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Subject: AR QSO PARTY this weekend

Message: N4CD and W3DYA will be mobile along with half dozen others in the AR QSO Party. Keep in mind that some of the rovers/mobiles(K5DB for one) will follow the rule for this QP that allows them to run a county line (or 3 or 4 way) from up to a MILE AWAY. See AR QSO page for planned routes. For N4CDit's HEMP NEVA* OUAC* CALH DALL/CLEV GRNT/SALI PULA LONO WHIE* JACK LAWR 4*RAND* GREN* AND WILL RUN PARKS IN THE ONES WITH ****. THIS IS GOING TO BE 20/40 MOSTLY WITH 30M FROM THE PARKS IF NEEDED FOR CONTACTS AND MOSTLY CW WITH SSB IF NEEDED FROM THE PARKS TO REACH 44.

Hope to hear y'all calling. Qs appreciated and have fun.

Call: N4CD 5/8/2019

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