OK. Added to the plan. WQ7A 9/13/2017
              Ten miles from me . . . if they haven't already gotten my stars WGXQ 9/12/2017
                     Need it for double diamond but thanks N8KIE 9/13/2017

Glad to hear the worst is past and you are all OK. Hope no major damage to your home. N2JNE 9/11/2017
Thanks. Hoping to get to the house this afternoon to do a walkthrough the inside. No power yet. KA2LHO 9/11/2017
Ooops, this was intended for Kraig in the message below N2JNE 9/11/2017

We are safe in a friends home with a whole house generator. We have heard that our home is (more) KA2LHO 9/11/2017
All now OK in SW Marion county..... KA3DRO 9/12/2017
Glad to hear you are OK. SW Marion County got hit harder than we did in the NE (more) KA2LHO 9/13/2017
We've been told it might be up to 3 weeks to have power restored in Sebring. NA8W 9/12/2017
The power outages in FL are a major problem. I am aware that power is (more) K2MF 9/12/2017
There are still people in the city of Ocala as well as surrounding areas without power (more) KA2LHO 9/13/2017
We got power during the night last night and came home for good this morning. Just (more) KA2LHO 9/12/2017
Thanks for sharing the news and that you are okay. KC3X 9/11/2017
Hope it went far enough west to miss you. Thanks for your thoughts. KA2LHO 9/11/2017
Good to hear this, Kraig! I think we may have dodged a bullet too in our location near Tampa. K2MF 9/11/2017
Hope so. This was a strange track so hope all is well in your area. Thanks. KA2LHO 9/11/2017

Four-Day Trip to Illinois and Back ( more ) N4UP 9/11/2017

Will begin my mobile trip home early tomorrow morn... W4SIG 9/10/2017
Tnx Kerry.. K8ZZ 9/12/2017
Thanks for East Carroll! N9JF 9/11/2017
Thank you for ALL the MS, LA and AR counties, Kerry! K2MF 9/11/2017
Antenna KN4Y 9/10/2017

I hear nothing on any band now N8KIE 9/10/2017
X class flair at 1600 N8HAM 9/10/2017
Solar Flair AB7RW 9/10/2017

THANKS K7TM Teton, ID WBOW 7th N8KIE 9/10/2017
Great job Bob - with current band condx, ano accomplishment deserves an accolade. Congrats..... WB4KZW 9/12/2017
Glad to help out. Thanks for all you have run for me. K7TM 9/12/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 9/11/2017
Congratulations Bob,the way to go Bob and Bob 73 W7FEN 9/11/2017
Congratulations Bob !!! NFN 9/11/2017
Many congratulations, Bob!! K2MF 9/11/2017
Well done Bob! WGXQ 9/10/2017
Congratuolations Bob, well done! WQ7A 9/10/2017
Congratulations Bob! Now start working on the 8th time..... WY8I 9/10/2017
Good for you, Bob !!! WA3QNT 9/10/2017
Way to go Bob/KIE ... congrats!!! K4EXT 9/10/2017
Congratulations B0b! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/10/2017
Congrats, Bob!!! W4SIG 9/10/2017
got lucky .. just before everything died N8KIE 9/10/2017
Congrat's! WG6X 9/10/2017
Way to go, Bob and Bob! N7JPF 9/10/2017

Something to consider related to Irma (more) KA2LHO 9/9/2017
My HF rig is tuned in to 14.336 every day Kraig... Just like it's been for the past... AE3Z 9/9/2017
Thanks Don. As it moves more westerly, our CH friends in the panhandle may need (more) KA2LHO 9/10/2017
Good idea.... putting my antenna back on the truck. no home rig now. KA3DRO 9/9/2017
Same here. KA2LHO 9/9/2017
would be glad to help N8KIE 9/9/2017
Thanks Bob. The waiting and the media hype is driving me nuts. I try to only follow (more) KA2LHO 9/9/2017
The media hype for Texas was beyond belief... My sister lives in eastern Texas and... AE3Z 9/9/2017
A long-time friend of mine in Northwest Houston ... (more) K4EXT 9/9/2017
       I believe it is real but they have created panic in some areas. One of the problems they (more) KA2LHO 9/10/2017
Commercial TV depends on RATINGS for income not truth N8KIE 9/9/2017
       I have found some pretty dramatic differences between what the media is reporting (more) KA2LHO 9/10/2017
       I have found some pretty dramatic differences between what the media is reporting (more) KA2LHO 9/10/2017

