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Subject: Also found Version 5134 to be slow and problems with digital totals

Message: I updated to version 5134. I found that it slowed down the master update significantly and also caused the digital totals to change.

The Master Update usually runs in less than 5 minutes. It took almost 30 minuets to run. I also noticed slower logging of calls. Now I'm not sure if this was because of a change in the program as I notice when I put a county up before logging there is a new piece of info that comes up on the main screen when you enter a county. I notice a chart that shows needs at a glance for all bands and modes without having to manually press the "needs at a glance" button in the MISC box. I believe this is a change to the program, (and I like it). I do have Webroot but I don't think that this is what is causing the slow logging at there is a an exception in Webroot to allow Logger.exe to run and not monitor it.

The biggest change I notice is a large drop in my digital totals, especially on 20 meters. Where I just did the toplist he 28th of last month I had a 20 meter digital total of 2665 the total dropped to 1997. The totals on 40 and 17 dropped also by less than 5 counties each. I've emailed the Logger team concerning this and have heard from Gene. I'm not sure if he is looking into it. Unfortunately I don't know a way to print just the 20 meter digital totals. I've printed both the digital and 6 mode books. The digital book "picks" one for credit, I would imagine the first one worked. The 5 mode book list calls and modes but not bands. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. -73- Al

Call: N1API 3/5/2019

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