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Subject: Home Safe

Message: Train got in Monday evening about 5 minutes over schedule. Not bad.

Some quick trip facts.

Total rail trip 3012.9 Miles (We do loose the satellites in in the tunnels)
Max Speed: 123 MPH (Mostly between Washington to NYC)
Moving: AVG 53 MPH
Overall: AVG 45 MPH
Stopped: 10:.01>br> Moving Time: 56.56
Total Time: 66.57

Now working on over 150 waiting emails. Next over 700 photos and videos from the trip and convention. One "unusual" video taken on the train of a Live You Tube shot of the train stopping at La Plata, MO and pulling out of the station while I was one it and the most visible car was the last one that my seat was in. A fellow had a hot spot going with the dispatchers track display and the You Tube live rail cam.

Al - N1API

Call: N1API 10/10/2018

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