Something to consider related to Irma ( KA2LHO 9/9/2017

A=38 K=8 not going to hear much today N8KIE 9/8/2017
condx! AB7RW 9/8/2017
Making 20m FT8 contacts. 17m is beginning to open as well. WQ7A 9/8/2017

Arrived in the Butte MT area this afternoon. We had smoke the whole way. Worst was in Missoula MT. K7TM 9/7/2017
Will run the Deer Lodge/ Silver Bow line first thing in the morning. K7TM 9/7/2017

Looking more and more that Irma is going to get us. More NA8W 9/7/2017
Praying that it moves to the east for all of us. The further east it is the better all of Florida is KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Worst Case: The eye stays over water until it hits the upper FL or slowest down WG6X 9/9/2017
Looks like it done a more worst case now looks like the eye stays over the water WG6X 9/10/2017
Taking a more westerly projection now so be careful and safe out there. We are (more) KA2LHO 9/9/2017
As of 3 PM today, Saturday...... KA3DRO 9/9/2017

FT8 mobile operation AB7NK 9/6/2017
Tnx for the suggestions & comments. Have more homework to do. AB7NK 9/7/2017
No problem mobile with two people. WMU 9/7/2017
Problem would be sending county name. Sounds like fun though. WQ7A 9/7/2017
If we could have a standarized list like some of the QSO parties and Doug mentioned it might work NA8W 9/7/2017
Not a digital guy, but would the state/county list developed by W0QE for the CH Contest work? WGXQ 9/7/2017
Yes it will, BUT! WA4PGM 9/8/2017
       Tnx Kyle, appreciate the info. Good suggeation. AB7NK 9/8/2017
Mary I'm sure it can be done stationary or moving. NA8W 9/7/2017

Gotta love hurricane season. (more) KA2LHO 9/6/2017
Brunt (more) KC3X 9/9/2017
(safe) KC3X 9/9/2017
Just praying that Irma changes course and everyone along the coast will be spared W7FEN 9/8/2017
Far east would be great! KA2LHO 9/8/2017
Truth, look at it and hope to heck that it does not come your way.....! WG6X 9/7/2017
That is our hope and prayer. KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Snow storms aren't that bad Kraig..!! Hi.. Hopre all goes well... Don AE3Z AE3Z 9/7/2017
Yeah Don. Tropical Storm storms are very much like Nor-Easters except no snow to shovel! KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Hope all goes well for you and your family Kraig (more) K4EXT 9/7/2017
Yeah it is a big one. Both coasts here will get weather. We just don't know how much. KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Stay safe. N0DXE & NKV 9/7/2017
Thanks. We brought all loose items in today and will tie down the storm awnings tomorrow. KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Latest projections appear to favor that Irma KA3DRO 9/7/2017
Just got an update from the EOC-there is a very low percentage of Ocala (more) KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Whoops! Recalculating! KA3DRO 9/7/2017
Yeah for now. They have had that before then changed it. Things are changing every few hours. KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Stay safe (more) KC3X 9/7/2017
Thanks. We are bringing loose items outside the house inside today (more) KA2LHO 9/7/2017
Stay safe! WMU 9/6/2017
Thanks. Yeah they got slammed in the Carib. The track seems to change every couple (more) KA2LHO 9/7/2017

Wonder if these new modes like FT8 & etc will show up on FIDIGI? WG6X 9/6/2017
The developer of FLDIGI has no plans to implement (more) NA8W 9/6/2017
I'm using WSJT package... works very well WA4UNS 9/6/2017
Probably not... FLDigi is more designed to send and receive messages... (more) WA4UNS 9/6/2017

Starting Sept 7- Oct. 18 K2HVN 9/6/2017
Wayne, NY... LC in NT for all CW... hope you go through it and I'm around WA4UNS 9/6/2017

Here's some more info AB7RW 9/6/2017
Signal Conditions AB7RW 9/8/2017
Should be ok (More) N7IPG 9/6/2017
I hope you have a trouble-free trip, Phil! I will be following along. :) K2MF 9/6/2017

This afternoon N9JF 9/6/2017

More Hurricane nets please steer clear. 7.188 is on this list be courteous please WMU 9/6/2017

Local Evacution AB7RW 9/6/2017
I need Multnomah for A-Prefix... but I'll be in the field at an Enviromental Field Day... WA4UNS 9/6/2017
Happy Trails and a safe trip N8KIE 9/6/2017

Does anyone out there have experience making Android and or Apple smartphone apps? WMU 9/5/2017

Hurricane Watch Net has been activated..We should stay away at least 5khz or more NFN 9/5/2017

