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Subject: 2019 Annual Mobile and Net Control Award Winners Announcement

Message: For determination of the 2019 winners, the 12 month activity period began on July 1, 2018 and ended on June 30, 2019. Three different electronic ballot elections were held by the Election Coordinator for different segments of this annual time period for each of the following 5 categories:

a) Mobile of the Year SSB
b) Mobile of the Year CW
c) Mobile Team of the Year
d) Net Control of the Year SSB
e) Net Control of the Year CW

After the last ballot election occurred in July, 2019, the Election Coordinator determined the top three winners in each category by adding the votes received during each of the three time segments for which voting occurred. The results of voting for the year were forwarded to the Awards Secretary and Awards Manager.

The first place winner in each category receives a plaque for their achievement while the second and third place winners will each receive a certificate for their achievements. Preparation of the plaques and certificates is now underway, and the awards will be mailed directly to the winners when they are available.

The winners of each category are shown below and are also published in the August, 2019 RoadRunner in the Awards Committee section.

Winners for Mobile of the Year SSB

1st Place: AB7NK Mary Vince

2nd Place: N8OYY Edward Messenger

3rd Place: KC6AWX Bob Devine

Winners for Mobile of the Year CW

1st Place: N4CD Bob Voss

2nd Place: K8ZZ Ed Eklin

3rd Place: W4SIG Kerry Long

Winners for Mobile Team of the Year

1st Place: AB7NK/K7SEN Mary/Neil Vince

2nd Place: KB0BA/N0XYL Lowell/Sandra Tennyson

3rd Place: KA9JAC/KB9YVT Bob Gedemer / Ann Heimann

Winners for Net Control of the Year SSB

1st Place: KZ2P Jim Grandinetti

2nd Place: WY8I Jim Odam

3rd Place: WY0A Butch Porter

Winners for Net Control of the Year CW

1st Place: K0DEQ Bill Morgan

2nd Place: KC3X Hollis Thigpen

3rd Place: W0GXQ Jerry Mertz

Congratulations to each of these 2019 winners!

N5MLP MARAC Awards Manager

Call: N5MLP 8/1/2019

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