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Subject: DATELINE CW - By: Ed, KN4Y (October 2019)

A man’s death closes his reputation and determines it as good or bad.

I arrive at the radio shack early, get the mail out of the mailbox and enter the radio
shack. I turn on the air conditioner. I hear Gator downshift his 4X4 and slide to a stop
at the recycled railroad tie. He slides out of the cab, checks the mailbox and enters
the radio shack. “Dude, I got your call and you were sounding so sad I got here as
quickly as possible. You look okay what is the problem?”

“Gator, the MARAC newsletter editor, our boss for 14 years, David KU4YM, became a
silent key.” I get a Kleenex and wipe my eyes. Gator’s expression goes from a quizzable
look to a sad expression. “Boy Dude, that sure was unexpected. Any details?” “The
disease that took his life at a young 78 years was a type of Carcinoma that when
detected it is too late. I remember chatting with David at several MARAC conventions
where I met his lovely wife Ellen.” I sip my latte.

“Gator, this is how Ellen explained the sequence of events: `David was a healthy man
- almost to the end. He managed his health as an Electrical Engineer would manage
a project. The full identity of the disease that ended his life could not be determined
for certain at first. One week we were planning a road trip to Pittsburgh for a family
reunion, and David was gathering Road Runner articles. The next week, the Labor Day
Holiday, with Hurricane Dorian a possible threat and suddenly we were arranging for
hospice. David, KU4YM became a silent key three hours after being transported to
hospice. He passed away with his family in attendance.'

“Gator, I am going to sit here by myself and mourn for a while. Why don’t you go get
us some lattes?” But first we dim the lights and bow our heads as Gator recites, The
Shepherd’s Psalm. Gator leaves the sad atmosphere in the radio shack to go to the
joint of joy. I grab another Kleenex.

I turn on the computer, lean back for a moment and fall asleep. I am jolted back to
reality when I hear Gator’s 4X4 downshift and slide to a stop at the recycled railroad
tie. He enters the radio shack carrying a white cardboard container, sets it on the
desk, opens it and hands me a supersized latte and an éclair surprise. I give Gator the
high sign as we sip and munch.

Gator goes to the computer. “Dude, I want to see how you did in the CWops OPEN
COMPETITION as a member of the Florida Contest Group Team the Florida Orange
Juicers.” Gator giggles and brings up the log, “Not bad, I guess. You logged 143 QSOs
but I see you only worked the first session.” I shake my head yes. “Yes Gator, I had
to work at the church Saturday getting ready for our low county shrimp boil event.
How about checking my Washington QSO party log also known as the Washington
Salmon Run? Don’t ask me why.”

Gator sips his latte as he loads the log. “Not bad Dude. You logged 48 QSOs in the
Washington QSO party. Dude, you needed only two more contacts to qualify for
prizes.” I laugh. “NOW you tell me! How many mobiles did I work?” Gator sips his
latte. “Dude, you worked 3 mobiles, the only MARAC member was Steve, N7VS.”
I laugh. “Gator, years ago I received a smoked salmon prize.” Gator laughs. “Dude,
how did you smoke a salmon?” We laugh hilariously and sip our lattes. Gator is
looking at the computer.

“Damn Dude, you also made 16 QSOs in the Iowa QSO party, 8 QSOs in the New Jersey
QSO party,” and laughing, “1 QSO in the New Hampshire QSO party. I notice you made
all your contacts on Saturday.” I sip my latte. “Yes Gator, going to church and the No-
Tap bowling tournament wiped out Sunday, radioactive wise.” Gator is not paying
attention; he is looking at the computer screen. “Dude, how was your mobile run in
the Alabama QSO party?”

I smile big. “The weather was great with plenty of sunshine, but the love bugs loved
up the entire front of the van. Took me over a hour to wash them off. The bands were
up and down sometimes five minutes to receive an answer to my CQ. At times there
was plenty of band activity because the Texas QSO party was also in progress and I
got a lot of Texan contacts. I worked Bob, N4CD in many Texas counties but never
heard Norm, W3DYA. Gator, check my log.” I finish my éclair and wash it down with
a still hot latte. Gator brings up the log on the computer. “Not bad Dude, for the
conditions you stated. You worked 350 QSOs, traveled 785 miles and operated from
13 Alabama counties. I notice you had a nice run on 80 meters.” Gator turns around
in the high back swivel chair.

“Dude, I drove pass the senior center and noticed you with a couple senior ladies.
I hesitate to ask what was going on because every time I do…” Gator’s cell phone
goes CQ, CQ, CQ and Gator answers. “Dude, got to run, for some reason 3 guys
arrived at the plant. All are wearing shirts with ICE inscribed on the front and back
and asked for me.” He is gone like a lightening flash. I hear him yell, “Farewell
Farfel Nelson”. The printer stops and I extract the printout listing the mobile county
hunters who checked into the county hunters’ CW call frequencies during the month
of September. I read: AB7NK, AG6V, AI5P, K4BAI, K8ZZ, KA4RRU, KB6UF, KC3X, KC7YE,

The month of October is gearing up to be a fun time for the State QSO party junkies
with 376 counties up for grabs. Starting with the granddaddy of QSO parties is the
California QSO party (58 counties) followed by the Nevada QSO party (16 counties),
the Pennsylvania QSO party (67 counties), the Arizona QSO party (15 counties), the
South Dakota QSO party (56 counties), the New York QSO party (62 counties) and
rounding out the month, the Illinois QSO party (102 counties).

Maybe if contesting is your bag, try the German Telegraphy Contest, the 10-10
International 10-10 Day Sprint on 10 meters of course, then the 10-10 International
Fall CW QSO party, or maybe another Worked All Germany Contest, and of course the
top band guys in the Stew Perry Contest. The future of amateur radio is in the media-
soaked generation, so support the ARRL School Club Roundup. There are a lot more
events on the air, but for now it is Nap Time.

Please note: KN4Y plans to give the 10-10 International 10-10 Day Sprint and 10-10
International Fall CW Contest full time operation. Please check between 28.035 and
28.045 MHz. and help open 10 meters, the “sleeping giant”.

Call: K2MF 10/1/2019

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