The Northern Florida Circle County Run scheduled for 9/11 has been postponed. (More) KA2LHO 9/5/2017
Water & generators items limited or gone ven here in NW Florida. WG6X 9/5/2017
Yup. Likewise here. Not sure what impact it will have here but we will get something (more) KA2LHO 9/5/2017
Better safe than sorry N8KIE 9/5/2017
Yes-it looks like we will have crummy weather. The full impact and path are yet to be (more) KA2LHO 9/5/2017

W0GXQ/K8ZZ October trip posted WGXQ 9/5/2017
I should be home before you get to anything "interesting" N8KIE 9/5/2017

One last county for 7th .. K7TM plans to go there Sunday N8KIE 9/5/2017

New FT8 mode - great for county hunting! AD1C 9/4/2017
What are the operating freq being used for 20/30/40? I dont see this info WG6X 9/5/2017
Frequencies for FT8 NA8W 9/5/2017
When you install the program they are listed in the band drop down box. WQ7A 9/5/2017
I clicked the link and I guess as norm for me to dum to find this drop down bands WG6X 9/5/2017
Found it I guess now on 14.074 with lots of cq'ing. next figure it out to op WG6X 9/5/2017
Have worked many FT8 contact and a number of county hunters NFN 9/5/2017
Good to see your call sign print on my screen WA4UNS 9/5/2017
Do we download wsjtx-1.7......for this for W10? WG6X 9/5/2017
vERSION 1.8.O for FT8 WQ7A 9/5/2017
Downloaded now get myself to do something with it. Ha! Still having fun on PSK WG6X 9/5/2017
304 here. It was a pleasure to work you in Adams CO today too. WQ7A 9/4/2017
I did some JT65 today... b/c I've worked a BUNCH on FT8!!! Need 5 Mode contacts WA4UNS 9/4/2017

Thanks Jim N9JF....(more)... N9QS 9/4/2017
Tnx Jim.. K8ZZ 9/5/2017
Flaky bands N9JF 9/4/2017
I think we had a solar flare...... WMU 9/4/2017
And many thanks for Walworth, WI thru a thunderstorm here N8KIE 9/4/2017
Jim...As soon as a new Awards Person is selected I will send an LC-1 N9QS 9/4/2017

Mobile operation in MD and DE - Thursday and Friday (09/07 and 09/08) W3DYA 9/3/2017
Add Delaware counties after Montgomery and Harford MD counties. W3DYA 9/3/2017

Monday trip N9JF 9/3/2017
Wow!!! the proagation gods are angry... (more) WA4UNS 9/4/2017
I still need Walworth, WA9DLB said he was going to try but bands are flaky will listen for you N8KIE 9/4/2017
Mercer Il....(more) N9QS 9/3/2017
Mercer IL N9JF 9/3/2017

New KFF County update dated Sep 3 2017 (more) KA2LHO 9/3/2017
Also updated on 3-Sep-17 was (more) K2MF 9/4/2017
Thanks Barry for keep this online resource up to date. KA2LHO 9/4/2017

The garage has grown, thanks to W0EAR and KB8OMG N9JF 9/2/2017
Hey, on a freezing nite , you don't have to worry about wood for the fire. Hee! WG6X 9/3/2017
The thanks all go to you Jim...enjoy the earned them KB8OMG 9/3/2017

I would like to thank N8KIE & AJ5ZX, plus K3IMC for their help today. WG6X 9/2/2017
was good to hear you running again hope you feel ok N8KIE 9/3/2017
Unloaded & put away, then the couch captured me for over 9 hours. WG6X 9/3/2017
To bad I did not get relay support on CW which caused several to miss cty's. WG6X 9/3/2017

I am leaning toward installing JT65 and FT8 on my mobile laptop... (more) WA4UNS 9/2/2017
Doug I've been doing lots of FT8 since (more) NA8W 9/2/2017
Hey Darl, I've seen your call sign a number of times... been working lots of FT8 WA4UNS 9/3/2017

Cheshire, Strafford, and Sullivan, NH to finish state for digital. Any help??? WA4UNS 9/2/2017
Try N1KWF or WA1ZYX for Cheshire AD1C 9/2/2017
Try WX1S for Strafford AD1C 9/2/2017
Try E-mail K1RO for Sullivan, NH. Mention my call. AD1C 9/2/2017

Just posted trip starting to next week headed for the National in Colorado Springs. K7TM 9/2/2017
I hope I can get Walworth, WI before you get to Teton N8KIE 9/2/2017
Bob, please check your e-mail. de N9JF N9JF 9/3/2017

