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Subject: not helping mobiles

Message: One of my concerns with mobiles running is not knowing if I should or should not try a contact. Such as when a trip is announced and the mobile says “I AM LOOKING FOR XYZ CONTACTS”. I do not feel comfortable jumping in if I do not meet the “XYZ” call status. As I think the first chances should be for those who hold the “XYZ” status to help the mobile. As I am still working on my first time, I do watch closely for something I need, and if I can I try to help with relays. In fact Ron gave me a last county in LA on 10/2/19, so yes Ron, your runs are still needed by some of us. Thanks for reading my ramblings and hope you will still continue to run. What ever you do, THANKS for those you gave me. K9MIX

Call: K9MIX 11/18/2019

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