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W4SIG, Kerry, are you OK?? K8OOK 9/23/2021
Yes, thank goodness! Appreciate everyone checking.... W4SIG 9/23/2021
Yes, thank goodness! Appreciate everyone checking.... W4SIG 9/23/2021

Trip Planned to Atlanta and several Georgia Counties Sep 24th-27th K4YT 9/23/2021
Trip Now delayed till I come back from A6 on October 6th K4YT 9/23/2021

Trip to Maine starting tomorrow (Wednesday) ... More KA4RRU 9/21/2021

QRM on 7056.5 K8MFO 9/20/2021
I worked them, new country for me. Wish they would pick another frequency though. NFØN 9/21/2021
I have also notice ft4 there on several occasions. KC3X 9/20/2021
Qrm (more) K5KDG 9/20/2021

Early Start Today for W0GXQ and K8ZZ at 1300Z K8MFO 9/18/2021
The START is NOW, 1300Z K8MFO 9/18/2021

Awards Issued 17 September 2021 AB7RW 9/17/2021
Way to go folks..Mary, Neil, Ron!! WY8I 9/22/2021
Congratulations to all of the award winners. KC3X 9/19/2021
Congratulations to Mary, Neil & Ron! K5GE 9/19/2021
A big congratulations to Mary, Neil and Ron! K2MF 9/18/2021
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/18/2021

Busy day tomorrow - QSO Parties Sept 18 N4CD 9/17/2021
GREAT! Hope to see some spotting. WQ7A 9/17/2021
Big disapointment in SSB in TX. Very few heard or spotted. WQ7A 9/19/2021

What is the rush when running? WØMU 9/16/2021
Most of my cases of missing a county is my own fau... W9OO 9/17/2021
Quick mobile runs N9JF 9/17/2021
It is. N8OYY 9/17/2021
Yes, it is very frustrating. W8OP 9/16/2021
by the time a mobile is spotted, if at all, it has already been 2 or 3 minutes ... N8KIE 9/17/2021

When I return from Alaska week from sat, will run Lincoln/ Clark Nv-will post KB6UF 9/15/2021

MI Mini April 21 22 23rd, 2022 - time to start thinking about registration.. (more) K8ZZ 9/15/2021
I can't wait. I was just there (more)..... W7EEC 9/16/2021
here's the link.... AG6V 9/15/2021
Tnx Donna.. K8ZZ 9/17/2021
link (more) AG6V 9/15/2021
SEE the one saying "here's the link" not this one AG6V 9/15/2021

2022 National Convention (more) AG6V 9/15/2021
Gallatin County Looking to be COVID Healthy by 2022 KE3VV 9/17/2021
Thanks for all your hard work on this Donna! See y... W4SIG 9/15/2021

Trip to Montana AI5P 9/14/2021

Ken Magee WV1Y SK K2MF 9/14/2021
Sorry to hear about Ken. Met him once while out running counties in NH many years ago... (more) AE3Z 9/14/2021

SEPT 20 TRIP KØDEQ 9/13/2021

WA Salmon Run KC7YE 9/13/2021
Love salmon!! W4SIG 9/13/2021

Quick short run to Memphis, TN early tmw.... WB4KZW 9/12/2021
Prayers ( more) K5KDG 9/13/2021
Ditto! W4SIG 9/13/2021

Heading out 4:00 AM central time- will run 80 until bands open. then to my usual trans rotation. KB6UF 9/12/2021

Heading to Nevada 9/13-more KB6UF 9/11/2021

I posted My Florida RUN KB6UF 9/10/2021
Nice trip Ron.. Clean em up so I won't be so busy in February.. K8ZZ 9/11/2021
ED, just trying to reduce your workload. :) :) KB6UF 9/11/2021
Darn! I'm going to miss 20+ Mobile Diamonds WØGXQ 9/11/2021

Thanks Bill for New MO Ctys K4AMC 9/10/2021
Many thanks, Bill !!! WA3QNT 9/10/2021
Yes! Thanks Bill! W4SIG 9/10/2021
Nice signal Bill.. K8ZZ 9/10/2021

Home! N9JF 9/9/2021
Thanks for helping me with the special requests. WØMU 9/10/2021
Many thanks, Jim !!! WA3QNT 9/10/2021
Thanks for all the counties! Glad you had a great ... W4SIG 9/10/2021
Tnx Jim - fun following you when I cud.. K8ZZ 9/10/2021

Comcast email rejected NFØN 9/9/2021
My email is comcast. Don't know how to tell if em... W4SIG 9/10/2021
This is a really complicated topic and probably boring for most who have no interest (more)... K2MF 9/11/2021
I have a long time friend who has a email address (more)... K2MF 9/10/2021
comcast email KC7YE 9/9/2021

Roadrunner Awards Issued 8 September 2021 AB7RW 9/8/2021
Congrats to all these FB mobiles!! W4SIG 9/10/2021
Congrats to all !!!!!! N8HAM 9/10/2021
Congratulations to all you road runners, a lot of miles and time and dollares expended ( More WB4FFV 9/10/2021
Many congratulations to Neil, Mary, Jim and Ed! K2MF 9/10/2021
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/9/2021
Lots of Last Counties being given out - Lots of activity BZ es FB AG6V 9/9/2021
Congratulations folks! WØGXQ 9/9/2021

turning my radio OFF W7EEC 9/7/2021
If you can't self spot you will probably be disappointed WØMU 9/10/2021
Being an old west coast guy I feel your pain. KK7X and I talking and east coast couldn't heir us but KB6UF 9/8/2021
Hear us. He was Big rig back in 90's KB6UF 9/8/2021
Propagation to the east is about "nil"... Havent heard anyone on 14.336 for weeks... 40M AE3Z 9/8/2021
If you look at the modes activity graph over the past 15 years... (more) K2MF 9/8/2021
Remember the "good ole days" when K2JG sat on 14.336 for 16 hours a day....!!! Oh no...!!! AE3Z 9/8/2021
Sorry, try... (more) K2MF 9/8/2021
Counties N8OYY 9/8/2021
I left my rig on 14336 and never heard your call. Sorry. KC3X 9/8/2021