Two Last Counties available for Bingo III... Lewis, NY and Chesterfield, SC... (more) WA4UNS 9/2/2017

w6rk site is down here N8KIE 9/2/2017

SWR a tab high, but will try today 20/30/40 Give it college try on CW (rusty) WG6X 9/2/2017

September 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 9/2/2017
The October Top List posting date (more) K2MF 9/2/2017

Okay... simple states... I need Kent & Washington, RI and Hawaii, HI on dig... (more) WA4UNS 9/1/2017

Road Runner for September emailed to current members.... WQ7A 9/1/2017
Thanks Mike and Ed for stepping up. Thanks Randy, Pattie and Chuck WA4UNS 9/1/2017

Northern Florida Circle County Run-9/11. Trip designed entirely around county needs. See TRIPS. KA2LHO 9/1/2017
Watching the path of Hurricane Irma. Possible impact in Florida coast the weekend into 9/11. KA2LHO 9/3/2017
Need some of those - but must be 40 or 30 - I am in Orange!! Hard to get!! Noon impossible - thanks K4XI 9/1/2017
I will listen for you. Will be running both bands. Hope it works out. KA2LHO 9/1/2017

SWR problem on both antennas, so ground most likely. Will try to repair again more WG6X 9/1/2017

Don't hear Wisc. on 40 N8KIE 9/1/2017

I see there have been a few changes to MARAC. Will there be something out on the forum reference sam NA8W 9/1/2017
Road Runner will be coming out N7JPF 9/1/2017
Thanks I'm more curious then anything. NA8W 9/1/2017
Don't hold your breath waiting for it N8KIE 9/1/2017
I got mine today..... N9QS 9/1/2017

N7P special event op KC7YE 9/1/2017

WBOW for Bingo II - need in Hancock, GA K8ZZ 9/1/2017

Still need Walworth, WI and Teton, ID for 7th time N8KIE 9/1/2017
We still have Teton on our list for the trip to Colorado starting next Thursday. Will be in Fremont K7TM 9/1/2017
Teton, ID on October trip K8ZZ 9/1/2017

Posted my 15 day trip to the national convention - 9/10 - 9/24 N5MLP 9/1/2017

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 8/31/2017

Quick trip down to Blacksburg VA and back today KA4RRU 8/31/2017
Go Hokies N3MRA 9/1/2017

PRAYERS (MORE) K5KDG 8/30/2017
Kelly is in our prayers WY8I 8/31/2017
Prayers for Kelley. W7FEN 8/31/2017
Prayers for Kelly! N9JF 8/31/2017
I am keeping Kelly in my prayers. K2MF 8/31/2017
Will be in our thoughts. WG6X 8/31/2017
Thoughts and prayers for your entire family. KA2LHO 8/30/2017
Dee and I will keep all your Family in our prayers W8FNW 8/30/2017
I'll keep Kelly and your family in my prayers. Hoping she has a speedy recovery. N8MD 8/30/2017

Dust (more) K5KDG 8/30/2017
Steve.... I have been storing my rigs in KA3DRO 9/3/2017
Dust (more) K5KDG 9/3/2017

W0GXQ/K8ZZ trip in October - WGXQ 8/30/2017

Awards Secretary Position Open 9/1 - Volunteer needed ..... N5MLP 8/30/2017
How much does it pay? K4EXT 8/31/2017
Gave it 5 seconds of thought - got a brain cramp KK7X 8/30/2017
I got a pain somewhere else N8KIE 8/30/2017

SATURDAY: Hoping WX & back will let me put out counties going east. Relay WG6X 8/30/2017

1x1 Call signs database. WQ7A 8/29/2017

Looks like another day with no mobiles running N8KIE 8/29/2017
Anyone need Adams IL? N9JF 8/29/2017
No, but lots of FT8 activity. (No typing required) WQ7A 8/29/2017
17m FT8 is a nice place to hang out. Not as hectic, but plenty of qso's N7JPF 8/29/2017
I was on 27 for a few minutes and it was hopping but so was my mower. Ha NA8W 8/29/2017
I saw you Terry on 40. Lots of counties on FT8 this AM NA8W 8/29/2017
Saw you too Darl. But I couldn't get to you in time to make a contact. Next time. Worked W1ATV thoug WQ7A 8/29/2017

Last Sunday, Mike NF0N got my last 2 in Nebraska for the WOBW 3rd time, Thanks Mike W8FNW 8/28/2017
Fantastic,Jim! Way to go! W4SIG 8/29/2017
Way to go Jim!! WY8I 8/29/2017
Congratulations, great job! N2JNE 8/29/2017
Congrat's , great news! WG6X 8/29/2017
Congrats, Jim KB8OMG 8/29/2017
Congrats! WMU 8/29/2017
Congratulations Jim! NA8W 8/29/2017

Awards. The Awards Secretary has requested that all applications.. WQ7A 8/28/2017
Super job Randy and Pattie.. K8ZZ 9/1/2017
Great job by W8TAX N9JF 8/30/2017
Thanks Pattie, we all appreciate your efforts. N2JNE 8/29/2017

County Hunter News for September 2017 N4CD 8/28/2017

N5MLP is on dry ground for now. Lets pray it stays... W4SIG 8/28/2017
Hope the conditions improve quickly. WG6X 8/31/2017
Glad to hear Ron is OK. How about K5GE. Any word if Gene is affected? NA8W 8/28/2017
K5GE on the air today N8KIE 8/28/2017
Great! At least so far he is ok then. NA8W 8/28/2017

Thanks KZ2P for my last for 7th in GA just Walworth, WI and Teton, ID left N8KIE 8/28/2017
Can't get Teton until October WGXQ 8/28/2017
K7TM is going to try next week N8KIE 8/28/2017

Thank you NF0N for all those NE counties KMAF 8/27/2017
Thanks for the counties Mike!! WY8I 8/28/2017
Tnx Mike for 2 new ones for my 4th star K4YT 8/28/2017
I like your "short trips" in NE! Keep them coming,... W4SIG 8/28/2017
Tnx Mike.. K8ZZ 8/28/2017
Thank you for making a day of it and helping so many of us, Mike! K2MF 8/28/2017

Thanks to N0R,N0W,K0O for all those KS counties KMAF 8/27/2017
Great qso weekend! Got a lot of new ones! Thanks to all! NA8W 8/28/2017
Yes! Lot of great mobile activity from the Kansas ... W4SIG 8/28/2017
You guys were awesome in what is already always a really busy QP. Thank you for the counties! K2MF 8/28/2017

Considering a quick trip to Wisconsin this weekend (Labor Day) to get last one there N8KIE 8/27/2017
WA9DLB is going to try to get it for me N8KIE 8/28/2017

edit my needs KMAF 8/27/2017
The state entry pages aren't connecting to the MySQL server at the provider's location (more) K2MF 8/27/2017
Pour yourself a cup of coffee and just sit back and watch... it's just very slow WA4UNS 8/27/2017
it is very slow might take a couple of minutes to respond. Just have faith in the process N8KIE 8/27/2017

Trip posted Sept7-11. Western MS and lots of LA. W4SIG 8/27/2017
Looking forward to working you in MS and LA...I need them all WY8I 8/28/2017

Our prayers go out to all of our friends in Eastern TX. Hollis and Sandy. KC3X 8/27/2017
Absolutely. May the rains stop soon. W4SIG 8/27/2017

OH is done for all CW... down to 4 counties in three states... (more) WA4UNS 8/26/2017
For the THIRD year in a row I missed HARRISON for the L/C!! Next year??? K4XI 8/27/2017
I can probably get it for you.... W8OP 8/27/2017
Thanks - I still need about 75 so no big hurray, but keep me in mind. Thanks again. K4XI 8/27/2017

USA-CA 2nd Time 8-2-2017 can't make the Announcement List in MARAC? WY8I 8/26/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 8/30/2017
See it now and once again thank you everyone!! WY8I 8/28/2017
Congratulations Jim and glad to give you some new ones NFN 8/28/2017
Well done Jim!! N2JNE 8/27/2017
Congratulations Jim! K7TM 8/27/2017
Congratulations Jim, super job 73 W7FEN 8/27/2017
Congratulations young man. Well done. KC3X 8/27/2017
WTG Jim/8 WA3QNT 8/27/2017
Many congratulations, Jim! K2MF 8/27/2017
Congrats Sparkie!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 8/27/2017
Congrat's Jim KD5YUK 8/27/2017
Congrats, Jim!! Job well done. Now on to 3rd time!... W4SIG 8/27/2017
I answered you already what I believed happened WMU 8/27/2017
It's on there now. Yes, I believe that a bunch we... W4SIG 8/27/2017

need just 1 star to finish KS for starXX Stevens county 1495 stars to go N8KIE 8/26/2017
Will run Stevens on 9/12 IF convention trip goes as planned .... N5MLP 8/27/2017
That's a LOT of rain, Ron and my sincere hope is that you come through this unscathed! K2MF 8/28/2017

Need Wilcox, GA, .. Teton, ID .. and Walworth, WI for 7th would like to finish before trip to Nats N8KIE 8/26/2017

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