Mobile loaner? W4SIG 9/7/2021
zI have an ICOM 706MKIIG you could use. NFØN 9/8/2021
Put me on the list. I have a standby Icom 7000 you can use. Antenna needed? WQ7A 9/7/2021
Give ma a call KC3X 9/7/2021
I have a spare Icom 7000 but the memory channel button is missing. I never used that button N8KIE 9/7/2021

Colorado counties 9/9-10 AI5P 9/6/2021

Zion NP N9JF 9/6/2021
A small piece is in Kane just as you enter the park from the East. N8KIE 9/6/2021

heading to Arizona 9/14 -more later KB6UF 9/6/2021

power is back KB6UF 9/6/2021
Great news - tnx for sharing.. K8ZZ 9/6/2021
Good news at last. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/6/2021
Glad to hear it, Ron! AD1C 9/6/2021

Trip planned La Grande OR Sept 10th will start in Asotin, WA, Wallowa, and Union, OR. (more) W7FEN 9/5/2021

KA4RRU Trip home continues Monday .. more KA4RRU 9/5/2021

Still no power, just generator for household. KB6UF 9/4/2021
I know that not having commercial power gets old fast. (more) K2MF 9/5/2021
Hang in there Ron. KC3X 9/4/2021

Day trip posted, September 7th. NFØN 9/4/2021

MARAC Board Meeting September 13 at 9PM EST. More ... W4SIG 9/3/2021

Trip change (more) AB7NK 9/3/2021

SEPT 9 TRIP KØDEQ 9/3/2021

Trip posted WØGXQ 9/3/2021

Spotting a Mobile AA8R 9/3/2021

ka4rru heading home from CO tomorrow .. More KA4RRU 9/2/2021

September issue of RoadRunner should now be in you... W4SIG 9/2/2021

September 2021 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 9/2/2021

Bladen, NC KN4XP 9/1/2021

Question??? K5KDG 8/31/2021
reverse beacon W7EEC 8/31/2021
Question K5KDG 8/31/2021

Survived another, little damage, no power, on generator to keep refers going. KB6UF 8/30/2021
Both my son (New Orleans) and daughter (Baton Roug... W4SIG 8/31/2021
Thank the KC3X 9/1/2021
Thank the Lord that everyone is okay. What a blessing. KC3X 9/1/2021
Sounds good. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/31/2021
Good to hear Ron. AA8R 8/31/2021
I saw where all 11 high power lines were down including the one over the Miss. N8KIE 8/30/2021
Great news KC3X 8/30/2021

Power is out, got gen running 60 mph winds but we’re still here. KB6UF 8/30/2021

Award Issued 30 August 2021 AB7RW 8/30/2021
Congrats.. K8ZZ 9/2/2021
Wow! Congrats, Jerry! W4SIG 8/31/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/31/2021

Power is out, got gen running 60 mph winds but we’re still here. KB6UF 8/29/2021
Stay safe Ron.. K8ZZ 8/30/2021
Sure glad you are okay. KC3X 8/30/2021
Glad to hear that your OK N8KIE 8/30/2021

W0GXQ/K8ZZ Schedule Change K8MFO 8/29/2021

tower is lowered, verticals rolled up. now rain is starting, next couple of days rock and roll. KB6UF 8/28/2021
Be safe, Ron. Praying for the best W4SIG 8/29/2021
Best of luck, Terry WQ7A 8/29/2021
You have taken all the precautions you can. I hope this storm passes quickly for you. K2MF 8/29/2021
good luck N8KIE 8/28/2021

Lowering tower and other ant. This evening waiting on IDA KB6UF 8/28/2021
GL Ron, we are familiar with the drill. KC3X 8/28/2021
GL Ron. How times a year are you dodging these things? AA8R 8/28/2021
Stay safe. N8MD 8/28/2021

Wel folks its Hurricane time, maybe off the air in next couple of days. KB6UF 8/27/2021
Nooooo, you need Harding SD & Dunn ND! WØGXQ 8/27/2021
no copy on 40 KB6UF 8/28/2021
Me too, Jerry, Dunn is last on 40 CW or SSB, hope skip is long enough K8OOK 8/27/2021

My evil twin.... N9JF 8/26/2021
The explanation...,, N9JF 8/27/2021
Must be the heat. Eat more ice cream! W4SIG 8/27/2021
I like the way you think!! N9JF 8/27/2021

Hoke, NC KN4XP 8/26/2021
Sorry guys, Not a peep out here KC7YE 8/27/2021
LC for ... W4YDY 8/26/2021

kA4RRU trip to CO. more KA4RRU 8/25/2021

September CH News N4CD 8/25/2021

LAST Update N1API 8/25/2021

Trip posted for Wed - Aug 25th - One-day test run for new vehicle and equipment setup ... N5MLP 8/24/2021
Thanks Ron, hope all goes well! W4SIG 8/25/2021

Trip posted for Wed - Aug 25th - One-day test run for new vehicle and equipment setup ... N5MLP 8/24/2021
I could have picked a much better trip, at least for me, Galvaston south N8KIE 8/25/2021

Revised trip posted (more) AB7NK 8/24/2021

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